Still Giving for Inclusion and Equity

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Still Giving for Inclusion and Equity

These are OUR Values!

We are here because Troy Perry started a church that would welcome ALL people. Rev. Elder Troy Perry and Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson heard God’s message of radical inclusion and sought to understand and share all that it means. We are here, continuing to do the work of Inclusion and Equity, because of the firm spiritual foundation laid by them and other MCC pioneers.

MCC has continued to expand our understanding of the work of radical inclusion. We have learned that equality is not the same as equity. Learning from Latin American Liberation Theology as well as feminist, womanist, black and queer theologies, we have proclaimed a message of liberation. (We have contributed to these theologies as well.) We have welcomed people to worship, to serve and live fully in their authentic self. For a time our MCC tagline was “Tearing down walls and building up hope.” We are continuing to apply these lessons to ourselves as we examine the presence and impact of systemic racism within MCC.

Our current tagline says “Transforming ourselves as we transform the world.” What does this look like? What will this mean for the next generation? How will our theological understanding continue to unfold? How will our core value of Inclusion manifest itself next? How would you fill in the next panel of this cartoon?

Equality, Equity, Liberation


Your donation today will help MCC do our work of transforming ourselves in racial justice to live more fully into our values of inclusion and equity. Your donation will help us proclaim inclusion, equity and liberation in the future. Troy and Nancy are Still Giving for inclusion and equity. Will you?

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Voices for Inclusion

Rev. Troy Perry

Our Founder, Rev. Elder Troy Perry

Cecilia Eggleston at Pride

Our current Moderator, Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston

Troy and Nancy

Troy Perry and Nancy Wilson

Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson protesting

“Love your neighbor” is at the heart of our message.

The Future is in Our Hands

Over 120 people from 7 countries have given over $80,000 (of our goal of $150,000) in cash and pledges so far! Won’t you consider giving or pledging a gift too?

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Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings for Troy and Nancy are being shared in emails, social media posts and are collected on the Still Giving webpage.

Rev. Steve Pieters

Rev. Elder Margarita Sánchez De León

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Every person and church who gives to this campaign (no matter the amount) will be named as one of the founders of the Endowment Fund.


Every person and church who gives to this campaign will be advancing our work for Racial Justice.


Every person who gives to this campaign (no matter the amount) will be entered into a lottery (drawing) to have a virtual Birthday Party with Troy Perry and Nancy Wilson. This one of a kind experience will be limited to 20 people. It will occur via Zoom in early August. Your donation enters you in the lottery.

Thank you for your expressions of love and support.