We make baptism available to all…every child is a child of God

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Global Moderator of MCC speaks out as Mormon leaders divide families
The Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson is the Moderator of the Metropolitan Community Churches, 
which has ministries around the world. Dr. Wilson was part of the first LGBT faith delegation 
to meet with a sitting president in 1979. She was a member 
of President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

“When Mormon officials announced that baptism would be withheld from children until they turned 18, when they would be required to reject their same-gender parents, I was shocked,” said Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches. “Only days ago, a Mormon official stated that public officials would have to follow the law of the land which is marriage for all loving couples. I thought they were making progress.”


“Today, I want to invite all Mormons to Metropolitan Community Churches. We will baptize your children regardless of the gender of your spouse.  We will not ask your children to turn on you when they are 18 and to live with that dread all of their childhood years.

“Mormon LGBTQ people, their friends and families have heard the message loudly and clearly.  Over 1,000 Mormons have pledged to show up as many turn in their membership and officially resign from the Latter Day Saints.  They were told they must choose. They chose to turn away from their abusive mother, the church, and embrace their true families of love. It is the right choice, but heartbreaking, nonetheless.  An abusive parent also has a choice-get help!”

“MCC is ready to help!  On Saturday, November 14, we will stand with the Mormons who are resigning their membership in the LDS Church,” said Salt Lake MCC pastor, Rev. Cindy Solomon-Klebba. “Join us at 12:45 p.m. MST at the plaza in front of Farr’s Ice Cream at 50 East South Temple. The event begins at 1:00 p.m. MST at Temple Square. f you cannot attend, send a letter: https://www.mormonresignation.com/.

To worship at Metropolitan Community Church in Salt Lake City, write to Rev. Cindy Solomon-Klebba.”

Below is MCC’s current statement on our practice of Baptism:

Metropolitan Community Churches includes baptism as one of our sacraments. We make baptism available to all, members and non-members, in the same way we offer an open communion, because of our high value on radical welcome and inclusivity.

MCC has always baptized infants, in the way that most Christian churches do, and, for those parents who are from backgrounds that do not practice infant baptism, we provide a rite of blessing, or dedication, of infants.   Our eclectic ecclesiology and the ecumenical nature of our denomination encourage us to be bold in our welcome and flexible in our practice.

Our belief is that every person is a child of God. Among the many meanings of baptism in the Christian faith, one of the meanings is “welcome to the family,” the human family, the family of faith.  We are grateful for the gift of children, the blessing they are to our families and churches, and we acknowledge our sacred responsibility to them through baptism.

For decades, MCC churches, pastors and leaders have provided weddings, baptisms, funerals and memorials for people who were rejected by their own churches, or who had no church home in which to celebrate life passages. During the worst years of AIDS, we never asked, “What church do you belong to?”  We responded with love, acceptance, and an open heart and community, a reflection of our understanding of the nature and heart of God.

Over the decades, MCC churches have welcomed those from a Mormon background, including some of our earliest leaders.  Every Metropolitan Community Churches stands ready to baptize and bless the children of Mormon couples, and those from other denominations who do not accept same-sex couples and their families, such as Roman Catholics and those from conservative Christian denominations.