“Stop the Violence!” says Pro-LGBT Metropolitan Community Churches’ Leader

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“There are no more lessons to be learned except to change our ways.”

The Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderator of the Metropolitan Community Churches, oversees ministries in over 40 countries.  Dr. Wilson was in the first LGBT delegation to meet with a sitting president in 1979, and is now on the President’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

Washington, D.C – Top national faith leaders spoke out against the acts of violence that have traumatized and terrorized communities throughout the United States. The Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, international leader of the Metropolitan Community Churches, was one of the dignitaries on the President’s Advisory Councils on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships who signed the statement.

The faith leaders’ statement said, “We endorse reasonable steps taken to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of dangerous people through measures such as ensuring and enforcing universal background checks for gun purchases…”  With caveats of avoiding further stigmatization of people dealing with mental health issues, they said, “Now is a time to educate the public and bring support for creating adequate mental health and mental illness resources in the community.” Full statement here.

Dr. Wilson said, “Faith leaders are taking responsibility for the leadership we carry on our shoulders.  As our shared statement says, ‘freedom also carries a moral responsibility.’ Each of us must reflect on how we can build communities of peace that contribute to global well-being. The mantel of moral leadership compels us to stand and say, stop the violence! There are no more lessons to be learned except to change our ways.”

“As the leader of Metropolitan Community Churches, our LGBT members and congregations have been targeted for violence, so we know how devastating it can be to lose loved ones. It is time to turn this land of the free and the brave into the land of the free and morally responsible!

Interviews are available with Dr. Wilson by appointment.


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