Reflections and Prayer: MCC Governing Board Farewell Letter

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To the Members and Friends of MCC Churches,

As we turn our attention to General Conference, we want to acknowledge our journey with you is ending as Governing Board members.

Those currently serving have all been appointed. We joined the Governing Board because we love MCC. It is from this position we have acted and served. We all have our skill sets concerning prudent business practices and policies in our respected fields outside of MCC. Yet, there are those in MCC who have viewed us with a jaundiced eye based on the past actions of previous Governing Board members.

We admit since 2016, it has been a divisive and financially challenging time for our beloved church and movement.

We have witnessed fifteen Governing Board members, elected and appointed, leave. We, the remaining five, all agree from 2016 until now, we have two major challenges ahead for MCC churches: healing and financial stability.

We have tried to begin this work amidst the distrust and discord from others. We often lost focus on what needed to be done, and turned our attention to things that distracted us. We are glad that we made some headway in addressing the financial health of the denomination, but we have not yet reached our goal.

As the fiduciary body of the denomination, this is hard and long work. It is more difficult than working in our local churches. Yet, during our time on the Governing Board, we continued to plow ahead reading the criticisms of our work and our persons. We continued because we love the church, and we knew when we accepted the appointment, it was going to be hard.

There are many goals we had hoped to achieve. We believe our only failure is we were not able to accomplish them all, especially a pathway to healing.

We will leave our positions with much work to be done by a new moderator and new board. Our prayers are with them as they tackle everything from MCC’s structure to our sacraments–all of which will impact our diversity and financial stability. We pray the Holy Spirit will guide each new leader to recognize the enormous responsibility of serving you, the MCC Churches. It is a responsibility not to be entered into lightly. We pray that those selected will have sound business ethics, practices, and knowledge as leaders. We pray for insight, wisdom, and compassion for them.

As our terms come to an end, we thank you for the honor of serving you. We ask for your prayers as we continue our individual journeys.

We look forward to meeting you in Florida!

MCC Governing Board
Rev. Miak Siew, Vice-Chair / Chair
Rev. Onetta Brooks, Clerk
Dr. David Williams, Treasurer
Marsha Warren, Communications Committee
Rev. Victoria Burson, Governance Chair