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Tearing Down Walls.

Building Up Hope.



2011 Fellowship Sunday 


1.   Church of the Trinity MCC
(Sarasota, Florida) – Rev.
Charles Tigard, Pastor


2.   Cornerstone MCC (Mobile,
Alabama) – Open Pulpit


3.   Emerald City MCC (Seattle,
Washington) – Rev. Ray
Neal, Pastor


4.   Exodus MCC (Abilene,
Texas) – Rev. Margaret
Walker, Pastor


5.   FirstCoast MCC (St.
Augustine, Florida) – Rev.
Ruth Jensen-Forbell, Pastor


6.   Gentle Shepherd MCC
(Phoenix, Arizona) – Rev.
Gale Rawson, Pastor


7.   Heartland MCC (Springfield,
Illinois) – Rev. Dr. Tony
8.   Holy Covenant MCC
(Brookfield, Illinois) – Rev. Dr.
Danny Spears, Pastor


9.   Holy Cross MCC
(Pensacola, Florida) – Rev.
Sandy O’Steen, Pastor


10. Imago Dei MCC (Glen Mills,
Pennsylvania) – Rev. Janice
Bowker, Intentional Interim
11. Joy MCC (Orlando, Florida) –
Rev. Lisa Heilig, Interim Pastor


12. King of Peace MCC (St.
Petersburg, Florida) – Rev.
Dr. Candace Shultis, Pastor


13. Living Springs MCC (Bath,
England) – Rev. Kieren
Bourne, Pastor


14. MCC Brisbane (Australia) –
Rev. Dr. Leigh Neighbour,


15. MCC Charlotte (North
Carolina) – Rev. Catherine
Houchins, Pastor


16. MCC Elizabethtown
(Kentucky) – Rev. Cathy
Porter, Pastor


17. MCC Los Angeles
(California) – Rev. Dr. Neil
Thomas, Pastor


18. MCC Lubbock (Texas) –
Rev. Renae Phillips, Pastor


19. MCC of Baton Rouge
(Louisiana) – Rev. Keith
Mozingo, Pastor


20. MCC of Greater St. Louis
(Missouri) – Rev. Dr. Carol
Trissell, Pastor


21. MCC of New York (New
York) – Rev. Pat
Bumgardner, Pastor


22. MCC of Paducah (Kentucky)
– Rev. Lillian Ferguson, Pastor
23. MCC of San Diego
(California) – Rev. Dan
Koeshall, Pastor


24. MCC of the Blue Ridge
(Roanoke, Virginia) – Rev. Joe
Cobb, Pastor


25. MCC of the Spirit
(Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) –
Rev. Lori Rivera, Pastor


26. MCC of Topeka (Kansas) –
Rev. Dr. Ty Sweeting, Pastor


27. MCC of Winston-Salem
(North Carolina) – Rev. Ron
LaRocque, Pastor


28. MCC Portland (Oregon) –
Rev. Nathan Meckley, Pastor


29. MCC Pueblo (Colorado) –
Rev. John Mark Hild, Pastor


30. MCC Quezon City
(Philippines) – Rev. Ceejay
Agbayani, Pastor


31. MCC Richmond (Virginia) –
Rev. Dr. Robin Gorsline,


32. MCC San Antonio (Texas) –
Rev. Mick Hinson, Pastor


33. MCC Sydney (Australia) –
Rev. Greg Smith, Pastor


34. New Creation MCC
(Columbus, Ohio) – Rev.
Margaret Hawk, Pastor


35. New Spirit Community
Church (Berkeley,
California) – Rev. Elder Jim
Mitulski, Pastor


36. New Spirit MCC (Cincinnati,
Ohio) – Open Pulpit


37. Open Arms MCC (Rochester,
New York) – Rev. Jim Mulcahy,


38. Open Circle at The Villages
MCC (Oxford, Florida) – Rev.
Carol Rawlings-Chambers,


39. Resurrection MCC (Houston,
Texas) – Rev. Elder Lillie Brock,
Consulting Pastor


40. River of Life MCC
(Dorchester, England) – Rev.
Catherine Dearlove, Pastor


41. River of Life MCC
(Kennewick, Washington) –
Rev. Janet Pierce, Pastor


42. Spirit of Life MCC (New Port
Richey, Florida) – Rev.
Dexter Brecht, Interim Pastor


43. SunCoast Cathedral MCC
(Venice, Florida) – Rev. Dr.
Sherry Kennedy, Pastor


44. Trinity MCC (Gainesville,
Florida) – Rev. Dr. Jim Merritt,


45. Water of Life MCC (Tucson,
Arizona) – Rev. Elder Dr.
Charlie Arehart, Pastor



An Important Message

from Rev. Dr. Nancy L. Wilson

Moderator, Metropolitan Community Churches

Nancy 200px



“..having made a good start,

finish this work.”

– 2 Corinthians chapter 8 verse 6




Dear MCC Friend:


Here’s a question for you today:


Has your congregation become a 2011 Fellowship Sunday Pacesetter Church?


You can check the list in the left-hand column to see if your church has signed up.


If your church is not yet listed, I am extending a warm invitation today for your congregation to become a 2011 Fellowship Sunday Pacesetter Church!


Here’s how to participate:


1.     2011 Pacesetter Churches agree to receive a special,

voluntary offering as part of our denomination’s 43rd anniversary in October on a Sunday of your choosing. These offerings will support the important work of MCC’s International Task Force and strengthen MCC’s growing international ministry for decades to come.


2.     Simply write to me and let me know

your church will participate in the 2011 Fellowship Sunday Offering Campaign.


3.     When you write, be sure to include your church’s name

and location, your pastor’s name, and the date you will receive your special Fellowship Sunday Offering.


4.     As soon as I hear from you, I’ll add your church and

pastor to our 2011 Fellowship Sunday Pacesetters list — recognizing their leadership in “setting the pace” for the future of MCC’s ministry to our world.




When your church says “Yes,”

you’re taking a powerful step to invest

in the future of MCC’s ministry to our world.




Will your church participate in the 2011 Fellowship Sunday Offering Campaign by receiving a special, designated offering during October?


If so, I invite you to write to me and let me know your congregation will participate in this year’s 43rd anniversary campaign to support the vital work of MCC’s International Task Force.


May I look for your response this week?


Grace and peace,




Rev. Dr. Nancy L. Wilson

MCC Moderator


ITF 2011 chart


P.S.  Over the next several days, we’ll be posting support materials to promote your participation in the 2011 Fellowship Sunday Offering Campaign, including special anniversary prayers, a press release you can send to your local media, and a downloadable bulletin insert for your weekly worship folder. Please visit the 2011 Fellowship Sunday webpage regularly this week for these helpful materials.


P.P.S.  This year’s Fellowship Sunday Offering Campaign is a wonderful opportunity for MCC congregations around the globe to join hearts and hands to celebrate MCC’s 43rd anniversary during the month of October. Won’t you write to me today and tell me your congregation will observe this milestone by receiving a special, voluntary Fellowship Sunday Offering as part of your anniversary observance?


Remember: When you write to me, I’ll add your church to the 2011 Fellowship Sunday Pacesetters List — churches that are leading the way in support of MCC’s emerging international work.


2011 Fellowship Sunday Offering Campaign


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