Structure Review Update – MCC Announces the Members of the Nominating Committee

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Metropolitan Community Churches
Tearing Down Walls.  Building Up Hope.

Stucture Review Update


March Update

On 28 February 2010, Metropolitan Community Churches announced its new structure review proposal.  Just in case you have not had an opportunity to review the documents that comprise this proposal, click here.   All of the structure review documents and information is housed on the new Structure Review website and the comment forums for each section are now open.  Click here to view MCC’s new structure review website.


One of the first items on the implementation schedule is the appointment of the nominating committee for the governing board.   This committee is tasked with the following:


·  Nominating Committee for the Governing Board 


       o  Composed of the Moderator and three people 
       o  Recruits and screens applicants for election to the Governing Board
       o  Presents candidates to the General Conference for election

As we move closer to General
Conference please hold each member of this committee in your hearts and prayers as they come together to do this amazing work.  In the coming weeks, look for more information from this committee.


P.S.  Coming Soon!  Don’t forget to check your inbox for the Clergy and Lay Delegate Survey.


John Vespa – Committee Chair


John Vespa

John Vespa is a member ofMCC Toronto and has been attending there since 1993. John has served on the MCC Toronto Board of Directors for six years and has had significant involvement in fundraising for the Triangle Program hosted by MCCT.  John has been serving on the UFMCC Board of Administration (BOA) since 2003. Professionally John is seasoned human resources executive with significant private and public sector experience in organizational design, talent management, change management and human resources strategy. John has worked closely with the BOA and staff on a number of human resources policy and workforce issues over the years.  John will Chair the recently announced Interim Nominating Committee for the MCC Governing Board. The Committee will recruit, screen and present candidates for the Governing Board that will be elected by General Conference.

Helen Berry

Helen Berry

Helen Berry has been a member of MCC Newcastle in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK since 1999.  She currently serves as Vice-Moderator and has served as Secretary of the Board there.  She is the author of Wilderness People:  Real-Life Stories from an Inclusive Church, an oral history based upon stories of 25 members of the congregation in Newcastle.  Berry has a PhD in History from Jesus College in Cambridge, UK and is a lecturer in UK universities in early modern history serving in a senior academic position (equivalent to a tenured Professor) and has held various management positions.  She is a former member of the academic governing body of the University and has served on Newcastle University’s Board of Governance Review Team.  She regularly serves on appointment committees for tenured positions and has received training at the University of Warwick’s Business School on good practice in selection procedures in the public sector. 

DeWayne Davis


DeWayne Davis

DeWayne Davis is an active member of Metropolitan Community Church of Washington, D.C., where he previously served as a Member of Board of Directors.  DeWayne is currently the Domestic Policy Analyst in The Episcopal Church’s Office of Government Relations where he represents before the U.S. Congress the domestic social policies established by the Episcopal Church’s General Convention and Executive Council, including issues of human rights, welfare, poverty, hunger, health care, violence, civil rights, the environment, and issues involving women and children. He also serves on the Steering Committee of the Lewis Center for Church Leadership.  He is a clergy candidate in care at MCC-DC and is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity degree from the Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, D.C.  


Easter Offering 2010 
Is Your Congregation a 2010 Pacesetter? 

For the last four years, MCC churches and pastors have supported our global work for human rights, including the work of our Global Justice Team, through a special Easter Offering.   (Be a Pacesetter! Sign Your Church Up Now!) 

 Easter Offering 2010
Check out the MCC Homepage to see if your church is listed!


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