Pastoral Statement: Death of Dr. Robert Carr

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From the Office of the Moderator
Metropolitan Community Churches
For Immediate Release: 11 May 2011

Pastoral Statement from
Metropolitan Community Churches
on the passing of Dr. Robert Carr

Dr Robert Carr

Dr. Robert Carr
Director of Policy and Advocacy
International Council of AIDS Service Organizations

Metropolitan Community Churches and the Global Justice Institute mourn Dr. Robert Carr, human rights activist and founder of the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition, who died this week in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Carr was a friend to so many, and a hero to the movement in Jamaica.

Dr. Carr served in many roles during the last tumultuous decade in Jamaica and in the Caribbean, fighting for human rights for people with HIV/AIDS and sexual minorities. As a social worker and academic, Dr. Carr sought to bring a better understanding of the conditions and realities faced by such vulnerable communities, and risked himself and his reputation to bring about much needed change.

Rev. Dr. Robert Griffin, our MCC liaison to Jamaica, remarks, “Today I honor the life of Dr. Robert Carr. Robert was a friend and colleague with a clear and strong passion for speaking out against all levels of injustice.  He spoke out, not just for one particular group of people, but for all of humankind.  He challenged individuals to stand up against systems of oppression even as he worked to unify a nation.

Robert’s voice was not only heard in Jamaica and the Caribbean, but internationally.  In both his professional and personal life, Robert always had only the best and good for all people at heart. The legacy that he leaves behind is truly an inspiration for all to continue to do the work of bringing about equality and respect for all people.  His tireless dedication of work and support for JFLAG, JAS and Sunshine Cathedral MCC in Jamaica shall never be forgotten. The untimely silence of his voice will be truly be missed, but the hope and courage that he instilled in so many will live on.

Dr. Carr’s efforts for human rights were tireless. He was a very warm supporter of the efforts of Sunshine Cathedral Metropolitan Community Church in Jamaica, and of MCC globally. He was a trusted, valued colleague in the human rights and HIV/AIDS community globally, especially in his new role as the director of the International Council of Aids Service Organisations (ICASO), based in Toronto.

Dr. Carr will be profoundly missed, especially by his friends in Jamaica, and his parents, Peter and June Carr, who have also been a wonderful support for MCC in Jamaica.

We offer this prayer: “Spirit of the Living God, embrace our brother Robert, as he enters into eternal life with You. Comfort all who mourn, family, friends and colleagues. May the struggle for human rights that Robert devoted his life to prevail in Jamaica, and all over the world. Amen.”

+ Nancy

The Rev. Nancy Wilson, Moderator
Metropolitan Community Churches