(USA) MCC Issues Call for Prayers for those Affected by Tornadoes in Southern United States

Dear MCC Members and Friends,


Today our thoughts and prayers are with all those whose lives have been lost or changed forever by the devastating and unprecedented tornados that have occurred across the southern United States.

As the Elder for the Networks in this part of the U. S., I have been attempting to contact our members and churches. At this time, we believe all our members and churches are safe, but areas around some of them have experienced severe damage, and lives will be impacted by these tragic events in many ways.

Please join us today in this prayer adapted from a service following hurricane Katrina:

God of Love and Compassion,

When the trees bow and snap under the weight of the wind,
When the rain destroys rather than nurtures the earth,

When the streets are littered with wet teddy bears, broken dishes and shattered dreams,

When it seems the future and all it promises is blown away in an instant,
Then it is only to you, O God, that we know to turn for comfort and hope.

Hear our prayers as we share the brokenness of those who are suffering and show us the ways we can be your messengers of healing and hope.

If you are aware of specific situations to which we need to respond with disaster relief, please contact me.


Rev. Elder Ken Martin