In the wake of the recent U.S. election, people–regardless of political party or geographical location–are facing blatant discrimination. The clear disregard and regular promotion of violence against vulnerable groups has resulted in a rapid rise of hate and violence.

The first thing to do in the face of hate is report it. Record all the details about any incident.

  1. Document the location, time, date, and persons involved. If possible, document with photos or video.
  2. Report to your local police. Even if they do not have enough evidence for charges, they can begin to track patterns of violence and abuse. Take someone with you when you make this report. Videotape the interaction with the police to make sure harm is not multiplied by disrespect or disparagement. Be sure to get a report number and the contact information of the officer who took the report.
  3. Report directly to MCC using the form below. Whether it is violence, name calling, discrimination, hate graffiti, vandalism, or any other kind of violence or discrimination, tell us about it. You can also email us at [email protected]. We will also document evidence.

This information in this form will be sent to Linda Brenner, Associate Director, and shared with the MCC Leadership Teams.