Climbing the White Escalator, by Betsy Leondar-Wright

Detour-Spotting for White Anti-Racists, by Joan Olsson

Racism Against Native Americans Must Be Addressed, by Tim Giago

Study Lists Inequities Blacks Face, by Akilah Johnson

What White Children Need to Know About Race, by Ali MIchael and Elenora Bartoli

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack, by Peggy McIntosh

White Supremacy Culture, by Tema Okun


BLACK LIVES MATTER: We Stand with Ferguson Curriculum Guide

This guide created by Created by the National Domestic Workers Alliance with collaboration from ACCE (Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment) is designed as a 90 minute workshop that will address the immediate moment of the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO, deepen understanding of and commitment to fighting anti-black racism in the US, deepen understanding of connection around racism, gender justice, and immigrant experience, move individuals and organizations to action.


LAS VIDAS AFRODESCENDIENTES TIENEN VALOR: Estamos en Solidaridad con Ferguson Guía del Currículo

Guía del Currículo Elaborada por la Alianza Nacional de Trabajadoras del Hogar con colaboración de ACCE (Alianza de Californianos por el Poder Comunitario, por sus siglas en inglés) está diseñado como un taller de 90 minutos que serán enfrentar el momento inmediato de la muerte a tiros de Michael Brown por la policía en Ferguson, MO, profundizar la comprensión y el compromiso con luchar contra el racismo anti-afrodescendiente en los EE.UU. , profundizar la comprensión de la conexión en torno al racismo, justicia de género y la experiencia de inmigración, hacer que los individuos y a las organizaciones tomen acción


Acompañando a PowerPoint
Guía del Currículo

Reconciliation: Ferguson and Beyond

We hope this resource will help you develop leaders who can think strategically and biblically about the church and racial reconciliation. Each of the 11 exercises are self-contained – no tedious program to follow. The materials work when you want, where you want and the way you want them to work. They’re completely flexible and easy to use. You probably already have regularly scheduled meeting with board members or with other committees or groups of leaders. This resource fits easily into what you’re already doing.


Some Things to Check Before Your Church Begins Talking about “Race” and “Racism”

Before you lead your entire church into conversations about “race” and “racism,” it might be helpful to run through a diagnostic self-check. Following are a few things to consider.

Some Things to Check

Denouncing Racism: A Resource Guide of Faith-Based Principles

Addresses how the concept of being actively anti-racist is documented in most faiths’ spiritual practices and policies. This unprecedented compilation of faith-and spiritually based principles lifts up the moral responsibility of each person of faith to denounce racism. Coupled with the policy statements of many denominations, this guide provides the foundation as to why we all must work together in combating the divisiveness of racism.

Denouncing Racism


Conversation Resources
Conversation Resources
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