Part time Permanent Pastor Northern Lights MCC (UK)

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Northern Lights MCC (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK) is seeking a part-time permanent church leader (‘pastor’). They will be a transformational leader serving this vibrant and developing congregation. They will help us grow spiritually and in reaching new members whilst maintaining our welcoming, inclusive and family atmosphere.  They will support the many and varied ministries which are being undertaken, ensure we are appropriately equipped for these ministries, and challenge us to expand them, in order to spread Christ’s message of inclusion and liberation.

Northern Lights MCC is part of a world-wide denomination, the Metropolitan Community Church ( which has its foundation within the LGBT community and is dedicated to preaching the inclusive love of God for all people. Whilst we continue to have a key mission within the LGBT+ community we are not limited and aim to be a welcoming, inclusive and open Church family for all. In seeking our new ‘pastor’ we are looking for someone who is able to lead us to our next stage of development. We are looking for someone who is already ordained (not necessarily in the MCC church) or a lay person with the required skills and experience and who has a passion and calling to work with us.

We are an active Church with a belief that all members have a role to play in worship and leadership.  We have ministry teams for worship, music, welcome, AV and refreshments.) We also have a family service once a month and regular all-age services as part of our commitment to our broad community and membership.

For further information and an application form please contact [email protected]. You can also find out more about us at our website (

Closing date: Update          3rd May 2019

Job Specification

March 2019



Our pastor will be a transformational leader serving this vibrant and developing congregation. They will help us grow whilst maintaining our welcoming, inclusive and family atmosphere.   They will support the many and varied ministries which are being undertaken, ensure we are appropriately equipped for these ministries, and challenge us to expand them, in order to spread Christ’s message of inclusion and liberation.



The general duties and responsibilities of a pastor are set out in the UFMCC bylaws and the NLMCC constitution. The areas below are those we want our pastor to particularly give attention to. These areas relate directly to our mission statement, core values and bedrock beliefs.  We recognise that the relationship between pastor and congregation will develop over time and that new areas of ministry may emerge.



  • Provide strategic leadership which will help us turn our mission statement into reality
  • Seek to inspire and guide the congregation to grow and develop our life as a faith community
  • Work with ministry leaders to develop and strengthen existing ministry areas
  • Work with the Board and congregation to develop new ministry areas in line with church priorities
  • Represent NLCCN at local, national and denominational events and other events as appropriate


Spiritual Development

  • Discern people’s gifts and talents and utilise them, enabling both the individual and congregation to grow
  • Support the appropriate teams and leaders in providing different ways for people to grow in their faith and in community
  • Encourage more people to become involved in ministries and support them in realising and developing their gifts, skills and talents



  • Support the worship team to ensure worship is of high quality, inclusive and welcoming
  • Work with the appropriate teams to expand opportunities for worship
  • Ensure training opportunities for those involved in worship leadership



Pastoral Care

  • Work with the church leadership to develop a system of pastoral care which provides appropriate support for those who need it
  • Support ministry team leaders in providing pastoral support to those in their team
  • Ensure those who provide pastoral care are appropriately selected and properly trained, and supervised in that provision
  • Ensure the Safeguarding of all children and adults within the congregation



  • Put in place structures to encourage church growth, and work to identify and resolve barriers to growth
  • Support the ministry teams in finding new and innovative ways of reaching people
  • Work with the ministry teams and board members to ensure communication is clear, efficient and of high quality
  • Build positive and fruitful relationships with other denominations and clergy in the area
  • Build positive and fruitful relationships with other organisations in the area
  • Be prepared to interact with the local media


Social Justice

  • Be aware of Social Justice issues both affecting our communities and in the wider world
  • Work with the Social Justice team to create opportunities for the congregation to become involved in social justice activities
  • Take an active role in the work of Rainbow Home (North East England), becoming the main organisational link and a Trustee of the charity



  • Ensure that the all church activities comply with relevant legislation and policy guidelines, such as charity accounting, child protection and employment law
  • Work with the Board to manage NLMCC ensuring compliance with all relevant law, policy and procedure
  • Work with the Board to ensure efficient administration
  • Work with the Board and especially the Treasurer to establish a plan for long term financial stability, including applications for outside funding



  • Make use of support, supervision and spiritual direction provision to ensure personal self-care and spiritual growth
  • Take opportunities for personal spiritual growth

Person Specification


Qualifications·      Has or is undergoing thorough theological education

·      UK work permit (if required)

·      Is ordained and licensed clergy within MCC or elsewhere, or has undertaken ordination or similar training within MCC or elsewhere

·      Has completed appropriate training in leading, mentoring and guiding others in providing ministry and personal spiritual development within MCC or elsewhere

·      Full UK driving licence and access to a car

·      Application form

·      Certificates

Calling·      A clear sense of calling to ministry with Northern Lights MCC

·      A commitment to the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches

·      Application form

·      Interview

Qualities & Values·      A strong personal spirituality and faith

·      A willingness to lead by example

·      A deep prayer life

·      A belief in the importance of team-based ministry that empowers everyone in the church

·      A commitment to inclusiveness beyond the LGBTQI+ community

·      A commitment to social justice

·      Self-awareness and commitment to self-care

·      Application form

·      Interview

Theological Perspective·      A commitment to the priesthood of all believers

·      A commitment to ecumenism

·      Application form

·      Interview

Skills·      Excellent communication skills

·      A commitment to team ministry and lay participation

·      Ability and desire to empower others

·      Ability to manage own support and learning needs

·      Ability to support people in developing their personal spiritual lives

·      Time management – ability to prioritise and work under pressure

·      Ability to maintain professional boundaries

·      Excellent IT skills

·      Ability to make effective use of social media

·      Public relations and media skills

·      Understanding of financial management and fund-raising issues in a church setting

·      Skills in enabling church growth

·      Change Management skills

·      Project Management skills

·      Application form

·      Interview

·      References

Experience·      Developing structured and meaningful worship and worship themes

·      Drawing on a wide range of worship and spiritual resources

·      Developing and delivering outreach into the wider community

·      Working with diverse communities

·      Working with people to achieve shared goals

·      Giving pastoral support to people of diverse needs

·      Developing and delivering on a shared vision

·      Pastoring a church on a permanent or interim basis

·      Developing worship resources, including liturgy and small group learning materials

·      Developing and delivering on a social justice ministry

·      Working with individuals and families of various ages, genders, sexualities and needs

·      Working with asylum seekers

·      Managing people

·      Community development

·      Application form

·      Interview