Statement from the Moderator on the death of George Floyd in the USA

I recently heard an African-American man say that the secret fear of all men like him is that, when they leave their home, they will never return to it. No-one should live like that.

George Floyd is one of many people who will not return home. He was arrested and pinned on the ground. His neck was crushed under the knee of a police officer, even as onlookers begged for the officer to stop. George Floyd was pronounced dead at the hospital. This crime happened within a few blocks of All God’s Children MCC, Minneapolis, USA.

Pastor of All God’s Children MCC, Rev. Dr. DeWayne Davis says, “While we are mourning the senseless killing of George Floyd, we are resolute in our insistence that no arrest should end in death. Unfortunately, that happens all too often to Black people and communities of color. We also know that freedom is a constant struggle so we will not ease up on our demand for justice for George Floyd, in particular, and for all victims of police-based violence, in general.”

“This is a time for citizens to hold police accountable for the senseless violence perpetrated against Black people and communities of color. We see what happens when racism and unchecked police power converge on black bodies: lethal force as a first resort, blaming victims for their deaths, and targeting of community activists and concerned citizens demanding accountability. Our whole system is implicated and now is time for systemic change.”

We know that all over the world today, people are being judged by the colour of their skin. As a white person, it is rare for me to have to think about that. When we say Emmanuel “God with us”, we include the Divine being embodied in black skin, in brown skin, in our siblings who are challenged every day because of other people’s ignorance, prejudice and the systems that allow racism to be upheld. We can make ourselves more aware of how racism impacts us all. In MCC and beyond, we can and must work together to change systems and structures, to work for justice.

Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston
Metropolitan Community Churches


What can you do? You can:

Contact your local police department with a message something like this:
In the aftermath of the brutal killing of George Floyd by the arresting officers, I am writing you to express my support of the police and to call you to a higher standard. Please retrain your officers in the use of deadly force and methods of restraint. Make them aware of treating every citizen, even every suspect, with equity under the law. The color of one’s skin should never be justification for the use of deadly force. I know you have a tough job. It’s also true that too high a percentage of black people have died at the hands of police. Please help be part of the solution.

Have the difficult conversations with family and friends around white supremacy, racism, and anti-black thought.

Read books on anti-racism like “How to Be an Anti-Racist” by Ibram X. Kendi

Pray for black mothers, black children, and black siblings that they find some comfort amidst repeated losses.

Send a note to All God’s Children MCC and their Pastor Rev. DeWayne Davis by mail at 3100 Park Ave., Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 55407
by contact through their website at
by Facebook at