MCC Stewardship Listings – February 2011

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Leadership in Stewardship Listings for February 2011

Dear MCC Friend:

In these listings we recognize and congratulate MCC congregations for their achievements and leadership in the areas of generous giving and attendance.

Below you will find 4 lists, each of which spotlights a particular aspect of Leadership in Stewardship for the month of February 2011.

  • Participation in Early Contributions — featuring churches who have discharged their tithe obligations by participating in “pay as you go” contributions and/or whose tithe remittances are verifiably deposited into MCC denominational accounts prior to the stated due date;
  • Total Tithe Amount — based on the total Base Tithe and Generous in Faith contributions of local churches within broad attendance groupings;
  • Per Capita Giving — based on the ratio of reporting churches’ tithable (after exemptions) income and total attendance for the month; and
  • Gains in Attendance — listing churches across the denomination whose February 2011 average weekly attendance increased by 10% or more as compared to February of 2010.
These lists are prepared from deposit records and data supplied by churches in the February reports they have submitted to the administrative offices in Abilene, Texas (USA). For your church to be eligible for inclusion in these lists, your report and payment(s) must have been dated on or before the 10 March and received on or before 20 March, as part of our covenant of ministry.

I am pleased to share these “Leadership in Stewardship” lists for February.
Grace and peace,

Rev. Nancy L. Wilson
Metropolitan Community Churches


Forty-four churches participated in early payment by sending intentional pre-pay installments on tithes not yet due, by remitting tithes on their income as it was received, and/or by ensuring that their contribtuions were verifiably deposited in MCC denominational accounts on/before 9 March. Those churches, in no particular order, are:

MCC in El Paso – El Paso, Texas

Pastored by:  Rev. Kati Houts


MCC South London – London, EnglandPastored by Rev. Janice Bowker (Interim)


achurch4me? MCC – Chicago, Illinois

Pastored by Rev. Kevin Downer


Agape MCC – Fort Worth, Texas

Pastored by:  Rev. David Wynn


Open Circle at the Villages MCC – Oxford, Florida

Pastored by Rev. Carol Rawlings-Chambers


Central Texas MCC – Waco, Texas

Pastored by:  Rev. Charley Garrison


New Creation MCC – Columbus, Ohio

Pastored by Rev. Margaret Hawk
MCC Las Vegas – Las Vegas, Nevada

Pastored by:  Rev. W. Wayne Lindsey


Emerald City MCC – Seattle, Washington

Pastored by:  Rev. Ray Neal


New Spirit MCC – Cincinnati, Ohio

Pastorate Vacant


MCC Austin at Freedom Oaks – Austin, Texas

Pastored by:  Rev. Karen Thompson


St. John the Apostle MCC – Fort Myers, Florida

Pastored by:  Rev. Steve Filizzi


MCC North London – London, England

Pastored by:  Rev. Sharon Ferguson


MCC of Pueblo – Pueblo, Colorado

Pastored by:  Rev. John Hild
Antelope Valley MCC – Palmdale, California

Pastored by:  Rev. Gale Smith


Holy Redeemer MCC – College Park, Maryland

Pastored by:  Rev. David North


MCC Omaha – Omaha, Nebraska

Pastored by:  Rev. Tom Emmett, III


Spirit of Hope MCC – Kansas City, Missouri

Pastored by:  Rev. Kurt Krieger


Gentle Shepherd MCC – Phoenix, Arizona

Pastored by:  Rev. Elder John Gill


Heartland MCC – Springfield, Illinois

Pastored by:  Rev. Tony Thieman-Somora, DMin


Christ Chapel MCC – Santa Ana, California

Pastored by:  Rev. Randy Besta


MCC Sacred Journey – Hendersonville, North Carolina

Pastored by:  Rev. Jane Nelson


MCC Brisbane – Brisbane, Queensland

Pastored by:  Rev. Leigh Neighbour


Exodus MCC – Abilene, Texas

Pastored by:  Rev. Margaret Walker


New Light MCC – Hagerstown, Maryland

Pastored by:  Rev. Michael Hydes (sabbaticant)


Milwaukee MCC – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Pastored by:  Rev. Wendy Woodruff


King of Peace MCC – Saint Petersburg, Florida

Pastored by:  Rev. Dr. Candace Shultis


Valley Ministries MCC – Stockton, California

Pastored by:  Rev. Terri Miller


Reconciliation MCC – Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Pastored by:  Rev. Steph Maxson


Spirit of Christ MCC – Joplin, Missouri

Pastored by:  Rev. Steve Urie


MCC Washington D.C. – Washington, District of Columbia

Pastored by:  Rev. Dwayne Johnson


FirstCoast MCC – Saint Augustine, Florida

Pastored by:  Rev. Ruth Jensen-Forbell


MCC Newcastle – Newcastle, England

Pastored by Rev. Pressley Sutherland (Interim Support)
MCC Boston – Boston, Massachusetts

Pastored by:  Rev. Michael Cooper


MCC San Diego – San Diego, California

Pastored by:  Rev. Dan Koeshall


Safe Harbour MCC – Halifax, Nova Scotia

Pastored by:  Rev. Jennifer Paty


Treasure Valley MCC – Boise, Idaho

Pastored by:  Rev. Renee McCall


MCC of Baton Rouge – Baton Rouge, Louisana

Pastored by:  Rev. Keith Mozingo


MCC of the Quad Cities – Davenport, Iowa

Pastored by Rev. Rich Hendricks


MCC Toronto – Toronto, Ontario

Pastored by:  Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes


Promise MCC – Dallas, Texas

Pastored by:  Rev. Jon Robert Haack


SunCoast Cathedral – Venice, Florida

Pastored by:  Rev. Dr. Sherry Kennedy


Appalachian MCC – Charleston, West Virginia

Pastored by:  Rev. Michael Shields


MCC London – London, Ontario

Pastored by:  Rev. Paul Whiting


(Payment dated on/before the 10th and received on/before the 20th of March)



MCC Toronto – Toronto, ON                                                 $4,919.73 (approx USD)

Pastored by:  Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes


Jesus MCC – Indianapolis, IN                                               $3,905.69

Pastored by:  Rev. Jeff Miner




MCC Austin at Freedom Oaks – Austin, TX                            $4,857.29

Pastored by:  Rev. Karen Thompson


MCC Washington D.C. – Washington, DC                              $4,477.08

Pastored by:  Rev. Dwayne Johnson


MCC San Diego – San Diego, CA                                         $3,286.70

Pastored by:  Rev. Dan Koeshall


King of Peace MCC – St. Petersburg, FL                               $3,031.44

Pastored by:  Rev. Dr. Candace Shultis




Spirit of Hope MCC – Kansas City, MO                                 $3,279.28

Pastored by:  Rev. Kurt Krieger


MCC of Northern Virginia – Fairfax, VA                                  $2,364.98

Pastored by:  Rev. Dr. Kharma Amos


SunCoast Cathedral MCC – Venice, FL                                 $1,616.56

Pastored by:  Rev. Dr. Sherry Kennedy


MCC of the Lehigh Valley – Allentown, PA                             $1,383.63

Pastored by:  Rev. Elizabeth Goudy


MCC of Greater Dallas – Dallas, TX                                       $1,367.46

Pastored by:  Rev. Colleen Darraugh


MCC Knoxville – Knoxville, TN                                              $1,334.01

Pastored by:  Rev. Jill Sizemore


St. John the Apostle MCC – Ft. Myers, FL                           $1,243.36

Pastored by:  Rev. Stephen Filizzi


Agape MCC – Ft. Worth, TX                                                 $1,234.56

Pastored by:  Rev. David Wynn


Cornerstone MCC – Mobile, AL                                             $1.226.86

Pastored by:  Rev. Lee Carlton


St. Jude’s MCC – Wilmington, NC                                         $1,202.05

Pastored by:  Rev. John McLaughlin




Gentle Shepherd MCC – Tallahassee, FL                               $3,279.28

Pastored by:  Rev. Mark Byrd (Interim)


Imani MCC – Durham, NC                                                     $1,056.83

Pastored by Rev. Phil Matthews


Gentle Shepherd MCC – Tucson, AZ                                      $  964.02

Pastored by:  Rev. Elder John Gill (Interim)


Imago Dei MCC – Gradyville, PA                                            $  729.95

Pastorate Vacant


New Spirit MCC – Cincinnati, OH                                           $  675.20

Pastorate Vacant


Peninsula MCC – San Mateo, CA                                          $  671.28

Pastored by:  Rev. Terri Echelbarger


MCC in El Paso – El Paso, TX                                              $  667.00

Pastored by:  Rev. Katie Houts


New Creation MCC – Columbus, OH                                      $  596.71

Pastored by:  Rev. Margaret Hawk


New Light MCC – Hagerstown, PA                                         $  593.04

Pastored by:  Rev. Michael Hydes (sabbaticant)


Milwaukee MCC – Milwaukee, WI                                           $  575.26

Pastored by:  Rev. Wendy Woodruff


Open Door MCC – Boyds, MD                                                $  571.13

Pastored by:  Rev. Jill McCrory (Interim)


MCC Rehoboth – Rehoboth Beach, DE                                   $  569.19

Pastored by:  Rev. Dusty Pruitt (Interim)





MCC Brisbane – Brisbane, QLD                                               $  306.56  (approx USD)

Pastored by:  Rev. Leigh Neighbour



MCC Newcastle – Newcastle, ENG                                          $  327.45  (approx USD)

Pastored by:  Rev. Pressley Sutherland (Interim Support)


MCC North London – London, ENG                                          $  267.23  (approx USD)

Pastored by:  Rev. Sharon Ferguson


MCC South London – London, ENG                                         $  266.51  (approx USD)

Pastored by:  Rev. Janice Bowker (Interim)


Eighteen churches reported increases of 10% or more in average weekly attendance for February 2011 (as compared to February 2010.)


Holy Redeemer MCC – College Park, MD                              88.9%

Pastored by:  Rev. David North


MCC Rehoboth – Rehoboth Beach, DE                                 46.5%

Pastored by:  Rev. Dusty Pruitt (Interim)


Cornerstone MCC – Mobile, AL                                             38.5%

Pastored by:  Rev. Lee Carlton


MCC Knoxville – Knoxville, TN                                              35.0%

Pastored by:  Rev. Jill Sizemore


MCC Sacred Journey – Hendersonville, NC                            33.9%

Pastored by:  Rev. Jane Nelson


MCC Newcastle – Newcastle, ENG                                      30.7%

Pastored by:  Rev. Pressley Sutherland (Interim Support)


MCC Washington D.C. – Washington, DC                             30.3%

Pastored by:  Rev. Dwayne Johnson


SunCoast Cathedral MCC – Venice, FL                                 26.9%

Pastored by:  Rev. Dr. Sherry Kennedy


Reconciliation MCC – Grand Rapids, MI                                34.8%

Pastored by:  Rev. Steph Maxson


Redeemer MCC – Flint, MI                                                   23.3%

Pastored by:  Rev. Edwin Yates


MCC of Topeka – Topeka, KS                                              19.4%

Pastored by:  Rev. Ty Sweeting


Agape MCC – Ft. Worth, TX                                                 18.0%

Pastored by:  Rev. David Wynn


Spirit of Hope MCC – Kansas City, MO                                 16.7%

Pastored by:  Rev. Kurt Krieger


MCC Las Vegas – Las Vegas, NV                                        16.6%

Pastored by:  Rev. W. Wayne Lindsey


New Light MCC – Hagerstown, MD                                       14.9%

Pastored by:  Rev. Michael Hydes (sabbaticant)


First MCC of Kansas – Wichita, KS                                      12.2%

Pastored by:  Rev. Jackie Carter


Valley Ministries MCC – Stockton, CA                                  12.0%

Pastored by:  Rev. Terri Miller


MCC Montana – Great Falls, MT                                           11.9%

Pastored by:  Rev. Gina Hartung



(Payment made on/before the 10th and received on/before the 20th of March)


Imani MCC – Durham, NC                                                 $ 122.89

Pastored by:  Rev. Phil Matthews


New Spirit MCC – Cincinnati, OH                                       $  77.79

Pastorate Vacant


MCC of Northern Virginia – Fairfax, VA                               $  64.35

Pastored by Rev. Dr. Kharma Amos


Gentle Shepherd MCC – Tallahassee, FL                           $  63.40

Pastored by:  Rev. Mark Byrd (Interim)


Imago Dei MCC – Gradeyville, PA                                      $  53.48

Pastorate Vacant


New Spirit Community Church MCC/UCC/DOC                  $  48.84

Pastored by:  Rev. Elder Jim Mitulski


MCC of Greater Dallas – Dallas, TX                                    $  48.19

Pastored by Rev. Colleen Darraugh


MCC Christ the Liberator – North Brunswick, NJ                 $  46.76

Pastored by:  Rev. Tom Bohache


Spirit of Hope MCC – Kansas City, MO                              $  44.77

Pastored by:  Rev. Kurt Krieger


Spirit of Christ MCC – Joplin, MO                                      $  41.93

Pastored by:  Rev. Steve Urie


Gentle Shepherd MCC – Phoenix, AZ                                $  41.75

Pastored by:  Rev. Elder John Gill (Interim)


Holy Redeemer MCC – College Park, MD                           $  41.66

Pastored by:  Rev. David North


MCC Rehoboth – Rehoboth Beach, DE                              $  36.14

Pastored by:  Rev. Dusty Pruitt (Interim)


MCC Washington D.C. – Washington, DC                           $ 34.74

Pastored by:  Rev. Dwayne Johnson


Emerald City MCC – Seattle, WA                                      $  33.48

Pastored by:  Rev. Ray Neal


Peninsula MCC – San Mateo, CA                                      $  33.15

Pastored by:  Rev. Terri Echelbarger


MCC Austin at Freedom Oaks – Austin, TX                        $  32.55

Pastored by:  Rev. Karen Thompson


Exodus MCC – Abilene, TX                                                $ 31.31

Pastored by Rev. Margaret Walker


Cornerstone MCC – Mobile, AL                                          $ 31.25

Pastored by:  Rev. Lee Carlton


NON-NORTH AMERICAN CHURCHES             (approx. USD amounts)


MCC Brisbane – Brisbane, QLD                                          $  43.67

Pastored by Rev. Leigh Neighbour


MCC South London – London, ENG                                     $  22.21

Pastored by Rev. Janice Bowker (Interim)


MCC Newcastle – Newcastle, ENG                                     $  19.85

Pastored by Rev. Pressley Sutherland (Interim Support)