Uk goes halfway and it’s not enough, church leaders say

After initially withdrawing such efforts, the UK Government has restored efforts to ban “conversion therapy” for lesbian, gay and bisexual citizens, but has excluded transgender persons from the protections in proposed legislation.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May promised to eradicate this barbaric psychological practice and current PM Boris Johnson initially supported the effort. Then, last week, the government said it was dropping the effort. Now, it’s back, but with transgender folx excluded.

“Conversion therapy is wrong, anywhere and everywhere, and whether for LGB or T people,” said English citizen Rev. Cecilia Eggleston, moderator of the Metropolitan Community Churches denomination, which has 140 congregations around the world.  “Ask anyone who has undergone conversion therapy and they’ll tell you it had no effect in changing their sexual orientation or gender identity, but has lasting negative impacts. The best recent comparison is the ‘therapy’ that was imposed on left-handed people decades ago; they – we! – were born this way and no amount of physical or psychological torture is going to change that.”

“I’m extremely disappointed in this development,” said Rev. Maxwell Reay, a member of MCC’s Council of Elders, a resident of Scotland, and a transgender person. “The UK has previously been a global leader in the recognition of LGBT rights and same-gender marriage. The exclusion of transgender and non-binary people in legislation to ban conversion therapy is a huge backward step and puts the lives of transgender and non-binary people at risk. I am glad that Scotland’s leaders are moving ahead with legislation banning conversion therapy that will protect all LGBTI people.”

MCC has signed in support of Christians Support the Ban. Visit for more information.