Three Faith Groups with Global Reach Add Voices of Support for President Obama’s Affirmation of Marriage for All Couples

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For Immediate Release: May 14, 2012

Ann Craig – MCC Communications

Jason O’Neill – MCC Communications

Three Faith Groups with Global Reach Add Voices of Support for President Obama’s Affirmation of Marriage for All Couples

Three organizations added their accolades to President Barack Obama for his affirmation of marriage for loving same-gender couples. The Global Justice Institute works in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America to support full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their families; the Fellowship of Affirming Ministries is a network of primarily African American congregations; and Metropolitan Community Churches has been performing marriages for same-gender couples for more than 40 years.

Metropolitan Community Churches
We are so proud of President Obama.  He listened to committed couples; he listened to his daughters whose friends have same gender parents and he listened to the message of love in the Bible. He understands that two-tiered systems are never equal and affirmed his support for marriage for all loving couples.  Through the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships, President Obama heard faith leaders support marriage equality. He knows that pastors in the Metropolitan Community Churches around the world have performed thousands of marriages for loving same-gender couples for over forty years.

The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries
We hope everyone who felt that somehow being a person of faith conflicts with being an advocate for equality will take to heart the words of President Obama and find the courage to pray and reflect on the meaning of believing in a God who is defined as love. As a network of primarily African American churches that support same-gender-loving people and their families, we know the importance of equality before the law.

Global Justice Institute
We will not give up until Marriage Equality is the law, not only in North Carolina, but all across the United States and even the globe.  President Obama’s evolution in thought and his courage in sharing his convictions give us all hope for the kind of changes globally that will guarantee freedom and equality for everyone.  It is this conviction that gives us hope for a future where the world will live in peace with its God-given diversity.