Sign-On Letter re: Kavanaugh and Reproductive Rights

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As some of you may know, religious, religiously affiliated and faith-centered organizations are signing the attached letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee expressing concern aboutJudge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court because he will provide the “swing vote” to overrule or hollow out Roe v. Wade.


If you might wish to join, please review the attached letter.  To sign on, please click on the Google form here or email Glenn Northern of Catholics for Choice at[email protected].


The deadline to sign on is today, Friday, August 30.   If you are a denomination with a particular ministry or affiliated organization (e.g., focusing on women’s or justice issues) that would be the most appropriate signer, we would be grateful if you could forward this email to them.


My own organization announced yesterday that for the first time since its founding decades ago, it will be taking a position on a Supreme Court nominee because the stakes of this nomination are extraordinarily high.  336 law professors issued two days ago a dramatic public letter confirming in stark terms that with this nomination, “the threat to Roe is imminent and real.”


The attached letter speaks from an interfaith perspective about women’s moral agency, religious freedom and pluralism, and the devastating consequences that overturning Roe v. Wade would have, including for the most vulnerable women in our society.  Our deep hope is that one set of religious voices will not come to dominate this discussion and women’s reproductive lives.


Please let Glenn or me know if you have any questions.


Thank you for all that you do and best wishes,


Scott Ruskay-Kidd



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