See Something, Say Something

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The Council of Elders of Metropolitan Community Churches

Calls for Action to Stop Anti-Asian Discrimination In the time of COVID-19

A 51 year old woman taking out garbage is doused with a chemical, burning her face, neck back and shoulders.

A 31 year old woman is assaulted riding a bus in mid-afternoon, her head cracked open and requiring stitches.

Nurses, doctors, deli workers, delivery people, restauranteurs, an MCC clergyperson ~ all verbally abused or physically assaulted.

What do all these people have in common beyond the violence and harm they suffered? The answer is, they are all people of Asian descent, people increasingly targeted by those who think COVID-19 is ethnically based. It is not.

There is no rhyme, reason or excuse ever sufficient to justify an act of violence or hatred against any of God’s children. Ignorance fuels violence and hatred.  Whether you are a world leader or simply a neighborhood bully, associating COVID-19 with someone’s race or ethnicity is ignorant and wrong.

As LGBTQI and Allied peoples, we know what it is like to be blamed for or associated with disease. HIV/AIDS, a virus in many ways similar to COVID-19, was originally labeled GRID or “gay related immune deficiency.” That misunderstanding cost people not only their safety, but often times access to medical care and treatment because of fear based in ignorance. Many lives were needlessly jeopardized until human beings realized AIDS shows no partiality.  Neither does COVID-19. Regardless of ethnicity, race, culture, gender identity or sexual orientation, we are all vulnerable to a disease that is air borne and spread through simple human gestures like touching.

The sooner we as human beings acknowledge the truth, the closer we will be to wholeness and health globally, and hopefully a vaccine and a cure.

“See something, say something” ~ that’s the imperative many communities embrace when it comes to fighting terrorization of any kind.

If you see or hear or read about the targeting of people of Asian descent because of a false and faulty mis-association with the the origin or causes of COVID-19, speak up/act up. SILENCE IS DEATH we learned a long time ago. What we all need to be putting our energy into right now is LIFE and the healing and restoration of people everywhere.

This statement issued on behalf of the Council of Elders,
Metropolitan Community Churches.
The Rev. Cecilia Eggleston, Moderator.