(re)Vitalization for Congregations

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More than ever, we need vital MCC congregations
to lift up unheard voices, to put into action our call to be sowers of justice and compassion.

God is at work in the world, doing a new thing, and

it is up to us to catch up with where the Spirit is moving.

It may look very different than what we have done before, but when we dare to act faithfully,

we will impact not just our congregation, but

our neighbors, our neighborhood, our wider community.

When we experience the powerful blend of spiritual vitality with an outward focus of empowered work

for compassion and justice,

we are more than a vibrant church,

we are the Body of Christ—alive,

living out the kingdom of God,

the Beloved Community.

NOW is the time to consider what new ways God may be calling you and your congregation to love your neighbor.



The Office of Church and Ministry Development (OCMD) is now offering a process for congregations that are desiring (re)Vitalization.

We are prepared and most willing to assist you and your congregation on a journey of (re)Vitalization.

Our program is designed to be spiritual, user-friendly, and flexible enough to adapt to the cultural context of your community.

Our staff and coaches will be with you every step of the way.  We honor that this is not a “quick fix” for congregations.  It takes strength and persistence to follow Jesus into  the 21st Century and let go of the status quo.  Please prayerfully consider this invitation to journey.

Please contact OCMD for more information on next steps to explore together the journey of  (re)Vitalization  

Email Rev. Lisa Heilig at [email protected]

Revitalization informational flyer

Overview Webinar