Resurrection Metropolitan Community Church Director of Operations

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Position Description and Purpose

Reports to: Senior Pastor

Supervises: All Operation Staff and Volunteer Team Leads

Part of: Executive Team

Revised: December 13, 2017

Job Summary: The Director of Operations has primary responsibility for the planning, development, and implementation of the Operation ministry of the church. The Director of Operations serves as the primary point of contact and accountability for finance, facilities, campus development, risk management, information technology, human resources, and office management issues.

Essential Functions:

  • Proactively communicate, support and fulfill the mission, vision, core values, purposes and goals of the church.
  • Directs all functions of financial management, including accounting, to assure full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as well as generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Manages cash-flow and assets in accordance with the budget and other policies as established by the Board of Directors and the direction of the Senior Pastor.
  • Assures preparation of timely weekly and monthly financial reports, including an annual independent audit, in accordance with policies established by the Board of Directors.
  • Responsible for monitoring all bank accounts and depositing funds in the banks and responsible for monitoring all accounts receivables and payables for timely receipt and payment.
  • Responsible for maintaining accurate donor records and for preparing information to be incorporated into regular pledge statements and annual giving reports.
  • Assists individuals with stock, mutual fund and other gifts beyond the offerings generated through weekly services.
  • Assists Treasurer of the Board with budget preparation including performing revenue/cost projections and reviewing department budget submissions.
  • Responsible for completing government filings including tax returns, bingo operations, non-profit reports.
  • Directs all functions of human resource management to assure full compliance with all applicable laws as well as the policies established by the Board of Directors and the direction of the Senior Pastor.
  • Provide administrative assistance to the Senior Pastor for stewardship campaign efforts.
  • Develop follow-up strategies in order to motivate and inform those who have made pledges, as well as to secure new pledges.
  • Develop, implement and maintain procedures whereby all fund donors will be adequately thanked.
  • Work with the Senior Pastor and Facilities Staff to insure that the facilities and grounds are kept in “newness” condition through systems of cleaning, maintenance and improvements and ensure that a regular preventative maintenance program for facility and grounds is established and followed.
  • Assure the safety and environmental excellence of the facilities.
  • Establish procedures (i.e. forms) for maintenance requests.
  • Establish and maintain vendor relationships for facility issues.
  • Serve as liaison to City of Houston or any other governmental agencies regarding property, right-of-ways, easements or any other concern that arises. Build and maintain relationships with these key leaders.
  • Maintain asset inventory list for Treasurer and update as needed.
  • Maintain files on all equipment with such information as user guides, warranty information, manual, purchase information, etc.
  • Manages the inventory and availability of office supplies and equipment.
  • Oversee program events assuring safe processes are followed.
  • Utilize established ministry priorities to handle facility scheduling.
  • Develop systems to inform staff and others of facility schedule.
  • Facilitate those who schedule use of rooms: determining room set-up and equipment (i.e. tables, chairs) needs, enforcing procedures for room use, etc.
  • Work with and for the Senior Pastor to determine strategies for facility or property expansion.
  • Participate in Building Committee meetings.
  • Think creatively and give direction regarding future computer hardware and/or software needs.
  • Give direction to Resurrection’s facility systems development (i.e. voice mail, satellite, in-house broadband, data networking).
  • Responsible for managing all telephone accounts and the church’s telephone system.
  • Maintain an accurate and reliable data base of all volunteers, members, friends, and vendor relations that enable tracking of attendance, giving, service, and finances.
  • Oversee the administration of all church insurance policies including property, liability, workers’ compensation and key man plans.
  • Directs implementation of a program for risk management that includes annual review and reporting in accordance with all applicable laws and the policies established by the Board of Directors.
  • Shepherd the growth of the Operations ministry through intentional recruitment, delegation, mentoring, and coaching. Strengthen communication and collaboration among and between various ministries
  • Provide direct leadership to the Operations ministries if leadership is vacant or as needed support current leaders through administration and training, and mentoring their work as teams within the department.
  • Pursues opportunities for fund raising and outreach where possible.
  • Prepare annual ministry plan and budget request for Operations ministries and submit to the Senior Pastor for presentation to the Board of Directors.
  • Make recommendations to the Senior Pastor regarding Operations personnel; including hiring, review, salary, professional growth, and termination. Act as first line supervisor for all paid Operations ministry personnel. In conjunction with the Senior Pastor, conduct a yearly review of all department related personnel.
  • Act as a liaison for the church with denominational and interdenominational groups and other public appearances as necessary.
  • Review all communications related to the Operations ministries and forward it to the Executive Team for approval of release. Advertise staffing needs, volunteer opportunities, and special events in various publications.
  • Adhere to all Resurrection MCC Policies. Identify, define, and communicate operating procedures. The OP’s should be forwarded to the Executive Pastor for approval before they become effective.

    Other Responsibilities

    1. Participate in the meetings and processes of the Executive Team.
    2. Lead the meetings and process of the Operation teams.
    3. Participates in general staff and congregational meetings or events as scheduled.
    4. Continue professional growth in a leadership role of finance, fundraising, audit, maintenance, facilities, information technologies, database, and office management.
    5. Participate in training and practices to effectively equip and support the involvement of volunteers in the functions of congregational life.
    6. Participate in training and practices to effectively use teams where applicable.
    7. Participate in development and training to increase personal effectiveness through core competencies.
    8. Performany other duties assigned by the Senior Pastor.

    Core Competencies

    1. Trust and Integrity:Acts and speaks in ways that are direct and truthful; keeps confidences; admits mistakes; is accountable for commitments and promises; is reliable and responsible to complete work in a timely and consistent manner; adheres to high ethical standards as well as the core values of the church.
    2. Interpersonal Relationships:Interacts well with others;builds constructive relationships; demonstrates good communication skills; gives and receives candid feedback; is open to different viewpoints; shows respect for others; maintains appropriate boundaries in both personal and professional relationships; collaborates on joint projects and decisions; uses diplomacy and tact; willing to work in a team context when needed.
    3. Valuing Diversity: Values diverse perspectives; participates in diversity training opportunities; shows sensitivity to individual differences; treats others fairly and with respect without regard to race, sex, color, ethnicity, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation; recognizes differences as opportunities to learn and gain by working together; values and encourages unique skills and talents; seeks and considers diverse perspectives and ideas.
    4. Flexibility and Change: Understands the dynamics of change; remains open-minded and changes opinions on the basis of new information; adapts to change and different ways of doing things quickly and positively; manages transitions from task to task effectively; adapts to varying needs of those served.
    5. Management of Self: Expands self-awareness through ongoing self-reflection; manages own emotions well; nurtures knowledge and skills actively through continuous learning; diversifies life interests with balance between the professional and private; engages in efforts to optimize personal health and well- being.
    6. Managing Purpose and Vision: Understands the culture and values of this church; articulates and supports its mission and direction; communicates a compelling and inspired sense of how individuals contribute to this church’s purpose and vision.
    7. Management Processes: Can establish annual work plans with goals, objectives and timelines; organizes resources – people, funding, material and support – to get things done; manages within established budgets; equips and empowers employees and volunteers who implement work plans; understands and supervises through a performance management cycle that encourages the success and growth of those supervised; engages in feedback with volunteers and offers appreciation and recognition; inspires leadership development in both staff and volunteers; evaluates achievement of goals and objectives.
    8. Team Leadership: Is aware of the dynamics and disciplines of real teams; Establishes effective team structures; manages and guides group efforts; tracks team progress, adequately anticipates roadblocks, and changes course as needed to achieve team goals; provides appropriate feedback concerning group and individual performance, including areas for improvement.
    9. Conflict Management:Steps up to conflicts seeing them as opportunities. Addresses conflicts by focusing on the issues at hand to develop effective solutions when disputes or disagreements occur; helps others resolve conflicts by providing impartial mediation when needed.
    10. Communication: Writes and speaks effectively, using standards proper to the situation; states own opinions clearly and concisely; demonstrates openness and honesty; listens well during meetings and feedback sessions; explains reasoning behind own opinions; asks others for their opinions and feedback; engages stakeholders at an appropriate level of decision making; asks questions to ensure understanding; exercises a professional approach with others using all appropriate tools of communication; uses consideration and tact when offering opinions
    11. Executive Leadership: Has the willingness and ability to develop focus on the larger view of the church rather than just one’s own area of functional or operational responsibility. Can think, reflect, conceptualize and converse on issues of strategic significance to the future of the church. Interacts well with other executive leaders in strategic and operational planning and in ongoing processes of leading change.
    12. Program Direction: Demonstrates knowledge and skills in the management of programs and projects, including planning, organizing, staffing, direction and evaluation; is comfortable with and capable of assuring develop of annual goals and objectives for each program; effectively works with program staff and volunteers to plan and implement programs; is knowledgeable and capable of managing the budget and resources of the annual work plan. Is proficient in use of database software to support program management.
    13. Knowledge-Technical and Professional (Finance & Administration): Demonstrates knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles, applicable laws related to human resources, taxes and regulation of charities; shows knowledge and proficiency in the functions of finance, administration, information technology, and risk management.

Preferred Qualifications

  1. College graduate and/or equivalent work history.
  2. Two years experience in a management/supervisory position.
  3. Ability to deal effectively with the public at large and be a “face” of Resurrection’s mission, vision, and values is required.
  4. Knowledge of the lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender/queer community.
  5. Practices Christian faith and knowledgeable of faith community dynamics.
  6. Acceptable background checks for criminal and credit history are required.

Conditions of Employment:
Basics: Resurrection MCC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Work Week: Position is a professional role with a salary (exempt employee) and the work week is based on the function. Minimum of forty (40) hours per week would be required.

Vacation, Holidays, Sick Leave: As provided in the Resurrection Employee Manual.

Salary: As recommended by the Senior Pastor and approved by the Board of Directors.

Benefits: The church shall provide the following benefits: Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Disability Insurance, Other insurance policies as approved by the Congregation.

Probationary Period: Three (3) months initial probation. After the initial probationary period, the individual will be evaluated annually.