Three Groups in Cuba Join Growing MCC Emerging Churches

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Rev. Elder Héctor Gutiérrez
Rev. Elder Héctor Gutiérrez

Every day people are asking how they can Become MCC!

In May, a delegation from MCC visited Cuba for the first time. While there, Rev. Elders Troy Perry, Mona West, and Héctor Gutiérrez discovered allies and open doors. Just a few weeks ago, Rev. Gutiérrez completed a second visit to Cuba. He led a two-day retreat with 20 people outside of the city of Matanzas for Holy Conversations, with an emphasis on Spirituality and Sexuality.

Reflecting on the retreat, Rev. Gutiérrez said, “For many of them, it was like coming out of the closet. They were able to talk about God and Jesus from a perspective that was much more liberating and personal. With each story, each God moment, it was more clear for them the correct decision to take was to be MCC.”

Today we are so proud to announce there are three groups now forming to Become an MCC Emerging Church in the following Cuban cities: Matanzes, Santa Clara, and Cardenas.  Please keep these cities and the leaders of these new groups in your prayers.

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