Statement from Metropolitan Community Church of Greater Saint Louis Concerning the Stockley Verdict

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Today, as people of faith and conscience, MCC of Greater St. Louis (MCCGSL) is saddened, concerned and outraged by the “not guilty” verdict in the case of a St. Louis police officer who shot and killed an African American man as part of a chase. While we understand that there are deep emotions and responses from the many perspectives around this issue, we stand with all those, especially our African American siblings, who feel afraid, marginalized and violated on a regular basis by those who are sworn to protect them.

We affirm that black lives matter. We acknowledge that not every police officer is part of this ongoing violation. We acknowledge that we live in a city that is deeply divided by issues of race. We acknowledge that we do not all agree about the answers to the problems we face. And even as we acknowledge these things, we also lean into the one who we follow, Jesus, to inform our outrage, our prayers, our protests, and our actions. In that spirit, we commit to

  • Pray
  • Stand with the “least of these” even when it costs us something
  • Act on the side of justice for everyone, not just the privileged and powerful
  • Pause at every turn and pray some more for peace
  • Move with clarity and fierce tenderness for those who are grieving and injured because of this decision
  • Work for peace, love, equal justice, and basic decency
  • Speak out against systems that lift up some and endanger others

We call on all people of conscience to do your part in standing against injustice wherever you see it and be compassionate toward those who feel that their very existence is invisible. As a community of faith, we commit ourselves to ongoing actions for justice that will be determined as the days unfold.

Our prayer is that we will see through the eyes of God who loves all Her children, live in the ways of Jesus who stands at the side of the most outcast and overlooked, and stand in the ways of the Spirit who is always present, even in the most challenging circumstances.