Webinars to Prepare for General Conference Business Meeting

If you will be voting at General Conference, please make plans to attend all three of these webinars or to watch / listen to the recordings as soon as you are able.  Participants will be able to ask questions in preparation for your church’s congregational forum prior to the General Conference business forum and business meeting.

Section 1

TITLE: UFMCC Bylaw Change Proposals
DESCRIPTION: An opportunity for General Conference delegates to ask questions about the Bylaw change proposals as part of preparing yourself for the General Conference business meeting.  Please download a copy of the “UFMCC BYLAWS PROPOSALS” from https://believe.mccchurch.org/?page_id=1263.
FACILITATORS: Rev Onetta Brooks, Governing Board; and Rev. Elder Darlene Garner, Director, Office of Emerging Ministries
13 June, 7:00pm UTC/GMT (3:00pm U.S. Eastern time)
TITLE: Governing Board Proposals
DESCRIPTION: An opportunity for General Conference delegates to review and ask questions regarding the Proposals being brought forth by the Governing Board and as found in the Governing Board Report.  These proposals include the future tithe assessment rate, appointment and funding of a Global Covenant Team missioned to create a Global Covenant for MCC churches outlining our identity, statement of values and theological commitments and which will serve as our primary document of alignment, and the appointment of Special Task Force to review, renew and update the MCC Statement of Faith.  Please download a copy of the “REPORT OF GB” containing these motions, which can be found at https://believe.mccchurch.org/?page_id=1263.

FACILITATORS: Rev. Tony Freeman and Liz Bisordi, Governing Board

10 June9:00pm UTC/GMT (5:00pm U.S. Eastern time)

Section 3

TITLE: New Strategic Plan and Review of International Task Force (ITF) Proposals
DESCRIPTION: An opportunity for General Conference delegates to review the new Five Year Strategic Plan (2013-2018) and the major proposals from the International Task Force.  Please download a copy of the “ITF REPORT” and the “REPORT OF GB” containing the Strategic Plan from https://believe.mccchurch.org/?page_id=1263.
FACILITATORS: Rev. Dr. Candace Shultis and Kareem Murphy, Governing Board; with Jochen Gewecke, Dr. Carol Scherfenberg, and Dr. Mark Dalgleish, International Task Force Steering Committee
17 June, 9:00pm UTC/GMT (5:00pm U.S. Eastern time)


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