Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown Calls MCC to Expand Understanding as Interim Term Begins

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Interim Moderator Blessing
MCC of Washington DC
16 October 2016
Thank you to everyone here today in person, and those watching from around the world for this holy time.

I thank the MCC Governing Board for their courageous and challenging holy service to appoint an Interim Moderator. MCC of Washington DC for hosting this Blessing. I humbly thank the people and leadership of MCC who welcome this new era with prayers and loving support.

There are so many people who have been my companions on this journey from MCC of Greater St Louis, to MCC Illiana in Portage, Indiana, and aChurch4Me MCC in Chicago, Illinois, plus every Emerging Church and leader that said Yes to become MCC around the world.

A special thanks to my family who surround me even today.

Dear, beloved people of MCC, I stand before you as a servant of our God, called for a time such as this to be present and stand with you.

Many ask, who are you? Where did you come from?

Briefly, my name is Rachelle Brown, and I am a beloved and blessed child of God. I will say a bit more.

I am from Southern Louisiana in the United States, from a group of people referred to a Cajun. They are the Acadians, an exiled people, scattered, yet this remnant in the region of Louisiana became a blended rainbow of God’s hue. Over 200 years these people formed their own French dialect, settling across the wetlands. When they were chased and diminished, they continued to rely upon their families, faith, and traditions.

I was baptized into the Roman Catholic faith, and again in full immersion during the Charismatic movement, then again by the Jesus name only Pentecostals, and yes again by the Baptists.

I call this sanctification by water “Fire Proof.”

As a teenager, I learned to play guitar in the Evangelical mega church with an
auditorium, Bible school, and mission center. As a fundamentalist Pentecostal, I was in
a US mission church and campus chaplain. In my zeal for the gospel the conflict
between faith and my identity as a lesbian drove me from one church after the other.
Then I said, God, no more. I cannot. I became a “none” – one without a church or any

It was in St. Louis, Missouri, at my first Pride Festival. I saw a booth that said
Metropolitan Community Churches. Now, I heard of all of the other churches, but this,
this was just crazy. I decided to go, with my hard heart to all things church, I went to
mock, what authority do these people have to have a church like this! I showed up in
August of 2001, sat in the back. By the time of communion, I was in tears. The
brokenness and pain flowing and it was in these pews the healing began.

On this very day, we are witnesses to the fact that a people who were once considered
scattered and banished to death are now visibly alive, and in our living we demonstrate
THE love which cannot be destroyed.

Why am I MCC? Because WE are THE movement.
WE are living,
Witnesses of a people who radically express a panoramic of creation.

People of the living God, the message of Jesus is come.

Tell me today, has the Kin-dom of God arrived? Is there no oppression for us to
address? Hunger, violence against one another, poverty, brokenness? Have we been
and done all that the gospel calls us to do so we can look around and congratulate
ourselves and our friends?

Let me say, there are millions of uncertain, skeptical, gave up on Spirit, God, and Jesus
people. There are gender non-conforming, queer-identifying, bisexual, lesbian, gay,
intersexed, heterosexual, don’t even put me in a box or give me a title people around
the world who are crying out to be part of a movement that loves, cares, and empowers
the people.

A movement that starts from a place of community, justice, inclusion, and spiritual

We are living in a time that is expressed in the reading from Hebrews 11
A time of faith – honored by those before us
A faith that is a foundation of things hoped for
A faith that lives into the evidence of things not yet seen.

Since the Kin-dom of God has not yet arrived, I am calling upon us to expand our understanding of what it means to be this radical movement in the 21st Century. A movement that worships, organizes, learns, and teaches.

A movement that transforms from the boardroom to the streets. A movement that gathers in many places and ways.

In this time of transition, we have 21st Century questions and issues. They are not the questions of a previous generation. Some of the questions are about familiar issues, but the way we ask is for this day and time. We have hard questions to ask ourselves.

These questions and the ways in which we answer the call of this time and of this generation will ensure that for this day and time and the generations yet to come

MCC – Our worship is a celebration.
Our message is transformation.
And the people of MCC will multiply because we are a people who say “Yes” to the call of Jesus.
Come, be healed, be whole, and be in your community, sharing your stories, as a witness to the incredible love of God.

This is an important time in our church and movement. I encourage you all to stand with me as we listen deeply. It is when we listen deeply that we can act boldly.

People of the living God,
Be fearless in your faith.
Empower one another in God’s love.
Listen to the winds of the Spirit.