UFMCC Finance Committee 2018 Campaign ‘Overwhelmingly Successful’

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Dear All Who Love UFMCC (Both Members and Friends of the Denomination):

As we prepare for our 2019 General Conference and the election of a new Moderator and new Governing Board members, we feel it is an appropriate time to take a moment to recognize and thank those individuals and churches who participated in our fourth quarter 2018 campaign in response to our special request for funds.

We are delighted to share with you that the campaign was overwhelmingly successful. Since the campaign kickoff in early November 2018 (just eight months ago), we have raised $111,300.00 USD.

We have used those funds prudently and are pleased to let you know 100% of monies “borrowed” from designated funds, including the Academy of Spiritual Formation, Cuba, Guadalajara, Disaster Relief, and Networks, have been replenished.

The campaign donations were also used as we committed for payroll, accounts payable, audits, and general operating expenses.

Please refer to the financial reports posted on the MCC website for detailed information: https://www.mccchurch.org/how-we-work/finances/

Truly, your gifts were a blessing to our denomination at a critical time. Now let us prayerfully look to our 2019 General Conference and a successful outcome to the business at hand.

With our sincere thanks,

The UFMCC Finance Team

Dr. David Williams
Marsha Warren
Doug Berger
Cathy Campbell
Tammy Erwin