Support the Next Young Adult Leadership Mentoring Retreat


Support the Next Young Adult Leadership Mentoring Retreat

From the Office of the Moderator

Dear LMR Graduates,

I was so proud, at General Conference 25 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, this year, to see so many of you participating and leading in MCC! In the last three years or so, many of you have stepped up your leadership in your local church and in the denomination — as Network leaders, leaders of MCC committees, working with our key programs, teaching, training, and serving in so many ways.

Many from the Young Adult LMR are included in that impressive list — and I saw them, very visible at Conference, recruiting for the upcoming YA LMR, 1-4 November 2013. Several of them mentioned to me that the Young Adult hospitality suite was crowded and a powerful place of connection and support for MCC’ers from all over the world.

I want us to be able to continue our “tradition” of being able to offer free room, board, and tuition to Young Adults seeking to deepen their commitment to a leadership path in MCC. Thus far, we have been able to offer a full or partial scholarship to everyone who needed it so that they only had to provide their own transportation to the retreat.

There are 18 Young Adults who will be ready to answer the call to “Be MCC!”

Can you help me help them afford to be there?

Your donations have always made the difference, every time.

Our goal is $7,260 USD.

Meanwhile, you continue to be our best recruiters, so take the time to think about who would benefit from attending a Leadership Mentoring Retreat. Encourage people to take advantage of this program. The details are already set for next year’s LMR. It will also be held at DaySpring Conference Center in Florida (USA), 20-23 January 2014.

Finally, pray for us as we plan ahead and consider how to make LMR more accessible and available to more people in the coming years as our global movement continues to attract the very best in leadership.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson


Your Financial Donation Makes the Difference
Help me meet our goal!
Our goal is to raise $7,260 USD. Your donations will pay for lodging and meals for each Young Adult participant. Although instructors donate their time, donations also assist in costs related to LMR Faculty transportation, lodging, and meals.Take a moment now to write to me and offer your financial pledge. Although we can gladly accept your donations now, you can also pledge a donation today and then send a check to the Moderator’s Office by 1 October 2013.
MCC Moderator’s Office
3293 Fruitville Road, Suite 105
Sarasota, FL 34237


 For more information about the Young Adult Leadership Mentoring Retreat, how to donate,
or general questions, contact Linda Brenner-Beckstead, Assistant to the Moderator.
[email protected]    +1 941.755.5771
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Help Recruit

As LMR and YA LMR graduates, you are our best recruiters. Here are three ways you can get the right people to the Young Adult Leadership Mentoring Retreat:


Talk to young adults who are ready to pursue and grow their leadership skills. Give them the link to MCC’s website ( and tell them to click on the LMR graphic. It will take them to a page filled with information about YA LMR.


Generate excitement about the retreat and post pictures from your LMR or YA LMR experiences on your Facebook page, MCC’s Facebook page or my Facebook page. If you are creative, make a 20-30 second promotional video and email me the YouTube link. We’ll select some and upload them to my Facebook page!


Although we need financial donations to make this retreat possible, your prayers are the most powerful blessing. Pray for young adults to hear their calling to this retreat. Pray for our instructors to be guided to create a relevant and spiritually rich experience.