Participate! National Trans Visibility March

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The National Trans Visibility March

The National Trans Visibility March

28 September 2019 in Washington D.C. USA
by Rev. Aaron Miller, GJI/MCC Trans March Lead

Earlier, the Global Justice Institute sent a flyer about this historic march taking place next month. MCC and the Global Justice Institute are leading our MCC response and participation as faith leaders in this event. There are events before/after that you may wish to attend as well.

We believe and agree with the other organizing faith leaders that Trans* visibility is critically important right now as we continue to see human and civil rights and protections rolled back, day-by-day. In the process, humanity is denied and sacredness ignored.

We must not and cannot be silent or silenced. So, we are inviting MCC clergy, churches, Oasis communities, and emerging churches in the U.S. and globally to participate in one of four ways to show solidarity and support as we visibly step up and out in a unifying voice, and to march for justice and equality as siblings in the family of God. We hope you will join us in making history by taking action in one or more of the following ways:

  • JOIN the National Trans Visibility March in Washington D.C. on 28 September 2019. March with MCC/Global Justice Institute and display MCC or GJI banners or signs that include the state/area you represent.
  • PARTICIPATE in the ‘Virtual March’ that will be online (details to follow).
  • CONNECT with your community leaders and coordinate a local event, in solidarity.
  • HOST a Trans Visibility worship service or dedicate a moment that raises awareness and calls others to stand with Trans/Gender Nonconforming/Non-Binary people.

May we hear the still small voice of God, feel the passion of the Holy Spirit, and have the heart of Jesus as we answer the call to stand (and march) for justice and equality during this event…and always. Amen.

MCC Churches Participating

MCC Last Frontier, Anchorage, AK
MCC of San Diego, CA
MCC Hartford, CT
MCCDC, Washington, DC
MCC Church of our Savior, Boynton Beach, FL
King of Peace MCC, St. Petersburg, FL
Suncoast MCC, Venice, FL
MCC of the Quad Cities, Davenport, IA
Open Table Dinner Church MCC, Cambridge, MA
Holy Redeemer MCC, College Park, MD
MCC Baltimore, Baltimore, MD
MCCNY, New York City, NY
MCC Eternal Joy, Dayton, OH
MCC Lehigh Valley, PA
MCC of the Spirit, Harrisburg, PA
Wichita Falls MCC, TX
MCC NOVA, Fairfax, VA
MCC Boston, Boston MA
MCC of the Palm Beaches, Palm Beach Gardens FL
MCC of the Rockies, Denver CO

Rev. Aaron Miller
Rev. Aaron Miller

How will you participate?

TRANS Visibility March

Please let us know how you plan to participate! We will display your name/church/city/state on the MCC and GJI websites. Email or text the details to Rev. Aaron Miller, the MCC/GJI liaison who is leading the response and action: [email protected],+1 (203) 209-1504.