Report from the Governing Board – November 2010

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Dear MCC Pastors, Lay Leaders, Members and Friends:

We want to say what a privilege it is to serve you and our shared mission to “Tear Down Walls and Build Up Hope” as the new Governing Board of MCC!

First, let us share what we have accomplished thus far:

  • We had a two and a half day retreat with the “Dean” of church governance, Dan Hotchkiss of the Alban Institute, who continues to coach our Moderator and Vice-Chair through this first year of the Governing Board’s existence. We elected officers and met with members of the Senior Leadership Team to get a deeper understanding of the current status of denominational finances, programs and human resources.
  • We established two major goals for the Governing Board and Senior Leadership Team for this year
    • Build leadership development into all we do, particularly with young adults.
    • Build and maintain systems of communication to strengthen our relationships and let people know who we are.  We identified three open questions:
      • How can we grow our financial resources to fund our vision for ministry and mission with the goal of reaching $5 million annual income by 2013?
      • How can we better receive insights and input from young adults?
      • What is needed to enhance our global ministry and structure?

The Governing Board will be creating opportunities for dialogue with leadership and with MCCers on these questions.

In support of these goals and open questions:

  • We have made exciting progress on the timeline and implementation of the International Task Force. A detailed document including the application process for potential members is being published now, and for which we ask your prayers as its work unfolds.
  • We have the first draft of a Policy manual that we will augment as time goes along. This manual will guide the work for the Governing Board.
  • We have established a new Finance Committee, Investment Committee, Governance Committee, and Strategic Planning Committee.
  • Members of the Governing Board have met with the Board of Pensions, USA, and we are appointing two new members who will join their board January 1, 2011.
  • We have begun a serious collaboration with the Director of Development to encourage churches in their tithes and Generous in Faith program; and in identifying donors for MCC, as we move towards financial health and strength.

What you can do to help MCC meet our goals and engage the future:

  • Generosity – encourage your church to be current on tithes even as the percentage goes down to 12.5%. This one, single factor will help more than anything else. If our churches were current with tithes, we would have no cash flow challenges, or problems meeting our budget. In addition, help us identify more monthly donors to the denomination – this will also be an enormous help! Don’t think any gift is too small. Pray for success in our grant applications.
  • Prayer – pray for MCC’s global work, and for the resources to accomplish everything we “imagine” can be done to bring the liberating message of Christ to life in our troubled world. Pray for us, your Governing Board, as we do the work you entrusted to us! And pray for all our local churches and ministries, that we may prosper with God’s help.
  • Commitment – your commitment of your time, talent and tithe to your local church also blesses the denomination. The local church is the foundation of our life together as MCC, and your commitment, locally, is the key. Many of you also have denominational commitments and assignments, and we are grateful for your devoted service.
  • Communication – we are working on ways to communicate clearly and consistently with all of you. Check out our webpage (here). Your feedback, encouragement all helps us to be accountable in the ways we intend.

Blessings to all of you in this Season of Gratitude. Thank you for being the amazing church that “tears down walls and builds up hope” in every community where we are located.

Rev. Tony Freeman
Rev. Tony Freeman, Vice-Chair of the Governing Board

Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson, Moderator
Liz Bisordi, Treasurer
Rev. Dr. Candace Shultis, Clerk
Raquel Benitez Rojas
Onetta Brooks
Rev. Dr. Robert Griffin
John Hassell
Bryan Parker