Trans* and Diverse Genders Working Group

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Rev. Norma Gann

Rev. Norma Gann graduated from Brite Divinity School (Fort Worth, Texas) with a Master of Divinity degree. She also completed a one year hospital chaplain residency.  Due to a family situation, Rev. Gann is living in San Francisco, and she is currently serving as Staff Clergy at Valley Ministries MCC in Stockton, California, where she gratefully serves with Senior Pastor Terri Miller.  Previously, for over three years, she served as Pastor of Congregational Care at MCC of Greater Dallas, Carrollton, Texas.  Rev. Gann was on the leadership Team for Gender Journey, a ministry at MCC of Greater Dallas aimed at providing educational and social events, spiritual guidance, ritual and support for Trans/Gender Variant people and their family and friends. She also spoke on panels in the community to educate and inform others about our Trans/Gender Variant family.   Additionally, Rev. Gann has participated in many Pride events, candlelight vigils, AIDS Interfaith Network events, and other equality events in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and HRC’s Clergy Call 2011 in Washington, D.C.   It is Rev. Gann’s desire to continue working for the Trans/Gender Non-Conforming Community at Valley Ministries MCC and the communities there.  She identifies as  Two Spirit Native American and is proud to be called an equal rights activist.

Rev. Miller Hoffman

Rev. Miller Hoffman was ordained by MCCNY in 2004. He studied at Union Theological Seminary and was awarded the Roswell Dwight Hitchcock Prize in Church History. He has worked with LGBT civil rights, anti-violence, and queer youth organizations in NY and PA. Mind-body-spirit connections to social justice and the connectedness of all forms of physical, emotional, and spiritual violence deeply influence his theology and ministry. Miller lives in Carlisle, PA, with girlfriend Corrine Bertram. Rev. Miller and Rev. Emma Chatton of MCC NoVA presented a two-part webinar series on trans inclusion in church community and ministry which is available online:



Rev. Aaron Miller

Rev. Aaron Miller (M.Div.’08 Yale Divinity School) is the Pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church of Hartford (CT) and a chaplain at Yale New Haven Hospital. Prior to being called to MCC Hartford, initially as the interim pastor, Aaron served as the Associate Minister for Pastoral Care at MCC New Haven where he was ordained and also a member for nearly 13 years. In addition to serving on this Advisory Council, Aaron is also a member of the Moderator’s Climate Care team. Aaron serves on the Board of Directors of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (CT) and is working with the CT Fair Housing Center in state matters of housing discrimination based on gender identity and expression. Aaron is a political and spiritual activist who is passionately committed to social justice issues and, in particular, the human and civil rights of trans*/gender non-conforming people, working with political incumbents toward full equality. Aaron is passionately committed to educating and advocating for the full inclusion of all genders and sexualities that we may all, individually and in community, experience and live out the unconditional love of God.


Stacy SanbergStacy Sandberg attended MCC in Topeka until the summer of 2011 and Spirit of Hope MCC in Kansas City for the next 2 years. Stacy is currently a member of New Spirit MCC in Cincinnati and active at Eternal Joy MCC in Dayton.  All MCC congregations have been so supportive of Stacy’s growth. Stacy wants to help make MCC a denomination that continues to accept, affirm, and celebrate the wonderful variety of God’s creations. For the first 50 plus years of their life, Stacy considered themselves to be a flawed male, to have something wrong with them that just couldn’t be gotten rid of. They would try to fight it, but would also take opportunities to express their “femaleness” in what seemed like the only way possible – wearing women’s clothing in secret. Stacy felt a sense of relief and excitement during those times, and then guilt afterwards for having given in to the temptation. Their life was shaken a decade ago by a divorce. Over the past 10 plus years Stacy has been on a journey to claim that part of their being which was suppressed, denied, and hidden for 50 years. What seemed like a curse during that time now sees like a gift from God that continues to enrich their life, as Stacy seeks authenticity. Stacy prefers the term “dual gender” to describe their gender identity. Along this journey, Stacy has come to realize that advocating and educating on gender identity issues are tasks they are called to do to give back for all the blessing they have received. Stacy has made several presentations related to gender identity and has participated in a variety of activities helping to raise awareness of gender identity as a component of each person’s sexual and self identity.  Stacy is married to Rev. Joy Simpson, pastor of both New Spirit and Eternal Joy MCCs in southwest Ohio.


Brent Stanfield is a member of MCC of Our Redeemer (Augusta, GA, USA), but currently lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.  They are currently seeking ordination in MCC & I’m attending Phillips Theological Seminary (where they are on Student Senate). They are a member of the Trans* Seminarian Cohort as a person of third gender. They a proud fat transfeminine bisexual Native of mixed Cherokee/white descent. They often facilitate workshops for both youth and adults on topics of Native awareness, gender & sexuality education, racial justice, & Christianity. They continue to be deeply indebted to the powerfulness, loving, and healing of QTPOC communities & spaces.