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Denominational News & Press Releases

18 April 2018 Holocaust study results call for additional education, religious leader says

17 April 2018 Church Leader Statement on Passing of Barbara Bush

10 April 2018 El Comité de Gobernabilidad del MCC busca candidatos para el Comité de Nominación del Moderador

10 April 2018 Comitê de Governança da MCC procura candidatos para o Comitê de Indicação para Moderadores

10 April 2018 Das MCC Governance Committee sucht Bewerber für das Nominierungskomitee des Moderators

10 April 2018 MCC Governance Committee Seeks Applicants for Moderator Nominating Committee

26 March 2018 Listening Tour Report, Part 3 “Path Forward”

23 March 2018 General Conference Registration now open

14 March 2018 Listening Tour Report, Part 2 “Discern”

1 March 2018 Jared Vázquez Joins MCC Staff as New Associate Director of International Diversity and Inclusion

28 February 2018 Listening Tour Report, Part 1 Released

22 February 2018 Reflecting on Impact of Rev. Billy Graham: God’s Diverse Humanity Deserves Love and Acceptance

7 February 2018 General Conference registration opens today!

18 January 2018 ICM Mexico Endorses Inter-American Court of Human Rights Ruling on LGBTI Rights for Latin America

15 January 2018 MCC Condemns Racist Vulgarity by US President Donald Trump

10 January 2018 The Point Elder Initiative – Feedback Requested

5 January 2018 Memorial for Rev. Dr. James Stephen Burns (Jim)

4 January 2018 Prepárate para la Conferencia General

4 January 2018 Get Ready for General Conference 2019!!

21 December 2017 Los líderes de fe deben rechazar Carta de la Coalición Religiosa Trans-Negando

21 December 2017 A Year of Activism, Faith and Gatherings

21 December 2017 Faith Leaders Must Reject ‘Trans-Denying’ Religious Coalition Letter

21 December 2017 The “Point Elder” Initiative: Your feedback is requested

19 December 2017 MCC Governing Board Fills Vacancies; Announces Appointments

11 December 2017 Marriage Equality Wins in Australia!

5 December 2017 MCC Clarifies Misinformation on Social Media

26 October 2017 El moderador interina examina la transición, el conflicto y la nueva estructura

26 October 2017 Moderador provisório examina transição, conflito e nova estrutura

13 October 2017 MCC Global Leader Denounces President’s Executive Order Targeting Reproductive Health Care for Women

2 October 2017 Interim Moderator Examines Transition, Conflict, and New Structure

24 September 2017 MCC Celebrates #BiWeek 2017

18 September 2017 Statement from Metropolitan Community Church of Greater Saint Louis Concerning the Stockley Verdict

1 September 2017 Hundreds of Christian Leaders Denounce the Nashville Statement in an Open Letter

1 September 2017 ICM Anuncia Nova Estrutura de Pessoal

31 August 2017 An MCC Response to the Nashville Statement

28 August 2017 ICM anuncia nueva estructura de personal

24 August 2017 MCC Announces New Staff Structure

21 August 2017 Celebrating the Life of Rev. Delores P. Berry

14 August 2017 Memorial Tribute for Rev. Carlton Rutherford

14 August 2017 MCC Loses a Prophet and a Healer; Celebrates the Life of Rev. Delores P. Berry

14 August 2017 MCC Interim Moderator Calls on Churches to Confront the Sin of Racism and Heal Local Communities with Love

1 August 2017 The Rev. Troy Perry visits Cathedral of Hope (Texas, USA)

27 July 2017 MCC Leaders Urge Defense of Transgender People

17 July 2017 More than 300 people see Rev. Troy Perry get award

17 July 2017 Pilgrimage to Cuba

14 July 2017 What Happens When a Pastor Goes Poly?

10 July 2017 MCC Toronto Elects Rev. Jeff Rock as Next Senior Pastor

6 July 2017 Where in the World is Rachelle?

30 June 2017 A Pastoral Letter in the Season of Pride

13 June 2017 Motion Passes for Board of Pension Rate Increase

6 June 2017 Listening Tour Goes Virtual in June and July

6 June 2017 MCC Leaders Denounce Withdrawal from Paris Accord

22 May 2017 Rev. Troy Perry, Founder of LGBTQ Denomination, is First American to Receive Cuba’s CENESEX Award

19 May 2017 May is Mental Health Awareness Month

8 May 2017 Anuncio de la Conferencia General Virtual

8 May 2017 Anúncio da Conferência Geral Virtual

8 May 2017 Governing Board Calls for Virtual General Conference

5 May 2017 MCC Denounces Executive Order Telling IRS to Give Religious Groups a Pass

3 May 2017 Over 100 National Faith Leaders Join Texas Clergy in Opposition to Anti-LGBTQ Bills

3 May 2017 Council of Elders Weekly Call to Prayer

3 May 2017 Conselho de Bispos/as Chamado Semanal à Oração

3 May 2017 Rat der Ältesten Wöchentliche Aufruf zum Gebet

3 May 2017 Consejo de los Obispos y Obispas Llamado Semanal a la Oración

28 April 2017 Declaração do Liderança da ICM sobre Imigração

28 April 2017 MCC Leadership Joint Statement on Immigration

18 April 2017 Hearing to Start for Karen Oliveto as First Out Gay Bishop in Methodist Church

14 April 2017 Call for Swift Action on Behalf of Chechnyan Detainees

13 April 2017 Early Bird Rate Extended for PAD!

10 April 2017 Governing Board Announces MCC’s Easter Offering Campaign with the Global Justice Institute

3 April 2017 North Carolina HB2/HB142 Threatens Dignity and Privacy

21 March 2017 Transgender Visibility and OUR Call

16 March 2017 PAD Conference Early Bird Rate Ends 31 March

6 March 2017 Metropolitan Community Churches Decries Trans Discrimination


31 January 2017 Metropolitan Community Churches Affirms Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes

30 January 2017 MCC: Prioritäten während der Übergangszeit

30 January 2017 MCC Supports Holy Resistance to Travel Ban into United States

27 January 2017 Afirmando Prioridades de ICM durante el Periodo Interino

26 January 2017 Affirming MCC Priorities During the Interim Period

19 January 2017 MCC Call to Prayer from the Nation’s Capital

17 January 2017 MCC Leaders Respond to BBC Documentary on Transgender Children

13 January 2017 Malestar en México / Civil Unrest in Mexico

4 January 2017 An Installation Prayer for our Interim Moderator

4 January 2017 GB Seeks Members for Assessments Review Commission

4 January 2017 Mitglieder, die für Assessments Review Commission benötigt werden

4 January 2017 Solicitar para unirse una Comisión que Revisará las Contribuciones

2 January 2017 MCC Leaders Respond to Anti-LGBT Remarks by Kim Burrell

2 January 2017 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Call to Day of Social Action and Service

30 December 2016 Only one day left in 2016!!!

9 December 2016 Interim Moderator: Einsegung als Älteste

9 December 2016 Instalação como Bispa da Moderadora Interina

9 December 2016 Interim Moderator Elder Installation

9 December 2016 Instalación como Obispo de la Moderadora Interina

20 November 2016 Be a Witness: Stories about Transgender Day of Remembrance 2016

18 November 2016 MCC Interim Moderator Speaks Out Against Hate Crimes

17 November 2016 Religious Leaders Challenge Dutch Reform Church as it Requires Celibacy of Gay and Lesbian People

9 November 2016 Interim Moderator Offers Hope following U.S. Election

9 November 2016 Interim Moderator Reflects on U.S. Election: Donald Trump Wins

7 November 2016 As U.S. Election Nears, MCC Interim Moderator Encourages Focus on Core Values

2 November 2016 Metropolitan Community Churches Urges End to Desecrations

27 October 2016 Interim Moderator Blessing

27 October 2016 Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown Calls MCC to Expand Understanding as Interim Term Begins

3 October 2016 La Junta de Gobierno Anuncia Moderador Interina

3 October 2016 ICM O Conselho de Administração anuncia Moderador Interino

3 October 2016 MCC Governing Board Names Interim Moderator

3 October 2016 MCC Weltvorstand Namen Interim-Moderatorin

29 September 2016 Moderator Calls for Action Against Shootings of African Americans

20 September 2016 Update: Moderador Interino Processo Candidate

20 September 2016 Actualización: Proceso para Personas Candidatas a Moderador(a) Interino(a)

20 September 2016 Update: Interim Moderator Candidate Process

10 September 2016 Moderator Joins Support for Native Americans in Pipeline Dispute

8 September 2016 Mexico: Ending Government and Religious LGBTI Discrimination

7 September 2016 Junta de Gobierno Responde a las Preguntas Moderador Provisionales

7 September 2016 Junta de Governo Responde às perguntas Moderador provisórias

5 September 2016 Moderador Global Estende Gratidão a Denominação

5 September 2016 Moderador Global amplía su gratitud a ICM

19 August 2016 Governing Board Responds to Interim Moderator Questions

18 August 2016 Global Moderator Extends Gratitude to Denomination

8 July 2016 Global LGBTQ Church Leaders Condemn Violence

29 June 2016 Healing and Talking Guns in a Post Orlando World

27 June 2016 Human rights groups call on Orthodox Church to embrace LGBT people

24 June 2016 Stonewall named first LGBT national monument — and 5 other LGBT sites to be proud of

24 June 2016 Out Of Ashes, An Unwavering Resolve: ‘That’s The Legacy. We Never Ran Away’

17 June 2016 Global Moderator Extends Gratitude for Local Leadership in Crisis

16 June 2016 MCC to Hold Worldwide Virtual Prayer Vigils for Orlando

12 June 2016 MCC Global Moderator Grieves the Mass Shooting at a Gay Club

12 June 2016 Head of gay church calls Orlando massacre a ‘hate crime’

10 June 2016 MCC Global Leader Demands that New UN AIDS Declaration Recognize Marginalized and Criminalized People

6 June 2016 First Partnership Award to Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

22 May 2016 Governing Board Prepares for General Conference XXVI

23 March 2016 Review Team Report Regarding the Nomination Process for MCC Moderator

1 March 2016 In the Spirit of Transparency

11 February 2016 MCC’s Marie Alford-Harkey Named Next President and CEO of the Religious Institute

16 November 2015 We make baptism available to all…every child is a child of God

30 September 2015 Pope Francis, do you care about LGBTQ lives?

30 September 2015 Will Pope Francis Save the Planet?

24 September 2015 Remembering Father John J. McNeill

21 September 2015 The Pope’s Encyclical on Climate Change — What is Missing?

20 September 2015 MCC Moderator Speaks to Vatican Discomfort with Gay Bishop and Activist Nun at the White House Welcome for the Pope

18 September 2015 Global Moderator of MCC to Help Welcome Pope at White House

8 September 2015 Sign the petition – stop the drownings

28 August 2015 MCC Hires Development Director

24 July 2015 Moderator of Global Metropolitan Community Churches Responds to Spray-painted Threat on Church Door

19 July 2015 The Passing of MCC Staff Member Bill Hooper

30 June 2015 MCC Media Event – Marriage Equality

26 June 2015 Love and Equality Win: MCC Celebrates SCOTUS Decision

26 June 2015 Love and Equality Win!

22 June 2015 Historic Metropolitan Community Churches will Hold On-line Media Event on Evening of SCOTUS Decision

19 June 2015 Public Policy Team Decries Massacre and Calls for Preaching, Practicing, and Praying for An End to Racially-Inspired Violence

19 May 2015 Report of MCC Journey in Cuba

14 May 2015 MCC Founding Pastor Presides at Blessing of Same-Gender Couples in Cuba

13 May 2015 National HIV Testing Day is June 27

12 May 2015 International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia Sunday, 2015 May 17

23 April 2015 Conferencia General Especial 2015

22 April 2015 2015 Special General Conference – Voting

21 April 2015 Líderes LGBTQ religiosos viajaran a Cuba para reunirse con oficiales de fe y el gobierno

21 April 2015 LGBTQ Faith Leaders Travel to Cuba to Meet Faith and Government Leaders

14 April 2015 MCC Moderator Congratulates Cathedral of Hope at Election of The Rev. Dr. Neil G. Cazares-Thomas


26 March 2015 Help promote LGBT rights in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, and Malaysia

23 March 2015 Turn out the lights for Vanuatu!

12 March 2015 MCC Governing Board has called a Special General Conference


26 February 2015 MCC Moderator Calls on MCC Members to Help Eliminate Modern Slavery

18 February 2015 Presentación de las personas designadas como Obispos y Obispas a la Conferencia General de las Iglesias de la Comunidad Metropolitana

3 February 2015 Introducing Elder Appointees to the General Conference of Metropolitan Community Churches

16 January 2015 Help make Anti-LGBT “Conversion Therapy” Illegal in your state

16 December 2014 Reflexión para el Cuarto Domingo de Adviento 21 de diciembre de 2014

15 December 2014 Reflection for the Fourth Sunday of Advent 21 December 2014

12 December 2014 Black LGBT Religious Leaders Act with Historically Black Churches: “Black Bodies Matter”

11 December 2014 Reflexión del Tercer Domingo de Adviento 14 de diciembre de 2014

9 December 2014 Racism and Eric Garner — TAKE ACTION!

8 December 2014 Reflection for the Third Sunday of Advent 14 December 2014

4 December 2014 Transform the World with your end-of-year donation

4 December 2014 Reflexión para el Segundo Domingo de Adviento 7 de diciembre de 2014

4 December 2014 Reflection for the Second Sunday of Advent 7 December 2014

27 November 2014 Reflexión para el Primer Domingo de Adviento 30 Noviembre 2014

25 November 2014 Ferguson and Racism: An Epistle to America

24 November 2014 Reflection for the First Sunday of Advent 30 November 2014

21 November 2014 Statement in response to immigration reform actions by U.S. President Barack Obama

17 November 2014 Statement: World AIDS Day


19 July 2014 MCC Moderator to Witness Signing of Presidential Executive Orders with NO Exemptions

18 July 2014 Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches Calls for Moment of Prayer In Face of Tragedies and Violence

11 July 2014 Metropolitan Community Church Response to Children’s Immigration Crisis

1 July 2014 MCC Moderator: “Religion Will be an Excuse to Discriminate”


12 June 2014 MCC Moderator Urges Southern Baptists to Stop Condemning God

15 May 2014 MCC Moderator Among Key Faith Leaders to Address Climate Change

22 March 2014 We do not celebrate the death of Fred Phelps….We choose love

6 March 2014 First Gathering of Hispanic Ministries Network – A Resounding Success


13 November 2013 Fin de Año 2013

11 November 2013 Year End 2013

14 August 2013 Global Justice Statement on anti-LGBT violence in Russia

14 August 2013 Who am I to judge?

15 July 2013 Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches Calls for Prayer and Personal Discernment as Zimmerman Trial Verdict is Released

26 June 2013 Moderator of Largest LGBT Church “Freedom and Equality Won!”

26 June 2013 Faith-Based Council Members sign-on to letter re ending human trafficking – Senate and House leadership

26 June 2013 Faith-Based Council Members sign-on to letter re ending human trafficking – Secretary of State Kerry

21 June 2013 MCC stands in solidarity with ICM Brasil – Igrejas da Comunidade Metropolitana do Brasil and everyone in Brazil.

21 June 2013 Exodus ‘Ex-Gay’ movement needs ‘conversion to truth-telling’

20 June 2013 Supreme Court Defends First Amendment Rights Engaged in the Fight Against AIDS For U.S. Organizations

30 May 2013 Moderator of world’s largest LGBT community of faith hails signing of anti-discrimination legislation by Puerto Rico’s Governor

30 May 2013 A Call to 30 Days of Fasting and Prayer

9 May 2013 SCOTUS and a New Day for LGBT Americans

28 March 2013 Metropolitan Community Churches stands with Lt. Dan Choi and Freedom of Speech

28 January 2013 LEAD and OFLD are proud to announce the following candidates seeking their LEAD certificate.

18 January 2013 Obama’s Inaugural Prayer Service Includes Head of Pro-LGBT Denomination
The Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, Moderator of MCC, to read Bible at inaugural service


23 December 2012 Metropolitan Community Churches 2013 Awards

21 December 2012 Merry Christmas from Metropolitan Community Churches

21 November 2012 Half dozen states next in marriage fight

9 November 2012 The Next Chapter in LGBT Justice: A Faith Perspective – featuring Bishop Yvette Flunder & Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson

12 October 2012 Metropolitan Community Church Confirms Removal of Filipino Pastor

18 September 2012 National Religious Leaders Support SB 1172

6 July 2012 Metropolitan Community Church Leader Responds to Arrest of Brandon Hamm, Volunteer MCC Pastor

14 May 2012 Three Faith Groups with Global Reach Add Voices of Support for President Obama’s Affirmation of Marriage for All Couples

26 March 2012 Moderator to Address Metropolitan Community Churches – Live Broadcast

1 December 2011 Bill to provide benefits to domestic partners returns to Senate

14 November 2011 MCC Headline News – Nov. 10, 2011

14 November 2011 2012 Leadership Mentoring Retreat

26 October 2011 Fellowship Sunday Thank You

14 October 2011 Ecumenical Retreat for Gay & Bisexual Christian Men

13 October 2011 Headline News – October 10, 2011

12 October 2011 In Memory of Dr. Frank Kameny

6 October 2011 Anniversary Message from Rev. Dr. Nancy L. Wilson

3 October 2011 MCC Headline News – September 28

26 August 2011 Opportunity to Serve on the Board of Pensions, USA

12 July 2011 Equality Forum 2012 – Submissions for Program Ideas

1 July 2011 MCC Retirement: Rev. Elder John Gill

24 June 2011 MCC Stewardship Listings – May 2011

13 June 2011 MCC Headline News – 13 June 2011

8 June 2011 MCC Churches: Ministry Development Team Needs Your Input

1 June 2011 MCC Headline News – 31 May 2011

26 May 2011 MCC Details Regarding Disaster Relief in Joplin, Missouri

25 May 2011 MCC Church Stewardship Lists from April 2011

25 May 2011 MCC Update on Efforts in Joplin, Missouri

24 May 2011 MCC Omaha Updates Regarding Joplin, MO Assistance

24 May 2011 MCC ALERT: MCC Call to Prayer and Action Regarding Tornado in Joplin, MO

23 May 2011 DISASTER RELIEF: Joplin, Missouri Community & MCC Church Heavily Impacted by Tornado Damage

16 May 2011 MCC Headline News – May 2011

11 May 2011 Pastoral Statement: Death of Dr. Robert Carr

10 May 2011 MCC CALL TO ACTION: Save LGBT Lives in Uganda

3 May 2011 MCC Headline News – May 2011

3 May 2011 MCC NEWS: Moderator Responds to Death of Osama bin Laden

28 April 2011 (USA) MCC Issues Call for Prayers for those Affected by Tornadoes in Southern United States

26 April 2011 Stewardship Listings – March 2011

22 April 2011 Easter Offering: Discover How Your Gifts Impact MCC Global Ministry

21 April 2011 MCC NEWS: An Easter Message from the Moderator

15 April 2011 MCC Easter Offering: Discover How Your Gifts Support MCC’s Global Ministries

8 April 2011 MCC Easter Offering: How Your Gift Impacts MCC Ministry in Uganda!

5 April 2011 MCC Headline News – April 2011

4 April 2011 MCC Easter Offering: How Your Gift Impacts MCC Ministry in Russia!

1 April 2011 MCC Eastern US Network Gathering – May 2011 – RSVP NOW!

28 March 2011 MCC Stewardship Listings – February 2011

25 March 2011 Discover how your Easter Gifts Support MCC Anchor Ministry in Asia

22 March 2011 MCC Headline News – March 2011

18 March 2011 MCC Officially Launches 2011 Easter Offering for Global Ministries!

8 March 2011 MCC Headline News – March 2011

25 February 2011 Update from Christchurch Following Earthquake

25 February 2011 Stewardship Listings from January 2011

25 February 2011 MCC Celebrates Obama Administration Decision Regarding DOMA

22 February 2011 Rev. Elder Diane Fisher Calls MCC to Prayer for Christchurch

17 February 2011 Emergence: the Official PAD Conference Newsletter

9 February 2011 Synergy! Clergy Retreat 2011!

9 February 2011 2011 MCC People of African Descent, Our Friends and Allies

8 February 2011 Anywhere MCC Makes Blog Headline

7 February 2011 It takes a Village – MCC PAD News

5 February 2011 MCC Moderator Appointed to Presidential Advisory Council

3 February 2011 MCC Headline News – Marriage Equality Update

2 February 2011 Emergence – PAD Conference News – January 2011

29 January 2011 MCC ALERT: David Kato – Mourning, Prayer, ACTION

27 January 2011 MCC Stewardship Lists – December 2010

27 January 2011 Ecumenical Advocacy Days – Christians Rally for Justice!

15 January 2011 MCC Releases the 2011 Program Booklet

14 January 2011 “Our Souls Say ‘YES!’” Celebrating the Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

11 January 2011 MCC Toronto gets $1 million donation

11 January 2011 MCC Headline News – January 2011

8 January 2011 MCC Calls the Nation to Prayer following Shooting in Arizona

23 December 2010 Stewardship Listings: November 2010

22 December 2010 Headline News: Asian Pacific Initiative

18 December 2010 MCC News: Door Opens for Full LGBT Equality – Vote on DADT

16 December 2010 MCC MEMORIAL: Rev. June Norris

15 December 2010 MCC Headline News – Final 2010 Issue

15 December 2010 A Report and Christmas Message from the Senior Leadership Team

9 December 2010 MCC Announces: We’ve Only Just Begun to Fight – Repeal DADT

9 December 2010 MCC End of Year Giving Opportunity

7 December 2010 MCCTM Suggests: Radcliffe Gender Conference – Save the Date – March 2011

2 December 2010 Statement on Marriage Equality

1 December 2010 MCC Headline News – November, Vol. II

30 November 2010 Stewardship Lists – October 2010

17 November 2010 Report from the Governing Board – November 2010

17 November 2010 MCC Calls for Applications to Serve on the International Task Force

16 November 2010 MCC Headline NEWS – November Volume 1

1 November 2010 MCC Headline News: Ideas and Resources for A Season of Gratitude!

19 October 2010 MCC Headline News – October – Volume 2

19 October 2010 Clergy Against Bullying – Sign the Petition NOW!

12 October 2010 Breaking News: Florida Ban on Adoption for LGBT Parents Ends

6 October 2010 MCC Headline News – October, Vol. 1

1 October 2010 MCC Moderator Calls for Action to End Bullying and Harassment of Gay Teens

20 September 2010 MCC Headline News – September Vol. 2

16 September 2010 Generous in Faith

14 September 2010 Fellowship Sunday 2010 is October 10th – Become a Pacesetter Today!

3 September 2010 MCC Headline News – September Vol. 1

24 August 2010 MCC Headline News – 24 August 2010

31 July 2010 MCC Moderator Calls the Community to Prayer for Upcoming Meetings

30 July 2010 Metropolitan Community Churches Decries “Solution to Gay Marriage”

22 July 2010 Vatican Document Codifies Guidelines for Sexual Abuse Cases Equating Abuse and Women’s Ordination

14 July 2010 MCC Moderator Applauds Release of 1st Ever U.S. Domestic Strategy to Fight HIV/AIDS

23 June 2010 Metropolitan Community Churches 24th General Conference Happening in Acapulco, Mexico, June 28 – July 2, 2010

11 June 2010 MCC Headline News

8 June 2010 Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches Issues Report to General Conference

28 May 2010 MCC Headline News

14 May 2010 MCC Headline News

23 April 2010 MCC Headline News

29 March 2010 Help Us Recruit for the New Governing Board!

17 March 2010 Easter Offering 2010 – Become An Individual Contributor Today!

17 March 2010 Easter Offering 2010 – It’s Not Too Late To Become Pacesetter Church! Sign Up Today!

15 March 2010 Clergy & Lay Survey – Your Opinion Counts!

12 March 2010 Structure Review Update – MCC Announces the Members of the Nominating Committee

4 March 2010 MCC Headline News

28 February 2010 MCC Announces Proposed Structure Review Plan

18 February 2010 MCC Announces Partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau and Our Families Count

14 February 2010 MCC Headline News

25 January 2010 Metropolitan Community Churches Announces Five Foundation Grants

22 January 2010 News from MCC – The Latest

13 January 2010 MCC Moderator Calls for Emergency Support for People in Haiti

8 January 2010 Marriage Equality Update

31 December 2009 O Little Town of Bethlehem

15 December 2009 Meeting Adjourned – Report from the MCC Board of Elders Meeting

30 November 2009 MCC Announces – The Release of Uncommon Hope

24 November 2009 MCC Leaders Reflect on A Season of Gratitude and Invite You to Join the Global Dialogue

9 November 2009 MCC News – Transgender Day of Remembrance

4 November 2009 MCC News – Moderator Calls U.S. LGBT Community to Keep its Eyes on the Prize

Local MCCers and Churches in the News

18 April 2018 After Parkland, these students became activists. Will their movement last? (Florida, USA)

17 April 2018 Cobb: The case for Cobb (Virginia, USA)

15 April 2018 Gloria Hoegger, Memorial (Iowa, USA)

13 April 2018 Equality Virginia Honors 2018 OUTstanding Virginians at Annual Equality Dinner Saturday (USA)

13 April 2018 Topeka pastor preparing for European LGBT conference (Kansas, USA)

11 April 2018 Does Austin Need an LGBTQ Center? (Texas, USA)

11 April 2018 TransLiance sets meeting on gender-fluidity in children April 22 (Delaware, USA)

9 April 2018 Granddaughter of Holocaust survivors: Stories need to be told (Kansas, USA)

8 April 2018 Welcome, not just tolerated: Employers work to create inclusive workplaces(Virginia, USA)

7 April 2018 Tampa ‘Town Hall For Our Lives’ strictly a Democratic affair (Florida, USA)

6 April 2018 Next Step in Fight Against Gun Violence – Town Halls (Florida, USA)

5 April 2018 Tougaw: Don’t let a bad experience with religion destroy faith

5 April 2018 Motorcycle crash survivor shares his story (Texas, USA)

4 April 2018 29th Annual Bayard Rustin Breakfast to Honor LGBT People of Color Working to End HIV/AIDS (Massachusetts, USA)

4 April 2018 4 science-trained faith leaders share what still gives them goosebumps (Canada)

4 April 2018 It happened before (Canada)

1 April 2018 A new ‘Face’ in ministry: Facebook Live brings church to the parishioners (Maryland, USA)

30 March 2018 RiverWoods hosts Good Friday service (Pennsylvania, USA)

30 March 2018 SPIRITUALITY 2018: Inner city, small town MCC church experiences vastly different (Maryland/DC, USA)

30 March 2018 Good Friday Cross Walk (Virginia, USA)

29 March 2018 Faith and Values: Everyday resurrection is seeing the potential for growth in everyone (Pennsylvania, USA)

27 March 2018 Therapy to change a child’s sexual orientation will be banned in Milwaukee (USA)

26 March 2018 First Ever Hampton Roads Transgender Day of Visibility this April (Virginia, USA)

25 March 2018 Gun control rallies take place across U.S., around the world (Florida, USA)

16 March 2018 MCC Honors Transgender Youth Activist with ‘Seth Tooley Day’ (Michigan, USA)

12 March 2018 My Grandparents Created PFLAG (New York, USA)

12 March 2018 ‘Love Wins’ concert postponed amid criticism from LGBTQ community (Canada)

12 March 2018 Black Women Rise: Annual event in Palm Beach County celebrates women of color (Florida, USA)

9 March 2018 Metropolitan Community Church of the Quad Cities chili cook off (Iowa, USA)

7 March 2018 SC sets oral arguments on petition seeking same-sex marriage (Philippines)

5 March 2018 Palm Springs Human Rights Commission Presents Community Service Awards (California, USA)

1 March 2018 Was police chief blaming the victims? (Canada)

1 March 2018 BTL Celebrates 25 Years of LGBTQ Publishing with Kick-Off Event at March 11 Expo (Michigan, USA)

1 March 2018 One Human Family to distribute signs and flyers for a welcoming community (Iowa, USA)

1 March 2018 Teología Queer cuestiona represión, machismo y jerarquías en las religiones: Afirma Judith Vázquez Teóloga Feminista en Querétaro

26 February 2018 Ad Astra Theatre Ensemble’s latest production asks big questions about faith, loyalty (Kansas, USA)

22 February 2018 Grants given out for Guerneville homeless services (California, USA)

21 February 2018 Metropolitan Community Church in Amarillo (Texas, USA)

19 February 2018 Diverse gathering participates in vigil for Parkland shooting (Iowa, USA)

19 February 2018 Valdez: We all should have an opportunity (Texas, USA)

19 February 2018 Tributes to Brian Armstrong RIP (United Kingdom)

19 February 2018 “I’ve always been a fighter”: Transgender sailor won’t give up

19 February 2018 Sean Thomas will be in concert at MCC of the Quad-Cities (Iowa, USA)

15 February 2018 New Poor People’s Campaign calls for 40 days of nonviolent protest (Minnesota, USA)

15 February 2018 California governor’s race: Newsom’s new ad features 2004 marriages (USA)

14 February 2018 Some churches add glitter to the gray on Ash Wednesday to show unity with LGBT community (North Carolina, USA)

14 February 2018 Multi-faith vigil honours the 5 men named as Bruce McArthur’s alleged victims

14 February 2018 Same-sex marriage is legal, so will churches embrace it? (Victoria, Australia)

14 February 2018 Police criticized in gay men’s killings (Canada)

12 February 2018 Heartwarming And Heartbreaking, THE VIEW UPSTAIRS Transports The Audience To 1973 To Show How Far, Or Not, The LGBTIQ Fight For Acceptance Has Come. (New South Wales, Australia)

12 February 2018 Killings in Toronto’s Gay Community Expose ‘an Open Wound’ With Police (Canada)

12 February 2018 New bill to ban conversion therapy in Michigan introduced by state reps (USA)

9 February 2018 Society Made Queer Men Of Colour A White Killer’s Prey (Canada)

9 February 2018 Remains of at least 6 people found in potted plants in Canadian serial killer probe

9 February 2018 It’s not just police who have something to answer for in the wake of Toronto’s serial murders (Canada)

9 February 2018 Keeping the Faith: A service for the unnamed (California, USA)

7 February 2018 Martha Jean DiCosimo – Obituary (Connecticut, USA)

7 February 2018 ‘Minha vida é dos meus filhos’: pastora trans fala sobre ser mãe (Brazil)

7 February 2018 Race For Roanoke City Council Heats Up (Virginia, USA)

7 February 2018 B RIGHT ON LGBT Festival: Free big screen showing of ‘The Shack’ (United Kingdom)

7 February 2018 New LGBTQ archive at College of Charleston receives grant to help document neglected era of history (North Carolina, USA)

7 February 2018 Vigil to mourn victims of alleged serial killer in Toronto (Canada)

7 February 2018 Poor People’s Campaign Promises “Massive Wave” Of Actions Against Rising Racism, Poverty (Minnesota, USA)

1 February 2018 Candlelight vigils, increased support for shocked community as investigation into alleged serial killer continues (Canada)

30 January 2018 B BRIGHT ON Festival: Village MCC host LGBT+ Mind, Body, Spirit Fair (United Kingdom)

29 January 2018 Why Lupe Valdez is running for governor and why she thinks she can win (Texas, USA)

25 January 2018 A Dream Wedding: Couple Ties the Knot in Prince Charming Ceremony (Michigan, USA)

25 January 2018 Portage council criticized for passing ‘lightweight’ human rights ordinance (Indiana, USA)

24 January 2018 Memorial for homeless fills Odd Fellows Hall (California, USA)

22 January 2018 Recalling the Originator of MCC SA’s Love’s Day Tradition (California, USA)

22 January 2018 Portage to consider human rights ordinance (Indiana, USA)

18 January 2018 Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto installs new senior pastor

15 January 2018 Roanoke LGBT Library finds home as research collection in Roanoke Diversity Center (Virginia, USA)

12 January 2018 Outspoken, pro-LGBTQ Christian pastor John Pavlovitz visits Resurrection MCC. (Texas, USA)

10 January 2018 Rev. Dr. James Stephen Burns

10 January 2018 Honrando el Milagroso Cristo Negro de Esquipulas

9 January 2018 Supreme Court refuses to hear challenge to Mississippi LGBT law (USA)

8 January 2018 Website scores churches on the transparency of their LGBTQ policies

8 January 2018 Joe Cobb formally announces bid for City Council

7 January 2018 Cumple 20 años iglesia abierta a comunidad gay

3 January 2018 2017 Around the World: Progress and Persecution For LGBT People

3 January 2018 LGBT people: ‘Sisters are on our side!’

2 January 2018 Las Vegas vigil remembers transgender group. (Nevada, USA)

1 January 2018 Open Arms MCC in Pahoa to welcome new pastor

28 December 2017 MCC-SF’s brick memorial likely can’t be salvaged

28 December 2017 Joe Cobb to formally announce candidacy for Roanoke City Council

27 December 2017 Kwanzaa: Celebrating Who We Are and Who We Can Become

27 December 2017 Brent Hawkes retires after 40 years

27 December 2017 Brent Hawkes, pastor who officiated Canada’s first legal gay marriages, delivers final Christmas Eve sermon

24 December 2017 Palm Springs Community Service Awards recipients announced

22 December 2017 Faith Leaders Must Support Trans Siblings; Reject Religious Bigotry

15 December 2017 Comment sought on demolition plan for old MCC-SF site (California, USA)

13 December 2017 Compass Commemorates World AIDS Day (Florida, USA)

13 December 2017 Pride Community Advisory Council meets for first time (California, USA)

13 December 2017 Prayer vigil held in memory of gun violence victims (North Carolina, USA)

13 December 2017 Milwaukee Metropolitan Church Offers Light for the Holidays (Wisconsin, USA)

13 December 2017 MCC elder talks Cajun roots, faith and lesbian polyamorous relationship

11 December 2017 600 homeless people treated to festive season feast (South Africa)

11 December 2017 Juli Kay Ganoe – Memorial (Iowa, USA)

8 December 2017 Ex-skinhead to speak at no-hate symposium (Iowa, USA)

8 December 2017 Arrington, Wayne Henry (Virginia, USA)

8 December 2017 LGBTQ Church In PB Gardens Observes World AIDS Day With Artist/Activist Mary Fisher (California, USA)

7 December 2017 Rolling the Stone Away: LGBTQI Elders Meet the Next Generation of Christian Activists at a watershed conference

6 December 2017 Pastor Leslie Jackson is finally living his dream at Cathedral of Hope Houston. (Texas, USA)

5 December 2017 El Paso County Health Board Halts Needle Exchange Plan (Colorado, USA)

5 December 2017 NEW ON DVD: ‘UPSTAIRS INFERNO’ (Louisiana, USA)

1 December 2017 Trans protester declined offer to meet with police chief (D.C. USA)

30 November 2017 World Aids Day In Minnesota: Statistics, Tests, Treatment Info (Minnesota, USA)

30 November 2017 World AIDS Day events in Chicagoland (Illinois, USA)

30 November 2017 LGBTQ Church Opens ENOUGH FOR ALL Thrift Store In Lake Worth Plaza Shopping Center (California, USA)

30 November 2017 Grindr, Faith & Little Richard – How I Ended Up In A Gay Church (USA)

28 November 2017 AK Souffle: Truth (United Kingdom)

27 November 2017 Open Mic II – ‘The Gift’ – Christmas Eve service with The Village MCC (United Kingdom)

27 November 2017 Christmas on the streets with MCC (United Kingdom)

23 November 2017 Community Memorializes 487 Transgender Lives Lost to Violence in the Past Year (Michigan, USA)

23 November 2017 Coming Out in Religion: Rabbi Is ‘Blessed to Say LGBT Lives Matter’ (USA)

23 November 2017 Patches of AIDS Quilt Coming to Fort Lauderdale, Lake Worth (Florida, USA)

23 November 2017 Judge Permanently Blocks Trump Sanctuary Cities Order (California, USA)

23 November 2017 Washington’s LGBTQ+ Community, Allies, Mark Transgender Day Of Remembrance (USA)

20 November 2017 Metropolitan Community Church Illiana hosting Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil Nov. 20 (Indiana, USA)

20 November 2017 D.C. man charged with hitting trans woman with car pleads guilty (USA)

20 November 2017 Pueblo observance planned for Transgender Day of Remembrance (Colorado, USA)

20 November 2017 Faith and Values: Desperately seeking unconditional love (Pennsylvania, USA)

20 November 2017 Push for return of Georgia hate crime laws gaining traction ahead of new legislative year Working to bring back Georgia hate crime laws (Georgia, USA)

18 November 2017 Benjamin F. Dillingham III has died at the age of 72 (California, USA)

17 November 2017 Encabeza Obispa Retiro Nacional de Fraternidad de Iglesias Incluyentes ICM (Mexico)

16 November 2017 Faith Matters: We Matter (Washington, USA)

16 November 2017 Talking ‘the talk’: HCISD program encourages big talks between parents, students (Texas, USA)

16 November 2017 D.C.’s Trans Day of Remembrance set for Nov. 20 (USA)

15 November 2017 Gardens church raises $61,000 to replace organ fried by burglars (Florida, USA)

13 November 2017 Local churches talk security after Texas church shooting (Georgia, USA)

9 November 2017 Louis R. Escobar, Obituary (Pennsylvania, USA)

8 November 2017 Over the Rainbow…Literally (Wisconsin, USA)

7 November 2017 Gun control in a place of worship (Texas, USA)

6 November 2017 Rev Peta Evans, Associate Pastor of The Village MCC in Brighton, reflects on the city they love – and they’re relationship with it (United Kingdom)

3 November 2017 Village MCC – guest preacher, Rev Kate Harford (United Kingdom)

3 November 2017 Bruce W. Ashcraft, Jr. – Obituary (Florida, USA)

2 November 2017 THEATER REVIEW Upstairs: The Musical (Illinois, USA)

2 November 2017 Scapegoating Gays Again (Wisconsin, USA)

2 November 2017 Faith and freedom for LGBTI people | Faith Matters (New York, USA)

2 November 2017 Watch: Destiny Church’s Brian Tamaki labels NZ’s gay clergy ‘contamination in churches’, in new sermon

1 November 2017 Judge Opens New Path to Challenge Mississippi Anti-LGBT Law (USA)

30 October 2017 Toronto Theatre guru Ernest J. Schwarz broke boundaries of the stage (Ontario, Canada)

30 October 2017 Bringing light to the domestic and sexual violence (Iowa, USA)

28 October 2017 Rainbow Chorus Chair to speak at The Village MCC this Sunday (United Kingdom)

25 October 2017 MCCQC hosts candlelight service (Iowa, USA)

25 October 2017 SCOTTISH PLAY SCOTT Tragic LGBTQ event inspires musical (United Kingdom)

18 October 2017 Green MP to speak at The Village MCC this Sunday (United Kingdom)

16 October 2017 Waco celebrates LGBT pride with Out on the Brazos festival (Texas, USA)

13 October 2017 San Diego MCC extends help to Puerto Rico’s MCC churches (California, USA)

13 October 2017 One chapter ends, another begins for Toronto’s Dr. Rev. Brent Hawkes (Ontario, Canada)

11 October 2017 Switchboard CEO to speak at Village MCC (United Kingdom)

9 October 2017 Brent Hawkes’s successor knows he has big pews to fill at Metropolitan Community Church (Ontario, Canada)

9 October 2017 Heroes of Harvey: Restoring Resurrection (Texas, USA)

9 October 2017 Brandon Robertson book launch at The Village MCC (United Kingdom)

7 October 2017 Iglesia Presenta a su Primer Pastor Trans (United Kingdom)

6 October 2017 LGBTQ Christians come together at Rolling the Stone Away Conference (Missouri, USA)

6 October 2017 Faith and HIV in America, Then and Now (California, USA)

6 October 2017 U.S. wrong on U.N. death penalty resolution, LGBT-affirming pastor says (Louisiana, USA)

6 October 2017 Faith, God and Family: Examining LGB attitudes toward transgender people (New York, USA)

4 October 2017 No the ‘first same-sex church wedding’ did not just take place in the UK

4 October 2017 Offer prayers for Las Vegas victims. But don’t stop there (Nevada, USA)

4 October 2017 No stay; House Bill 1523 going into effect Friday (Mississippi, USA)

2 October 2017 Court upholds ruling for Miss. anti-LGBT law — but there’s stinging dissent (Mississippi, USA)

2 October 2017 “Coming Out Week” coming to SIUE (Missouri, USA)

2 October 2017 Face to Face: Reverend Jane Clarke, LGBTI Metropolitan Community Church, Glasgow (United Kingdom)

2 October 2017 North Hawaii supports ‘Nothing more’: Adults and children join international sing-along aimed at ending gun violence (New York, USA)

2 October 2017 This Brighton church welcomes its first non-binary, trans man ordained minister (United Kingdom)

29 September 2017 Have a Little Faith (Arizona, USA)

29 September 2017 Men talk spirituality, building bonds at panel (California, USA)

29 September 2017 Village MCC Brighton & Hove welcomes new associate Pastor (United Kingdom)

29 September 2017 Let’s re-elect Sheriff Bill Gore (California, USA)

29 September 2017 Spotlight On Legacy Award Recipients at MCC Detroit Anniversary Event (Michigan, USA)

26 September 2017 Metropolitan Community Church to Donate 50 Percent of Funds Raised at LA CAGE AUX FOLLES to Relief Efforts (Florida, USA)

24 September 2017 Houstonians head to New Orleans for hearing on ‘sanctuary cities’ law (Texas, USA)

21 September 2017 LGBTQ self-care in the age of Trump (Maryland, USA)

18 September 2017 Peace Week Delaware revs up Saturday (USA)

18 September 2017 LGBTQ Harvey relief continues with T.R.U.T.H project event, Rich’s drag show (Texas, USA)

13 September 2017 LIVE LOCAL, LIVE SMALL: Shining a light on the story of Wilmington’s Talana Kreeger (North Carolina, USA)

13 September 2017 The hidden history of queer Chicanos in LA (California, USA)

13 September 2017 Commentary: Utah clergy respond to Nashville statement (USA)

8 September 2017 Sussex County peace march and rally set for Sept. 16 (Delaware, USA)

8 September 2017 Lifelong Dream Comes True for Livonia Couple (Michigan, USA)

8 September 2017 Local faith leaders band together to fight intolerance (Florida, USA)

6 September 2017 Making movies in the Parkland (Missouri, USA)

6 September 2017 Texomans react to DACA decision (Texas, USA)

6 September 2017 MNM’s LA CAGE AUX FOLLES Preview to Benefit LGBT Church in PB Gardens (Florida, USA)

5 September 2017 Nashville loses a LGBT leader and friend (Tennessee, USA)

1 September 2017 MCC congregation hears Christian singer’s inspiring story (California, USA)

29 August 2017 Speakers welcome diversity at Rock Island rally (Iowa, USA)

29 August 2017 LGBT relief funds launched to help Texas hurricane victims (Texas, USA)

28 August 2017 MCC founder reflects on Cuba trip

25 August 2017 Michael McBride: Our Man Crush and A Look At Life (Illinois, USA)

25 August 2017 Divine Peace MCC Welcomes New Interim Pastor (Michigan, USA)

25 August 2017 Are LGBT Churches Headed for the Great Beyond? (Texas, USA)

23 August 2017 ‘I fear my neighbour’ – the story behind US hate crimes (Florida, USA)

21 August 2017 MNM Productions Announces Cast for LA CAGE AUX FOLLES (California, USA)

17 August 2017 Hundreds attend No Hate Rally in Davenport

17 August 2017 Marriage Equality: What is Happening in Australia?

17 August 2017 Village MCC members raise £300 for the Peter Tatchell Foundation

16 August 2017 Portage gets first look at human rights proposal (Illinois, USA)

14 August 2017 Vision of Hope MCC pastors seek to grow the ministry of church that has special ties to the LGBT community (Pennsylvania, USA)

14 August 2017 ‘Call out hate’: Twin Cities respond to Charlottesville (Minnesota, USA)

11 August 2017 Time Out Youth Center’s dream becomes reality (North Carolina, USA)

10 August 2017 Family, community memorializes trans woman on her 27th birthday (Texas, USA)

10 August 2017 Controversial Flyers Posted in Davenport (Iowa, USA)

8 August 2017 PREVIEW: PRIDE VOICES with Rev Jide Macauley (UK)

8 August 2017 Church to give away 100 backpacks (Kansas, USA)

7 August 2017 Transgender ‘bathroom bill’ leaves Texas Christians deeply divided (USA)

7 August 2017 Designers, volunteers gave their time so kids in need could call CASA a second home (Colorado, USA)

6 August 2017 Behind the Headlines: The issues impacting LGBTQ people of African descent (Missouri, USA)

3 August 2017 ‘I just want a little bit of hope’: LGBT community holds town hall to discuss missing men (Canada)

3 August 2017 Police, metro neighborhoods celebrate National Night Out MCC takes on National Night Out (Nebraska, USA)

2 August 2017 Neighborhood Night Out event preps kids to head back to school (Nebraska, USA)

1 August 2017 Central Florida elected officials gather at JOY MCC to stand with the transgender community (USA)

31 July 2017 Hundreds Rally in Royal Oak to Support Transgender Troops (Michigan, USA)

31 July 2017 Troy Perry makes a visit (Texas, USA)

28 July 2017 LGBTQ advocates in New Orleans react to Trump transgender in military decision (Louisiana, USA)

28 July 2017 Pride Festival of Central Pa. through the years in photos (USA)

28 July 2017 LGBTQ church protests President’s ban on transgendered military service members (Florida, USA)

28 July 2017 Sin tabú: pastor y militante gay

26 July 2017 Alexander: The right to be awful (Iowa, USA)

24 July 2017 The LGBT church restoring faith to the community (Scotland, United Kingdom)

24 July 2017 New pastor wants to ‘draw the circle wider’ around progressive Toronto church (Canada)

21 July 2017 San Diego Trans Pride event educates, empowers, entertains (California, USA)

20 July 2017 Judge suspends criminal proceedings against ‘homeless murders’ suspect (California, USA)

20 July 2017 Gay Nigerian minister visits D.C. (USA)

20 July 2017 Local Organizations Partner to Host Bystander Intervention Training to Combat Hate (Maryland, USA)

20 July 2017 Minister Jeff Rock leaves Red Deer as a more inclusive and welcoming community (Canada)

19 July 2017 Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto announces new senior pastor (Canada)

17 July 2017 Crowd turns out for Hagerstown Hopes’ Pride festival (Maryland, USA)

17 July 2017 Past time for Scott to honor vow to act against LGBT discrimination (Florida, USA)

17 July 2017 Rock moves on to take up new ministry in Toronto (Canada)

17 July 2017 Meet Jeff Rock, the scientist who became a Toronto pastor (Canada)

17 July 2017 Pilgrimage to Cuba

14 July 2017 Rev. Jeff Rock to take lead of Toronto LGBTQ congregation (Canada)

14 July 2017 Beyond Park East IV: Faith & The LGBT Community (Florida, USA)

11 July 2017 Valley’s LGBT churches offer safe place, ‘redemption’ (Pennsylvania, USA)

11 July 2017 Meet Rev. Jackie Carter, Table of Hope MCC in Wichita, (Kansas, USA)

5 July 2017 New Spirit in The Old Steine (UK)

1 July 2017 The Met Church (San Diego) Protest Gay Conversion Therapy Conference (California, USA)

21 June 2017 New York’s L.G.B.T.Q. Story Began Well Before Stonewall (New York, USA)

18 June 2017 The Met Church (San Diego) Celebrate Father’s Day (California, USA)

16 June 2017 Demonstrators say you can’t pray the gay away (featuring Rev. Dan Koeshall) (California, USA)

16 June 2017 Activists Protest ‘Conversion Therapy’ Conference In San Diego (California, USA)

15 June 2017 Channel 7/30 Restored Hope Network news story and interview with Rev. Dan Koedhall

15 June 2017 Rev. Dan Koeshall, The Met Church featured in news item on ‘gay-conversion’

4 March 2017 The Village MCC celebrates Women’s History Month with guest speakers

24 February 2017 Uptown pastor speaks out against reversal of protections for transgender students

24 February 2017 Metropolitan Community Churches Decries Trans Discrimination

6 February 2017 Village MCC pastor organises tribute concert for Brighton member

5 February 2017 Central Texas churches join in Civil Sunday Protest

4 February 2017 Mar-a-Lago protesters: ‘When will we get tired of marching? Never.’

23 January 2017 The Village MCC host faith days at B Right On Festival in Brighton

12 October 2016 South Aucklanders are campaigning against new liquor stores

12 August 2016 LGBT activists protest Rubio, Trump at pastors event

1 July 2016 Houston church honors Orlando shooting victims, Asks forgiveness for shooter

29 June 2016 Prayers for Orlando victims, but support for lifestyle?

27 June 2016 Local same-sex couples call for more protection on anniversary of Supreme Court ruling

27 June 2016 Pope says Christians should apologize for wronging gays (Resurrection MCC featured)

26 June 2016 Sunday Marks 1-Year Anniversary of Gay Marriage Ruling

26 June 2016 Pride on display at annual Portage church picnic

25 June 2016 248 same-sex couples marry in county in past year

25 June 2016 Family, friends of Sarasota Pulse victim flock to St. Pete Pride (w/video)

24 June 2016 U.S. Attorney Brown meets LGBTQ leaders, vows hate crime vigilance in wake of Orlando

24 June 2016 ‘Beats on Broad’ celebrates U.S. Supreme Court ruling of same-sex marriage

24 June 2016 1 year after same-sex marriage ruling, Lubbock couple says ‘it was a blessing’

23 June 2016 Muslims stand with LGBT community after Orlando attack; refuse to apologize for shooter

21 June 2016 ‘You can be gay and Christian’, says Orlando church leader

19 June 2016 Florida LGBT church remembers Orlando attack victims in special service

12 June 2016 Orlando Horror Reminds Us of The Haunting Tragedy Of The Upstairs Lounge, New Orleans

12 June 2016 Orlando LGBT Organizations: “Our Community Is Wounded”

12 June 2016 Joy MCC Holds Vigil for Largest Mass Shooting in U.S.

30 March 2016 Pastors of Metropolitan Community Churches Speak Out Against HB2

22 January 2016 Rev Roland Stringfellow, MCC Detroit, listed in “16 faith leaders to watch”

22 December 2015 Like a prayer: Suncoast MCC pastor Gina Durbin opens the doors and opens minds

23 November 2015 First MCC of Kansas in Wichita tired of vandalism, threats to staff

6 November 2015 MCC Brighton makes new start in city

21 September 2015 Yakima gay community hopes smaller, conservative communities follow national trend

20 September 2015 Rev. Jackie Carter, First MCC of Kansas speaks at Wichita Pride

18 September 2015 Liberating Religious Liberty Symposium co-organised by MCC Detroit’s Rev. Roland Stringfellow

17 September 2015 MCC San Diego’s Mark Padgett to enter his 23rd AIDS walk

15 September 2015 Rev. Carolyn Mobley, MCC Richmond featured in community partnership article on the UCI Road World Cycling Championships

11 September 2015 MCC of the Blue Ridge holds service to benefit the LGBTQ community

11 September 2015 Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson quoted in article “Christians behaving badly”

4 September 2015 Rev. DeWayne Davis Featured in article on black men and the down low

3 September 2015 Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson featured in article on Cathedral of Hope, the Texas Megachurch

2 September 2015 MCC Sydney hosts 2015 MCC Australasian Network Women’s Retreat

31 August 2015 All God’s Children MCC holds candlelight vigil for overdose deaths

30 August 2015 Rev. Rich Hendricks & MCC Quad Cities lead interfaith event standing against hate

30 August 2015 Joe Cobb, Pastor of MCC of the Blue Ridge speaks at Memorial Service Held For Slain Journalists In Roanoke, Virginia

28 August 2015 MCC of Our Redeemer has successful fundraising campaign for security cameras

20 August 2015 Rev. Daniel Payne & Open Doors MCC, Seoul challenging anti-gay charge in Korea

7 August 2015 City of Light MCC in Atlanta finds new home and expands its reach!

7 August 2015 First MCC of Kansas drive for pet food bank

6 August 2015 MCC Omaha hosts National Night Out (Video)

4 August 2015 Wichita Falls MCC Pastor Rev. Mel Martinez Responds To Boys Scouts Decision To Lift Ban On Gay Adult Leaders

31 July 2015 Rev. Michael Hydes & The Village MCC receive full-page (p.36) coverage in Brighton, UK LGBT Scene magazine


18 April 2018 Chilling Study Sums Up Link Between Religion And Suicide For Queer Youth

18 April 2018 LGBTQ Advocates Hope Theresa May’s ‘Regret’ Over Anti-Gay Laws Will Prompt Change

18 April 2018 UK refusal to issue gender-neutral passports unlawful, high court told

18 April 2018 Vancouver transgender activist Morgane Oger considers running for mayor

18 April 2018 WATCH: How schools can help transgender pupils

18 April 2018 Transgender People In Tonga Say “We Cannot Be Silent Anymore”

18 April 2018 HRC Observes National Transgender HIV Testing Day

18 April 2018 CEC passes review of same-sex marriage referendum proposals

17 April 2018 Breaking down barriers to healthcare access for transgender people in Argentina

17 April 2018 Ad Council goes ‘Beyond I Do’ to fight LGBT discrimination

17 April 2018 Music Teacher Reprimanded After Telling Students He’s Married To A Man

17 April 2018 Berkeley student leader talks at MU about navigating politics as trans woman of color

17 April 2018 Christian Group Attacks 4-H For Making LGBT Youth Feel Welcome

17 April 2018 Transgender author, activist Janet Mock fills Commonwealth

17 April 2018 China’s Version Of Twitter Reverses Gay Content Ban After Backlash

17 April 2018 Advocates mourn former Lambda Legal attorney

17 April 2018 Pupils take action on chaplain who opposed same-sex marriage

17 April 2018 Supporters rally for gay teacher amid discrimination claim after he told 1st-graders about same-sex marriage

17 April 2018 New York City Announces Plan to House Inmates According to Gender Identity

17 April 2018 The New Law That Puts Transgender Sex Workers in Danger

17 April 2018 Transgender Inmates Will No Longer Be Kept in Isolation, Israel Prison Service Announces

16 April 2018 Pakistan’s first-ever transgender school opens

16 April 2018 Zambian government rejected recommendations to recognise Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex relations

15 April 2018 ‘Dark recesses of the 19th century’: Liberals slam party push for gay conversion therapy

14 April 2018 Maine House Approves ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy Ban

14 April 2018 BBC Presenter Evan Davis headlines night for LGBTI homeless charity

14 April 2018 Transgender YouTuber Turns Her Comments Section Into A Classroom

14 April 2018 Transgender news anchor challenges barriers in conservative Pakistan

13 April 2018 Despite Anti-LGBTQ Efforts, Equality Pushing Forward

13 April 2018 Better mental health among trans people addressed by their preferred name: Study

13 April 2018 Portugal’s parliament approves new legal gender change law

13 April 2018 These parents are pushing against a rollback of transgender rights

13 April 2018 Anglican Church still ‘equality-free zone’ for same-sex couples, says Archdeacon Peter MacLeod-Miller

13 April 2018 Why Asking Who The “Man” Is In My Relationship With Another Woman Is Not Cool

13 April 2018 Lena Waithe Uses GLAAD Acceptance Speech to Call for LGBT Unity

12 April 2018 Joy in Trinidad following sexual offences ruling

12 April 2018 GLAAD Media Awards Champions LGBTQ Unity; Empowers “Together Movement”

12 April 2018 Toronto restaurant opts for gender-neutral greetings to welcome patrons

12 April 2018 ‘Starting the next sentence’: Non-binary students reflect on their campus experiences

12 April 2018 Transgender woman talks brutal attack caught on video on Charlotte bus

12 April 2018 National Science Foundation Grants $1 Million To Study Transgender Children

12 April 2018 Using transgender youth’s chosen name may strengthen mental health

12 April 2018 Website Designed To Help Transgender People In Florida Change Name And Gender Marker

12 April 2018 Indonesian Chat Show Under Fire Just For Mentioning Transgender People On Air

12 April 2018 This Book Shines a Light on Argentina’s Transgender Community

12 April 2018 Anchorage Voters Are Set to Become First in the Nation to Reject Anti-Transgender ‘Bathroom Bill’

11 April 2018 LGBTs to be excluded from 2020 Census

11 April 2018 LGBTQ Teens Start New Tradition With West Virginia’s First ‘Rainbow’ Prom

11 April 2018 Houston Police Officers Will Take Training On LGBTQ Terminology

11 April 2018 The Anti-LGBT Pols Who Could Replace Paul Ryan as GOP Leader

11 April 2018 Gender-affirming surgery ‘significantly improves quality of life,’ study says

11 April 2018 Gay, Transgender Teens Begin New Prom Tradition

11 April 2018 HPD will train officers to protect transgender Houstonians

11 April 2018 A week of celebrating transgender students

11 April 2018 Gender-neutral pronouns make their way into English vernacular

11 April 2018 To live openly as a transgender woman, she had to flee. In the migrant caravan, she realized she wasn’t alone

11 April 2018 Vermont’s Christine Hallquist Is Making History As The First Transgender Candidate For Governor

10 April 2018 Nation’s Largest Medical Association Denounces Trump’s Transgender Military Policy

10 April 2018 Shut Out of Malaysia’s Health-Care System, the Transgender Community Seeks Medical Refuge in Thailand

9 April 2018 Transgender Runners Can Compete in the Boston Marathon as Their Self-Identified Gender, Organizers Affirm

9 April 2018 A Resounding Victory for Equality

5 April 2018 Bob Dylan Sings About Gay Love

5 April 2018 Sasha Wall is the 8th Known Transgender Person Murdered This Year

5 April 2018 Confused About Gender Fluidity? It’s More Common Than You Might Realize

5 April 2018 How Being Plus Size Affects Presenting As Non-Binary

5 April 2018 Trailblazing Transgender Orthodox Jew Speaks At Williams College

5 April 2018 Pune all set to host ‘Out and Loud’ international Queer film festival

5 April 2018 Bob Dylan Sings About Gay Love

4 April 2018 US court grants rights to transgender people in Puerto Rico

4 April 2018 French Olympic gold medalist comes out as transgender

4 April 2018 Costa Rica’s Carlos Alvarado Wins Presidency On Pro-Gay Marriage Platform

4 April 2018 Transgender raped, tortured in Khanewal

3 April 2018 Malaysian university holds contest to convert gay students

3 April 2018 Gay and Single? Bisexual? Transgender? The 2020 Census Still Erases You

3 April 2018 Trans representation is matter of life and death

3 April 2018 HRC Mourns Sasha Wall, A Transgender Woman Murdered in South Carolina

3 April 2018 Trump limits transgender troops from serving in the military

3 April 2018 Indonesian man and transgender woman could be caned 100 times for ‘having gay sex’

16 March 2018 Meet Lee Serrano, a Non-Binary Highschool Character Appearing in Today’s Supergirl (Spoilers)

1 January 2018 Today Ruism (Confucianism) Can Unconditionally Support Same-Sex Marriage

1 January 2018 How Young Consumers (And Employees) Are Driving Gender Inclusivity

18 November 2017 Metropolitan Community Church Illiana hosting Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil Nov. 20 (Indiana, USA)

11 October 2017 Bradford City’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) fans’ group joins Queer Football Fans network

4 October 2017 7 suspended in wake of attack on transgender student (VIDEO)

2 October 2017 CPI(M)’s youth wing opens doors for transgenders

6 August 2017 Behind the Headlines: The issues impacting LGBTQ people of African descent (Missouri, USA)

31 July 2017 Troy Perry makes a visit (Texas, USA)

17 July 2017 Past time for Scott to honor vow to act against LGBT discrimination (Florida, USA)

21 June 2017 New York’s L.G.B.T.Q. Story Began Well Before Stonewall (New York, USA)

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