Turn out the lights for Vanuatu!

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So many people don’t think about climate change, and this is a huge problem if we want our politicians to act. That’s why we’re backing Earth Hour this year.

Earth Hour takes climate, an incredibly complex issue, and makes it simple in one expressive moment involving millions of people all over the world. Amazing. It’s fun and a beautiful and symbolic event.

We hope you’ll join us, click here to find out more

Just last week we were reminded how vital it is to stop runaway climate change. The small island nation of Vanuatu was ravaged by Cyclone Pam. They’re used to storms but not like this one. Decades of development was swept away in just a few hours. If we want to stop this extreme weather increasing, destroying the livelihoods of vulnerable communities – we need to take a stand.

So this year, as well as the fun of turning lights off, we’ve made space for reflection too. We’ve put together a set of prayers and resources for everyone to use and share. We hope they’ll act as a catalyst to other readings you want to share, or to you writing your own.

Click here to sign up and download the resources.

Our faith and values can guide us in times like this, and steel our resolve to act. It can also help us show leadership to those around us. Take this Earth Hour to talk about climate change with family and friends and see what ideas you come up with. As people of faith we need to make our voices heard, lifting up the moral, just, call for climate action. For the sake of our children, and for the sake of Vanuatu.

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