(U.S.) National Trans Visibility March 2019 – Trans Empowerment Worship Service Tool Kit

(U.S.) National Trans Visibility March 2019

Trans Empowerment Worship Service
Tool Kit


Introduction, prayers, and resources (feel free to use some, all or to create your own)

Introduction (said before lighting the Unity Candle)

The historic Trans Visibility March held yesterday was critically necessary in providing voice, action, and awareness to the ways in which trans people are discriminated against and harmed by culture and public policy here in the U.S. and around the world. We cannot be silent or silenced when we see hate rise and gender used as a weapon to harm, bully, isolate, and impoverish trans people…that, in turn, diminishes us all. The harmful rhetoric and the roll-back of civil and human rights protections sets a tone that gives rise to discrimination, hate, and violence. To be clear, lives are at stake. The intent of the March was to stand against such treatment and behavior and to stand for our Trans siblings and Trans children as Beloved of God.

Our faith calls us to speak up, step out, and stand with and for the most vulnerable among us. Just as Jesus turned over tables, we must speak truth to power – whenever injustice is plain to see.

We light this Unity Candle today as a symbol that, with MCC’s around the world, we stand together and lift our voices as one…striving for a more just and civil society and hoping to change hearts and minds until Trans lives flourish in every place and within every country.

As we light this candle, may its warmth and light also glow brightly within us and may we share the Good News of God’s unconditional and radical love with each other and the world around us, in all the ways we can; especially to those who are most vulnerable.


The Unity Candle is lighted…

After the candle is lit, a closing prayer is offered

[One of the following prayers may be used after lighting the Unity Candle]

PRAYER 1 written by Rev. Vickey Gibbs

of all the vast varieties of humankind,

Help us to move beyond
the exclusiveness
of an either / or mentality
to the inclusiveness
of an all and every
way of thinking.

Move us beyond binary definitions
to the mystery and complexity of
Your infinite creativity
and creation.

As we pause to remember those
because of their
all-encompassing humanity
open hearts that need to hear
souls that need to know
and minds that need to see
that there are
no limits
to You
nor Your creation.


PRAYER 2  written by Rev. Aaron Miller.


Beyond human knowing, understanding, and any limitation,

In this sea of change, where forces of human nature rise against us, remind us of your love that sets no conditions, has no boundaries, and claims no end.

Help us to see that you are creating us, still, and that we are each beautiful to you. Whatever our gender, however we identify, remind us that (above all) you call us Beloved and we belong to you as part of your family, without exception.

Be with us and give us courage to stand, as Jesus did, for the most vulnerable; including ourselves. And, call others to stand and speak for us when we are not able.

Tenderly hold our hearts when the tempest of hate and discrimination rise that we might weather the undertow, buoyed by your promises and love.

Oh God, light the path that will lead us to become the world you envision and love so much; when every life may flourish, including those who are our trans/gender nonconforming/non-binary siblings and children.

Come Holy Spirit Come.

Breathe your power into us. Stir in us your passion. Kindle our compassion.

Open our hearts to fully love ourselves and others as you love us. And, give us the courage and strength to live authentically, as who we are. Shield us when the world is unkind and unsafe.

May we strive to be a living example and reflection of all that is good and holy. All that is you and of you. All that is love.

We pray this in your many holy and radically inclusive names and genders.



PRAYER 3 written by Brianna Johnston

THEY, Our Creator

THEY, so loving, who made us male and female,
And both together and neither,
In THEIR image,
Like the great diversity of THEIR Creation.

THEY, so omniscient, who knew us before we were born,
And knitted us into life as THEIR rainbow peoples,
Our bodies perfectly made,
Our talents and gifts perfectly befitted
So that we might flourish according to THEIR Way.

THEY, so close, we feel THEIR breath of Spirit
Against our cheeks and coursing through our bodily conscience.

So close You are always here, listening,
And so we pray.

O Holy God,

We are forever grateful for the bounty of Your Blessings
And humbled by Your Mercy and Forgiveness.
We humbly ask on this weekend of Trans* empowerment
That You fill all Trans* bodies with a new wholeness and well-being
That begins with healing our wounds from past and present.

We humbly ask that you heal the world of violence and hate,
Especially that inflicted on Trans* bodies,
And open hearts and minds in order that misunderstandings
Become merciful undertakings.

And we humbly ask that You guide us in Your Love
So that Trans* bodies may flourish,
That we all might flourish by their shared gifts
And all walk in Your Light
To transform Earth into Heaven.

We pray this in all Your awesome, rainbow names.

Please feel free to write your own prayer, as the Spirit leads….


Online Resources:

We have included a few prayers for consideration.  For more prayers, visit the following






Printed Resources

Print out one of the 3 resources that are provided in the Resources:

Source: National Center for Transgender Equality: https://transequality.org/

Trans Flag for printing…The Trans Flag