We Marched. We prayed. And, it was GLORIOUS!

MCC and the Global Justice Institute WERE VISIBLE!

We Rallied. We Marched.
We Worshiped. We prayed.
And, it was GLORIOUS!

by Rev. Aaron Miller, GJI/MCC Trans March Lead

15 October 2019

The U.S. National Trans Visibility Rally and March on Washington DC, was held the last weekend of September.

The rally began on 28 September just after 9 a.m. with an opening prayer followed by incredible speakers. MCC and Global Justice Institute (GJI) banners waved and eight MCC churches were present, while one church marched on its own state capitol in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, at the same time.

The next day 30 or more churches held a Trans Visibility worship service or lifted prayer. At least five additional countries participated and showed support as well.

Transgender/nonbinary/gender nonconforming issues around human and civil rights affect people around the world. It was great to be present, in solidarity, and pray in unity as MCC globally. In two very short months, MCCers came together for justice and equality; testifying to the Good News of God’s unconditional, radical, and scandalous love.

At the rally and on the march, MCCers held signs with four messages printed across the transgender flag colors:

Made In God’s Image
God Made Trans*Beautiful
Trans*Equality Now

People were moved by the messages and it was captured through the countless pictures that were taken as we made history. This U.S. action followed a Trans Pride March in September in London and Stuttgart, Germany.

These marches are more than signs held; it is the signal of a growing movement. London organizers called this the “One day we’re not outcasts.” It serves as a good reminder that MCC’s calling is to make sure no one feels like–or is treated as–an outcast on this or any other day. As our faith tells us, to God, there are no outcasts–only those who are called Beloved.

A most sincere ‘thank you’ to all who made this possible, especially the Trans*Ministries Team, Linda Brenner, MCC Communications; Rev. Elder Pat Bumgardner, Global Justice Institute; Revs. Elder Dwayne Johnson and Cathy Alexander who marched and then provided the closing worship at MCCDC on Sunday; and all the churches around the world that became visible in support and with love.

There are moments when we are called to be visible for justice and equality. Doing just that is MCC’s founding and history. On the day of the march, like so many days and actions over the past 50+ years, MCC and GJI answered a call…to stand, march, protest, and pray—as one body—in faith, truth, and with love. Saturday marked one more chapter in the story that God is writing through us.

May we continue to listen for and then answer
the still small voice that calls us
Beloved and MCC Beloved Community.

And, may we continue to answer God’s call until the day when we see with God’s vision, treating each other as Beloved, making no more outcasts. Amen, dear friends, amen.

Faithfully and gratefully,

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Rev. Aaron Miller
Rev. Aaron Miller

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