Metropolitan Community Churches is a find a church near youcongregationally-led denomination which, as of 2011, celebrates the presence of affiliated churches, worshiping groups, and missions in 37 Nations. Starting with one group of 12 in Los Angeles in 1968, MCC now has 172 churches throughout the world, 50 church starts and 12 special ministries.

A Church-Led Denomination

MCC began as a fellowship of churches, each church linked to another through affiliation as an open and inclusive body.  Collectively, MCC churches offer a picture of Christianity and religion which celebrates God’s diverse creativity.  At our foundation, MCC brings to bear the co-existence and complementary relationship of sexuality and spirituality; initially bringing the message of God’s love to homosexual persons.  As MCC’s message of love and inclusion in God’s creation brought our churches into a variety of countries and cultures, our particular devotion to human rights and justice extended our gospel message to issues of human sexuality, gender identity, race, poverty, and more.

The Church as Individual

Each Metropolitan Community Church is locally founded, locally governed and locally supported.  Congregations determine their own bylaws and governance, receiving guidance from the denominational offices.  The process of affiliation ensures that the local MCC, by congregant consensus, affirm MCC’s Core Values.

The Church as Fellowship

The MCC denominational offices, the administrative and spiritual arm of our collective fellowship, maintains global ministries, programs and missions.  MCC’s Board of Elders, elected denominational leaders, provide local churches with both spiritual and administrative guidance for healthy church life in local settings.