Still Giving Church Promotion Kit

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150 Combined Years and Still Giving

Promoting MCC’s Still Giving Campaign may help your local church!

  • Gain visibility in the local community and on social media.
  • Connect the legacy of these LGBTQ+ spiritual pioneers to the legacy of your local church.
  • Have your church recognized as a founder of the new Endowment Fund.
  • Connect members with the stories of others from around the world as they say Happy Birthday.
  • Feel connected to MCC’s past, present and future.
  • Encourage others to be Still Giving no matter their age or ability.
  • Share the stories of how Rev. Elder Troy Perry, Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson and MCC made a difference in your life. Encourage others to share their stories.

Think about ways you could use the videos from this campaign to benefit your local church.

  • Use a message from Troy or Nancy in your Sunday Virtual Worship. Use the from the videos webpage.
  • Post a video on your social media page and your website.
  • Share a personal story about Troy or Nancy and how they impacted your life.
  • Connect their stories and your stories.
  • Reach out to older members who may have stories to share. How are these members Still Giving?[/span6]

If we could make a short video for you to contextualize this campaign for your local church, let us know as soon as possible.

If you tell us you want a video by Thursday, we could return a video to you by Saturday for you to use on Sunday in Worship!

Contact: [email protected]


Would you and your local church do one or all of these options to help reach the denomination’s goal?

  • Give a gift from your congregation by Board action or receiving a Love Offering.
  • Do you know people in your community, who do not attend or financially support your church, yet might give in honor of Troy Perry’s legacy and birthday wish? Would you contact them and ask? Would you share their contact information with us so we can make contact?
  • Would you ask your top donors, who may have the capacity to give over and above their local church tithes, if they might make a gift of $150 or $1,500? If you’d prefer that we ask and thank them for their support of you and the local church, we’d be happy to! Please send us the contact information. Send to [email protected]


Use this GIF on Social Media

Post this GIF on your social media and be sure to include the link to give!

If you are promoting a love offering that your church will receive and give to the campaign, use this GIF and your own link to give.

Milestone Birthdays and Still Giving

Use this graphic on Social Media

Posts with photos get more traction on Facebook. Use this image along with your content. Be sure to include the link to give!

Here’s a short link for social media.



Over fifty years ago, the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC) was born as the inspiration and dream-child of Rev. Elder Troy Perry. In the early days, some people thought we might work ourselves out of business as other churches and denominations changed their minds and began to welcome LGBTQ+ people back. Those ideas about our purpose being short-lived were abandoned fairly early on as we realized God had brought MCC into being as a unique and global church/movement for radical inclusivity.

Now, more than ever, we know that there are still people around the world who need to hear the good news of God’s love for them, no matter who they are or whom they love. We proclaim that we have an “unfinished calling” and we are ready to faithfully live out that calling into the future.

The first two Moderators of MCC, Rev. Elder Troy Perry and Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson, who led MCC for more than forty years, are celebrating milestone birthdays this July. Troy turns 80 and Nancy turns 70. They are inviting you to celebrate with them by giving a generous gift to MCC, to be used for two special purposes.

  • To establish the first-ever Endowment Fund for MCC, which will provide financial support for our work in the future.
  • To support immediate actions for Racial Justice at this time when the world is ready for a revolution.

Your donation to MCC’s “Still Giving” campaign will not only honor them and all they have given, but it continues their legacy of giving to the organization to which they’ve devoted their lives. We are so grateful that they are “Still Giving for Our Future.” Would you help grant their birthday wish?

Our congregation exists because MCC exists because Troy Perry had a dream and a calling to start a church in which everyone was truly welcome. For over 50 years globally and ____ years locally, MCC has proclaimed God’s radically inclusive love, living our core values of Inclusion, Community, Spiritual Transformation and Justice.

As our Founder turns 80, and our second Moderator, Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson turns 70, we honor their birthday wish that we give a gift in their honor for the present and future work of MCC.

MCC has literally saved lives around the world. Your gift today will make a difference now and for the future.


Thank you for your local ministry.
Thank you for sharing this campaign with your community.
Thank you for your support and prayers.
Thank you for Being MCC!