Tell Congress: Stop Cruel Immigration Enforcement

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Throughout this past year, we’ve heard the cries and devastating stories from our immigrant family — massive raids in Mississippi, children dying in U.S. government custody, asylum seekers tear gassed, and children held in cages, sleeping on concrete floors. All these atrocities are possible because Congress continues to fund, without accountability, the agencies that perpetuate these injustices.

Tell Congress to stop funding the inhumanity. Sign this letter today to urge Congress to cut funding for deportations and detention and to keep families together!

Now, Congress has until the end of the month to determine how much funding the Department of Homeland Security will receive for this next fiscal year. Congress has the chance to hold the Trump administration accountable by passing a budget that defunds cruelty and honors the dignity of every person.

Join me today in demanding that Congress stop funding the inhumanity!

In faith,

Rev Jennifer Butler
CEO, Faith in Public Life