Worship Resources for PRIDETIDE!

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Worship Resources for

This year, the international theme for Pride is:
VIVA La VIDA (Live Life)

PrideTide is indeed a time to live life…
and celebrate that we live it as God created us.

VIVA La VIDA… yours, mine, ours…
And celebrate that we are alive, unique,
free in God…
Celebrate finding joy in God and being filled
with empowering, inclusive love.
Celebrate those who have gone before us,
making a way for us.
Celebrate those who are with us now
to support us even when life is hard.
Celebrate how we are working together for a world
where we all live in compassion and justice.
For a month, we shout and cry and show up and come together to


Though PrideTide is a relatively new season, there are some good resources available to assist in planning worship and other activities.

Here is the link to PrideTide Resources 2017, including :

If you have some ideas you would like to share, please feel free to come to the Facebook page for the Office of Church Life and Health and do so!

Thank you to those that so graciously helped to gather these resources!