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Global Emerging Churches in 2014

(Listed Alphabetically by Nation)

ICM Cariri, Ceará, Brazil

ICM Cabedelo, Cabedelo, Paraíba, Brazil

ICM Casa de Emmaus Chile, Santiago de Chile

Ministerio Apostolico Y Profético Emanuel ICM, Cajicá, Cundinarama, Colombia

ICM Honduras, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Comunita Christiana <<Agape>> Firenze – Chiesa della Comunita Metropolitana, Florence, Italy

Internationale Roze Kirk, The Hague, Netherlands

Church in Progress, South Auckland, New Zealand

Open Doors MCC, Seoul, South Korea

The Village MCC, Brighton, United Kingdom

Empowerment Liberation Cathedral, Silver Spring, Maryland, United States

Wasatch MCC, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

Dear MCC Friends

I will be returning from sabbatical on 1 December, and while I’ve been away, I’ve spent time in prayer about the future of Metropolitan Community Churches. Like you, I have a yearning for connection, spiritual renewal, justice, hope, and peace.

This year, I am giving an extra gift to MCC — to the Movement — to which I have devoted more than 42 years — really, all my adult life — because of YOU!

I have come to know you over these years. Many of you span the decades and are the backbone of MCC. Your giving made it all possible. Of course, newcomers to MCC are one of my great joys. I love to see you eagerly learning about our history and our accomplishments today. Your gifts — small and large — are the future of MCC. Then, my “not very churchy” friends, both in and out of MCC, you partner with MCC for social change because that is what we do. It’s who we are! Your giving is a sign of hope. Finally, I cherish all of you members of other denominations who count on MCC to be there when and if you need us. Your giving helps all of us press on toward our common goals.

Regardless of where you see yourself, I see you. WE see you and invite you to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in this season of hope by making a special gift to the global work of Metropolitan Community Churches.

  • Your giving raises up new MCC churches and ministries in places in the United States and in countries that have longed for a community they can call their own, experiencing radical inclusion! Let’s “be MCC” in new places! MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
  • Your giving reaches the Hispanic community in North America, the fastest-growing demographic where “la familia” is growing in acceptance of their LGBTQ loved ones. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
  • Your giving helps our Global Justice Institute to provide “safe houses” in places like Nigeria and Kenya for those who are persecuted and threatened just for being who they are in a hostile place. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
  • Your giving helps us challenge those who, tragically, export hate in the name of Jesus. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
  • Your giving helps us achieve marriage equality for everyone. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
  • Your giving shares the life-giving, history-changing message of God’s love through the Internet in places where only our digital message can reach people. MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Our unique, amazing voice of faith is so essential today. Help strengthen that voice, that message, our ability to reach out in love with justice.

The stories below have been provided by the directors of the Senior Leadership Team and their staff. Through their travel to countries across the globe, this team works with people in their local countries and cities and offers educational opportunities and meaningful connections.

Let your heart be moved by the work yet to be done, and prayerfully consider an additional year-end gift to the denomination and movement that is MCC.

May you be blessed during this holiday season, and may MCC continue to be the radical witness of God’s love for everyone.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Nancy Wilson Signature

Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson

Global Moderator, Metropolitan Community Churches

Expanding MCC’s Global Reach

The Office of Emerging Ministries continues to work with individuals and groups around the globe that want to explore a new church start or an emerging ministry.


Letters from Cuba

“Then he led them out as far as Bethany, and lifting up his hands he blessed them. While he blessed them, he parted from them, and was carried up into heaven. And they returned to Jerusalem with great joy…” Luke 24: 50-52

MCC San Lucas has a strong commitment to spread the good news all around the province of Ciego de Avila. Overcoming many drawbacks, they reinitiated their outreach activities during September and traveled to the following municipalities: Venezuela y Júcaro, Cirio Redondo Pina y Majagua.

The municipality of Venezuela is located about 14 kilometers from the city where MCC San Lucas is based. Nearly 200 brochures about MCC were distributed and three services were offered. Services were also provided in Ciro Redondo and Majagua, located about 14 kilometers east of the province.

The congregation of MCC San Lucas later visited the town of Júcaro, where they met with a group of young people in the city park and shared the good news of MCC. However, despite the desire to do more, the distance of over 25 kilometers from the church prevented the opportunity for frequent visits. The dream is to increase the number of services beyond their congregation.

At one of the events, MCC San Lucas held an outdoor movie night. They showed a Cuban documentary called Perras! (Bitches), which is a drama about the lives of transsexuals in Havana. Movie night ended with a discussion and coffee.

On two Saturdays of the month, friends and members of MCC San Lucas meet at a nightclub in the LGBT community and carry MCC’s words of good news. Their ministry is particularly focused on young people who attend the club. During the month of September, they held five services with an attendance of 64 people, and in October, had five services with an attendance of 54 people.

In Cuba the status of LGBT people has greatly improved. It’s important to note that this year the government sponsored a national campaign against homophobia. The big problem continues to be the attitude of many people, especially religious groups, that deny LGBT people access to their communities. Religious conservatism is even more severe in the countryside.

MCC San Lucas and their pastor Abel Jimenez understand the local situation and travel throughout the province to heal and bring the good news of the inclusive love of God. The author of the gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts proclaim a message that stands beyond cultural boundaries in the same way MCC San Lucas proclaims a God that embraces; a God for everybody.

Eastern Europe

MCC staff member Rev. Jim Mulcahy shared the pictures and first person accounts below of the Russia and Ukraine regions. He said he regrets not being able to send photos of LGBT Christians and activists. Publishing such images could put them in danger.


The Cathedral of Spilled Blood 

St. Petersburg, Russia

When I was in Russia, I was invited to speak to a group at a Coffee House.

They asked me to talk about the state

of religion in Russia and specifically if I saw any signs of hope for LGBT in the Russian Orthodox Church. There were about 30 in attendance and we talked

for four hours.

I spoke of a few signs of hope, especially among younger priests. I told the story

of MCC and the amazing changes that happened because of MCC, in church, in theology, in acceptance of LGBT people.

I assured them that changes will happen in their lifetime as they have in mine.

After the break, a young man said,

“I’m not religious and I don’t ever go to church, but if we had a church like MCC and a priest like you, I would go.”

The Trinity Sergeyeva Monastery 

near Moscow, Russia

I was invited to speak to parents of an LGBT non-religious group. The meeting was moderated by a young man who described himself as an atheist. In his introductory remarks, he made it clear 

that he wasn’t entirely pleased moderate 

a group where the speaker was a priest. 

It was a spirited meeting with many questions and a lot of discussion. 

At the end of the meeting, the young man said, “I am astonished at how openly you talked with us. Can we go and have a coffee after the meeting?”

We went to a coffee shop and spoke for another hour. His opinion of the possibility of people being LGBT and religious was changed.

A Wooden Village Church


I was invited to preach and celebrate communion with a small group. Before we began, two young men came into our meeting place, not for our service, but to seek information from the center.  They decided to stay for worship.

One of the young men began crying when I began preaching and cried through the rest of the service.

I had a chance to speak to him after the service. The day before, I had a friend request on Facebook. It was from this young man who had heard that there was an openly gay priest in their city for a visit. He didn’t think he would have the opportunity to meet me and talk. Was this a coincidence?

Honduras Group

Honduras Group Emerges Despite Violence

In Honduras, a country in Central America, an increase in the violence against LGBTQI people is still dramatically high alongside a growing conservative evangelical movement. It is in this context where pastor Bertha Ramírez has been ministering among the community in Tegucigalpa, the country’s capital.

Rev. Ramírez, a former Lutheran pastor, decided to continue serving LGBTQI people when the church did not recognize her ministry. Against all adversity, she began a church for those who were not welcome into other churches. She began to look for alliances and networks. She discovered the late Rev. John Doner, who put her in contact with MCC’s Iberoamerican Network.

It has been more than a year since MCC has been supporting Rev. Ramirez’s prophetic ministry through pastoral support, trainings in the Darlene Garner Institute for Ibero-American Leadership Formation, and other resources as requested.

It is the hope that this group in Honduras will soon be a new emerging church in the region.

Expanding MCC’s Global Reach

The Office of Emerging Ministries continues to work with individuals and groups around the globe that want to explore a new church start or an emerging ministry.


Internationale Roze Kerk

The Hague, Netherlands

Rev. Barbara Rogoski, Pastor

Click here to visit the Internationale Roze Kerk website

Those who are gathering at the Internationale Roze Kerk are building an intentional Christian community of Dutch and international LGBT people of faith around The Hague.

Church in Progress

South Auckland, New Zealand

Click here to visit the Church in Progress website

Church in Progress is an experiment of inclusive worship in South Auckland. They hope their worship will inspire action in their community and that their actions will inspire their worship.

Open Doors MCC

Seoul, South Korea

Click here to visit the Open Doors MCC website

A group of Christians and spiritual seekers in the Seoul metropolitan area are dedicated to the radical inclusivity of Jesus Christ. They are an intentionally open and affirming congregation, welcoming ALL people into the life of spiritual community.

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