Presenting Your New Governing Board Nominating Committee

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After reviewing applications and conducting extensive interviews with both lay and clergy members from around the world, the Governance Committee has selected and the Governing Board affirms 3 appointments.

The MCC Governance Committee has selected three capable candidates to serve as the Governing Board Nominating Committee (GBNC) through General Conference 2019. The Governing Board has affirmed these candidates. Please join us in congratulating the following persons as they are charged to do this work of the Governing Board Nominating Committee per the UFMCC Bylaws Article V.E.4.d.:

  • “GOVERNING BOARD NOMINATING COMMITTEE: The Governing Board shall appoint a Governing Board Nominating Committee of three (3) persons. The Moderator shall serve as a consultant to the Governing Board Nominating Committee. The responsibility of the Governing Board Nominating Committee is to actively solicit candidates for the position, review any and all applications, and select qualified candidates. The qualified candidates shall be presented to the General Conference for election.”

Join us in welcoming these three people into service as the
Governing Board Nominating Committee (GBNC)
for MCC’s General Conference 2019!
Email them a message of welcome at [email protected].

Rev. Tijuana Gray

Reconciliation MCC
Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA)

As a member of MCC since 2005, Rev. Tijuana realized the importance of God’s mission in MCC as a whole. She has dedicated herself to helping our Fellowship discern that place and move into it. In addition to serving as Pastor of Reconciliation MCC, Rev. Tijuana has served as Team Lead of the North Central US Network of MCC churches since her ordination July of 2015. Rev. Tijuana is a member of the PAD Working Group and was a member of the planning team for the 2015 PAD Conference. Finally, Rev. Tijuana has served on resource development teams for 2016 Advent and the UFMCC 50th anniversary.

Léo Rossetti

MCC Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Léohas been a member of the MCC since December 2007. Léo has served this denomination uninterruptedly, offering his loyalty for “such a great church and movement.” Before long Leo was already ministering, and it was not long before he assumed certain leadership roles within the denomination.

Léo believes that through his gifts, talents, and graces he has and continues to serve his community and denomination. Léo has offered his artistic and communications skills with gratitude for having found a community of faith that includes him in his personal, social, and faith identity. He also believes that his gifts and skills were instrumental in strengthening MCC in Brazil, and in consolidating a solid, resilient and creative ministry.


Teresa “Terry” White

Imago Dei MCC
Glen Mills, Pennsylvania (USA)

Teresa (Terry) White, is an adamant believer in God and family, nothing more, nothing less. She enjoys helping others in any way she can. Terry believes in setting a good example and setting the stage for true authenticity and inclusivity; this is what drew her to MCC.  “It is important to be able to discern matters of the heart and the mind.” MCC does that for Terry. Terry believes that MCC is food for the spirit and the soul. Being truly committed to the denomination is something she seeks after on a regular basis, particularly after retirement in July 2018.
Terry believes she brings a wealth of professional experience that will assist in the next level of MCC. She is devoted to the denomination wholeheartedly and looks forward to spending more time to grow with the church/movement. She is excited about giving her gifts, times, and talents. Terry believes that as long as she continues to let God lead and guide her, there is nothing that she cannot achieve as she has always had the desire to do more within the denomination.