Rev. Elder Diane Fisher Calls MCC to Prayer for Christchurch

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Tearing Down Walls.
Building Up Hope.

Call for Prayer for Christchurch, New Zealand

Rev. Elder Diane FisherYesterday an earthquake hit Christchurch, New Zealand, toppling buildings and killing many people.  The city has been devastated.  The Cathedral in the center square has been destroyed.  Power is gone in most places and there is no safe water.  I spoke with Marion Wilson, one of the Crave MCC, NZ leaders.  She says that people from the church are physically safe and many deeply unsettled by the events. Neil Hellewell, another leader, has spent most of the day and much of the night working at the hospital.  Many are being cared for in parks around the city. Please keep the congregation of Crave MCC and the people of the city of Christchurch and surrounding area in your prayers.

Marion Wilson, Neil Hellewell from Crave MCC Christchurch

Gracious God,

We lift our voices to join the chorus of people asking for your healing presence with the people of Christchurch.

Share your peace with those who are frightened,

Share your strength with the ones searching for those who are trapped,

Share your compassion and healing touch with those dealing with the injured.

Be with all the families searching for loved ones or grieving the loss of those who are now with you.

Cathedral in ChristchurchMay everyone feel your enveloping love and know that they are not alone.

We pray for the land, may the tremors of the earth ease.

We know that journey through this devastation is just beginning and we pray for a spirit of hope for Christchurch’s people as they grieve their losses and work to rebuild their lives.

God, with you all things are possible and we know that through you, prayer can bring comfort to a hurting world.  May the people of Christchurch feel your love and find renewed courage for the days ahead.

We offer our prayer through your many names and in the name of Jesus.


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Rev. Elder Diane Fisher