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Rev. Elder Troy Perry will be 80 years old and Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson will turn 70 years this month! At their joint and inspired suggestion, MCC is marking these significant birthdays by creating a lasting legacy that will honor all that Troy and Nancy have given so far and equip MCC to develop and grow its ministry now and in the future.

Troy and Nancy’s combined age will be 150 after these birthdays. We are suggesting that people give in amounts that equal their combined years ($150, $1,500, $15,000 etc) to reach our campaign goal of $150,000.

In discussion with Troy and Nancy, we have chosen two projects to support with donations from this “Still Giving” birthday appeal. The first US $100,000 of the funds raised will be used to establish the first-ever MCC endowment fund. The interest from this fund will provide income to support MCC’s life changing ministry for future generations. This is really creating something significant for MCC’s future, so that we can continue to bring good news of God’s inclusive love and justice to the world. Every person who gives a gift to the “Still Giving” campaign will be acknowledged as one of the founders of this endowment fund.

The additional US $50,000 will be used to focus on immediate actions for racial justice, one of the most pressing social justice issues around the world and within MCC. We will use these funds right away to provide anti-racism training for staff and MCC leadership and to take practical steps to create organisational change, so MCC can be the racially equitable, inclusive and diverse church we know that God is calling us to be. This will include supporting the work of the Commission on Pathways to Healing and Reconciliation, commissioned by MCC General Conference 2019.

Please consider giving by clicking the button below.

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If you wish to make a pledge and make payments through the end of 2020, click the button below.

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You may also mail a contribution to:

2775 NW 49th Ave.
Ste: 205-327
Ocala, FL 34482

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8 Responses

  1. Rev. Dr. Kharma Amos

    Happy Birthday, Nancy!

    I’m so indebted to you. My life wouldn’t be anywhere near where it is right now if I had not met you at the age of 18 (when I thought I knew everything even as I was discovering everything I had not known). You invited me into leadership in MCC before I was 20 years old, and I haven’t left it since (decades later). I’m forever changed by your life, your encouragement, your leadership, and your legacy. Thank you so much for all you have given … and all you are STILL GIVING.

  2. Michael E Dionne

    Happiest birthdays to Rev Wilson and our beloved founder,Rev Perry!
    Thank you for your leadership and your vision in creating a church home for all of us that mainstream church cast aside!

  3. LisaDawn McCabe

    Happy Birthday, Nancy! So much and so many years… 😂 Hope this year is very good for you.

    LisaDawn McCabe

  4. Sharron A Massingale

    Best birthday wishes to my sister and brother in Christ.May Gods love surround you and keep you always.

  5. Steve Warren

    Y’all have been part of my life for well over half of yours (and mine). My career writing for what was then the “gay press” began with a story promoting Troy’s first visit to the Atlanta church. Happy Birthdays, Troy and Nancy! I’ve tossed a few pennies in the Still Giving pot.

  6. Richard Schaffer

    Best wishes to you both on your milestone birthday. I was so moved when I attended the MCC gathering in Orlando last year. I am so proud of my church and it’s leaders. Thank you for making me feel welcome as Christ does.

  7. Gail Zadakis

    Happy Birthday to you both.
    Lost in Paradise no more

  8. Mark Roderick

    Happy Birthday to you both. Thanks for your 150 years of service. And thanks for Still Giving!! God bless you both

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