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No Fear In LoveCandidate Pack Pastoral Search. MCC North London 2019

MCC North London Members at PrideCandidate’s Pack Contents.


Mission, vision statements and core values.

The Region, Community and Church.

Job Description.

Person Specification.

Terms and Conditions.

MCCNL Equal Opportunities Policy.

Application Procedure.

Useful Links



Appendix   A       Theological Questions to be answered and submitted with CV.

Appendix    B       Working in the UK.

Appendix   C       MCCNL Church Accounts 2017/2018.


Beds in a shelter


MCC North London is a Christian church welcoming all people to share in an adventure of spirituality and faith.

MCC North London is looking for a pastor to serve this highly committed congregation. We are looking for someone who will help us grow whilst maintaining the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere which we strive to create. We need a Pastor who will support the many and varied ministries which are being undertaken, ensure we are appropriately equipped for these ministries, and challenge us to expand them, in order to bring Christ’s message of liberation to even more people. We are looking for someone who will work with us, and in the wider community, to promote local and global issues of justice. Regular uplifting and diverse worship is the core of our community, and we seek a Pastor who will work collaboratively to ensure that excellence in worship continues and develops.

The post is offered part time (15 hours per week) at a salary of £13,664 p.a. (equivalent to £31,883 p.a. full time). With increasing financial stability we hope, eventually, to be able to sustain a full time Pastor. It will be based in North London, and travel around London will be expected.


Mission, Vision Statements and Core Values

Mission Statement

The mission of MCC North London is to be a welcoming and worshipping community, discovering God and following the way of Christ together.

Vision Statement

The vision of MCC North London is to express faith inwardly, outwardly and upwardly through grace, inclusion and compassion.

We will achieve this by:

Inwardly – providing opportunities for all people to deepen and grow their faith by supporting them on their individual journey.

Outwardly – taking God’s love into the world around us in word and deed, fulfilling the Great Commission and Christ’s call to social action.

Upwardly – coming together as a community of faith to worship and adore our God.

Core Values

  1. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is inclusive, and diversity of theology, languages and images is a hallmark of God’s salvation available to all through Jesus Christ.
  2. We come together as a community to offer safe space, support, comfort and Christian guidance toward health and wholeness.
  3. As unique and different people, loved and valued by God, we celebrate our diversity through creative worship.
  4. The priesthood of all believers leads to equality of all people in ministry.
  5. We make a difference in the lives of others by justice and advocacy for gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and non-gender conforming communities, and by meeting human needs through social action.


The Region, Community and Church

London is served by two MCC churches (North and East). MCC North London is located in the London Borough of Camden, but has traditionally served people from all over London and beyond. Camden is also home to the world famous Camden Market and London Zoo.

Camden is a borough of extremes stretching from Hampstead, the wealthiest area in London to Mornington Crescent, one of the most deprived; it also has a great diversity in ethnicity and culture.

The Community

There is a large LGBT+ community living and working in London our challenge has been to reach out to them. There are some gay clubs and a number of gay pubs within the area, with the core of the LGBT+ scene in central London. We maintain a good presence at the annual London Gay Pride festival.

The church also works with other churches in the area to host a cold weather shelter for homeless people and has a very busy ministry supporting LGBT+ Asylum seekers mostly from Africa.

The Church

MCC North London was originally a church plant of MCC London, the first MCC in Europe; it became a commissioned church in 1987. It has been at its current location at Trinity URC for over 20 years and continues to have a good working relationship with our host church.

We have a team based ministry, where the unique gifts of each person are affirmed and utilised. Over the years, we have learnt the value of lay involvement at all levels of ministry and would expect a Pastor to honour, support and encourage this. There are currently two Deacons and others ready to train.

MCCNL has a number of ministries that meet on a Sunday and, soon, throughout the week.

On Sunday we meet in Trinity United Reformed Church, which we share with the folk of Trinity, and have use of the building after their morning service, which finishes no later than 1pm. The church has a main hall that can hold 90 to 100 people. There are a number of side rooms that are used for Committee meeting, Membership and Baptism classes, Queering the Bible course, etc.

We meet every Sunday for fellowship, praise and worship and Holy Communion, the service starts at 7pm and runs to approximately 8.20pm. After which there is a time for tea, coffee and fellowship to approximately 9pm. We aim to provide a warm, safe and welcoming atmosphere. Our worship embraces the best of many Christian traditions, with our Praise and Worship Sunday service being the highlight of the week with a lively music ministry. We follow a lectionary in common with the Church of England and many other denominations. However we remain a Christian Trinitarian community. The location is wheelchair accessible, and has good car parking nearby the area is also well served by public transport with a tube station within a few hundred meters.

Our worship team, Clergy interns and others are at church by 4pm, to help with the setting up of the chairs, Sound system, PowerPoint, decorating the church, with appropriate themes and liturgical colours. It is also a time to organise the roles that needed to be filled for each service and to rehearse.

Small Groups. Look to develop a small group ministry in various locations across London, in people’s homes for bible study, prayer and fellowship.

CLM. Creating a Life that Matters, is run at different times through out the year, meeting at the main church.

Cold Weather Shelter. MCCNL are part of a group of Church’s that work in partnership to open their doors once a week during the coldest months of the year. To provide a hot meal, (evening and morning) a place to clean up and a warm place to sleep. We have partnered in this work for several years and together with 6 other churches locally, we provide the volunteer staff, food, bedding etc.

Asylum Ministry. MCCNL has many members that are or have been Asylum Seekers mostly from sub-Saharan Africa. We continue to support people through the asylum process and are seeking funding to support this work.

Interns / Incare students. MCCNL has a long and proud history of fostering vocations in MCC and supervising and training students that currently pastor all across the fellowship.

Deaf Ministry. For many years we have had an active deaf ministry which we would like to continue and develop.


Hand washing ceremony

Job Description for Senior Pastor

  1. The Senior Pastor is elected by the Church and compensated as agreed.
  2. Must be a clergy person, possessing a licence to practice as Clergy in UFMCC, or willingness to transfer credentials to UFMCC.
  3. A voting member of the Board of Directors of the Church and shall serve as the Chair and Chief Executive of the Church Board of Directors.
  4. Responsible for the selection and appointment of any associate or assistant Pastors and other personnel whether compensated or uncompensated.
  5. Acts as Human Resources Director of the local Church and has authority to delegate such responsibility with wisdom, and shall with the approval of the Church Board of Directors, determine the roles, titles, compensation and vacation periods of all staff.
  6. Works with the Board to ensure efficient and effective administration.
  7. Works with the Board and Treasurer to establish and implement a plan for the long term financial stability of MCCNL, including applications for outside funding.
  8. Chairs all Annual, Special and Extraordinary General Meetings of MCCNL, except the chairing of meetings or agenda items that concern themselves or immediate family.
  9. Responsible for ensuring that all Church activities whatsoever are in accordance with English Law, UFMCC Bylaws and the Church Constitution.
  10. Committed to abiding by MCCNL’s code of conduct and policies.
  11. Be the spiritual leader of MCCNL and as such will:
    1. support the Worship Team to ensure all worship services remain of a high quality
    2. work with the Worship Team and small group co-ordinator to expand opportunities for worship
    3. ensure training opportunities for those involved in worship leadership and encourage more people to be involved in worship in diverse ways
    4. actively encourage, foster and develop vocations to both lay and ordained ministries in MCCNL and UFMCC.
  1. Demonstrate a positive time commitment to MCCNL in the areas of both preaching and leading services, inspiring and guiding the congregation to grow and develop in our life as a faith community.
  2. Enable and supervise the pastoral and leadership teams.
  3. Undertake or delegate and supervise:
    1. the training of people to take on leadership roles, co-ordinating their activities to provide different ways for people to grow in their faith and community
    2. the development of further ministries within MCCNL where the need is recognised
    3. responsibility to ensure the compiling of the Annual Report
    4. coordination of training and education programmes where the need is recognised
    5. development of links with the wider community, thus raising the profile of MCCNL
    6. work with the Board, Welcome Team and Web ministry to ensure communication within the Church is clear, engaging and effective.
  1. Work with the MCCNL leadership to:
    1. develop a system of pastoral care which provides appropriate support for those who need it
    2. support ministry team leaders in providing pastoral support to those in their teams
    3. ensure those who provide pastoral care are properly selected, trained, supported and supervised in that provision.
  1. Act responsibly to maintain their own spiritual, psychological and physical well being, and work closely with their team making use of all support, supervision and spiritual direction provided to ensure consistent personal self care and spiritual growth.
  2. Be committed to their own ongoing personal and professional development.
  3. Swiftly engage all parties should conflict arise within the leadership or congregation. Apply wisdom, compassion, patience and understanding to ensure all parties are able to agree on an acceptable resolution.
  4. And any other related activities as directed by the Board or fellowship.


Person Specification for Senior Pastor



  • ordained and licensed UFMCC clergy, or willingness to transfer credentials to UFMCC;
  • thorough theological education to a BA or equivalent;
  • successfully completed MCC supervising clergy training or willing to undertake at earliest opportunity.



  • well developed management skills;
  • ability to focus on the continuing vision and strategic aims;
  • skills in enabling church growth and ability to effectively manage the change involved in growth;
  • ability and desire to empower others;
  • commitment to team ministry and lay participation;
  • excellent communication skills;
  • ability to manage own support and learning needs;
  • ability to support and empower people in developing their personal spiritual lives;
  • ability to deal with and resolve conflict situations as they arise in the day to day life of the Church;
  • understanding of how to lead a community in worship;


  • computer literacy;
  • good administration skills;
  • public relations and media skill;
  • fundraising skills.



  • experience of working with diverse communities;
  • experience in managing staff teams and/or volunteers;
  • proven experience of and commitment to church growth.


  • experience of community development;
  • experience of working with people with disabilities;
  • experience of social justice ministry;
  • working with broadcast and print media.



  • clear sense of vision and calling in own life;
  • clear sense of calling to ministry with MCC North London;
  • commitment to the UFMCC.

Personal Qualities and Values


  • strong personal spirituality and faith;
  • self awareness and commitment to self-care and well-being;
  • willingness to lead by example;
  • commitment to collaborative working.

Theological Perspective


  • strong commitment to the priesthood of all believers;
  • belief in the importance of team based ministry which empowers everyone in the Church;
  • commitment to ecumenism;
  • commitment to the mission and ministry of MCC;
  • commitment to integration of sexuality, gender identity and spirituality.


Terms And Conditions


The Pastor will be contracted for 15 hours per week (i.e. 2 working days of 7½ hours). In discussion with the Board of Directors, the Pastor will be able to work flexi hours. Sunday, or part thereof, will be considered a working day, and the Pastor will be entitled to one Sunday off every 2 months.

Overtime will not be paid for agreed extra hours worked, but the Pastor will be entitled to time off in lieu, with prior agreement of the line manager, how would normally be a member of the Board of Directors.

As the financial stability of the church improves we would envisage increasing the number of hours worked, with a view to eventually being able to sustain a whole time (35 hours per week) position.


The salary for the position will be £13,664 p.a. (equivalent to £31,882 full time) to be reviewed annually.

Annual Leave

Annual leave entitlement for this post will be 10 days per year, not including the 8 Bank Holidays (equivalent to 25 days full time) building to 27 days full time with long service.

Sick Leave

Your qualifying days in respect of statutory sick pay are Sunday to Saturday inclusive. During absence due to sickness or injury you are entitled to statutory sick pay plus additional pay to bring your total pay to the following amount:

  • During first year of service – One months’ full pay and one months’ half pay.
  • During second and third years of service – Two months’ full pay and two months’ half pay
  • During fourth and fifth year of service – Four months’ full pay and four months’ half pay.
  • After six years of service – Five months’ full pay and five months’ half pay.

Travel Allowance

The church will provide a 4 zone annual travel card and consider other travel costs for duties undertaken on behalf of MCCNL.


MCC North London will not provide an employer’s pension scheme during probation period. But will comply with Auto Enrolment requirements after that.

Clergy status

MCC North London will pay annual clergy status fees.

UFMCC conference expenses

MCC North London will pay for the Pastor’s attendance at General Conference.


Accommodation is not provided with the post, but the Pastor would be expected to live within the London area.

Working arrangements

MCC North London does not currently have office space and the Pastor will be expected to work from home.

Employment Policies

The post will be governed by current UK employment legislation and the Pastor will be expected to work within the UFMCC Clergy Code of Conduct and current UFMCC by laws.

The Pastor will be entitled to join a recognised trade union. The Pastor will be expected to comply with UK health and safety legislation.

Support, Supervision and Spiritual Direction.

The Pastor will work in close connection with the board of directors of MCCNL. In discussion with the Pastor a board member will be appointed, as a line manager, with whom all day to day church and personal matters may be discussed.

The Pastor will be expected to ensure adequate time for personal reflection and retreat.

MCC North London is committed to ensuring adequate support and supervision and will, as appropriate, review these arrangements and the funding available for them.

MCC North London Equal Opportunities Policy Statement

1.1       MCC North London believes that it is a fundamental Christian understanding to hold that all human beings are created in the image of God, that all people are valued equally by God and that we are all equally responsible to God for the way we treat each other.

1.2       MCC North London is fully committed to implement Equality & Diversity Policies & Procedures in all aspects of its work, relationships with others and is embedded in the culture of the church.

  • MCC North London will ensure that all staff, volunteers, users, members, committee members and visitors receive equal consideration, and is committed to the elimination of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of Sex or Gender (sex, maternity, marital status, responsibility for dependants and trans), Sexual Orientation, Race (e.g. colour, ethnic and national origin, nationality), Disability (e.g. Physical, Learning, Depression, HIV Status, Epilepsy etc), Religion or Belief (as long as the candidate can agree with the UFMCC Statement of Faith as contained in our Bylaws/Constitution), Age, Socioeconomic status, and Trade Union activity.

To request our Equality & Diversity Policy & Procedure please contact the PSC Clark.

  1. Application Procedure

The method of application is by submission of a CV with covering letter, and completed additional questions, (please see appendix A) together with a CD showing 2 contrasting examples of the your preaching and teaching style.

The closing date for the receipt of CVs etc, will be Monday 16th September 2019.

Applications and enquiries will be treated with the strictest confidence. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a potential application, please contact the chairperson of the Pastoral Search committee, Mr Tim Fellows, [email protected]

Applicants who have been successfully shortlisted will be notified by Monday 23rd September 2019. With Interviews being held by conference call or face to face, depending on distance from London, during that week.

References will be taken after interviewing and prior to candidating.

The successful applicant will be expected to candidate at MCCNL in person to preach and meet the congregation over the Fellowship Sunday weekend Fri 4th to Sun 6th October 19. Expenses of which will be covered up to an agreed level.

Please email your CV with a covering letter, and additional requested information, (see appendix A) to the pastoral Search Committee, at

[email protected]

DVD’s of applicants preaching and teaching, with a short covering letter, should be sent via post to:-

Pastoral Search Team – MCC North London

C/O: Mr Tim Fellows

12 Goldsdown Close




England, UK.


If you have any questions regarding the application procedure, please contact the chair of the Pastoral Search Committee:


Mr Tim Fellows at [email protected] or call +44 7949 083 587


Useful links


MCC North London Website            

Camden Council                                

Greater London Authority                 

London Lesbian & Gay Switchboard

UK Government website                  

Transport for London                        


Appendix A:

Please respond to the following questions, and submit your answers in the form of a word document with your CV and covering letter.

In no more than 500 words per question, please outline your personal understanding and outworking of:-

  1. Christology.
  2. Soteriology.
  3. Inclusivity.
  4. The Priesthood of all Believers.

Appendix B: Working in the UK

To live and work in the UK you must be either:

  • A UK citizen; or
  • A citizen from a European Union country or Switzerland; or
  • Have a grandparent who is a UK citizen; or
  • Have a “present and settled” partner in the UK; or
  • Be able to fulfil the criteria for a work visa.

See the UK Border Agency’s website for more information

Gilded Jesus Mosaic


Appendix  C: MCCNL Church Accounts 2018/2019.

Income Receivable £p£p
SURPLUS BALANCE B/F FROM ’17/18 4,494.52
Expenditure Payable   
STIPEND  14,073.98 
TITHES   1,359.39 
RENT   8,862.12 
SURPLUS (of receipts over payments) 1,017.17