Still Giving for Equality & Pride

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Still Giving for Equality and Pride

There is a plaque on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and McCadden Place in Los Angeles, California (USA). It honors Rev. Elder Troy Perry as the “Godfather of Gay Pride.”

Troy was not alone, because he always works with others. Names on this plaque include Rev. Bob Humphries and Mr. Morris Kight. These people recognized Rev. Troy as a leader and influencer of public policy and opinion. Troy brought visibility to the gay community itself and to issues of importance.

Troy Perry motivated the masses making Gay Pride a “thing” in Los Angeles and the reason that Los Angeles had their first Pride Parade. It’s a tradition that continues and Troy still participates!

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Troy Perry

Troy Perry is honored in Los Angeles as the Co-Founder of Christopher Street West.

Troy Perry

CSW means Christopher Street West

Troy Perry

Even in a Gay Pride crowd, there is no mistaking Rev. Elder Troy Perry!

Troy Perry Rainbow Hat

Chilling and sporting a Pride hat!

For some, this historic contribution might be enough. For Troy, it is not. He is “Still Giving” to MCC through a campaign to celebrate his 80th birthday and to fund the organization he founded for its long-term future.
Would you grant Troy’s “Birthday Wish” to help MCC move forward? Your donation will make a difference and be a birthday present that will thrill his soul.


Every person who gives to this campaign (no matter the amount) will be entered into a lottery (drawing) to have a virtual Birthday Party with Troy Perry and Nancy Wilson. This one of a kind experience will be limited to 20 people. It will occur via Zoom in early August. Your donation enters you in the lottery.


We are proud of Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson and so appreciative of her willingness to have some fun with this campaign. She just turned 70 and is Still Giving herself to MCC.
In a number of our MCC closed Facebook Groups this week, we asked, “Have you ever seen Nancy Wilson in a dress? In case you missed this rare reveal, here are the pictures again! Thanks for being such a good sport, Nancy!

Nancy Wilson Age 14

Nancy Wilson in Dress

Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greetings for Troy and Nancy are being shared in emails, social media posts and are collected on the Still Giving webpage.

Rebecca Wilson

Jochen Gewecke

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