18 June 2020 US Supreme Court Outlaws Employment Discrimination against LGBTQ+ People

27 Apr 2020 UNAIDS and MPact are extremely concerned about reports that LGBTI people are being blamed and abused during the COVID-19 outbreak

26 Apr 2020 Virtual meet-ups available for LGBTQ students to connect (Canada)

26 Apr 2020 Dozens of Gay Men Are Outed in Morocco as Photos Are Spread Online

26 Apr 2020 Lesbian Visibility Day Is a Time to Defend, Uplift, and Strategize

25 Apr 2020 Two transgender women found burned to death in Puerto Rico

24 Apr 2020 Finland celebrates first same-sex couples adopting children

24 Apr 2020 1 in 5 Russians want gays and lesbians ‘eliminated,’ survey finds

23 Apr 2020 UK moves to ban trans youth from getting gender-affirming health care

21 Apr 2020 London Fashion Week to go gender-neutral (UK)

17 Apr 2020 One Pride will be going ahead in June… in China

17 Apr 2020 Phyllis Lyon, feminist and gay-rights advocate, 1924-2020 (USA)

16 Apr 2020 Amnesty Slams ‘Offensive’ Against Human Rights In Eastern Europe, Central Asia

15 Apr 2020 HRC Mourns Johanna Metzger, Trans Woman Killed in Baltimore (USA)

15 Apr 2020 The psychological impact of social distancing on Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diverse populations (UK)

15 Apr 2020 Federal Lawsuit Challenges Idaho’s Transgender Sports Ban (USA)

15 Apr 2020 Keeping HIV treatment available in Pakistan during COVID-19

15 Apr 2020 Same-sex couples in Bosnia may soon win partnership rights

15 Apr 2020 COVID-19 LGBTQs, minorities disproportionately affected (USA)

14 Apr 2020 More Americans OK with businesses not serving gays based on religion, survey finds

14 Apr 2020 Virtual vigil for transgender woman killed in Baltimore (USA)

13 Apr 2020 Virginia governor signs LGBTQ nondiscrimination measure into law (USA)

13 Apr 2020 Supporting Transgender Youth During COVID-19 Pandemic

10 Apr 2020 Manchester Pride holds virtual conference to bring LGBTQ people together (United Kingdom)

9 Apr 2020 Lesbian pioneer Phyllis Lyon dies (USA)

9 Apr 2020 Police will not bring murder charges in case of transgender woman burned to death (Indonesia)

7 Apr 2020 First Day is Australia’s first TV show about a transgender child

6 Apr 2020 Top Americas court finds Peru responsible for torture of trans woman

6 Apr 2020 Supporting transgender people during the COVID-19 pandemic (Indonesia)

3 Apr 2020 Uganda LGBT Shelter Residents Arrested on COVID-19 Pretext

3 Apr 2020 Hungary Seeks to Ban Legal Gender Recognition for Transgender People

3 Apr 2020 Miami Beach LGBTQ community icon dies of coronavirus (USA)

2 Apr 2020 Lack of Shelter Beds in New York Leaves LGBTQ Youth At Risk During Pandemic (USA)

2 Apr 2020 Judge with long history of opposing LGBT rights appointed chief justice of Hong Kong’s highest court

2 Apr 2020 Panama’s Gender-Based Quarantine Ensnares Trans Woman

2 Apr 2020 International Transgender Day of Visibility celebrated with a special message on social distancing (India)

2 Apr 2020 FDA Further Loosens Gay Blood Ban, But Restrictions Remain (USA)

2 Apr 2020 Corona Heroes: The Transgenders Of Gujarat Are Feeding The Needy In Slums Amid COVID-19 Crisis (India)

1 Apr 2020 Queer festivals, drag performances and LGBTQ meetups turn digital (USA)

31 Mar 2020 Transgender Day of Visibility (TDOV) in a world in lockdown (Australia)

30 Mar 2020 Anti-LGBTQ hate groups on the rise in U.S., report warns

30 Mar 2020 Idaho Governor Signs The Nation’s Most Anti-Transgender Measures Into Law (USA)

30 Mar 2020 Singapore court rejects bid to overturn gay sex marriage ban

28 Mar 2020 Transgender Woman Fatally Stabbed in Harlem: NYPD (USA)

28 Mar 2020 An Iraqi cleric has blamed the global coronavirus pandemic on the legalisation of same-sex marriage

27 Mar 2020 The Muslim Mission of Ghana has used national prayers during coronavirus lockdown to blame the pandemic on “transgender and lesbianism”

27 Mar 2020 Court strikes down ban and makes Prides legal in Turkey’s capital

27 Mar 2020 Star of Marvel’s Immortal Hulk comes out as trans, proving once again the comics are more inclusive than the films (USA)

27 Mar 2020 Lesbians Who Tech Launches Online Series in Response to COVID (USA)

25 Mar 2020 Health-Care Access Was Already Hard For Trans Canadians. Then COVID-19 Came.

25 Mar 2020 Pakistan Official Supports Transgender Community Amid COVID-19

25 Mar 2020 First non-binary BBC presenter launches Validation Station for trans people stuck at home during coronavirus lockdown (UK)

24 Mar 2020 India’s first trans pilot banned from flying for six months after gender dysphoria diagnosis

24 Mar 2020 New ABC kids drama about a transgender schoolgirl (USA)

23 Mar 2020 Trans people are seeing surgeries cancelled and healthcare deemed ‘non-essential’ during coronavirus (UK)

22 Mar 2020 Two Men Arrested For Brutally Stabbing A Transgender To Death (India)

20 Mar 2020 Andorra, One of World’s Smallest Countries, to Pass Marriage Equality

20 Mar 2020 An Opera Singer Goes From Tenor to Soprano, and Her Career Takes Off (Argentina)

20 Mar 2020 HRC Mourns Monika Diamond, Black Trans Woman Killed in North Carolina (USA)

20 Mar 2020 Do you need to take PrEP every day if you’re self-isolating because of coronavirus? (UK)

19 Mar 2020 Marriage equality is responsible for coronavirus according to Christian pastor (USA)

19 Mar 2020 5 Real-Life People Explain Gender Identity Vs. Gender Expression & How Gender Changes Over Time

19 Mar 2020 Good Company: Equipment Launches Gender-Fluid Collection (USA)

19 Mar 2020 Marvel Comics Debuts Its First Non-Binary Superhero, Named ‘Snowflake’ (USA)

18 Mar 2020 Trans People Experience A New ‘Sense Of Isolation’ During Social Distancing (USA)

18 Mar 2020 In A First For India, Manipur Gets All Transgender Football Team

18 Mar 2020 Czech Activists Bang Their Heads Against ‘Rainbow Wall’

17 Mar 2020 Over 140 LGBTQ couples marry in mass wedding in Mexico City

17 Mar 2020 Transgender pastor defies Hong Kong court to conduct same-sex marriages 

17 Mar 2020 Argentine television gets its first transgender news anchor

17 Mar 2020 People with HIV should not have a higher coronavirus risk if they take viral-suppressing drugs as usual, but many may struggle to get hold of medication (Australia)

16 Mar 2020 Transgender adults question gender identity before age 7, study finds (USA)

13 Mar 2020 Disney promises LGBT ‘commitment’: ‘We want to represent our audience’ (USA)

13 Mar 2020 AIDS fighters in Kenya recognize trans people as at-risk

13 Mar 2020 A British court ruling may change laws for LGBT+ people around the world

13 Mar 2020 World’s best dad invents special line of swimwear for his transgender daughter (Canada)

12 Mar 2020 Salvadoran police face trial for murder of trans woman deported from US

12 Mar 2020 Group of 40 companies oppose legislation targeting transgender youth (USA)

11 Mar 2020 UK appeals court rejects gender neutral passports

11 Mar 2020 Tatler Becomes First Russian Magazine to Feature Trans Woman on Cover

11 Mar 2020 HIV Services Lag for Transgender Women (USA)

11 Mar 2020 Transgender man killed in Puerto Rico, then misgendered by police and the media

11 Mar 2020 Alabama, Arizona bills targeting transgender youth spark state-targeted boycotts, divestments (USA)

11 Mar 2020 Transgender Mexican wins international beauty contest (Thailand)

11 Mar 2020 Trans and non-binary Canadians report having unmet health care needs

10 Mar 2020 If the bill becomes law, doctors could face 10 years in prison for prescribing puberty blockers to (USA)

9 Mar 2020 This salon gave makeover to transgender women on Women’s Day (India)

9 Mar 2020 El Salvador’s Justice System Takes on a Historic Case

8 Mar 2020 9 Women Who Changed The World For LGBTQ+ People

8 Mar 2020 International Women’s Day reminds us that gender equality benefits us all (UK)

7 Mar 2020 Pete Buttigieg won’t be president in 2020, but his campaign changed the game for LGBTQ Americans

7 Mar 2020 Glamour and equality in Thailand at world’s top transgender pageant

7 Mar 2020 Australian physicians reject need for inquiry into transgender treatment

6 Mar 2020 Insurers to ‘assess’ moves after regulators clear LGBT partners as beneficiaries (Philippines)

4 Mar 2020 A Hong Kong court ruled that banning same-sex couples from public housing is unlawful

3 Mar 2020 Putin submits plan to ban same-sex marriage in Russia’s constitution

2 Mar 2020 US Medical Schools Increase LGBTQ Students, Doctor Training

2 Mar 2020 Israeli high court extends surrogacy right to same sex couples

2 Mar 2020 Transgender South Africans risk their lives for (self-)affirmation

1 Mar 2020 London to hold the ‘world’s first’ Muslim gay and transgender event (UK)

1 Mar 2020 Same-sex marriage turns three in Finland: “You can be religious and LGBT”

1 Mar 2020 25 wedding photos show the very first LGBT couples to marry in their countries and the stories behind them

29 Feb 2020 The LGBTQ have a right to association – Director, Amnesty Ghana

29 Feb 2020 Pressure to keep up: status imbalance a major factor in stress in gay men

28 Feb 2020 Transgender voters may be unable to vote in this year’s presidential election (USA)

28 Feb 2020 Delhi’s maiden LGBTQI job fair was only the first step towards workplace diversity (India)

28 Feb 2020 The Fight for LGBT Rights in Vietnam Still Has a Long Way To Go

26 Feb 2020 10 Black gay YouTubers & LGBTQ vloggers who are bringing queer color to the small screen

26 Feb 2020 A third gender option could soon be available on all US passports

26 Feb 2020 Israel Approves Allowing Transgender People to Change Gender on IDs Without Surgery

25 Feb 2020 A new kind of anti-trans legislation is hitting the red states (USA)

24 Feb 2020 Homeless transgender woman brutally murdered in Puerto Rico

23 Feb 2020 Disney-Pixar’s Animated Film, ‘Onward’ Will Feature First LGBTQ Character (USA)

23 Feb 2020 Case study explores needs of transgender-identified senior citizens (USA)

22 Feb 2020 The Harlem Renaissance was as Queer as it was Black (USA)

21 Feb 2020 Gray Ellis wants to be the first trans man to be a state senator in the U.S.

21 Feb 2020 Indonesian bill calls for LGBTI people to report for “rehabilitation”

20 Feb 2020 Half of transgender youth avoid disclosing gender identity to healthcare providers (USA)

19 Feb 2020 Texas GOP Proposes Banning Treatment for Trans Kids (USA)

19 Feb 2020 Ohio Republicans introduce bill to deny gender-affirming health care to trans youth (USA)

19 Feb 2020 Arizona House committee approves bill barring transgender females from women’s sports (USA)

19 Feb 2020 Should your email say if you’re he, she or they?

18 Feb 2020 Queer couples in Peru tie the knot in symbolic Valentine’s Day ceremony to protest ban on equal marriage

17 Feb 2020 Trans 101 breaks down transgender stereotypes (USA)

17 Feb 2020 Trans woman makes history representing Pakistan at United Nations

17 Feb 2020 Transgender woman wants apology from gov’t over forced sterilization (Netherlands)

16 Feb 2020 Same-sex couples fight civil union rights (Thailand)

15 Feb 2020 One In Three Black Trans Youth Attempt Suicide (USA)

14 Feb 2020 Dictator Putin Vows to Never Allow Same-Sex Marriage in Russia

13 Feb 2020 Transgender Americans are more likely to be unemployed and poor

12 Feb 2020 The UK’s first ever Muslim LGBTQ Pride event is happening this year

12 Feb 2020 Transgender Hondurans with HIV face uncertain future

12 Feb 2020 LGBTQ-phobic attacks increased by 36% in Israel in past year – report

12 Feb 2020 The Australian compares trans people to coronavirus epidemic

11 feb 2020 History made as first same-sex marriage takes place in Northern Ireland

11 Feb 2020 Healing Masculine podcast bridges the queer and heteronormative (USA)

11 Feb 2020 Trans erasure in our midst (USA)

11 Feb 2020 South Dakota Senate rejects ban on transgender treatment for minors (USA)

8 Feb 2020 Switzerland votes in favour of LGBT protection bill

8 Feb 2020 Billy Porter reads Trump, but also gives us hope, in LGBTQ State of the Union address (USA)

7 Feb 2020 The First Gay-Inclusive Jobs Report Points To Greater Equality (USA)

7 Feb 2020 Respect, don’t fear us, says transgender group (India)

6 Feb 2020 “Born to Be” documentary gives a humanizing look into the world of transgender medicine (USA)

6 Feb 2020 Virginia poised to become first Southern state banning LGBT discrimination (USA)

5 Feb 2020 Yucatan judge dismisses same-sex marriage activists for not proving they are gay (Mexico)

5 feb 2020 Anti-gay hate on the rise in parts of Europe, report finds

5 Feb 2020 A Starbucks ad that matters: Coffee brand shows how important names are for trans people (UK)

5 Feb 2020 California posthumously pardons gay civil rights leader in new initiative (USA)

5 Feb 2020 Gene variants provide insight into brain, body incongruence in transgender (USA)

5 Feb 2020 The Long Road to a Trans Flag Emoji, and Why It Matters

4 Feb 2020 What it’s Like Being Non-Binary in India, Where Everyone Uses Gendered Pronouns

4 Feb 2020 Saudi Police Arrests Malaysian Transgender Celebrity, Deports Her After Visiting Mecca

4 Feb 2020 The Trans Actors Challenging Outmoded Ideas of Masculinity (USA)

4 Feb 2020 Advocates tracking over 200 active state bills targeting LGBTQ Americans

4 Feb 2020 (Video) Pastora gay: ‘En la Biblia no hay familias tradicionales” (Costa Rica)

3 Feb 2020 Manitoba Human Rights Board Orders Recognition of Non-Binary Sex Designation on Manitoba Birth Certificates (Canada)

3 Feb 2020 Brooklyn park to be renamed after trans activist Marsha P. Johnson (USA)

2 Feb 2020 Super Bowl 2020 will make LGBT history with rainbows, sparkle, drag (USA)

1 Feb 2020 It’s LGBT History Month in the UK! Here are some notable historic moments from the past decade…

1 Feb 2020 HRC Marks Black History Month and Celebrates Black LGBTQ Leaders (USA)

1 Feb 2020 For transgender people in rural China, derision, scorn and rejection are a daily reality

1 Feb 2020 Sookmyung Women’s University accepts transgender student (Korea)

31 Jan 2020 Northern Ireland transgender civil servant receives award for supporting LGBT colleagues (UK)

31 Jan 2020 ICE Closes The Only Transgender Migrant Detention Unit in the U.S.

31 Jan 2020 End the War Against Transgender Student Athletes (USA)

31 Jan 2020 How Medicare for All Could Improve—and Save—the Lives of Transgender People (USA)

30 Jan 2020 Brazil Recorded 124 Murders of Transgender People in 2019

29 Jan 2020 The Philadelphia Bar Association is hosting a Legal Name Change clinic for the Transgender community (USA)

28 Jan 2020 AMA Foundation Launches New Initiative to Address LGBTQ Health Disparities (USA)

28 Jan 2020 Feds Strip ‘Sexual Orientation’ From Ethics Guide And Say, Stop Worrying (USA)

28 Jan 2020 Transgender Children Development Consistent with Current Gender, Not Sex Assigned at Birth (USA)

28 Jan 2020 Plea in Kerala High Court seeks recognition for same-sex marriages (India)

27 Jan 2020 ‘Laughing stock’: letter from clergy attacks Church of England’s guidance on sex

26 Jan 2020 Don’t leave out the Q: study concludes the term queer is a ‘distinct’ sexuality (USA)

25 Jan 2020 Support for LGBT+ rights soaring in the Czech Republic with two-thirds backing marriage equality

25 Jan 2020 Connecticut to allow non-binary gender option on licenses (USA)

25 Jan 2020 Man sentenced to life in prison for transgender wife’s death (USA)

24 Jan 2020 Church of England says that married gay couples should be abstinent

24 Jan 2020 Puberty blockers linked to lower suicide risk for transgender people (USA)

23 Jan 2020 Church of England: Sex Is OK Only in Heterosexual Marriage

22 Jan 2020 S African wedding venue refuses to marry lesbian couple

22 Jan 2020 S Korean military decides to discharge transgender soldier

21 Jan 2020 Ecuador’s LGBT+ community seen suffering deadliest year in a decade

21 Jan 2020 Legal defense citing ‘gay and transgender panic’ banned in New Jersey (USA)

21 Jan 2020 Va. Senate votes to prohibit conversion therapy, create transgender school policy, repeal gay marriage ban (USA)

20 Jan 2020 Pakistan expands health insurance for trans people

20 Jan 2020 First murder of transgender woman in El Salvador this year reported

20 Jan 2020 Do transgender athletes have an unfair advantage?

20 Jan 2020 Lawmakers in the US Unleash Barrage of Anti-Transgender Bills

20 Jan 2020 How Genderless Fashion Changed the 2010s — And Will Come to Dominate the Next Decade

18 Jan 2020 Transgender in Iran: Soon you’ll read the news of my suicide

18 Jan 2020 San Francisco Opens The First Housing Program For Transgender & Gender Nonconforming Adults (USA)

18 Jan 2020 LGBTI homelessness: Auckland’s most vulnerable rough sleepers (New Zealand)

18 Jan 2020 South Korea to decide fate of first transgender soldier

17 Jan 2020 After 32 Month Delay, 7th Circuit Affirms Equal Rights for Same-Sex Parents (USA)

16 Jan 2020 Swaziland Refuses to Register LGBTIQ Human Rights Group Because It Is ‘Annoying’

16 Jan 2020 Chilean Congress takes tentative step toward marriage equality

15 Jan 2020 Guatemala swears in homophobic new president who’s staunchly against marriage equality and LGBT rights

15 Jan 2020 Tennessee lawmakers OK bill allowing adoption agencies to deny gay couples (USA)

15 Jan 2020 Being transgender in Ghana: The story of Ohemartin

15 Jan 2020 European Court of Human Rights takes up case of Georgian transgender man

15 Jan 2020 Pending State Bills Propose To Limit The Ability Of Transgender Student-Athletes To Compete (USA)

13 Jan 2020 In Debate Over PrEP, Researchers Raise Questions About Benefit vs Value

13 Jan 2020 Transgender employees sue Florida over state’s trans health care ban (USA)

13 Jan 2020 Lawmakers to call on ICE to release all transgender detainees (USA)

13 Jan 2020 Same-sex marriage now legal in Northern Ireland (UK)

12 Jan 2020 Illinois Updating Birth Certificates For Transgender Dads (USA)

12 Jan 2020 British Military Marks 20 Years Since Lifting Of Ban On Gay Personnel (UK)

10 Jan 2020 Gay refugees in Kenya report repeated attacks from locals

10 Jan 2020 28-Year-Old South African Transgender Activist Who Won Historic 2017 Discrimination Lawsuit Found Dead In Her Home

10 Jan 2020 Transgender teen has right to transition despite father’s opposition, B.C.’s appeal court rules (Canada)

8 Jan 2020 Indiana Republicans have introduced two bills targeting transgender & non-binary people (USA)

8 Jan 2020 Trailblazing new dating app giving priority to transgender people launches in India

8 Jan 2020 Georgia Lawmaker’s 1st Filed Bill Would Allow Athletic Orgs To Ban Transgender Students (USA)

8 Jan 2020 Tennessee bill targets transgender athletes, requires playing on teams that match birth sex (USA)

8 Jan 2020 Organization transforms wardrobes for transgender children (USA)

7 Jan 2020 These 12 schools will be first in NJ to teach LGBTQcurriculum (USA)

7 Jan 2020 Philippines Supreme Court rules against marriage equality “with finality”

7 Jan 2020 Az lawmaker targets transgender kids with new bills (USA)

7 Jan 2020 Waltham Study: Possible Breakthrough For Transgender Families (USA)

6 Jan 2020 Historic Transgender Rights Laws Take Effect in Chile

3 Jan 2020 Taiwan tops other Asian countries in gender equality: GEC

3 Jan 2020 Methodist church plans to split over gay marriage, clergy: church officials (USA)

3 Jan 2020 Pakistan takes serious steps towards ending discrimination by extending free healthcare to trans people

3 Jan 2020 Delhi: Women, members of transgender, queer communities take out protest march against CAA (India)

3 Jan 2020 Transgender community activist shot, killed: Police (USA)

24 Dec 2019 Queermas: Gay community in Kenya to celebrate special version of Christmas

23 Dec 2019 American Airlines Introduces Non-Binary Gender Options (USA)

23 Dec 2019 Controversial Vancouver activist, Jamie Lee Hamilton, dies at 64 (Canada)

23 Dec 2019 Overwhelming evidence found that discrimination hurts LGBTQ people’s health

23 Dec 2019 2019 in review: A roller coaster ride for women’s rights and gender equality around the world

23 Dec 2019 A Test for Foreign Teachers in Indonesia: Are You Gay?

21 Dec 2019 U.K. Voter Reform Plans Could Prevent Trans People From Voting

20 Dec 2019 China hints it may open the door to same-sex marriage

20 Dec 2019 Trans Woman Yahira Nesby Murdered in Brooklyn (USA)

19 Dec 2019 The LGBTQ Rights We Gained—and Then Lost—This Decade (USA)

19 Dec 2019 Pentagon ordered to turn over documents cited in decision to ban transgender service members (USA)

19 Dec 2019 Sark becomes the last place in the British Isles to legalise same-sex marriage

18 Dec 2019 Germany’s Cabinet approves ban on gay, transgender ‘conversion therapy’

18 Dec 2019 Lifelong LGBT advocate Lady Hale announces retirement from Supreme Court (UK)

17 Dec 2019 Colombia: Bogotá’s first female mayor marries same-sex partner

17 Dec 2019 Trans reforms will not diminish cis women’s rights, says Holyrood (UK)

16 Dec 2019 Church of England votes against gay marriage report

16 Dec 2019 European Court of Human Rights accepts Russian case on transgender parenting that will set precedent for 47 countries

16 Dec 2019 Did Russia Register Its First Transgender Marriage?

16 Dec 2019 Transgender homeless Americans find few protections in the law

15 Dec 2019 Members of Kenyan Gay Community Hoist Rainbow Flagat the Peak of Mt Kenya

15 Dec 2019 Justin Trudeau moves forward with ban on LGBT+ conversion therapy across Canada

15 Dec 2019 Best 24 LGBTQ books of 2019, according to Lambda Literary (US)

14 Dec 2019 Argentine President’s drag queen son wore pride flag in the inauguaration and this is why it is important

13 Dec 2019 Germany‘s Social Democrats, Greens press for same-sex marriage

12 Dec 2019 Transgender Latina makes history as Evangelical Lutheran pastor (USA)

12 Dec 2019 24 short films entries for second edition of transgender film festival (India)

11 Dec 2019 First men go on trial under Nigeria’s anti-homosexuality laws

11 Dec 2019 School In Chile For Transgender Children Seeks To Provide New Vision For Equality

11 Dec 2019 Transgender problem in Malaysia exposes our bigotry and hypocrisy

10 Dec 2019 Facebook pressed to drop ads claiming PrEP is unsafe (USA)

10 Dec 2019 Slovenia allows same-sex marriage, but not adoption

10 Dec 2019 Merriam-Webster: Non-binary pronoun ‘they’ is word of year (UK)

9 Dec 2019 Why ‘Out Magazine’ Is Focusing Attention On The Deaths Of Transgender Women Of Color (USA)

9 Dec 2019 LGBTQ faces discrimination in workplace, says CCHR report (Cambodia)

9 Dec 2019 Miss Universe celebrates its first openly gay contestant (Myanmar)

9 Dec 2019 Pioneering testicle transplant raises hopes of future surgery for transgender men (Serbia)

9 Dec 2019 Landmark Transgender Discrimination Case Opens in East China

7 Dec 2019 Archbishop of Canterbury‘s fails to end gay marriage rift (UK)

6 Dec 2019 Mum threatened for letting gender neutral child be a mini drag queen (UK)

5 Dec 2019 Howard Cruse, ‘godfather of queer comics,’ dies at 75

5 Dec 2019 Gay Couple Marries In Portugal To Protest Israel’s Marriage Law

5 Dec 2019 Philippines president appoints transgender woman to government

4 Dec 2019 BBC Radio 1 To Put First Nonbinary Presenter On Air (UK)

3 Dec 2019 Transgender no longer recognised as ‘disorder‘ by WHO

3 Dec 2019 Trump-Pence Administration Joins Hungary and Brazil to Bring Together Anti-LGBTQ Activists (USA)

3 Dec 2019 To Be Transgender in Tunisia Is Life Threatening

3 Dec 2019 Ireland to simplify process for transgender 16- and 17-year-olds to change legal gender

2 Dec 2019 Russian trans woman sentenced to likely fatal three years in prison for posting manga on social media

2 Dec 2019 The Trump administration is erasing transgender people from government websites (USA)

1 Dec 2019 Archbishop of Canterbury BANS gay bishops from bringing partners to conference (UK)

1 Dec 2019 Rajasthan’s First Ever Transgender Football Match Held In Jaipur (India)

1 Dec 2019 Transgender-rights bill angers activists (India)

30 Nov 2019 Hungary pulls out of Eurovision, allegedly due to homosexuality and LGBTQ representation

30 Nov 2019 Utah to Ban Conversion Therapy for LGBT Youth (USA)

29 Nov 2019 Nine out of 10 trans inmates are in the wrong prison for their gender (UK)

29 Nov 2019 Inspired By Supreme Court Of India, Zimbabwe HC Delivers Landmark Judgment Denouncing Discrimination Against Transgenders

28 Nov 2019 ‘Stronger Together’ – Birmingham Pride 2020 to honour 331 transgender people murdered this year (UK)

28 Nov 2019 One hair salon in Pakistan is changing the perception on transgenders

27 Nov 2019 A gay criminal case could help bring marriage equality to American Samoa

27 Nov 2019 Transgender people in China fight to improve conditions despite grim circumstances

27 Nov 2019 One in 20 weddings same-sex couples (Australia)

25 Nov 2019 Haiti: Activists demand probe of sudden death of LGBTQ rights defender

25 Nov 2019 Same-Sex Couples Sue For The Right To Marry In Japan

25 Nov 2019 N.J. could be 9th state to ban ‘gay panic’ and ‘trans panic’ defenses in murder cases (USA)

25 Nov 2019 20 Most Dangerous Places For Gay Travelers (And The 5 Safest)

25 Nov 2019 A lesbian widow was denied Social Security survivor benefits (USA)

24 Nov 2019 Gay married couple sues after Canadian-born daughter denied U.S. citizenship

24 Nov 2019 Anti-LGBTQ hate crimes in El Salvador on the rise

24 Nov 2019 Ukraine police protect trans rights parade from repeat of violence as right-wing protesters pelt eggs at participants

24 Nov 2019 Indonesia bans pregnant, LGBT job hunters

24 Nov 2019 New podcast looks into transgender deaths in Australia

23 Nov 2019 Malawians conflicted over LGBT+ rights, tolerance, research finds

23 Nov 2019 Anchorage faith-based shelter fights to keep out transgender women (USA)

23 Nov 2019 Boulder County pastor becomes Lutheran denomination’s first transgender clergy member of color (USA)

22 Nov 2019 ‘Frightening’ online transphobia has real-life consequences, advocates say (USA)

22 Nov 2019 Trans racer looks to break barriers at 24 Hours of Le Mans (France)

22 Nov 2019 WATCH: Sprite airs pro-LGBTQ Pride advert in Argentina

22 Nov 2019 Increased stress may influence higher prevalence of type 1 diabetes among transgender youths (USA)

22 Nov 2019 Why Genderless Fashion Is the Future (UK)

21 Nov 2019 Vogue cover features transgender ‘muxe’ from Mexico for the first time

21 Nov 2019 Kapampangan among 1st transgender CEB flight attendants (Philippines)

20 Nov 2019 AMA announces new policies on conversion therapy, transgender EHR practices (USA)

20 Nov 2019 Iran, Qatar, KSA, West Bank, Gaza among most dangerous for LGBTQ tourists

20 Nov 2019 The Trans Obituaries Project: Honoring the Trans Women of Color Lost in 2019 (USA)

20 Nov 2019 Transgender people face years of waiting with NHS under strain (UK)

20 Nov 2019 Guns are responsible for nearly ¾ of the killings of transgender people since 2017, data shows (USA)

19 Nov 2019 From ultra-Orthodox rabbi to openly transgender: Abby Stein shares her story (USA)

18 Nov 2019 Gay dads in Israel asked by government agent, ‘Who is the mother?’

18 Nov 2019 Zimbabwe judge issues landmark transgender rights ruling

18 Nov 2019 Leading U.S. transgender rights group sees mass employee exodus (USA)

18 Nov 2019 Scientists Have Carried Out the Biggest Ever Study on Transgender Children – Here’s What They Found

18 Mov 2019 Murdered, Hanged And Lynched: 331 Trans People Killed This Year

17 Nov 2019 Researchers look into employment experiences of transgender people (Australia)

15 Nov 2019 Meet the seven trans and non-binary people running for parliament in the UK general election

14 Nov 2019 Meet the gaming world’s first transgender hero (France)

14 Nov 2019 Suicide rates fall after gay marriage legalised in Sweden and Denmark

13 Nov 2019 Transgender woman to sail solo around the world in record-breaking journey

13 Nov 2019 Transgender Awareness Week starts today. Here’s what you should know (USA)

13 Nov 2019 In South Korea, LGBT activists push for marriage equality

12 Nov 2019 Uganda charges 67 people after raid of LGBTQ-friendly bar

12 Nov 2019 LGBTQ acceptance grew globally over past four decades — but not everywhere

12 Nov 2019 South Africa Opens Its First Transgender Healthcare Facility

12 Nov 2019 Mourning Four Texas Victims on Transgender Day of Remembrance 2019 (USA)

12 Nov 2019 The power of transgender visibility in Jamaica

12 Nov 2019 Festival Centers On Queer And Transgender Artists Of Color (USA)

12 Nov 2019 Latinos and transgender people see big increases in hate crimes, FBI reports (USA)

11 Nov 2019 Ontario group to honour LGBTQ veterans in Remembrance Day ceremony (Canada)

11 Nov 2019 Labour selects teacher and first non-binary parliamentary candidate to contest Richmond seat (UK)

10 Nov 2019 Four organizations urge Turkey to release college students, staff on trial for attending Pride

10 Nov 2019 Angry parents protest LGBTQ books in Virginia classrooms (USA)

10 Nov 2019 This All Trans Hockey Team Just Had Their First Match (USA)

10 Nov 2019 Indian Transgender Organisation Seeks Ban on ‘Normalising’ Sex Change Surgery on Minors

10 Nov 2019 The Australian media’s portrayal of trans people is a betrayal of their human right

10 Nov 2019 Body of missing Salvadoran trans activist found

9 Nov 2019 The American Psychological Association now requires researchers to use ‘they’ for non-binary people (USA)

9 Nov 2019 Fear in Uganda’s Gay Community after Death Penalty Threat, Arrests

8 Nov 2019 Rite Turn: ‘First Baptism’ For Transgender Man In Montenegro’s Serbian Orthodox Church

8 Nov 2019 Being Trans in Ukraine

8 Nov 2019 Mastercard to Offer Cards Aimed at Transgender and Nonbinary People (USA)

7 Nov 2019 In the Kiki Ballroom Scene, Queer Kids of Color Can Be Themselves (USA)

7 Nov 2019 Six gay men will be imprisoned, fined & whipped for ‘attempting’ gay intercourse (Malaysia)

7 Nov 2019 Gov’t ordered to legalise gay unions (Cayman Islands)

7 Nov 2019 LGBTQ Characters on U.S. Television at All Time High

7 Nov 2019 ‘Non-binary’ has now been added to the dictionary (UK)

6 Nov 2019 Panamanians Protest Proposed Ban on Marriage Equality

6 Nov 2019 At Least 100 LGBTQ Candidates Win Elections as Rainbow Wave Continues (USA)

5 Nov 2019 Twin Boys Refused By Daycare Because Their Dads Are Gay (Switzerland)

5 Nov 2019 HRC Foundation Launches Leadership Program for Black and Latinx Trans Women and Non-Binary People (USA)

5 Nov 2019 SF Transgender Film Festival brings trans artists exposure (USA)

5 Nov 2019 Europe’s first transgender road crossing has been unveiled in Holland

5 Nov 2019 Danica Roem, first transgender lawmaker, reelected in Virginia (USA)

5 Nov 2019 Higher education schools have autonomy to invite LGBTQ speakers, performers on campus: Indranee Rajah (Singapore)

5 Nov 2019 A transgender woman used the women’s locker room at a N.H. Planet Fitness. Then a man threatened to kill her, court finds. (USA)

4 Nov 2019 Straight Man Is Gay-Bashed for Holding Pink Dog Carrier in Serbia

4 Nov 2019 Ireland to List Both Same-Sex Parents on Child’s Birth Certificate

4 Nov 2019 FB message suggesting transgender woman should be ‘raped without mercy’ causes outrage (Malta)

4 Nov 2019 Sculpture honoring transgender community unveiled at New York City park (USA)

4 Nov 2019 Judaism’s most traditional branch looks to make faith more supportive for LGBTQ members (USA)

4 Nov 2019 Sports contests test new models to give fair play to LGBT+ competitors (UK)

4 Nov 2019 Meet the Chilean actress breaking down barriers for the trans community one performance at a time

4 Nov 2019 “Casa Nem” in Copacabana Is Sanctuary for Rio’s Transgender and LGBT (Brasil)

3 Nov 2019 Vulnerable LGBTQ migrants left to wait in Mexico

3 Nov 2019 What You Need to Know About Trans Awareness Month (USA)

3 Nov 2019 Moving toward a safe space for LGBT at Japan’s universities

2 Nov 2019 Adoption Groups Could Turn Away L.G.B.T. Families Under Proposed Rule (USA)

2 Nov 2019 ‘I Am Woman’: Maltese Magazine Makes History With First Transgendered Cover Model

2 Nov 2019 San Francisco City Hall lit up in trans flag colours for Trans Awareness Month (USA)

1 Nov 2019 The Trump administration just scrapped healthcare protections for LGBT patients (USA)

1 Nov 2019 Gender Recognition Act, healthcare and sex work: What does the UK general election mean for transgender rights?

1 Nov 2019 This short film chronicles the dark history of gay conversion therapy in Ireland

31 Oct 2019 This is why Halloween is so important to trans and gender non-conforming kids (USA)

30 Oct 2019 Gays need medical treatment or spiritual deliverance – Speaker of Parliament (Ghana)

30 Oct 2019 Index Bets on a Path to Higher Returns With Gay-Friendly Firms (USA)

30 Oct 2019 Lopez makes history as Bogotá ‘s first lesbian mayor (Columbia)

30 Oct 2019 A trans woman’s coworkers terrorized her & vandalized the workplace. Her boss fired her. (USA)

30 Oct 2019 At 68, HIV+ transgender activist Noori Saleem is ‘amma’ to 45 children with HIV. This is her inspiring story (India)

30 Oct 2019 Transgender woman murdered in El Salvador capital

29 Oct 2019 Majority of Singaporeans uncomfortable with religious leaders speaking up on LGBT issues: IPS study

29 Oct 2019 Straight Counselor Fired from Catholic School for Defending Fired Gay Co-Workers (USA)

29 Oct 2019 Planned Parenthood of New York City Expands Access to Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy Across NYC (USA)

29 Oct 2019 Almost 30 percent of bisexual women, trans people live in poverty, report finds (USA)

29 Oct 2019 Andy Warhol’s rare portraits of trans women will go on display at London’s Tate Modern (UK)

29 Oct 2019 Skoliosexuality: the sexual orientation that recognizes gender as a spectrum (USA)

29 Oct 2019 Apple introduces non-binary emojis with new set of inclusive faces (USA)

29 Oct 2019 Why support is urgently needed for our trans and non-binary communities (New Zealand)

28 Oct 2019 Ex-gays are going to D.C. to lobby against LGBTQ laws (USA)

28 Oct 2019 Pokemon GO just introduced its first-ever non-binary character

28 Oct 2019 A beacon of hope for LGBT equality (Brasil)

27 Oct 2019 Just like so many other forms of prejudice, transphobia is rooted in dangerous capitalist ideals (UK)

27 Oct 2019 Transgender Love Story Wins Audience Choice Award at CIFF (India)

27 Oct 2019 ‘Taiwan LGBT Pride’ attracts record-breaking 200,000 participants

26 Oct 2019 Apple CEO Tim Cook: There’s ‘Much More’ to Do to Help LGBTQ Youth (USA)

26 Oct 2019 Uganda arrested 16 LGBTQ activists. Here’s where else gay rights are a battleground in the world.

26 Oct 2019 Why Starbucks Expanded Its Transgender Health Benefits (USA)

25 Oct 2019 LGBTQ+ Community Rallies Against Anti-Trans ‘LGB Alliance’ (UK)

25 Oct 2019 Analysis Shows Most States Lack Legal Protections for LGBTQ Workers (USA)

25 Oct 2019 A Study Analyzed 10 Million Online Posts Over 3.5 Years. It Found a Torrent of Transphobic Abuse (USA/UK)

25 Oct 2019 California to start first-in-the-nation training to help transgender voters (USA)

25 Oct 2019 Texas parents battle in court for custody of transgender child (USA)

25 Oct 2019 Know no bounds: 6 non-binary designers pushing fashion forward (Australia)

25 Oct 2019 Transgender people treated ‘inhumanely’ online (UK/US)

24 Oct 2019 Is Drug Addiction Treatment Particular for LGBTQ?

23 Oct 2019 ‘I don’t have to hide’: LGBTQ seniors find comfort in affirming housing facilities (USA)

23 Oct 2019 Taiwan and EU to hold landmark LGBTI conference

23 Oct 2019 The DUP wants religious protections written into law now same-sex marriage has been legalised (UK)

23 Oct 2019 The leader of a homophobic hate group helped ring the New York Stock Exchange bell (USA)

23 Oct 2019 The Uplifting Story of Britain’s First Transgender Vicar

23 Oct 2019 Summit provides resources, highlights needs of trans people of color (USA)

23 Oct 2019 ICE Deleted Surveillance Video Of A Transgender Asylum-Seeker Who Died In Its Custody (USA)

23 Oct 2019 The largest churches in Northern Ireland have said they’re not prepared to carry out same-sex marriages

22 Oct 2019 The UK’s First Chick-fil-A Has Announced Its Closure After Just Eight Days

22 Oct 2019 Black transgender woman, Brianna Hill, shot to death in Kansas City (USA)

22 Oct 2019 Travel Advisors Need to Educate Themselves About Risks for Transgender Clients (UK)

22 Oct 2019 Taiwan’s LGBT communities face backlash to marriage victory

22 Oct 2019 Man convicted in videotaped assault of transgender woman who was later found dead (USA)

21 Oct 2019 ‘What we have in Ireland is not equal’: Same-sex parents call for more legal rights to their children

21 Oct 2019 LGBTQ, Traumatized Homeless Youth More Vulnerable to Being Trafficked, Report Finds (USA)

21 Oct 2019 Butterfly, the new transgender dating app for singles looking to find ‘the one’ (South Africa)

21 Oct 2019 A transgender man’s diaries can help us learn what San Francisco was like decades ago (USA)

21 Oct 2019 FIU Cancer Study Focuses On Vulnerable Latino Transgender Populations In Miami, San Juan (USA)

21 Oct 2019 Conversion therapy: PM concerned about ‘vulnerable’ LGBT youth (New Zealand)

21 Oct 2019 Harappa police book five people for kidnapping and raping a transgender at gunpoint (Pakistan)

21 Oct 2019 Gay theater teacher says she was forced out of Covenant Christian School in Palm Bay (USA)

20 Oct 2019 Study shows people who surgically transition need less mental health help (USA)

20 Oct 2019 Queerbatore’s film festival woos straight audience, creates space for dialogue

20 Oct 2019 Sanitary product brand Always to remove feminine logo to be more inclusive to trans people

20 Oct 2019 ‘Call Her Ganda’ focuses on transgender rights, the Philippines

20 Oct 2019 Why Indians are sharing their pronouns on social media

19 Oct 2019 Georgia Schools Reverse Trans Bathroom Policy As Death Threats Surface (USA)

18 Oct 2019 Costa Rica campaign seeks to bolster marriage equality support

18 Oct 2019 Hong Kong Upholds Ban on Same-Sex Marriage

18 Oct 2019 Period Poverty Affects Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming People, Too (USA)

18 Oct 2019 It’s Official: Gen Z is Rejecting the Gender Binary & the World Needs to Follow Suit (USA)

18 Oct 2019 Slain transgender Kansas City woman is 2nd killed in city, 20th across U.S. in 2019

18 Oct 2019 Hong Kong court turns down first judicial challenge for same-sex marriage but urges government to review policies to avoid legal action arising from discrimination against LGBT people

18 Oct 2019 Demand for transgender awareness courses ‘up 50%’ (UK)

17 Oct 2019 Social media goes purple for Spirit Day to fight bullying of LGBTQ+ youth

17 Oct 2019 Malaysian Transgender Activist Makes It Into BBC’s ‘100 Women Of 2019’ List

17 Oct 2019 What doctors should know to better serve LGBTQ patients (USA)

17 Oct 2019 Federal judge rules ACA protections for transgender individuals violate religious freedom (USA)

17 Oct 2019 Prison Guards Made Fun Of Transgender Inmates And Released Their Medical Info In A Private Facebook Group (USA)

17 Oct 2019 ‘Our children ultimately suffer the most’ — LGBTQ parents in Ireland demanding equal rights

17 Oct 2019 School transgender support guidelines published (UK)

16 Oct 2019 Amid ‘Kill the Gays’ bill uproar, Ugandan LGBTQ activist is killed

16 Oct 2019 Presbyterian Church elder fears ‘witch hunt’ against gay members (Ireland)

16 Oct 2019 Facial recognition AI can’t identify trans and non-binary people (USA)

16 Oct 2019 This International Pronouns Day, Celebrate Why Pronouns Matter (USA)

16 Oct 2019 NHS’s transgender puberty blocker study cleared of wrongdoing after BBC allegations (UK)

16 Oct 2019 Federal Judge Vacates Obama-Era Rule Banning Discrimination Against Transgender Patients (USA)

16 Oct 2019 ‘Please leave us’: Archbishop tells same-sex marriage supporters to abandon Anglican church (Australia)

16 Oct 2019 Anglicans must build a broad church in debate on same sex marriage (Australia)

16 Oct 2019 Taiwan’s Newlywed Same-Sex Couples Prepare for Landmark Pride Parade

15 Oct 2019 San Salvador mayor talks marriage equality in El Salvador during DC trip

15 Oct 2019 India’s HIV-positive trans people find ‘new strength’ in technology

15 Oct 2019 Transphobic hate crimes surge by 37 per cent in just one year, while homophobic hate crimes are up by a quarter (UK)

15 Oct 2019 Transgender councillor elected in Bangladesh first

15 Oct 2019 Hate crimes rise 10 per cent amid surge in anti-gay and transgender attacks (UK)

15 Oct 2019 Human Rights Commission Rules In Favor of Transgender Student (USA)

15 Oct 2019 Federal judge overturns ObamaCare transgender protections (USA)

15 Oct 2019 Apple in LGBTQ Home But Not Queer Media (USA)

15 Oct 2019 LGBT Issues Get a Push From India Firms a Year After Key Ruling

15 Oct 2019 Japan’s LGBT+ progress outpaces politics

15 Oct 2019 AP analysis: Most states lack laws protecting LGBT workers (USA)

15 Oct 2019 Transform goes beyond clothing with a welcoming space for transgender kids (USA)

14 Oct 2019 New legislation protects LGBTQ community from religiously motivated violence but law is ‘same for all’ (Singapore)

14 Oct 2019 LGBTQ adults are 2.5 times more likely to smoke than our cishet counterparts – but why? (UK)

14 Oct 2019 The many ways the LGBTQ community will be disenfranchised by voter ID (UK)

14 Oct 2019 Studies: Suicide attempts high among transgender teens, increasing among black teens (USA)

14 Oct 2019 Police are ‘deadnaming’ transgender murder victims — here’s what that means, and why it makes tracking crimes so much more difficult (USA)

14 Oct 2019 Transman anchors Malayalam news show (India)

13 Oct 2019 Shanmugam on LGBTQ community: Everyone should feel safe in Singapore

13 Oct 2019 Air Canada Will Now Use Gender Neutral Announcements Onboard Flights

13 Oct 2019 Anxiety Over Supreme Court Arguments Casts Shadow On Coming Out Day (USA)

13 Oct 2019 UK transgender charity speaks out amongst claims of detransitioning

13 Oct 2019 Coimbatore hosts LGBT pride parade (India)

12 Oct 2019 October Is LGBT History Month — Here’s Where to Celebrate Around the World

11 Oct 2019 10 Celebs Sending Love to LGBTQ Youth on National Coming Out Day (USA)

11 Oct 2019 HRC Celebrates 31st Annual National Coming Out Day (USA)

11 Oct 2019 Fighting for acceptance and access to medicine in India as a transgender HIV-positive person

11 Oct 2019 SF to provide housing subsidies for low-income transgender, non-gender conforming residents (USA)

11 Oct 2019 American views of transgender people: the impact of politics, personal contact, and religion

11 Oct 2019 One battle won, many left for Mumbai University’s first transgender graduate (India)

10 Oct 2019 This non-binary barber is helping other trans people feel safe in their chair (USA)

10 Oct 2019 PM Scott Morrison believes transgender teens affected by identity politics (Australia)

10 Oct 2019 A new study finds conversion therapy is really bad for trans people. Who could have guessed? (USA)

10 Oct 2019 Gender Identity Isn’t Too Confusing For Your Toddler (Canada)

10 Oct 2019 Highlights From the CNN Equality Town Hall, Where Protesters Took the Spotlight (USA)

10 Oct 2019 How conservative media spread a fake story about transgender kids dying (UK/USA)

10 Oct 2019 Nine U.S. Democratic presidential hopefuls to tackle LGBTQ issues at televised forum

10 Oct 2019 LGBTQ+ Rights In Hong Kong: Evidence Suggests Attitudes Are Changing

9 Oct 2019 A church’s rainbow flag was burnt to cinders in what could be a felony hate crime

9 Oct 2019 Kavanaugh keeps observers guessing in arguments on protections for gay and transgender workers (USA)

9 Oct 2019 Why is transgender community unhappy with Trans Persons Bill? (India)

9 Oct 2019 HRC Mourns Itali Marlowe, Black Transgender Woman Killed in Houston (USA)

9 Oct 2019 It Started at Stonewall: LGBTQ Community’s Fight for Rights, Then and Now (USA)

9 Oct 2019 Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Assume Anyone’s Sexuality Or Gender Identity (USA)

9 Oct 2019 Why hate crimes against trans and non-binary Canadians go underreported

9 Oct 2019 But what we have is not equal’: LGBTQ couple call on Minister to address same-sex parental rights (Ireland)

8 Oct 2019 Florida Judge Overturns Tampa’s Conversion Therapy Ban (USA)

8 Oct 2019 Lucia Lucas Becomes First Transgender Woman To Sing For The English National Opera

8 Oct 2019 Transgender surgery linked with better long-term mental health, study shows (USA)

8 Oct 2019 Transgender Female Athletes Face Hurdles to Acceptance With the Public (USA)

8 Oct 2019 Polish election: Leader targets gay rights as threat to society

7 Oct 2019 The Supreme Court Is About to Hear 3 LGBT Rights Cases That Are Way Bigger than Marriage Equality (USA)

7 Oct 2019 Young animator brings transgender story to DigiCon6 Asia competition (Hong Kong)

7 Oct 2019 Watching for eating disorders in transgender teens (USA)

7 Oct 2019 Transgender Love Story Wins Audience Choice Award at CIFF (Canada)

7 Oct 2019 Remembering transgender pioneer Christine Jorgensen (USA)

7 Oct 2019 American Medical Association Declares Killings Of Trans People An Epidemic

6 Oct 2019 Renewed calls for medicare to cover gender reassignment surgery (Australia)

6 Oct 2019 FDA Approves Descovy For HIV Prevention, But With a Caveat (USA)

4 Oct 2019 Progress yes, but not yet equality for lesbian families in France

4 Oct 2019 Japanese MP makes waves by linking same-sex marriage to revising constitution

4 Oct 2019 Questions about sexual orientation and gender identity dumped from census (Australia)

4 Oct 2019 Bi Visib­il­ity Day shows that support is growing in the bisexual community, but it’s not enough yet

4 Oct 2019 LGBTQ shelter in Kyiv runs out of money, forced to close (Ukraine)

2 Oct 2019 What’s it like to be non-binary in Europe? Euronews spoke to citizens from across the continent

3 Oct 2019 Mormon Leader: Gender Assigned at Birth Is Eternal (USA)

3 Oct 2019 Healthcare challenges faced by transgender people of color (USA)

3 Oct 2019 Exploring non-binary beauty at Dover Street Parfums Market in Paris

2 Oct 2019 New York City is Ending the Ban on Gay Conversion Therapy (USA)

2 Oct 2019 YouTube demonetizing videos where LGBTQ keywords are said

2 Oct 2019 10 Queer Women Who Changed History (USA)

2 Oct 2019 Gay Peruvian congressman resigns

2 Oct 2019 Nearly 100 Trans Advocates Pen Open Letter to Human Rights Campaign (USA)

2 Oct 2019 Elisha Stanley Is Reportedly 19th Trans Person Killed in 2019 (USA)

2 Oct 2019 HIV Exposure Charges Dropped Against ‘Undetectable’ Transgender Woman for Second Time (USA)

2 Oct 2019 Sacked Christian doctor who wouldn’t call transgender woman ‘she’ loses tribunal (UK)

2 Oct 2019 Forum aims to educate about what life is like for transgender, binary, intersex people (USA)

2 Oct 2019 Alaska City Allows Homeless Shelter To Turn Away Transgender Women (USA)

1 Oct 2019 1 in 5 LGBTQ youth identify as other than gay, lesbian or bisexual (USA)

1 Oct 2019 Reports falsely claims thousands of transgender deaths linked to hormones (USA)

1 Oct 2019 Transgender woman arrested in Phoenix and turned over to ICE, raising profiling concerns (USA)

1 Oct 2019 Move over, Disney! Meet the woman leading the LGBT cartoon revolution (USA)

1 Oct 2019 Australia Post releases marriage equality stamps

1 Oct 2019 30 years ago, Denmark led the way with first step towards marriage equality

30 Sep 2019 Pope Meets Pro-LGBTQ Priest Denounced By Conservative Catholics

30 Sep 2019 6 Fall Fashion Tips for Trans Women in Transition (USA)

30 Sep 2019 Florida Trans Woman Beaten, Tied to Minivan, Dragged for Blocks (USA)

30 Sep 2019 Court victory for transgender prisoners (South Africa)

30 Sep 2019 Russian Veterans’ Hospital Bans Transgender Hairstylist From Charity Project

30 Sep 2019 Avon’s first transgender rep reveals how ‘the sisterhood’ helped her with her identity (UK)

30 Sep 2019 New program aims to help schools prevent suicide among LGBTQ students (USA)

29 Sep 2019 All-ages drag show at Denver’s Mile High Comics draws protest (USA)

29 Sep 2019 Polish Gay Pride marchers push past violent counter-protest

28 Sep 2019 Anglican Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador affirms same-sex marriage (Canada)

28 Sep 2019 Thousands of people will be marching in Washington, D.C., and across the nation today. (USA)

28 Sep 2019 LGBT life in rural Ireland: ‘You can feel like you’re the only one’

27 Sep 2019 Attacks on LGBT+ people increase in Germany

27 Sep 2019 LGBTQ and black passengers face more rideshare cancellations, study finds (USA)

27 Sep 2019 Non-binary model protests on the runway over Gucci’s use of straitjacket-inspired fashion (USA)

27 Sep 2019 Virgin Just Added Gender Pronouns to Email Signatures. Should Your Company Do the Same? (UK)

27 Sep 2019 BREAKING: HRC Announces Major Expansion In Fight for Transgender Equality and Justice ​(USA)

27 Sep 2019 The world’s first transgender professional boxer is now the face of Everlast (USA)

27 Sep 2019 Doctors push for parliamentary inquiry into transgender children (Australia)

27 Sep 2019 Will ‘Beirut Pride’ ever get to happen without trouble at every corner? (Lebanon)

27 Sep 2019 Man charged after death of Filipina trans woman in NSW (Australia)

27 Sep 2019 US transgender politicians: ‘Trump’s victory pushed me to run for office’

27 Sep 2019 Qatar ‘welcomes’ transgender and gay fans at football World Cup, despite homosexuality ban

26 Sep 2019 Ministry of Equality releases transgender ally information leaflet (Gibraltar)

26 Sep 2019 How a New Class of Trans Male Actors Are Changing the Face of Television (USA)

26 Sep 2019 Florida Transgender Woman Vanishes During Layover at Dallas Airport (USA)

26 Sep 2019 Human Rights Campaign hasn’t always defended LGBTQ people of color — we’re changing that (USA)

25 Sep 2019 Barbie maker makes room in the toy box for gender-inclusive dolls (USA)

25 Sep 2019 Support for Ireland’s LGBT+ community drops for first time since marriage referendum (Ireland)

25 Sep 2019 Thousands expected in D.C. for National Trans Visibility March (USA)

25 Sep 2019 IOC transgender policy stalled in advance of Tokyo 2020

25 Sep 2019 Transgender man loses court battle to be registered as father (UK)

24 Sep 2019 Research shows acceptance is key to prevent suicide among LGBTQ people (USA)

24 Sep 2019 Meet the Faces of Bermuda’s First-Ever Pride

24 Sep 2019 New Zealand finds nearly third of transgender people raped but few seek help

23 Sep 2019 Bisexual people lit up Twitter for the 20th Bi Visibility Day

23 Sep 2019 Maltese comfortable with a transgender prime minister but not their child

23 Sep 2019 Away from the media’s gaze, Ana Brnabić is failing to advocate for LGBT equality in Serbia

23 Sep 2019 Patricia Arquette pushes for transgender rights in Emmy speech: ‘Let’s get rid of this bias that we have everywhere’ (USA)

23 Sep 2019 Texas Man Shoots Transgender Woman After Yelling ‘a Number of Slurs About Her Gender Identity’ (USA)

23 Sep 2019 Kiwi transgender and non-binary people at higher risk of suicide – survey (New Zealand)

22 Sep 2019 British Muslims launch first ever pride festival

22 Sep 2019 ‘Pose’ star Billy Porter lands historic first with Emmy win (USA)

22 Sep 2019 The BRIT Awards considers gender-neutral award categories

22 Sep 2019 Private women’s university in Miyagi to accept transgender students (Japan)

21 Sep 2019 Sisters in Cinema launches fellowship for Black women filmmakers, LBTQ stories (USA)

21 Sep 2019 Trans March Slated for DC September 28 (USA)

20 Sep 2019 Indonesian Lawmakers Consider Banning Sex Outside of Marriage

20 Sep 2019 Trans models: From decades of rejection to centre stage

19 Sep 2019 The Oglala Sioux Tribe passes hate crime law protecting its LGBTQ citizens (USA)

19 Sep 2019 Report: LGBT People Of Color Lives In Rural America

19 Sep 2019 Mormon Church Reaffirms Opposition to Marriage Equality (USA)

19 Sep 2019 In Juárez, A Migrant Shelter Offers Refuge For LGBTQ Asylum Seekers (Mexico)

19 Sep 2019 Transgender Woman Dies in Suspicious House Fire in North Carolina (USA)

18 Sep 2019 Albany Bishop William Love to face hearing in disciplinary case for blocking same-sex marriage

18 Sep 2019 7 Ways to Love Your Transgender Children

18 Sep 2019 Czech activist organization champions transgender rights in Prague

17 Sep 2019 First Openly LGBTQ Mariachi Band to Perform at COC (USA)

17 Sep 2019 Outrage After Court Says Wedding Invitation Makers Can Refuse Gay Couples: ‘A License to Discriminate’ (USA)

17 Sep 2019 Transgender woman hacked to death in Pangasinan (Philippines)

17 Sep 2019 Transgender Brazilians ‘afraid for our lives’

17 Sep 2019 Working Out Made My Dysphoria Worse. Then, I Started To Reclaim The Gym

17 Sep 2019 A first in Prayagraj: Allahabad Queer Film Fest on September 21-22 (India)

16 Sep 2019 Inside The Technology Leaders Summit By And For Lesbians And LGBTQ Allies (USA)

16 Sep 2019 Kharkiv successfully holds LGBTQ march, despite threats, attacks (Ukraine)

16 Sep 2019 #BiWeek: Celebrating Public Figures Who Shared Their Truths This Year

16 Sep 2019 Arizona Supreme Court Greenlights Discrimination Against Same-Sex Weddings (USA)

16 Sep 2019 California Bans State Travel to Iowa Over Medicaid Defunding of Transgender Surgeries (USA)

16 Sep 2019 When School’s a Battleground for Transgender Kids, Teachers Learn to Protect, Affirm Them

16 Sep 2019 Transgender Woman Ja’leyah-Jamar Murdered in Kansas, Activists Say (USA)

16 Sep 2019 New film chronicles the story of a transgender gamer (USA)

16 Sep 2019 Transgender sex workers feel under attack. These women are working to protect their own. (USA)

16 Sep 2019 What Safe Sex Looks Like To 6 Queer Women & Nonbinary Femmes (USA)

16 Sep 2019 Christian teacher says school forced her to quit for supporting marriage equality (Australia)

15 Sep 2019 Britain’s 2021 Census Will Allow Respondents to Choose Sex Not Assigned at Birth

15 Sep 2019 London’s first Trans Pride march was ‘one day we’re not outcasts’ (UK)

14 Sep 2019 Chennai’s transgender priestess ‘Ravi Amma’ gets devotees flocking to the temple (India)

14 Sep 2019 The Chinese transgender choir who’re singing for acceptance

13 Sep 2019 ‘That was my child’: Transgender deaths devastate families (USA)

13 Sep 2019 Sam Smith pens beautiful coming out message about being non-binary and using ‘they’ pronouns (UK)

13 Sep 2019 1st LGBTQ Leadership Summit held in Bulacan (Philippines)

13 Sep 2019 Why Trans Pride is about more than ‘Kylie and cocktails’ (UK)

12 Sep 2019 Same-sex married couple sue after daughter is denied U.S. citizenship

12 Sep 2019 Siti Kasim sues Jawi, 14 officers over unlawful arrest, imprisonment in transgender event raid (Malaysia)

12 Sep 2019 Trans issues make their way to 2020 presidential platforms (USA)

12 Sep 2019 China’s transgender community risk self-surgery and illegal drugs

11 Sep 2019 Conservative Christians, feminists unite to fight transgender rights in Australia

11 Sep 2019 Transgender People Tell Us Why India’s Newly Proposed Rape Laws are Discriminatory

11 Sep 2019 Conversion therapy associated with severe psychological distress in transgender people, study says (USA)

11 Sep 2019 First Northern Ireland same-sex marriages set for Valentine’s Day (UK)

11 Sep 2019 Gay Anglican priests fight to get church blessing of their same-sex marriage (Australia)

11 Sep 2019 Death of Pahokee transgender woman sheds light on race and identity (USA)

10 Sep 2019 Report: Gay Dads Face Discrimination in the Workplace (USA)

10 Sep 2019 The 5 Lessons I Learned From Coming Out

10 Sep 2019 D.C. Archbishop welcomes trans Catholic into ‘heart of this church’ (USA)

10 Sep 2019 Mermaids UK addresses transgender suicide fears in open letter to mark World Suicide Prevention Day

10 Sep 2019 Pakistan’s first transgender hair salon opens

9 Sep 2019 9 LGBTQ Faith Leaders to Watch in 2019 (USA)

9 Sep 2019 First Gay Credit Union Given Green Light to Prioritize LGBTQ Customers (USA)

9 Sep 2019 Sound the Alarm: Five Things to Know About the Attacks on the LGBTQ Community in Poland

9 Sep 2019 Trans Woman Released After 21 Months in ICE Detention

9 Sep 2019 Transgender man who gave birth appeals to be legally registered as baby’s father instead of mother (UK)

9 Sep 2019 Mexico trans women fight for justice as killings go unpunished

9 Sep 2019 ACLU, Mercy San Juan will square off in San Francisco court over transgender rights (USA)

8 Sep 2019 The cross and the rainbow: Denton resident becomes first openly gay pastor ordained in southern United Methodist Church (USA)

8 Sep 2019 Transform 2019: International Conference on Transgender Rights and the Law (India)

8 Sep 2019 Push to remove transgender experts from debate on treatments (Australia)

7 Sep 2019 Zoey Black giving voice to marginalized trans woman in Cape Town (South Africa)

7 Sep 2019 LGBT rights return as thorny subject for Tunisian election candidates

7 Sep 2019 Transgender patient simulation debuts in UMN nursing school (USA)

6 Sep 2019 Bosnia’s first LGBTQ parade defies threats, urges tolerance

6 Sep 2019 Queer Freedom? A Year After Section 377 Verdict, LGBT Community Still Don’t Have These Rights (India)

6 Sep 2019 Professional gamer SonicFox comes out as non-binary: ‘Identifying as a cis-man just isn’t right’ (USA)

6 Sep 2019 Trans Chinese teens forced into ‘conversion therapy’ – study

6 Sep 2019 Two Transgender Women Murdered Two Days Apart; Marks 17th and 18th Trans Murder This Year (USA)

6 Sep 2019 Florida transgender woman’s body found after being shot, tied up and set on fire (USA)

6 Sep 2019 Inside the Complex Debate Over Transgender Runners (USA)

6 Sep 2019 Tasmania’s transgender community celebrates gender reforms

6 Sep 2019 5 Stunning Transgender Models Who Are Dominating The Fashion Industry

5 Sep 2019 Gears 5 is the latest blockbuster game to welcome the LGBTQ+ gaming community (USA)

5 Sep 2019 Defeated in court, Philippine lawyer to enter politics to pursue LGBT+ rights

4 Sep 2019 More than 50% of gay men in Hong Kong fear coming out, study finds

4 Sep 2019 Transgender woman murdered in Baltimore on Labor Day (USA)

3 Sep 2019 Lucy Stoole is the non-binary bearded queen helping people look at gender differently (USA)

3 Sep 2019 Transgender boy will be ‘stranded’ if forced to stop hormone treatment now, B.C. appeal court hears (Canada)

3 Sep 2019 Lebanon: End Systemic Violence Against Transgender Women

3 Sep 2019 Meet Heidi Saadiya: Kerala’s First Transwoman Broadcast Journalist, Debuts With Chandrayaan-2 Reportage (India)

3 Sep 2019 Oglala Sioux Tribe considers passing hate crime law (USA)

2 Sep 2019 Amsterdam opens HIV prevention to 1700 more at-risk people (Netherlands)

2 Sep 2019 Home Office refused thousands of LGBT asylum claims, figures reveal (UK)

2 Sep 2019 Study finds pregnant trans men face difficulties (USA)

2 Sep 2019 Japan grants long-term resident status to transgender foreign national for first time

1 Sep 2019 Prime Minister reignites debate about transgender bathroom use (Australia)

1 Sep 2019 How LGBTQ history will be taught in public schools (USA)

1 Sep 2019 Scots head teachers warned over PE ban on transgender pupils (UK)

31 Aug 2019 Bermuda Stages First Gay Pride Parade

31 Aug 2019 Major gaming company drops YouTube celeb for harassing a trans player (USA)

31 Aug 2019 Cayman Islands launches legal bid to ban same-sex marriage

31 Aug 2019 A hospital misgendered her suicidal trans son. 5 weeks later he killed himself (USA)

31 Aug 2019 Transgender Travel: A Changing Landscape (USA)

31 Aug 2019 Transgender Woman Attacked (USA)

31 Aug 2019 Majority Of Youths Support Transgender Bathroom Rights, Poll Reveals (USA)

30 Aug 2019 CSC promotes gender equality, social inclusion in worksite (Philippines)

30 Aug 2019 Straight Pride Parade in Boston: What Is It and Why Is It Happening? (USA)

29 Aug 2019 New LGBTQ Happiness Survey

29 Aug 2019 Helping LGBTQ Youths Facing Homelessness (USA)

29 Aug 2019 Genetics of Same-Sex Behavior Revealed (USA)

29 Aug 2019 National Center for Transgender Equality has endured multiple bomb threats over the past year (USA)

29 Aug 2019 Dartmouth hair removal business charging half price for transgender people (Canada)

29 Aug 2019 Transgender Woman Stepped Onto Light Rail Platform; She Ended Up in ICE Custody (USA)

28 Aug 2019 Over 50 House and Senate Republicans Urge Supreme Court to Rule That Discriminating Against LGBT People Is Legal (USA)

28 Aug 2019 A move towards equality for same-sex couples (Hong Kong)

28 Aug 2019 Oaxaca becomes the latest State of Mexico to legalize gay marriage

28 Aug 2019 The Founder Of The National Center For Transgender Equality On The Power Of Visibility (USA)

28 Aug 2019 Historic ‘Whxyte Wedding’ Fashion Show Will Feature All Transgender Models (USA)

28 Aug 2019 Victoria passes birth certificate reforms (Australia)

28 Aug 2019 Advocates launch seminar for transgender people to improve access to health care

27 Aug 2019 For many homosexuals, LGBT rights are matter of life and death (Korea)

26 Aug 2019 Homophobia on the rise in European countries without same-sex marriage

26 Aug 2019 SF police chief apologizes for ‘past actions’ against transgender community (USA)

26 Aug 2019 Transgender Model Teddy Quinlivan Is the New Face of Chanel Beauty (USA)

25 Aug 2019 Neighbours set to introduce first-ever transgender character (Australia)

24 Aug 2019 Calgary’s Pride Festival, now 4th-largest in Canada, kicks off

24 Aug 2019 How children became the target in a rightwing culture war over gender (Australia)

24 Aug 2019 Transgender Women Were Forcibly Removed From Downtown Bar After Straight Couple Attacked Them (USA)

23 Aug 2019 Cheryl Maples, lawyer advocate for gay rights, dies at 69 (USA)

23 Aug 2019 Dozens Arrested in Ugandan Transgender Crackdown

23 Aug 2019 Baptist church calls transgender pastor (USA)

22 Aug 2019 Lesbian PM Or Not, Serbia Blocks Gays’ Path To Parenthood

22 Aug 2019 Will Gen Z Make Non-Binary Fashion Mainstream? (USA)

22 Aug 2019 New school transgender rules fire debate in Portugal

21 Aug 2019 Trans woman googles every news story containing the word ‘transgender’ in a year (UK)

21 Aug 2019 Black man bullied for proudly dating a transgender woman commits suicide (USA)

21 Aug 2019 China’s parliament rules out allowing same-sex marriage

20 Aug 2019 How American Evangelicals Helped Stop Same-Sex Marriage in Cuba

20 Aug 2019 Pulse shooting survivors organize ex-gay ‘Freedom March’ in Orlando (USA)

20 Aug 2019 Great Scottish Run to have a gender-neutral category

20 Aug 2019 Trans College Students’ Mental Health Is At Risk Because Of Non-Inclusive Policies, A New Study Says

20 Aug 2019 Trans Teens, Trailed by Homelessness (USA)

20 Aug 2019 Transgender hate crimes are on the rise even in Canada

19 Aug 2019 Move to legalise egg donation and surrogacy in Germany

19 Aug 2019 Songs of Praise airs first-ever same-sex wedding episode (UK)

19 Aug 2019 Media Watch slams The Australian’s transgender coverage

19 Aug 2019 WHO removes transgenders in the list of ‘mental disorder’

19 Aug 2019 Northern Ireland Activists Renew Push for LGBTI Rights

19 Aug 2019 PA police ban Palestinian LGBT group from holding activities in West Bank

18 Aug 2019 New survey finds a decrease in homophobic attitudes in Nigeria

18 Aug 2019 Poland’s Kaczynski condemns gay pride marches as election nears

18 Aug 2019 Zimbabwe’s Marriages Bill a threat to the existence of LGBTI members

18 Aug 2019 Cinema and new laws bring greater acceptance and visibility for Vietnamese transgenders

17 Aug 2019 Homophobic chants bring football game to a stop (France)

17 Aug 2019 Lesbian deputy mayor of Tel Aviv says Israel’s treatment of trans people is an ‘urgent problem’ (Isreal)

17 Aug 2019 Houston’s city hall was lit up with trans flag colors in memory of Tracy Single (USA)

17 Aug 2019 150 A-level students identified as non-binary this year (UK)

17 Aug 2019 Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court To Legalize Firing Transgender Workers (USA)

16 Aug 2019 Gay Republican group endorses Trump in reversal from 2016 (USA)

16 Aug 2019 Houston LGBTQ Community Mourns African American Transgender Woman (USA)

16 Aug 2019 Report shows increase in anti-LGBTIQ+ violence during Stonewall 50th (USA)

15 Aug 2019 Employees are quitting their jobs at Britain’s most liberal newspaper over transphobic editors

15 Aug 2019 Nearly 200,000 trans people have been exposed to conversion therapy, study says (USA)

15 Aug 2019 England Cricket reviewing transgender policy ahead of new women’s league

15 Aug 2019 Academic says pregnancy is ‘masculine’ as it’s revealed 22 transgender men gave birth in Australia last year

15 Aug 2019 Charlotte Pride offers job fair for transgender people (USA)

15 Aug 2019 LGBTQ diversity on children’s TV is making headway (USA)

15 Aug 2019 Gay marriage cake: customer takes case to European court (UK)

15 Aug 2019 Gearbox confirms that FL4K is the franchise’s first non-binary character (USA)

14 Aug 2019 Transgender woman in handcuffs after trying to use women’s toilets (Philippines)

14 Aug 2019 Overcoming stigma – Vietnamese transgender person transitions with mom’s love and support

14 Aug 2019 Evangelical College Kicks Out Transgender Student For Getting Top Surgery (USA)

14 Aug 2019 IMDb Allows Transgender People To Remove ‘Dead’ Names In ‘Imperfect’ Policy Change

14 Aug 2019 “Good Omens” Radical Take on Non-Binary Representation (UK)

14 Aug 2019 Gay military doctor now fights for trans troops, LGBT health equity (USA)

14 Aug 2019 Here’s a look at 50 years of legal battles for LGBTQ rights (USA)

14 Aug 2019 YouTube discriminates against LGBT content by unfairly culling it, suit alleges (USA)

14 Aug 2019 These States Require Schools to Teach LGBT History (USA)

13 Aug 2019 Gay Dads Flee Russia in Fear of Losing Their Children

13 Aug 2019 The headteacher of a middle school stopped a non-binary science teacher handing out a gender unicorn graphic to students. (USA)

13 Aug 2019 Illinois Governor Signs LGBT Curriculum Law (USA)

13 Aug 2019 A highly-anticipated video game character has just been revealed to be gender-neutral (USA)

13 Aug 2019 UK’s First Out Strongman Talks Pride, PDAs and More

12 Aug 2019 SC dismisses review plea seeking same-sex marriage, adoption, surrogacy for LGBTQ (India)

11 Aug 2019 Team pushes for free medical services for transgender Kenyans

10 Aug 2019 Scotland: street festival to be held in Edinburgh for transgender rights (UK)

10 Aug 2019 ‘Nothing about us without us’: At inaugural PRIDE summit, creators advocate self-love (USA)

10 Aug 2019 Revelatory new work of art confronts gay blood ban and the waste caused by policies rooted in stigma (USA)

10 Aug 2019 Transgender Man Gavin Grimm Wins Court Fight He Started As A Boy (USA)

10 Aug 2019 Scotland backtracks on plan to include non-binary option on next census (UK)

8 Aug 2019 Ex-Evangelical Joshua Harris, Leader in Christian Purity Movement, Marches in Vancouver Pride Parade

8 Aug 2019 ‘Pose’ Stars Call Out White Cis Actors for Taking on Trans and Diverse Roles at Billboard/Hollywood Reporter Pride Summit (USA)

8 Aug 2019 Study Sheds Light On Attitudes Toward Transgender Americans (USA)

8 Aug 2019 A second black transgender woman is killed in South Carolina in two weeks (USA)

8 Aug 2019 Report: Sibling Killed by Dayton Shooter Was Transgender Man (USA)

8 Aug 2019 Cricket Australia launches inclusion policy for transgender and gender diverse players7 Aug 2019

7 Aug 2019 20000 LGBTQ Teens Will Undergo Conversion Therapy by the Age of 18: ‘These Practices Need to End (USA)

7 Aug 2019 Same-sex couples recorded as living together up by 50%(UK)

7 Aug 2019 Couple that Fought for Same-Sex Marriage Weds in Ecuador

7 Aug 2019 Russia’s Transgender Community Struggles for Acceptance

7 Aug 2019 Kolkata gets its first rainbow wedding as transgender couple exchange marriage vows (India)

7 Aug 2019 Transgender Pride in the Park to Celebrate 20th Anniversary Aug. 10 in Ferndale (USA)

7 Aug 2019 Virgin Cruises To Launch LGBTQ-Friendly Cruise Ship, Sets Sail In 2020

6 Aug 2019 Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2019 – Annual celebration contrasts with slow government progress on LGBTQ civil rights. (Japan)

6 Aug 2019 Sonoran marriage equality measure begins legislative journey (Mexico)

6 Aug 2019 Meet the first black transgender woman to appear on the cover of British Vogue

6 Aug 2019 France Ponders Giving lesbians, Single Women Access to IVF

5 Aug 2019 Lesbian & bisexual women with cancer face greater aftercare hurdles (USA)

5 Aug 2019 US lawmaker blames gay and transgender people for mass shootings

5 Aug 2019 Effort to roll back transgender rights fails in Uruguay

5 Aug 2019 Coca-Cola featured gay couples kissing in a Hungarian ad. People are furious

5 Aug 2019 Victoria’s Secret Casts First Openly Transgender Woman as a Model (USA)

4 Aug 2019 Hindu-Muslim lesbian couple praised for stunning pics that ‘brought India and Pakistan together’

2 Aug 2019 Colorado Becomes 18th State to Ban Conversion Therapy (USA)

2 Aug 2019 Scottish Greens launch campaign to get more non-binary people into politics

2 Aug 2019 Florencia Guimaraes García is Redefining Transgender Identity in Argentina

2 Aug 2019 Fatal shooting of transgender woman raises fears for trans community (USA)

2 Aug 2019 Pride and prejudice: Photos shed light on the struggles of Singapore’s transgender community

1 Aug 2019 Gay Polish Couple Release Viral ‘You Need to Calm Down’ Video

31 Jul 2019 Transgender couple threatened out of their home (The Netherlands)

31 Jul 2019 Report: Marvel casting for a transgender superhero (USA)

31 Jul 2019 Pennsylvania to offer gender-neutral option on state IDs (USA)

30 Jul 2019 Two Pakistani transgender women tortured and killed 

30 Jul 2019 Davao’s LGBTQ Groups Call For Equality, Legal Rights (Philippines)

30 Jul 2019 The Vatican Draws a Line on Gender, and Transgender Catholics Push Back (USA)

30 Jul 2019 Denmark could soon allow trans teens to legally change gender

29 Jul 2019 LGBT groups and celebrities call for gender law reform (UK)

28 Jul 2019 Over 1,000 take to the streets of Warsaw in support of LGBTI rights (Poland)

28 Jul 2019 Hundreds march against transgender violence in Tel Aviv after teen stabbed (Iseal)

28 Jul 2019 Philippines congress to re-discuss same-sex civil partnerships

28 Jul 2019 PRIDE Act passed by US House to refund taxes to same-sex couples

27 Jul 2019 Tinder’s New Feature Will Aim To Keep LGBTQ Travelers Safer Around The World

27 Jul 2019 People from the transgender community share their painful experiences in this art show titled Shut Up (India)

27 Jul 2019 Trans Men And Queer Women Have Been Swept Up In Chechnya’s Anti-LGBTQ Crackdown

27 Jul 2019 Australian Embassy Explores Issue of Gay Rights in Sports

27 Jul 2019 U.S. Embassy in Germany hosts meeting with LGBTI activists

27 Jul 2019 Transgender persons’ rights still a far cry (Pakistan)

27 Jul 2019 The Turkish drag queen fighting for transgender rights

26 Jul 2019 How safe is Germany for LGBTQ travelers?

26 Jul 2019 NAACP Convention Hosts LGBTQ Town Hall, Passes 3 Pro-LGBTQ Resolutions (USA)

26 Jul 2019 Boris Johnson Names Gay International Trade Minister for U.K.

26 Jul 2019 Chilean Senate once again begins equal marriage debate

26 Jul 2019 A Transgender Buddhist Trailblazer 20+ Years Later

26 Jul 2019 ICE Finally Releases Asian Trans Man Kept in Solitary Confinement for 19 Months (USA)

26 Jul 2019 Transgender student to make history with acting debut on Neighbours (Australia)

26 Jul 2019 Transgender homeless woman in critical condition after brutal stabbing (USA)

26 Jul 2019 Namibia needs more safe spaces

25 Jul 2019 Bulgaria court recognises same-sex marriage in landmark ruling

25 Jul 2019 The Killing of Trans Women Is Inseparable from Black Lives Matter (USA)

25 Jul 2019 Agreement affirms North Carolina transgender restroom rights (USA)

25 Jul 2019 Transgender Inclusion In The Workplace Part I: Burying The Dead Name

25 Jul 2019 Equal marriage in Japan just got a major legal boost

25 Jul 2019 This Is Where Boris Johnson’s New Cabinet Stands On LGBTQ Issues (UK)

25 Jul 2019 Gay couple sues State Department for denying daughter’s citizenship (USA)

24 Jul 2019 Conservative Polish magazine issues ‘LGBT-Free Zone’ stickers

24 Jul 2019 Taiwan school introduces gender-neutral uniforms

24 Jul 2019 Czechia’s trans community pushes to be visible

24 Jul 2019 A transgender woman was stoned to death as she begged for money (India)

24 Jul 2019 New Study, Guidance Affirm Transgender Patients’ Care Needs (USA)

24 Jul 2019 Mom who sued transgender daughter over medical treatment takes case to the Supreme Court (USA)

24 Jul 2019 Yucatan legislature may face gay marriage vote for 3rd time (Mexico)

24 Jul 2019 Philippines Congress to consider same-sex civil unions (again)

23 Jul 2019 Russian LGBTQ activist is killed after being listed on gay-hunting website

23 Jul 2019 New UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson refuses to apologize for homophobic comments

23 Jul 2019 4 Ways Queer and Trans Parents Are Raising Revolutionary Children During the Trump Era (USA)

23 Jul 2019 Midsized employers made progress in recognizing gender identity in 2019 (USA)

23 Jul 2019 Sew Queer class in D.C. is all about breaking gender rules for clothing (USA)

23 Jul 2019 Pansexuality: What does it mean and how is it different from being bisexual?

23 Jul 2019 Man gets death for killing transgender person (India)

22 Jul 2019 29-year-old transgender woman found shot dead on side of road, motive unknown: Police (USA)

22 Jul 2019 Cuba: first transgender couple get married

22 Jul 2019 Youth Fleeing Persecution Lacks Access to Social Protection in Liberia

22 Jul 2019 ‘Anyone could be a threat’: In Bolsonaro’s Brazil, LGBT people take personal defense into their own hands

22 Jul 2019 ‘It’s dangerous’: Why two trans women in Indiana fought to keep their name changes private (USA)

22 Jul 2019 ‘Trans people are sacred’ billboard erected in Detroit (USA)

22 Jul 2019 Valkyrie is now the first LGBTQ Marvel movie superhero, but she’s been bi forever (USA)

22 Jul 2019 Japan elects first openly-gay politician to national parliament

22 Jul 2019 Knec loses appeal in transgender battle (Kenya)

22 Jul 2019 Head of Islamic school for transwomen wins rights award (Indonesia)

22 Jul 2019 This sex shop offers safe binder exchange for trans and non-binary people (Canada)

21 Jul 2019 Polish police detain 25 after attacks on equality march

21 Jul 2019 Over half of Singaporeans have a negative reaction to a relative coming out as LGBTQ—survey

21 Jul 2019 Trans Woman’s Killer Used the “Gay Panic Defense.” It’s Still Legal in 42 States. (USA)

21 Jul 2019 Kansas City man charged in killing of transgender woman (USA)

21 Jul 2019 AFFA: Vigil to be held for transgender woman killed in North Charleston (USA)

21 Jul 2019 Brighton Trans Pride’s ‘amazing turnout’ showcases ‘all that’s been achieved,’ says MP (UK)

21 Jul 2019 Man Charged in Killing of Transgender Woman Zoe Spears

20 Jul 2019 Denver Teacher Launches Campaign to Become First Transgender Astronaut (USA)

20 Jul 2019 8 in 10 Cambodian queer women and trans men emotionally abused by family

20 Jul 2019 Russia Investigates Social Workers Who Let Gay Couple Adopt

19 Jul 2019 Nigerians Steal the Show at Toronto Pride Parade

19 Jul 2019 Lesbian couple launch landmark gay marriage case in Serbia

16 Jul 2019 New Zealand extends support for transgender youth

15 Jul 2019 Washington LGBTQ swimming club breaks world records at meet (USA)

15 Jul 2019 Being Uninsured Poses Unique Health Care Challenges For The Transgender Community (USA)

14 Jul 2019 DC Comics’ “Birds of Prey” movie will have gay & lesbian characters (USA)

13 Jul 2019 Anglican Church rejects same-sex marriage approvals in vote (Canada)

13 Jul 2019 This Jewish Trans Woman Sees Parallels Between U.S. and 1930s Germany

13 Jul 2019 28 Delhi Schools Get ‘Trans-Friendly’ Certification, Will Soon Have Gender-Neutral Washrooms

13 Jul 2019 San Diego Unites for 2019 Pride Parade (USA)

12 Jul 2019 Poland Declares Itself ‘Free of LGBT Ideology’

12 Jul 2019 Late HSU Professor Honored for LGBTQ Work (USA)

12 Jul 2019 India’s first LGBTI job fair draws a crowd in Bangalore

12 Jul 2019 “With acceptance for LGBTQ+ people falling, sharing our stories is more vital than ever” (UK)

12 Jul 2019 Australian politician: Christians suffered because of same-sex marriage

12 Jul 2019 #TransFringe: Shows by trans and non-binary folk at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 (UK)

12 Jul 2019 Hate crime against transgender people rise 168pc in Greater Manchester (UK)

12 Jul 2019 Migrants Inside ICE’s Only Transgender Unit Decry Conditions (USA)

12 Jul 2019 Five Coming-of-Age Trans Movies That Changed My life (USA)

11 Jul 2019 Lambda Archives Stores San Diego’s LGBTQ History

11 Jul 2019 Every member of Trump’s new human rights commission is an anti-LGBTQ activist (USA)

11 Jul 2019 Sexual health charities call on Scottish Government to go ahead with Gender Recognition Act reforms (UK)

11 Jul 2019 N.H. Becomes 13th State To Add Non-Binary Gender Option On Drivers Licenses (USA)

10 Jul 2019 What it’s like to be transgender in China

10 Jul 2019 London’s first nightclub for queer womxn is opening this weekend (UK)

10 Jul 2019 Amnesty International Calls on South Korea to End Discrimination of Gay Soldiers

10 Jul 2019 Nova Scotia brings in ‘X’ and genderless options for state ID (Cananda)

10 Jul 2019 AMA takes a stand for transgender Americans in Supreme Court filing

9 Jul 2019 MPs vote to extend abortion and same-sex marriage rights to Northern Ireland (UK)

8 Jul 2019 Indian high court refuses to legalise same-sex marriage

8 Jul 2019 First Welsh gender identity clinic to open in September (UK)

8 Jul 2019 Journalist among three Honduran transgender women killed in recent days

8 Jul 2019 Paralegals Help Their Transgender Peers Get Justice in Uganda

7 Jul 2019 ‘A Space Where You Could Be Free’: Puerto Rico’s L.G.B.T. Groups Rebuild After a Hurricane

7 Jul 2019 Madrid awash with rainbow flags for gay pride parade (Spain)

7 Jul 2019 Cologne celebrates Germany’s largest LGBT+ pride parade

6 Jul 2019 Large turnout for Geneva Pride march (Switzerland)

6 Jul 2019 Trans-inclusive lesbians lead Pride in London, year after anti-trans protest (UK)

6 Jul 2019 Second Transgender Pride rally to take place in Dublin today (Ireland)

5 Jul 2019 Lesbian visibility at Women’s World Cup has impact far off the field (USA)

5 Jul 2019 Anti-LGBTQ Hate Crimes Increase in San Diego (USA)

5 Jul 2019 UK sees 81 percent rise in transphobic hate crimes

5 Jul 2019 Church of England to accept gay marriage if one changes gender after wedding

5 Jul 2019 Marvel’s First Openly Transgender Actor Wants To See More Of His Experience Onscreen (USA)

1 Jul 2019 Protests in Pakistan after father arrested for murder of transgender daughter

20 Jun 2019 Lesbian Couple Barred From Fostering Migrant Kids (USA)

19 Jun 2019 The Trevor Project’s National Survey Reveals Worrying Data on LGBTQ Youth Suicide Rates (USA)

19 Jun 2019 How Hollywood Is (and Isn’t) Getting Better at LGBTQ Inclusion (USA)

19 Jun 2019 Iceland Passes Major Gender Identity Law: “The Fight Is Far From Over”

19 Jun 2019 ‘Gay Panic’ Defenses Are Banned in N.Y. Murder Cases (USA)

18 Jun 2019 Malaysian PM doubles-down on opposition to same-sex marriage

18 Jun 2019 Mastercard to let trans and non-binary people use chosen names on cards (USA)

18 Jun 2019 Police identify transgender woman found slain in D.C. suburb (USA)

17 Jun 2019 How A Trans Woman Defied A Crime Family To Become Italy’s Leading LGBTQ Activist

16 Jun 2019 Tel Aviv Pride Parade commenced with 250000 attendants celebrating LGBTQ (Isreal)

15 Jun 2019 Tennessee Pastor Who Is Also a Detective Calls for L.G.B.T. People to Be Executed (USA)

15 Jun 2019 There are at least 30 lesbian & bi women playing in the 2019 Women’s World Cup

15 Jun 2019 Heartbreak and heightened concern after 2nd transgender woman is shot to death in same Md. neighborhood (USA)

15 Jun 2019 American Medical Association Responds To ‘Epidemic’ Of Violence Against Transgender Community (USA)

15 Jun 2019 Fired for being transgender: The fight for LGBTQ workers’ rights (USA)

13 Jun 2019 Row Over LGBT ‘Lessons’ Shows That Parents Don’t Always Know Best (UK)

13 Jun 2019 Bermuda to have first Pride march after legalizing gay marriage

13 Jun 2019 Ecuador’s highest court backs same-sex marriage

12 Jun 2019 New Yorkers Protest After Transgender Woman Dies While in Jail (USA)

12 Jun 2019 Transgender ex-Army officer awarded MBE by Prince William (UK)

12 Jun 2019 5 trans Catholics on the Vatican’s rejection of their gender identity (USA)

12 Jun 2019 Brazil transgender soccer team fights prejudice

12 Jun 2019 Transgender YouTube star ContraPoints tries to change alt-right minds (USA)

12 Jun 2019 Family files claim against ICE after transgender asylum seeker dies (USA)

11 Jun 2019 Fighting for Lesbian Safety in South Africa

11 Jun 2019 The History Of The Transgender Pride Flag

11 Jun 2019 Americans’ perception of LGBTQ rights under federal law largely incorrect: Reuters/Ipsos

11 Jun 2019 Botswana scraps gay sex laws in big victory for LGBTQ rights in Africa

11 Jun 2019 Gang beat up and shave trans woman’s hair off in humiliating attack (Pakistan)

10 Jun 2019 Meet Olumide Makanjuola, a Nigerian activist fighting for women and LGBTI rights

10 Jun 2019 U.S. physicians adopt new policy against anti-trans violence

10 Jun 2019 Philly Pride, Transgender flags fly from state Capitol for first time ever (USA)

10 Jun 2019 Catholic Church rejects transgender identity, calls gender change a ‘trend’ in statement

10 Jun 2019 LGBTI Australians recognized in Queen’s Birthday Honors

9 Jun 2019 Outrage as Yorkshire vicar calls LGBTI lessons ‘state-sponsored child abuse’ (UK)

9 Jun 2019 Find your next LGBTQ read with these 2019 Lambda Literary Award winners (USA)

9 Jun 2019 Despite Trump Administration Request Denials, U.S. Embassies Are Displaying Pride Flags Around the World

9 Jun 2019 Transgender people may no longer give blood (Belgium)

9 Jun 2019 Transgender woman challenges South Africa to open a new conversation about LGBTQ+ Discrimination

9 Jun 2019 50 Years Since Stonewall, Transgender People Are Still Fighting for Their Lives (USA)

9 Jun 2019 Armed Neo-Nazis Crash Detroit Pride Parade. Seen Ripping Rainbow Flags, Urinate On Israeli Flag (USA)

8 Jun 2019 Warsaw Holds Gay Pride Parade Amid Fears and Threats in Poland

8 Jun 2019 Detroit Man Charged in 3 Killings Targeted L.G.B.T. People, Officials Say (USA)

8 Jun 2019 U.S. embassies denied permission to fly LGBTQ2 pride flag from flagpoles: Reports

8 Jun 2019 Trans Beauty Pageant Crowns First Woman of African Heritage (Thailand)

8 Jun 2019 How the homophobic media covered the 1969 Stonewall uprising (USA)

8 Jun 2019 House of Holland launches collection in support of transgender community (UK)

7 Jun 2019 Bisexual people have long felt excluded at Pride festivities. That’s finally changing. (USA)

7 Jun 2019 In Pakistan, a transgender TV anchor embodies a country’s changing attitudes

7 Jun 2019 Dallas Gay Bar Fires Employee Who Wouldn’t Serve Transgender Woman (USA)

7 Jun 2019 The 9th Black Trans Woman Has Been Killed This Year (USA)

7 Jun 2019 How LGBTQ Union Activists Transformed the Labor Movement (USA)

7 Jun 2019 Bhutan moves to decriminalise homosexuality

7 Jun 2019 Lesbian couple attacked on London bus after refusing to kiss for men (UK)

6 Jun 2019 NYPD apologizes for 1969 raid on Stonewall Inn gay bar (USA)

6 Jun 2019 35 Outstanding LGBTQ+ Books Of 2019 (USA)

6 Jun 2019 Transgender Russian Seeks Freedom In Spain

6 Jun 2019 Transgender women of color are pioneers of the LGBTQ-rights movement. Why are they still fighting for their lives? (USA)

6 Jun 2019 Hong Kong’s Top Court Issues Landmark Ruling for LGBT Rights

6 Jun 2019 Air Italy adds non-binary gender option to booking process

6 Jun 2019 ‘Not here for decoration’: Thai transgender MPs make history in parliament

6 Jun 2019 Ahead of Jerusalem Pride, police say they’re recruiting transgender officers (Isreal)

5 Jun 2019 Will LGBT Retirees End Up Back In The Closet? (USA)

5 Jun 2019 Mass same-sex wedding held in Israel to campaign for marriage equality

5 Jun 2019 Ian McKellen launches programme to support LGBTI people over 50 (UK)

5 Jun 2019 Celebrating Pride, Mindfully

5 Jun 2019 Earlham College Hosts Transgender Singing Voice Conference (USA)

5 Jun 2019 Stonewall 50: The Epic Fight to Change Anti-LGBT Laws Is Vital for Equality—and Dignity

5 Jun 2019 ‘Straight Pride’ parade group claims Brad Pitt as its mascot (USA)

5 Jun 2019 After equal marriage, LGBT+ Germans fight for the right to a family

4 Jun 2019 Ecuador high court delays ruling on same-sex marriage

4 Jun 2019 Support Polish LGBTQ activist arrested for rainbow Virgin Mary posters

4 Jun 2019 Buenos Aires adopts transgender hiring quota, but discrimination continues (Argentina)

4 Jun 2019 Body Pulled From Texas Reservoir Identified as Transgender Woman (USA)

4 Jun 2019 11 Amazing Non-Binary Celebs Who Are Breaking the Gender Mold

4 Jun 2019 Qatar bans homosexuality as Al Jazeera in English marks LGBT Pride Month

3 Jun 2019 Pink Dot: how Singapore’s LGBT movement became a ‘tangible force’ where others struggle to survive

3 Jun 2019 Why Pride Month Is More Important Than Ever: RaceAhead (USA)

3 Jun 2019 Tennessee prosecutor: Gay people not entitled to domestic violence protections (USA)

3 Jun 2019 Japan Opposition Parties Submit Same-Sex Marriage Bill

3 Jun 2019 Italy’s first transgender mayor says ‘kindness revolution’ can defeat far right

3 Jun 2019 Changing the lives of transgender people in Malawi

3 Jun 2019 A look at transgender representation on TV for LGBTQ Pride Month (USA)

2 Jun 2019 European survey for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, non-binary, and other gender non-conforming people

2 Jun 2019 South Korea’s LGBT pride march demands equality and better rights

2 Jun 2019 What it’s like to be non-binary in Wales

1 Jun 2019 Vancouver group lauds federal expansion of program for LGBTQ refugees (Canada)

1 Jun 2019 Black Celebrities Who Are Positively Impacting The LGBTQ Community (USA)

1 Jun 2019 Feds to allow non-binary citizens to mark gender with “X” on passports (Canada)

1 Jun 2019 Black transgender woman shot and killed in Detroit (USA)

31 May 2019 Trump Is The First Republican President To Acknowledge LGBT Pride Month, And Yet… (USA)

31 May 2019 Trans Chorus of Los Angeles Celebrates Pride With Special Concert (USA)

31 May 2019 Colorado’s Openly Gay Governor Signs Historic LGBTQ Protections Into Law (USA)

31 May 2019 10 Very Different Countries. 10 Very Different Rules For LGBTQ+ Individuals

30 May 2019 This is a modern, living history of what it means to be queer (UK)

30 May 2019 Half of transgender and non-binary people hide their identity at work in fear of discrimination – here’s how you can help (UK)

30 May 2019 Pakistan human rights minister appoints first transgender employee

30 May 2019 Transgender Health Rollback Has Far-Reaching LGBT Consequences (USA)

30 May 2019 LBGTQ icons will be the first transgender people to get statues in the US

30 May 2019 South Asian honour culture hounds India and Pakistan’s LGBTQ community

30 May 2019 Hong Kong court declares male gay-sex laws unconstitutional

30 May 2019 Two popular traveling services announce new features for LGBTQ consumers

29 May 2019 Italy elects its first transgender mayor

29 May 2019 Vice Launches An Image Bank Against Gender Stereotypes

28 May 2019 Inside San Francisco’s First-of-Its-Kind Shelter for Transgender Youth (USA)

28 May 2019 Supreme Court leaves Pennsylvania school transgender student bathroom policy in place (USA)

28 May 2019 Gender-Segregated Swim Hours Create Hot Water in Some City Pools (USA)

28 May 2019 China embraced gay ‘marriage’ centuries ago – until the West perverted history

28 May 2019 Hong Kong High Court hears landmark same-sex civil partnership case

28 May 2019 This Gillette ad shows a man teaching his transgender son to shave (USA)

27 May 2019 Art exhibit to explore LGBTQ+ influence on art, honor Stonewall riots anniversary (USA)

27 May 2019 The Gains of LGBTQ Rights in Some Mideast-North African Nations May Be a Game-Changer

27 May 2019 World Health Organisation drops transgender from list of mental disorders

27 May 2019 Uniting Church threatens to split over liberal same-sex marriage stance (Australia)

26 May 2019 2020 Democrats court LGBTQ activists for an edge in crowded primary race (USA)

26 May 2019 LGBTI people pay loving tribute with powerful video for late trans friend (Poland)

26 May 2019 Drone captures shocking video footage of LGBTI attack in Poland

26 May 2019 New Snapchat filter, with gender-bending selfies, brings discussion in transgender community 

26 May 2019 On Memorial Day Weekend, Trans Lives Remembered (USA)

25 May 2019 Alabama Goes Scorched-Earth Over Same-Sex Marriage, Votes to Eliminate Marriage Licenses and Weddings Altogether (USA)

25 May 2019 Li Huanwu, grandson of Singapore founding father Lee Kuan Yew, marries boyfriend Heng Yirui

25 May 2019 Kenya’s high court upholds ban on gay sex

25 May 2019 HUD Rule to Allow Discrimination Against Homeless Transgender Americans

25 May 3019 Censoring gay marriage on TV could be an ominous sign of things to come (USA)

24 May 2019 ‘Epidemic’ of violence against transgender people sparks call for action (USA)

24 May 2019 Brazil’s Supreme Court votes to make homophobia a crime

23 May 2019 LGBT Hondurans March Against Hate

23 May 2019 Two L.G.B.T.Q. Memoirs Sow the Seeds of Progress (USA)

23 May 2019 Almost half of all transgender Southerners say they experience “high levels” of violence (USA)

23 May 2019 Over 1,000 Parents & Caregivers of Transgender & Non-Binary Youth Thank Gender-Affirming Providers (USA)

22 May 2019 Michigan Founder of Transgender Day of Visibility to Be Honored at National Trans Visibility March (USA)

22 May 2019 Police arrest man in North Philly shooting of black transgender woman (USA)

22 May 2019 Proposed HUD rule would strip transgender protections at homeless shelters (USA)

21 May 2019 Lesbian, bisexual and queer women suffer lower rates of cancer survival (USA)

21 May 2019 Gay Eurovision host Assi Azar gives fee to LGBTQ+ charity (Isreal)

21 May 2019 How Sylvia Rivera Created the Blueprint for Transgender Organizing (USA)

20 May 2019 LGBTQ coin glosses over radical struggles: When did gay liberation come to mean equality (Canada)

20 May 2019 Transgender Activist Mural Painted in Dallas to Mark Stonewall Riots Anniversary (USA)

20 May 2019 Indonesian ex-police brigadier says he was fired for being gay

20 May 2019 Shelter homes for transgenders on the cards (India)

19 May 2019 Trans women are victims of misogyny, too – and all feminists must recognize this

19 May 2019 How Leyna Bloom became the first transgender actress of color to star in a film at Cannes

19 May 2019 A Transgender Woman Who Was Attacked in Dallas Last Month Has Been Found Dead (USA)

17 May 2019 New US Ambassador and SASOD Guyana Celebrate Recent LGBTQ+ Victories

17 May 2019 Nevada bans so-called gay and trans panic defenses (USA)

17 May 2019 Transgender people criminalized in every part of world: study

17 May 2019 LGBTQ+ people are worryingly likely to be sexually harassed at work (UK)

17 May 2019 Assaults on the LGBT+ community hit a record high in France last year

17 May 2019 Taiwan Legislature Approves Asia’s First Same-Sex Marriage Law

16 May 2019 Indonesia’s transgender Muslims find safe haven for prayer during Ramadan

15 May 2019 Chilean school for transgender children helps kids escape bullying

15 May 2019 India’s first HIV treatment centre and clinic for the LGBTQ

15 May 2019 Turkey 2nd most restrictive country on gay rights in Europe

14 May 2019 Group ranks best and worst countries in Europe for LGBTI rights

14 May 2019 Why this year’s Belfast Pride is one of the most significant to attend (UK)

14 May 2019 Australian political leaders agree gays don’t go to hell

14 May 2019 A Queer Film Festival in Tunisia — Where Being Gay Is Illegal

14 May 2019 Austrian citizen becomes first to be given a non binary ‘X’ passport

14 May 2019 Transgender in the South: New Study Shines Light on Oppression (USA)

14 May 2019 Families call for better school practices to battle suicide rates among transgender teens (USA)

13 May 2019 A quarter of transgender and non-binary high school students have been sexually assaulted (USA)

13 May 2019 New transgender health group created (New Zealand)

12 May 2019 Report: US Police Forces Lack Trans Policies

12 May 2019 GBTQ rugby team hits back after homophobic taunts (UK)

12 May 2019 Transgender voters jubilant after voting under chosen gender identity (India)

12 May 2019 Cuban LGBT activists defy government, hold unprecedented indie pride parade

11 MAy 2019 Why Fewer People Are Officially ‘Coming Out’ As LGBTQIA+ (USA)

11 May 2019 Native American women, LGBTQ community members march to end violence, oppression (USA)

11 May 2019 Dad’s campaign forces school to drop policy ‘humiliating’ transgender son (USA)

10 May 2019 Cabinet Approves Law To Ban Homosexual Marriages (Zimbabwe)

10 May 2019 Cabool, Mo. woman pleads guilty for her role in the death of a transgender teen (USA)

10 May 2019 Memphis man shoots transgender woman after argument at Southaven Waffle House, police say (USA)

10 May 2019 USA Powerlifters overwhelmingly reject transgender inclusion

10 May 2019 The Chinese transgender individuals forced to take treatment into their own hands

10 May 2019 Marriage equality boosted employment of both partners in US gay and lesbian couples

9 May 2019 PSU researchers helping develop HIV prevention app for transgender women (USA)

9 May 2019 Indya Moore Is Elle Magazine’s First Transgender Cover Star (USA)

9 May 2019 Parents Oppose LGBTQ Curriculum, Pulling Kids From School, & It’s A Stark Reminder Of How Far We Still Have To Go (USA)

8 May 2019 Transgender pastor pushes for same-sex marriage in Hong Kong court

7 May 2019 Lambda Legal seeks class-action status in LGBTQ Social Security survivor benefits lawsuit (USA)

7 May 2019 U.S. appeals ruling that granted gay couple’s son citizenship

7 May 2019 Google releases 53 gender fluid emoji (USA)

7 May 2019 Cuba cancels its annual gay rights parade, ‘Conga Against Homophobia’

7 May 2019 Transgender fire chief comes out in Middle Georgia (USA)

7 May 2019 National transgender hotline hopes to prevent suicide (USA)

7 May 2019 Transgender activist from Zimbabwe receives asylum in US

6 May 2019 LGBT in West Africa: Arrests, lynchings, discrimination, denial

6 May 2019 Transgender teens in schools with bathroom restrictions are at higher risk of sexual assault, study says (USA)

6 May 2019 Madonna Honored at 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards (USA)

5 May 2019 Health Care Providers Win License to Discriminate (USA)

5 May 2019 Transgender NGO offers scholarship (India)

5 May 2019 Transgender teen’s move to all-girls government school makes history (South Africa)

5 May 2019 The wig shop boosting transgender women’s confidence (UK)

3 May 2019 How LGBTQ people are resisting Bolsonaro’s Brazil through art

3 May 2019 LGBTQI Rights in the Balkans: A Perpetual Struggle

3 May 2019 Alison Bennington becomes DUP’s first openly gay candidate to be elected (Northern Ireland, UK)

3 May 2019 ABCs of LGBTQ history mandated for more U.S. public schools

3 May 2019 Denver transgender woman left partially paralyzed after horrific late night attack (USA)

3 May 2019 Transgender woman of African descent makes history in Brazil

3 May 2019 Filipino pastor seeks High Court protections for same-sex union ceremonies

2 May 2019 Trump administration finalizes ‘conscience’ rule affecting transgender people’s health care (USA)

30 Apr 2019 Is America Ready for a Gay President? ‘You’re Going to See the Wall Crumble’

28 Apr 2019 Trans Women March for Their Rights in Conservative Indonesia

28 Apr 2019 With spirits high, the LGBT community and supporters marks Tokyo’s 25th pride march (Japan)

27 Apr 2019 ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy Ban Clears Minnesota House (USA)

27 Apr 2019 London to host its first Transgender Pride festival this year (UK)

26 Apr 2019 New Trump Regulations Allowing Health Care Providers, Hospitals To Discriminate Against Transgenders (USA)

26 Apr 2019 Armenian transgender activist says she’s faced death threats since historic speech

25 Apr 2019 Pastor cede igreja no Rio para transexuais terem aulas gratuitas de inglês (Brasil)

25 Apr 2019 Transgender people organise alternative Pride in Brussels (Belgium)

25 Apr 2019 Oklahoma man convicted of killing transgender woman (USA)

25 Apr 2019 Lyra’s Law: close friends call for same-sex marriage legislation to be named in honour of late journalist once local politicians ‘catch themselves on’ (UK)

24 Apr 2019 Prince Harry throws support behind transgender youth charity (UK)

24 Apr 2019 Extreme anti-LGBT politician Ann Widdecombe to stand for Brexit Party (UK)

24 Apr 2019 Police to allow transgender recruits in Pakistan province

23 Apr 2019 The rise in Americans saying they are bisexual is driven by women

23 Apr 2019 Canada unveils LGBTQ loonie — but some gay rights advocates are not impressed

23 Apr 2019 Australia election candidate vows to ‘protect children’ from transgender law

23 Apr 2019 How the Madras HC upheld the Right to Marry for Transgender Persons [Read Judgment] (India)

23 Apr 2019 National Guard in California, Nevada, Washington State, Oregon, and New Mexico Defy Trump’s Trans Troops Ban (USA)

23 Apr 2019 Transgender adults have higher risk of poor health, U.S. study finds

23 Apr 2019 ‘Gender Nonconforming’ Added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary (USA)

23 Apr 2019 First major gender-fluid fashion exhibition brings a century of style to Boston (USA)

23 Apr 2019 What if:…we scrapped the gender binary on official documents?

23 Apr 2019 ‘Stigma does not go away’: Mumbai’s dedicated LGBT health clinic (India)

22 Apr 2019 Bisexual People Have Higher Rates Of Depression For These Reasons, A Large New Study Suggests

22 Apr 2019 Supreme Court to Decide Whether Landmark Civil Rights Law Applies to Gay and Transgender Workers (USA)

22 Apr 2019 At least 157 couples to wed on first day of same-sex marriage in Taiwan

22 Apr 2019 Dozens of Israeli Orthodox Rabbis Sign Letter of Support for Bullied Transgender Girl (Isreal)

21 Apr 2019 Michigan Democrats introduce bills to protect same-sex couples from discrimination by adoption agencies (USA)

21 Apr 2019 A safe space (USA)

21 Apr 2109 Special showcase ‘elevates’ trans and non-binary game artists (New Zealand)

19 Apr 2019 Northern Ireland Mourns Lyra McKee, Journalist, and LGBT Activist Shot at Nationalist Riot

19 Apr 2019 Pete Buttigieg Shows It’s Possible To Be LGBT, Christian, and Proud (USA)

19 Apr 2019 Honduran transgender woman freed after a year in US detention (USA)

19 Apr 2019 Queer-owned consulting firm wants to help your workplace support transgender employees (USA)

19 Apr 2019 DUP woman is party’s first openly gay politician (Ireland)

18 Apr 2019 New ad for shaving company casually features a transgender man (USA)

17 Apr 2019 Exclusionary bathroom policies harm transgender students (USA)

17 Apr 2019 The biggest thing critics continually get wrong about transgender athletes competing in women’s sports

17 Apr 2019 Obituary: Richard Green LGBT rights trail-blazer since 1960s (USA)

16 Apr 2019 The Best Honeymoon Destinations for Gay Couples

16 Apr 2019 Boston Museum Launches First Large-Scale Exhibition on Non-Binary Fashion (USA)

16 Apr 2019 Israeli Transgender Girl Hospitalized With Brain Injury After Assault in School

16 Apr 2019 Freshman Has Scholarship Revoked Over Transgender Military Ban (USA)

16 Apr 2019 Area school board passes ‘biological sex’ requirement for bathroom, locker room use (USA)

16 Apr 2019 Transgender teenager from Brunei seeks asylum in Canada

16 Apr 2019 A Man Was Offered $200 To Beat A Transgender Woman As A Crowd Cheered On, Police Say (USA)

15 Apr 2019 Supreme Court dismisses petition seeking civil rights for homosexuals (India)

15 Apr 2019 Here’s Why Every Workplace Should Offer Sensitivity Training and Inclusion Workshops (USA)

15 Apr 2019 90% of transgender job-seekers experience problems in Japan

15 Apr 2019 First-ever index will measure treatment of LGBTQ residents in senior living (USA)

14 Apr 2019 Morehouse College, a Traditionally Black All-Male School, Says It Will Accept Transgender Men (USA)

12 Apr 2019 New Hong Kong equality watchdog chief says it should be ‘neutral’ on gay rights, drawing ire from LGBT community

12 Apr 2019 Pentagon transgender ban goes into effect (USA)

11 Apr 2019 Arizona Repeals Homophobic AIDS Education Law (USA)

11 Apr 2019 Historic ‘Rainbow Wave’ in Philadelphia Council, Judge Races as LGBTQ Candidates Seek First-Ever Elections (USA)

10 Apr 2019 Fiji prime minister says he will never allow same-sex marriage

10 Apr 2019 Czech prime minister supports marriage equality

10 Apr 2019 Russian court sides with transgender woman who sued employer

9 Apr 2019 Fierce public debate around transgender woman’s address to Armenian parliament

9 Apr 2019 Documentary ‘The Most Dangerous Year’ Looks At The Recent Attack On Transgender Rights From A Mother’s Point Of View (USA)

9 Apr 2019 Transgender man assaulted in ‘terrifying’ hate crime in Colorado (USA)

9 Apr 2019 6 Artworks Celebrate the Impact of LGBTQ Civil Rights Post-Stonewall (USA)

9 Apr 2019 Japan’s first transgender prefectural assembly member elected in Hokkaido

8 Apr 2019 Queerbaiting – exploitation or a sign of progress?

8 Apr 2019 Parade of pride in steel city (India)

8 Apr 2019 How Tasmania is going from worst to best on transgender human rights

7 Apr 2019 Two-Spirit: Meet the Native Americans embracing their LGBT+ tribe members (USA)

6 Apr 2019 Groundbreaking bill seeks to end the widespread mutilation of intersex children (USA)

5 Apr 2019 Queer Skateboarding’: Photographer documents gay skater culture (USA)

5 Apr 2019 Barr orders FBI, Bureau of Prisons to probe discrimination against LGBTQ workers (USA)

5 Apr 2019 Human rights watchdog recognizes third gender in official document (Korea)

4 Apr 2019 The Mormon Church Will Now Allow Same-Sex Couples To Baptize Their Children (USA)

4 Apr 2019 10 transgender athletes explain why it’s fair to compete

4 Apr 2019 Is There Room for Transgender Rights in the ‘New Malaysia’?

4 Apr 2019 In Kazakhstan, transgender people face discrimination

4 Apr 2019 Transgender individuals must balance being “seen” with being safe (USA)

3 Apr 2019 Why it is important to make the undergraduate medical curriculum LGBT+ inclusive (UK)

3 Apr 2019 What’s race got to do with it? Transgender women of color and prisons (USA)

3 Apr 2019 Crowd attack on French transgender woman sparks outrage

1 Apr 2019 Affirming mosques help gay Muslims reconcile faith, sexuality

1 Apr 2019 Ecuador’s Constitutional Court starts hearing case for marriage equality

31 Mar 2019 HRC Celebrates International Transgender Day of Visibility 2019 (USA)

31 Mar 2019 Transgender teen ‘has face cut’ in hate crime attack in Essex (UK)

31 Mar 2019 Transgender fertility rules updated by NHS (UK)

31 Mar 2019 What It’s Like To Be A Transgender Person In ICE Custody (USA)

31 Mar 2019 New Exhibit Commemorates 50 Years of Gay Rights Movement (USA)

31 Mar 2019 ‘Invisible yet visible’: Singapore’s transgender people live in the shadows

30 Mar 2019 Transgender people rally in Zagreb at first-ever march (Croatia)

29 Mar 2019 Transgender guitarist strikes a different note in conservative Malaysia

29 Mar 2019 Same-sex marriage legalised in Cayman Islands

29 Mar 2019 Captivating Portraits Celebrating Britain’s Over-40 Trans Community (UK)

29 Mar 2019 Transgender Singing Voice Conference Expands Vocal Perspectives (USA)

29 Mar 2019 Brunei to punish gay sex and adultery with death by stoning

28 Mar 2019 LGBT groups sue Arizona over HIV/AIDS instruction law (USA)

28 Mar 2019 Apple maintains max score on LGBTQ equality index for 17th year running (USA)

28 Mar 2019 Why this stock photo collection with non-binary models is so important

27 Mar 2019 Vancouver activist Morgane Oger wins ‘landmark’ transgender rights decision (Canada)

27 Mar 2019Chattanooga transgender reverend says proposed bill seeks to criminalize transgender people (USA)

27 Mar 2019 Transgender Man Sues California Hospital After Claiming He Was Denied Surgery Due to Catholic Ethics

26 Mar 2019 Transgender, gay migrants allegedly suffer ‘rampant’ abuse at New Mexico ICE facility (USA)

26 Mar 2019 Thailand elects first transgender MP to federal parliament

25 Mar 2019 Same-Sex Marriage Bill Introduced In State Of Mexico

25 Mar 2019 Alabama Senators vote to abolish marriage licenses to avoid endorsing same-sex marriages (USA)

24 Mar 2019 Pharmacists Learn About Providing Better Care to Transgender Patients (USA)

24 Mar 2019 Maine Pride, community within the state blossoms (USA)

23 Mar 2019 Henry Sias could become America’s first ever transgender judge

23 Mar 2019 Sweden could include non-binary gender in official statistics

22 Mar 2019 ‘Controversial’ same-sex marriage not coming to Hong Kong, leader says

22 Mar 2019 Gay politician Robert Biedron challenges Polish leaders on gay marriage

22 Mar 2019 Fabled transgender bar Divas closing its doors after throwing one last party (USA)

22 Mar 2019 Fewer Americans Think LGBT People Face Discrimination

21 Mar 2019 Can the Czech Republic Tear Down Europe’s Rainbow Curtain?

21 Mar 2019 Tomomi Inada’s uphill battle to ‘promote understanding’ of LGBT issues in Japan

20 Mar 2019 The Largest Christian Charity in America Gives Millions to Anti-LGBT Hate Groups

20 Mar 2019 Parkfield School and No Outsiders: We must learn from Trojan Horse history in Birmingham (UK)

20 Mar 2019 Assistant principal accused of harassing transgender student loses job (USA)

20 Mar 2019 Japan urged to stop transgender sterilization requirement

19 Mar 2019 What the Struggle for Gay Rights Teaches Us about Bridging Differences (USA)

19 Mar 2019 British sports legends petition IOC to study ‘fairness’ of including transgender athletes (UK)

19 Mar 2019 Canada’s military issues new policies to welcome transgender troops as Trump insists on ban

18 Mar 2019 Gay Tasmanian man denied next of kin rights crowdfunds for legal fight

18 Mar 2019 Children’s book with transgender hero raises over P1 million in a week (Philippines)

17 Mar 2019 UK Asian Film Festival Champions Transgender Identity In “Ek Aasha”

17 Mar 2019 One Nation and Australian Conservatives candidates slammed over ‘terrifying’ trans kids comments

16 Mar 2019 Illinois House votes to require LGBT history curriculum be taught in schools (USA)

15 Mar 2019 Current training of physicians to care for LGBTQ individuals is falling short (USA)

15 Mar 2019 Pastor who advocates gay conversion therapy awarded MBE at Buckingham Palace in the New Year Honours List (UK)

15 Mar 2019 Illinois lawmaker introduces bill to punish doctors for providing health care to trans people (USA)

15 Mar 2019 Project Runway Premiere Features First Transgender Model (USA)

15 Mar 2019 “I Am Not Male Or Female”: Sam Smith Says He Is Gender Nonbinary

15 Mar 2019 Poland’s ruling party picks LGBT+ rights as election battlefront

14 Mar 2019 Evangelical Church in Austria paves the way for same-sex marriage blessings

14 Mar 2019 Prince Charles honours transgender student (UK)

14 Mar 2019 ‘Love and comfort’: B.C. moms of transgender kids seek to support, inspire with new podcast (Canada)

14 Mar 2019 Democrats shoot down anti-transgender amendments to Violence Against Women Act (USA)

13 Mar 2019 Hundreds Attend Job Fair Aimed At Transgender Work Force (USA)

13 Mar 2019 New Pentagon transgender rule sets limits for troops (USA)

13 Mar 2019 There’s now a non-binary, gender-neutral alternative to Alexa and Siri

11 Mar 2019 Transgender political activist in Egypt arrested for ‘misusing social media’

11 Mar 2019 Detroit pastor charged in death of transgender woman due in court (USA)

11 Mar 2019 Why You Should Consider Transgender Awareness Training In Your Workplace (USA)

9 Mar 2019 ‘Conditioned to lying’: how Mormon sexual questioning is ‘child abuse’ (Australia)

9 Mar 2019 India’s first LGBTQ clinic and HIV treatment centre inaugurated in Mumbai

8 Mar 2019 IGLTA, Queer Destinations and Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism to promote LGBTQ+tourism in Mexico

8 Mar 2019 The LGBTQ Equality Act heads back to Capitol Hill, this time with massive corporate support (USA)

8 Mar 2019 Supreme Court upholds ruling requiring state to pay for transgender surgery (USA)

8 Mar 2019 Catholic School in Kansas Faces a Revolt for Rejecting a Same-Sex Couple’s Child (USA)

8 Mar 2019 ‘I’m ready,’ says first transgender candidate for Thai PM

7 Mar 2019 Minnesota House passes Equal Rights Amendment (USA)

7 Mar 2019 How to Raise a Child Without Imposing Gender (USA)

7 Mar 2019 Group concerned over arrest of Egyptian transgender woman

7 Mar 2019 Pregnant man reveals awful abuse received during pregnancy (Australia)

6 Mar 2019 Activists Work To Say Bye-Bye to Bi Health Disparities (USA)

6 Mar 2019 How queer is your state? A huge new survey found that 4.5% of Americans are LGBTQ

6 Mar 2019 Trump’s newly confirmed federal judge has ties to anti-gay ‘hate group’ (USA)

6 Mar 2019 The world’s best female and non-binary talent have designed tees for International Women’s Day

4 Mar 2019 Birmingham school stops LGBT lessons after parents protest (UK)

4 Mar 2019 Iran’s regime charges woman with ‘normalizing same-sex relations’

4 Mar 2019 Photography exhibition sheds light on the lives of transgender people (Singapore)

4 Mar 2019 Non-binary trans author nominated for Women’s prize for fiction (Nigeria)

3 Mar 2019 Transgender actress helps Chile win its first Oscar with ground-breaking film

3 Mar 2019 First UK transgender prison unit to open

3 Mar 2019 Women hit back at ‘archaic and damaging’ views on transgender rights in scathing open letter (Scotland)

2 Mar 2019 Lighthouse Church provides ‘soul care’ for queer community (USA)

1 Mar 2019 7 gender-neutral skin-care brands that literally work for everyone

1 Mar 2019 Gay Luxembourg PM Xavier Bettel stuns Arab leaders with pro-gay speech (Egypt)

28 Feb 2019 32 companies sign onto amicus brief supporting Florida transgender student (USA)

28 Feb 2019 Transgender teen can proceed with hormone treatment despite father’s objections, B.C. court rules (Canada)

28 Feb 2019 MSPs to debate gender identity questions for next census (Scotland)

27 Feb 2019 Brazil’s New Congress Is Expected to Require Bible Study in Schools, Repeal Marriage Equality

27 Feb 2019 Federal same-sex marriage ruling improved life satisfaction for individuals, study shows (USA)

27 Feb 2019 Cuba expands rights but rejects radical change in updated constitution

26 Feb 2019 United Methodists Tighten Ban on Same-Sex Marriage and Gay Clergy (USA)

26 Feb 2019 In a first, active duty transgender service members will testify before Congress on policy, potential ban (USA)

26 Feb 2019 Australia’s Cardinal George Pell, Vociferous Opponent of Marriage Equality, Convicted of Raping Two 13 Year-Old Choirboys

26 Feb 2019 Why a Vote on Gay Clergy and Same-Sex Marriage Could Split the United Methodist Church (USA)

25 Feb 2019 First Ever Transgender Cultural District Co-Founded By #XLBossLady Aria Sa’id (USA)

25 Feb 2019 Four Ways to Support LGBTQ Youth During National Eating Disorder Awareness Week (USA)

25 Feb 2019 Niagara County Pride to hold countywide LGBTQ health fair (USA)

25 Feb 2019 Three Indonesian Women Arrested For Same-Sex Marriage Video

25 Feb 2019 Lilly Singh: Why the YouTuber coming out as bisexual is ‘worth celebrating’

25 Feb 2019 Oscars red carpet in pictures: Awkwafina, Amy Poehler and more defy gender norms (USA)

24 Feb 2019 This gender nonconforming artist released a Black History Month comic on Instagram (USA)

24 Feb 2019 Change in AP style; they’re all about pronouns

24 Feb 2019 How the LGBT+ community of today is making history for the youth of tomorrow (UK)

24 Feb 2019 Why the arguments against trans, intersex and DSD athletes are based on prejudice and ignorance (UK)

23 Feb 2019 The Academy Awards needs to confront transphobia in its binary award categories (USA)

22 Feb 2019 Twins Were Born to a Gay Couple. Only One Child Was Recognized as a U.S. Citizen, Until Now

22 Feb 2019 Federal court orders State Department to issue the country’s first nonbinary passport (USA)

22 Feb 2019 Freedom in fluid lines: this year’s Kumbh Mela had its first ever transgender art fair (India)

22 Feb 2019 £283k cash boost for transgender charity Chrysalis (UK)

22 Feb 2019 Soar, Adam, Soar: A father writes on the life of his transgender son, who he lost three years ago (USA)

22 Feb 2019 Jackie Shane, 78, Transgender Pioneer of 1960s Soul Music, Dies (USA)

22 Feb 2019 Church of England issues ‘pastoral principles’ for treatment of gay people

21 Feb 2019 Excitement, anger as Kenya awaits ruling on decriminalising gay sex

21 Feb 2019 Parliament report calls for equal marriage extension to British Overseas Territories

21 Feb 2019 Pakistan opens first public school for transgender persons in Lodhran

21 Feb 2019 Transgender rights advocate honored by Harvard Foundation (USA)

21 Feb 2019 Transgender woman hits bureaucratic brick wall in Japan

21 Feb 2019 How to Fight the Latest Attempts to Erase ‘Transgender’ (USA)

21 Feb 2019 Proposed U.S. state law would limit play for transgender students

21 Feb 2019 Ofsted says schools should teach pupils about same-sex couples (UK)

21 Feb 2019 Mormon church won’t fight ban on gay conversion therapy (USA)

20 Feb 2019 Taiwan government to unveil draft same-sex marriage law

20 Feb 2019 Meet the first black transgender person to fight for her rights and marriage in court in 1945 (USA)

20 Feb 2019 Transgender people face greater risk, fewer resources in eating disorder treatment (USA)

20 Feb 2019 Temple voice therapy program speaks to transgender women (USA)

20 Feb 2019 LGBT group severs links with Navratilova over transgender comments (USA)

19 Feb 2019 National Lottery to give grant to transgender children’s group (UK)

19 Feb 2019 Nation’s first all-LGBTQ city council tests modern meaning of diversity (USA)

19 Feb 2019 Trump administration launches global effort to end criminalization of homosexuality (USA)

19 Feb 2019 Gujarat Government Constitutes Transgender Welfare Board (India)

18 Feb 2019 Transgender woman deported from US murdered in El Salvador

18 Feb 2019 Transgender actress Talisa Garcia says transitioning saved her life (Chile)

18 Feb 2019 7 Transgender History Books for LGBTQIA+ History Month and Beyond

16 Feb 2019 Federal judge blocks discharge of two HIV-positive airmen (USA)

16 Feb 2019 Switzerland takes important step towards legalizing marriage equality

16 Feb 2019 Tamil Nadu: Transgender priest found beheaded (India)

15 Feb 2019 Transgender YouTube personality ‘Furry Potato’ shot outside Los Angeles synagogue (USA)

15 Feb 2019 U.S. Airlines to Offer New Gender Options for Non-Binary Passengers

15 Feb 2019 Merry & Gay: LGBTQs come out to celebrate V-day (India)

15 Feb 2019 Major Airlines Including Delta and American Adding New Gender Options for Non-Binary Passengers (USA)

15 Feb 2019 Thai party fields transgender candidate for prime minister

14 Feb 2019 ‘Love & Resistance’: New exhibit celebrating Stonewall anniversary is rich with LGBTQ history (USA)

14 Feb 2019 Valentine’s Day call for equal marriage to be introduced in Northern Ireland

14 Feb 2019 Eight trans and non-binary people on the UK media’s transphobia epidemic

14 Feb 2019 Tennessee becomes first state in the South with hate crime law protecting transgender people (USA)

14 Feb 2019 Gay Couples in Japan Filed Valentine’s Day Lawsuits Demanding Marriage Equality

13 Feb 2019 Ten Exiled LGBTQ Activists Speak (USA)

13 Feb 2019 64 percent of California LGBT students are bullied. A new bill would train teachers to help (USA)

13 Feb 2019 New BBC Podcast ‘NB’ Explores What It’s Like To Be Non-Binary & It’s Set To Be A Serious Must-Listen (UK)

13 Feb 2019 Newspapers accused of ‘stirring up hatred’ as they remove false claims child murderer Ian Huntley was transgender (UK)

13 Feb 2019 Jury sides with transgender employee in ‘historic’ Iowa case (USA)

12 Feb 2019 Iceland Set To Make Major Changes To Law Affecting Trans, Intersex And Non-Binary People

11 Feb 2019 ‘Where Love Is Illegal’ Photo Exhibit Chronicles LGBTQ Resilience Around The Globe (USA)

11 Feb 2019 2019 Grammy Awards: LGBTQ women shine at 61st annual music event (USA)

11 Feb 2019 Tennessee lawmakers begin new push to overturn same-sex marriage (USA)

11 Feb 2019 14 Characteristics Of A Gender-Equal Business Culture

10 Feb 2019 Gay couple holds the first same-sex wedding party in Mumbai (India)

10 Feb 2019 Anti-LGBTQ Incidents Doubled Over Past Year, Report Shows (Isreal)

10 Feb 2019 Transgender married woman seeks to legally change sex (Japan)

9 Feb 2019 Sports leagues regularly play defense against anti-LGBT measures (USA)

8 Feb 2019 ICE confirms 45 transgender women being held at Texas detention center (USA)

8 Feb 2019 Barbra Siperstein, Crusader for Transgender Rights, Dies at 76 (USA)

8 Feb 2019 Peer tries to remove C of E’s same-sex marriage exemption (UK)

8 Feb 2019 Gay couples to ‘live more freely’ with Thai civil unions

7 Feb 2019 HRC & NEA Sponsor National Day of Readings Supporting Transgender & Gender-Expansive Youth (USA)

7 Feb 2019 Nicola Sturgeon defends transgender rights against ‘misplaced’ concerns (UK)

7 Feb 2019 Stocks run dry of testosterone therapy used by transgender people (South Africa)

7 Feb 2019 Tennessee bill seeking to bolster indecent exposure law draws concern from LGBTQ community (USA)

7 Feb 2019 Lawmakers introduce bipartisan bill to reverse Trump’s ban on transgender troops (USA)

7 Feb 2019 For the first time, transgender candidates will run for seats in Bangladesh’s National Parliament

6 Feb 2019 Oncologists Seek Education on Health Needs of LGBTQ Patients (USA)

6 Feb 2019 LGBTQ parents face ‘state-sanctioned discrimination,’ American Bar Association says

6 Feb 2019 A Proposed Utah Bill Defining Biological Sex Points to the Future of Anti-Trans Legislation (USA)

6 Feb 2019 Mom praises transgender son’s coming out with ultimate ‘It’s a boy’ photo shoot (USA)

6 Feb 2019 Creator of Asia’s ‘LGBTI Netflix’ wins award (Taiwan)

5 Feb 2019 New book explores LGBTQ couples and divorce (USA)

5 Feb 2019 Weinberg: Remembering Babs, a transgender activist who blazed a path for LGBTQ rights (USA)

5 Feb 2019 USA Powerlifting organization bans transgender women from competing

5 Feb 2019 LGBT History Month 2019: When is it, how did it start and what celebrations are happening in the UK?

5 Feb 2019 Trump Mounts Attack on Same-Sex Adoptions (USA)

5 Feb 2019 Press watchdog censures Daily Mail and for irrelevant use of ‘transgender’ (Australia)

5 Feb 2019 Time for nation’s laws to ban transgender discrimination (USA)

4 Feb 2019 Great North Run introduces non-binary category for runners who don’t identify as male or female (UK)

4 Feb 2019 Pakistan gears up to host first Transgender Film Festival

4 Feb 2019 Many transgender prisoners are trying to survive their time while serving time (USA)

4 Feb 2019 State of the Union: Four lawmakers invite transgender service members (USA)

1 Feb 2019 Parliamentary inquiry into gay and transgender hate crimes to recommend hearing in Newcastle (UK)

1 Feb 2019 Scottish feminists say transgender laws risk women’s rights (UK)

31 Jan 2019 Nonbinary? Intersex? 11 U.S. states issuing third gender IDs

31 Jan 2019 Transgender teacher was harassed at Maryland schools, lawsuit says (USA)

31 Jan 2019 Transgender Macedonians Hail ‘Turning Point’ European Court Ruling

31 Jan 2019 What Pakistan gets right and the US gets wrong on trans rights

30 Jan 2019 LGBTQ people of color face ‘compounded violence,’ advocates say (USA)

30 Jan 2019 New CDC Report Highlights Need To Support Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Youth (USA)

30 Jan 2019 Pakistan: Transgender gunned down by armed men, another injured

30 Jan 2019 Parents of Transgender Children Call on Congress to Pass the Equality Act (USA)

29 Jan 2019 Advancing LGBT, women’s equality key to Canada’s economic growth

28 Jan 2019 National Transgender March Expected to Bring Huge Crowds to D.C. (USA)

28 Jan 2019 Five Black LGBTQ Actors on Representation In Hollywood (USA)

27 Jan 2019 Peer in fresh move to lift same-sex marriage ban in Northern Ireland

27 Jan 2019 New York governor signs two major LBGTQ rights bills (USA)

26 Jan 2019 Transgender Woman Shot in Houston (USA)

26 Jan 2019 Jailing of Egyptian journalist who interviewed gay man condemned by rights group

25 Jan 2019 Dallas Wedding Vendor Dropped By Wedding Planning Website For LGBT Discrimination (USA)

25 Jan 2019 Cuomo Signs Law Banning Transgender Discrimination in New York (USA)

25 Jan 2019 Japan’s Supreme Court upholds transgender sterilization requirement

24 Jan 2019 Nonbinary NASA Intern’s Support of Trans Troops Goes Viral (USA)

23 Jan 2019 New encyclopaedia focuses on global LGBT history

23 Jan 2019 Study shows same-sex marriage vote damaged LGBT mental health (Australia)

23 Jan 2019 A married gay man is running for president. That’s a big deal. (USA)

23 Jan 2019 This Nonbinary NASA Intern Is Speaking Out Against The Trans Military Ban (USA)

23 Jan 2019 A transgender Army sergeant says ban won’t stop Americans from serving their country

20 Jan 2019 MI5, Baker McKenzie and Citi crowned as some of Britain’s best LGBT-inclusive employers

18 Jan 2019 TV’s First Transgender Superhero Finally Suits Up on Supergirl (USA)

18 Jan 2019 Bangladesh may be set to get its first transgender MP

18 Jan 2019 Murdered transgender woman was a hero in her community (UK)

17 Jan 2019 Brian Bond Named New Executive Director of PFLAG National (USA)

17 Jan 2019 LGBTQ-inclusive bullying laws associated with fewer teen suicide attempts, study says (USA)

17 Jan 2019 D.C. restaurant fined $7,000 after asking transgender woman for ID before letting her use bathroom (USA)

16 Jan 2019 New York legislature passes bills prohibiting ‘conversion therapy’ and transgender discrimination (USA)

16 Jan 2019 Most cancer doctors don’t know enough about LGBTQ patient care, study finds (USA)

16 Jan 2019 New York Passes Historic Trans Anti-Discrimination Law (USA)

15 Jan 2019 Queer Brazilians Fear The Worst Under New President Jair Bolsonaro

14 Jan 2019 Western pressure unlikely to stop Chechnya’s latest anti-LGBTQ purge

14 Jan 2019 Survey Finds Persistent Bullying of LGBTQ Students in NJ High Schools (USA)

14 Jan 2019 First Annual Transgender March on Washington, D.C. to be held during Weekend of Solidarity and Celebration March 31-April 1, 2019 (USA)

14 Jan 2019 Historic moment as Germany’s first transgender MP set for state parliament

14 Jan 2019 Alabama woman is first known trans person killed this year in U.S.

14 Jan 2019 India Is on the Verge of Passing a Draconian Anti-Transgender Bill

14 Jan 2019 Christian Shelter Defends Choice To Reject Homeless Transgender Woman (USA)

13 Jan 2019 Teen charged with murder of transgender woman (USA)

11 Jan 2019 2019: An Historic Year for Marriage Equality Worldwide?

11 Jan 2019 Transgender man files human rights complaint against Newfoundland and Labrador government (Canada)

10 Jan 2019 Gender clinic aims to improve medical care for transgender patients in New Orleans (USA)

10 Jan 2019 1 in 5 Non-Binary People Denied Medical Treatment Based on Their Identity (USA)

9 Jan 2018 Colorado courthouse honored for issuing gay marriage licenses — in 1975 (USA)

9 Jan 2019 Off-duty police officer kills transgender sex worker in Turkey’s İzmir

9 Jan 2018 Two women charged with sexually assaulting a transgender woman in a North Carolina bar bathroom

8 Jan 2019 First transgender woman appointed secretary of Mahila Congress (India)

8 Jan 2018 US-inspired anti-gay declaration angers Dutch LGBT communities (Netherlands)

8 Jan 2018 Meet the Trans Midwife Changing the World’s “Most Gendered Profession” (USA)

8 Jan 2018 New transgender resource increases online inclusion (Canada)

8 Jan 2018 Edinburgh gym becomes first in UK to offer free classes for trans people 

7 Jan 2018 Saint Helena has held its first ever same-sex wedding

6 Jan 2019 Transgender Emiratis have case rejected by UAE high court 

5 Jan 2019 California offers ‘non-binary’ gender option on state ID cards in 2019 (USA)

3 Jan 2018 Within Hours Of Taking Office, President Bolsonaro Began His Assault On LGBTQ Brazilians

3 Jan 2019 Two gay men mount first legal challenges to Hong Kong laws banning same-sex marriage, with court giving their applications green light to proceed

3 Jan 2019 Julia Grant: Transgender ‘pioneer’ dies aged 64 (UK)

3 Jan 2019 NGOs raise alarm over yet another murder of a transgender woman (Malaysia)

1 Jan 2019 Same-Sex Couple Wed Just Minutes After Marriage Equality Came To Austria

1 Dec 2018 Here Are 21 LGBTQ Celebrity Coming-Out Stories That Shaped 2018 (USA)

31 Dec 2018 LGBT ally Elizabeth Warren launches Presidential bid (USA)

31 Dec 2018 Transgender Pride march takes place in Pakistan

29 Dec 2018 10 same-sex couples to sue Japanese government over marriage equality

28 Dec 2018 Glasgow’s LGBT book shop a ‘wonderful success’ (UK)

28 Dec 2018 Facebook needs to take responsibility for the horrifying impact it’s had on the global strikedown of LGBT+ rights

27 Dec 2018 The transgender beauty queen breaking barriers in Mongolia

27 Dec 2018 Second oldest US women’s college to accept transgender students

26 Dec 2018 Thailand’s Cabinet Approved The Same-Sex Civil Unions Bill

25 Dec 2018 Gay Life in Berlin Is Starting to Echo a Darker Era (Germany)

25 Dec 2018 Four charged with murder of transgender (Malaysia)

24 Dec 2018 Apple takes down religious app claiming homosexuality is sin (USA)

23 Dec 2018 Why some LGBTQ people feel especially stressed at the holidays — and 7 things they can do about it

22 Dec 2018 Trans Artist Reclaims The Holidays For LGBTQ People

22 Dec 2018 Transgender protection bill is transphobic: Activists (India)

21 Dec 2018 Taiwan: Open Letter on Legal Recognition of Same-Sex Unions

21 Dec 2018 2018, explained in pictures by women and nonbinary photographers

20 Dec 2018 New Report Documents Horrific Anti-LGBTQ Crimes Against Humanity in Chechnya

20 Dec 2018 As Trans Visibility Grows, Activists Look to Dispel Myths (USA)

20 Dec 2018 Case Involving Baker Who Refused To Make a Transgender-Friendly Cake Pushes Forward (USA)

20 Dec 2018 I’m non-binary, and my therapists think I don’t exist (USA)

19 Dec 2018 LGBT activist presses UK on rule of law

19 Dec 2018 Cuba removes support for gay marriage in new constitution after protests

19 Dec 2018 LGBTQ groups condemn federal commission move to rescind school disciplinary guidance (USA)

19 Dec 2018 Transgender and Non-Binary Representation on Magazine Covers More Than Tripled In 2018

18 Dec 2018 Transgender Woman’s Murder Is Prosecuted as ‘Feminicide,’ in First for Colombia

17 Dec 2018 Death of transgender woman in Malaysia sparks fears of rising hate crime

16 Dec 2018 Australian pro-equal marriage group wins Australia’s human rights award

15 Dec 2018 German Parliament adds a third gender option to birth certificates

15 Dec 2018 UK Census considering new questions on sexuality and gender

14 Dec 2018 Israel Court Rules Both Same-Sex Parents Must Be Listed on Child’s Birth Certificate

13 Dec 2018 Knowing just one gay person shifts attitudes

13 Dec 2018 Patricio Manuel becomes first male transgender boxer to win pro fight (USA)

13 Dec 2018 HRC Mourns Regina Denise Brown, a Trans Woman Killed in South Carolina (USA)

13 Dec 2018 Michigan pastor charged in shooting death of transgender woman (USA)

11 Dec 2018 UK & Argentina governments to co-chair LGBT rights coalition

11 Dec 2018 Church of England issues transgender advice for clergy (UK)

11 Dec 2018 Gender-neutral a hot trend in baby names (USA)

11 Dec 2018 What the Wage Gap Looks Like for Transgender and Gender Non-Binary People (USA)

11 Dec 2018 New law in Australia could ban using wrong pronouns for transgender people

10 Dec 2018 Trump Doubles Down: Trans People Can Serve in Military, If They Don’t Transition (USA)

10 Dec 2018 Nearly 4,000 gay couples registered as partners (Taiwan)

9 Dec 2018 How To Be A Better Ally To Non-Binary People Like Me

9 Dec 2018 Celebrating Freedom, LGBTQ Community Take Out Pride Parade In Bengaluru (India)

8 Dec 2018 Google Translate updated to reduce gender bias in its translations

8 Dec 2018 New Australian LGBT group launches to fight for equality

8 Dec 2018 Human rights commission president reaffirms marriage support (Americas)

7 Dec 2018 Transgender woman shot dead in Detroit (USA)

6 Dec 2018 Marriage officers must marry same-sex couples after new bill (South Africa)

6 Dec 2018 Why Tumblr’s ban on adult content is bad for LGBTQ youth

4 Dec 2018 The Trevor Project Raises $1.5 Million To Help LGBTQ Youth (USA)

4 Dec 2018 Queer Catholics Condemn Pope’s Claim That Being Gay Has Become ‘Fashionable’

4 Dec 2018 U.S. doctors asked how they feel about caring for transgender patients

4 Dec 2018 Choosing Top Surgery Was Choosing To Trust Myself To Know Who I Really Am

3 Dec 2018 Kadaiyahan Festival 2018 to highlight inclusivity for LGBT community in Mindanao (Philippines)

3 Dec 2018 Government of Canada More Than Doubles Support to Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

2 Dec 2018 Polish gay couple propose in public more than 100 times to fight homophobia

2 Dec 2018 ‘Not his or her story, it is time to tell our stories’

1 Dec 2018 New Olympic rights body to weigh issues including transgender athletes

1 Dev 2018 What Cuba’s Religious Fundamentalists Want to Sweep Under the Carpet

30 Nov 2018 Paris Lees is Vogue’s first transgender columnist (USA)

30 Nov 2018 HRC Mourns Tydie, a Black Transgender Woman Killed in Baltimore (USA)

29 Nov 2018 Queer celebs team up to help LGBTQ youth of color in this new web-series (USA)

29 Nov 2018 Judicial Yuan SG: Constitutional Court ruling on same-sex marriage cannot be overridden by referendums (Taiwan)

29 Nov 2018 A Same-Sex Marriage Under Mexican Law, but Outside Mexico

29 Nov 2018 The Queer Personal Trainers Tackling Heteronormativity One Deadlift at a Time (USA)

29 Nov 2018 What you didn’t know about the world’s first non-binary minister (Taiwan)

29 Nov 2018 The future is trans: As Transgender Awareness Month comes to an end, what are our next steps?

28 Nov 2018 Chile Passes Historic Law Protecting Trans and Nonbinary Citizens

27 Nov 2018 Meet Russia’s gay priest: “The church should reach out”

27 Nov 2018 Gymnastics Without Gender: Bay Area Coach Starts First-of-its-Kind Gymnastics Gender-Expansive Class (USA)

27 Nov 2018 Commentary: No, the Future Is Not Female. It’s Nonbinary.

26 Nov 2018 Transgender asylum seeker was beaten before her death, according to new autopsy (USA)

26 Nov 2018 Scotland poised to become first UK country to recognize third gender

25 Nov 2018 Taiwan’s vote against same-sex marriage illustrates the problem with referendums

25 Nov 2018 Twitter Is Now Clamping Down On Anti-Trans Abuse

24 Nov 2018 Indonesian transgender people fight for rights after attacks

23 Nov 2018 Married gay man sues Hong Kong government over rejected public housing application

23 Nov 2018 This LGBT band is using music to fight Malaysian discrimination

23 Nov 2018 Pakistan’s Punjab replaces ‘shemale’ with ‘transgender’ after lawyer’s petition

23 Nov 2018 Schools to receive guidance in supporting transgender pupils (Ireland)

23 Nov 2018 Trump administration asks Supreme Court to immediately take up transgender military ban (USA)

22 Nov 2018 Bill on transgender birth certificates creates big issues (New Zealand)

21 Nov 2018 Guyana accepts CCJ ruling on transgender matter

21 Nov 2018 Transgender people worse off across the board: government think-tank (Netherlands)

20 Nov 2018 D.C. schools to allow students to register as ‘non-binary’ (USA)

20 Nov 2018 Second LGBTQ widower sues Social Security Administration over denial of survivor’s benefits (USA)

20 Nov 2018 Tasmania pushes ahead with sweeping trans equality law reforms

20 Nov 2018 Supreme Court asked to mandate segregation for transgender students (USA)

20 Nov 2018 Transgender Day of Remembrance: To honor the dead in our community, we have to protect the living (USA)

19 Nov 2018 Boston’s transgender community gathers to remember Rita Hester (USA)

19 Nov 2018 ‘We Have Targets on Our Backs’: How Jacksonville Became America’s Transgender Murder Capital (USA)

19 Nov 2018 This Morning guest Munroe Bergdorf praised as “important” gender identity discussion gets viewers talking (UK)

19 Nov 2018 9 Non-Binary, Gender Fluid, & Transgender People On Dealing With Toxic Family Members Over The Holidays (USA)

19 Nov 2018 ‘Dream come true’: Migrant caravan LGBTQ couples celebrate mass wedding (Mexico)

19 Nov 2018 UK Doctors Recognize the Importance of LGBTQ Education

19 Nov 2018 D.C., P.G. cops investigated for ‘coercing’ trans sex worker (USA)

19 Nov 2018 Rising transgender murder rate: 369 since last fall

18 Nov 2018Ukraine transgender rally disrupted by far-right militants

17 Nov 2018 San Marino passes bill legalising civil unions for same-sex couples

17 Nov 2018 ‘Love will prevail’: Costa Rica’s same-sex couples can marry in 2020

17 Nov 2018 Weather rains on Hong Kong Pride parade but marchers’ call for equality legislation is undimmed

16 Nov 2018 Guyana’s transgender community celebrates the overturning of an archaic cross-dressing law

16 Nov 2018 Trans youth are twice as likely to be sexually assaulted or raped in the US

15 Nov 2018 This Short Film Takes A Powerful Look At The Struggles Of Transgender Youth (UK)

15 Nov 2018 HISTORIC: 27 Taiwanese and Multinational Companies Speak Out for LGBTQ Equality in Taiwan

15 Nov 2018 Denmark withholds nearly $10 million in aid money to Tanzania

12 Nov 2018 Bishop Bans Same-Sex Marriage While Proclaiming Love For Queer Christians (USA)

12 Nov 2018 Florida city elects country’s second all-LGBTQ local government (USA)

9 Nov 2018 Scotland to embed LGBTI teaching across curriculum (UK)

9 Nov 2018 Against the Attempts of Transgender Erasure

8 Nov 2018 Half of LGBTQ People Experience Depression (UK)

8 Nov 2018 In a U.S. landmark of LGBT history, Americans raise funds for those in Taiwan

7 Nov 2018 Colorado, once the infamous anti-LGBT ‘hate state,’ becomes first to elect an openly gay governor (USA)

7 Nov 2018 ‘Rainbow Wave’: How Did The Record Class Of LGBTQ Nominees Fare? (USA)

7 Nov 2018 Two transgender women elected to N.H. House (USA)

7 Nov 2018 Monika Nemeth Makes History as the First Transgender Person to be Elected to a City Position in DC (USA)

6 Nov 2018 Voters overwhelmingly support Question 3 on transgender rights (USA)

6 Nov 2018 Police arrest 10 ‘suspected lesbians’ after two women hug in Facebook photo (Indonesia)

5 Nov 2018 NBC Out election roundup: A review of our LGBTQ midterm stories (USA)

2 Nov 2018 Tanzania leader vows large-scale arrests of LGBT people

1 Nov 2018 Romania mulls legalising same-sex civil unions after referendum fail

31 Oct 2018 Czech Republic fails to vote on same-sex marriage, puts it off for later session

26 Oct 2018 Ukraine MP tries to ban same-sex relationships with new draft bill

28 Oct 2018 Life as a transgender child in Bangladesh

27 Oct 2018 Ageing can be hard for those in the trans community (USA)

27 Oct 2018 Transgender discrimination is worse if you are poor (South Africa)

26 Oct 2018 Man guilty of murdering transgender woman after drugs binge (UK)

26 Oct 2018 This Salon Chain Is Offering Free Hair Services for Trans and Gender-Nonconforming Clients

25 Oct 2018 Northern Ireland vote makes same-sex marriage and abortion one step closer

25 Oct 2018 The Idea of a ‘DNA Test’ for Transgender People Is Part of a Long, Dark History (USA)

24 Oct 2018 Justice Department says businesses can discriminate against transgender employees (USA)

24 Oct 2018 Tasmanian government resists push to remove gender from birth certificates

24 Oct 2018 Trump’s Transgender Proposal: Stigma is “Not in the Interest of Public Health,” CDC Director Says (USA)

23 Oct 2018 Will Costa Rica Be the Next Country to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage?

23 Oct 2018 ‘LGBT’ flyers — picturing Lady Liberty, Gun, Beer and Trump — sent to Nashville gay bars (USA)

23 Oct 2018 Read These 3 Books on Trans Rights and Gender Identity

23 Oct 2018 Transgender and non-binary people face healthcare discrimination every day in the US

23 Oct 2018 Taiwan gears up for largest pride in Asia

22 Oct 2018 French LGBT groups denounce ‘culture of hate’ after spate of attacks

22 Oct 2018 We will not legalise same-sex marriage to get funding – Uhuru (Kenya)

22 Oct 2018 A Jewish group builds community for transgender and nonbinary teens (USA)

22 Oct 2018 Trans and nonbinary Americans are uniting against new Trump proposal, saying they #WontBeErased

22 Oct 2018 It’s okay to let your transgender kid transition — even if they might change their mind in the future

21 Oct 2018 9 maps show how different LGBTQ rights are around the world

21 Oct 2018 Trump Admin Might Redefine Gender To Exclude Trans And Non-Binary People, Report Says (USA)

21 Oct 2018 Young Catholics urge Vatican to issue inclusive LGBT message

21 Oct 2018 First-ever research on healthcare needs of transpeople carried out in Pakistan

21 Oct 2018 Rights advocates urge Japan to step up LGBT-inclusive efforts and legalize same-sex marriage

20 Oct 2018 Transgender teen thanks Prince Charles for giving him confidence to realise who he really is (UK)

19 Oct 2018 Lesbians, Gay Men and Bisexuals are Delaying Health Care, Study Finds (USA)

19 Oct 2018 Uruguay passes law granting rights to trans people

19 Oct 2018 Do We Really Need Gender Markers on IDs?

19 Oct 2018 “Smash the Binary” discusses nonbinary genders (USA)

19 Oct 2018 Being a Black Nonbinary Person Is Difficult. But It’s Shown Me the Radical Power of Defining Your Own Existence (USA)

19 Oct 2018 Sydney Anglicans set to ban gay weddings and pro-LGBTI advocacy on church property (Australia)

18 Oct 2018 Southern India gears up for first transgender film festival

18 Oct 2018 Scottish churches may be exempted from future gender identity rules (UK)

18 Oct 2018 Call me ‘her’: Why pronouns matter: Opinion (Canada)

18 Oct 2018 New policy for pediatricians encourages affirmative treatment of trans and gender diverse youth (USA)

17 Oct 2018 Meet Lili Elbe, a transgender pioneer from the 1930s (Denmark)

17 Oct 2018 Wear purple on Oct. 18 to support LGBTQ youth for #SpiritDay (USA)

17 Oct 2018 Milwaukee Pride, Wisconsin LGBTQ History Project unite to preserve local heritage

17 Oct 2018 ACLU and other groups celebrate first-ever International Pronouns Day to empower nonbinary people (USA)

17 Oct 2018 9 struggles of shopping on the high street as a non-binary person (UK)

16 Oct 2018 “Heroes of Troy”: High school homecoming court goes gender-neutral (USA)

15 Oct 2018 Helping Pediatricians Care for Transgender Children (USA)

15 Oct 2018 Why we need more trans and non-binary books for middle-grade readers (Canada)

14 Oct 2018 Nicole Maines of Supergirl Opens Up About Being TV’s First Transgender Superhero (USA)

14 Oct 2018 One Night, Hot Springs uses social anxiety to explain what it’s like to be transgender in Japan

14 Oct 2018 Referendums are becoming a risk to human rights – here’s how the EU’s single market could solve this

14 Oct 2018 Channel 4’s ‘The Bisexual’ is breaking new ground when it comes to representation of queer sex and relationships (UK)

13 Oct 2018 Memorializing Matthew Shepard (USA)

13 Oct 2018 Center opens to address needs of minority transgender community (USA)

12 Oct 2018 LGBTQ and civil rights groups warn against confirming two more anti-gay federal judges (USA)

12 Oct 2018 Why Coming Out May Still Be A Hurdle Too High For Many LGBTQ Athletes

12 Oct 2018 Czech Transgender Sterilization Law Violates Right to Health

11 Oct 2018 National Coming Out Day 2018: What is National Coming Out Day? (USA)

11 Oct 2018 Gay couple can register child in conservative Poland

11 Oct 2018 Gender and Privilege With ‘Transparent’ Creator Jill Soloway (USA)

10 Oct 2018 Metro newspaper runs full-page ad attacking transgender rights reforms (UK)

10 Oct 2018 Incredible new children’s book tells story of transgender boy (USA)

10 Oct 2018 Woman in tears after being forced to show breasts at airport (UK)

10 Oct 2018 Australian PM: Religious schools can reject gay students

10 Oct 2018 Taiwan to hold same-sex marriage referendum

10 Oct 2018 Let Ashers bake what they want – gay people in Northern Ireland like me need marriage equality more than their cakes (UK)

10 Oct 2018 Bring Out Your Dead (USA)

10 Oct 2018 Non-Binary Actor Plays Non-Binary Character For the First Time in American Television

9 Oct 2018 Marriage counselling centre loses funding because it will not help gay couples (Ireland)

8 Oct 2018 Transgender teenager asks Massachusetts voters to support her rights in November referendum (USA)

8 Oct 2018 Family Equality Council and Path2Parenthood Announce Merger, Helping LGBTQ People Form Families (USA)

8 Oct 2018 LGBTQ community let it all hang out (South Africa)

8 Oct 2018 Romanian Vote to Cement Gay-Marriage Ban Fails on Turnout

7 Oct 2018 Hundreds take part in LGBTQ pride parade (India)

7 Oct 2018 Transgender persons accuse police of torture (Pakistan)

7 Oct 2018 Philly Trans March walks on in remembrance of two unsolved murders (USA)

7 Oct 2018 Kavanaugh confirmation likely to prompt shift to state courts (USA)

6 Oct 2018 Inverness and Stornoway hold historic LGBTI Pride celebrations (Ireland)

6 Oct 2018 5+ States That Will Offer Non-Binary Gender Option on Driver’s Licenses (USA)

5 Oct 2018 Hawai’i Supreme Court Upholds Parenting Rights of Married Same-Sex Couples (USA)

5 Oct 2018 Panel in Tokyo examines LGBT issues in Japan, EU

5 Oct 2018 The Fight For LGBTQ+ Equality Isn’t Over: How To Help In New York (USA)

5 Oct 2018 What would changes to the Gender Recognition Act mean? Two legal view (UK)

5 Oct 2018 “I Almost Lost My Life.” Kenyan Transgender Letoya Recalls Rape Ordeal

4 Oct 2018 Transgender woman fatally stabbed, body left behind abandoned West Side building (USA)

4 Oct 2018 UW researcher wins $625,000 MacArthur ‘genius grant’ for transgender youth study

4 Oct 2018 A New Law in Chile Recognizes Transgender People

4 Oct 2018 Roller derby is super gay and this play is proving just that (UK)

4 Oct 2018 CUCKOO Explores Non-Binary Identity and Teenage Life in Ireland at Soho Theatre

4 Oct 2018 1st Transgender Elected State Lawmaker Speaks at UVA Symposium (USA)

3 Oct 2018 Lambda Legal launches billboards to protest anti-LGBTQ religious exemption laws (USA)

3 Oct 2018 Apple introduces 70 emoji — but still no transgender flag

3 Oct 2018 Transgender homecoming prince brushes off Westboro Baptist Church picket (USA)

3 Oct 2018 Transgender candidates in Brazil push to have voices heard

3 Oct 2018 The New Smear Against Transgender Men (USA)

3 Oct 2018 Public bathrooms are gender identity battlefields. What if we just do it right? (Australia)

2 Oct 2018 Civil partnerships to be opened to heterosexual couples (UK)

2 Oct 2018 Romania’s vote to rule out same-sex marriage stirs hate, say LGBT groups

2 Oct 2018 U.S. to partners of U.N. LGBTQ staff: Get married, or get out

2 Oct 2018 Transgender Kids: 4 questions parents ask about their gender-questioning kids at Duke’s Gender Care clinic (USA)

2 Oct 2018 USA Swimming Passes Amendment Increasing Inclusion for Transgender Athletes

2 Oct 2018 North Carolina’s anti-transgender law undermined by federal court (USA)

2 Oct 2018 LGBTQ inclusion to slowly get on track (India)

1 Oct 2018 The international far-right has a new target: Gender and identity (Moldova)

1 Oct 2018 Do you know the history behind LGBT History Month? (USA)

1 Oct 2018 16 Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Instagram Accounts to Introduce You to Our Herstory

1 Oct 2018 Our Opportunity to Include All Genders in Buddhist Communities (USA)

1 Oct 2018 Have your say on the Gender Recognition Act (UK)

1 Oct 2018 The number of non-binary students has skyrocketed (UK)

1 Oct 2018 Lesbians lead the way down the same-sex aisle, figures show (Australia)

30 Sep 2018 Trans volleyball player running for Congress (USA)

30 Sep 2018 Award-winning documentary about Vietnamese transgender woman to screen in Vietnam

30 Sep 2018 ‘Change in attitude must to change society’ (Pakistan)

30 Sep 2018 830 students refuse to be male or female (UK)

29 Sep 2018 Uruguay: Thousands March in Support of Transgender Rights, Equality Bill

29 Sep 2018 It’s Important For Sport to Be More LGBTQIA+ Friendly (India)

29 Sep 2018 Strictly’s Craig Revel Horwood says that it would be “easy” to have same-sex couples on the show (UK)

28 Sep 2018 ‘LGBTQ + Community Wants Equality Marriage’ (Curaçao)

28 Sep 2018 One year of ‘Marriage for all’ in Germany: How many couples have tied the knot?

28 Sep 2018 2021 census to include questions on transgender status (Scotland)

28 Sep 2018 Gender-neutral toilets in Canada targeted with anti-transgender ‘penis’ stickers

28 Sep 2018 N.J. has a new plan to protect transgender kids in schools (USA)

28 Sep 2018 New policy allows Canadian trans student-athletes on teams consistent with gender identity

27 Sep 2018 American anti-LGBT groups battling same-sex marriage in Romania

27 Sep 2018 I Am a Proud Bisexual Woman, Not a ‘Watered-Down Gay’

27 Sep 2018 Silence must be broken on gender-based sexual violence (USA)

27 Sep 2018 Transgender woman reveals ordeal as new campaign launched to tackle hate crime (UK)

27 Sep 2018 Transgender youth health report shows pronounced health disparities (USA)

27 Sep 2018 There Is A Row About Transgender Girlguides And This Is Why (UK)

27 Sep 2018 Shunned by their tribe, Colombian transgender women find freedom in coffee town

26 Sep 2018 The creator of the trans flag has an important message for transgender people (USA)

26 Sep 2018 ‘Epidemic of violence’: 2018 is worst for deadly assaults against transgender Americans

26 Sep 2018 Annapolis Police Department creates new LGBTQ liaison (USA)

26 Sep 2018 Manchester transgender vicar leads church diversity push (UK)

26 Sep 2018 Brazil’s transgender volleyball star eyes Congress seat

25 Sep 2018 Social Security discriminated against lesbian after partner died, lawsuit says (USA)

25 Sep 2018 Transgender Suicide Is More Than a Mental Health Issue (USA)

25 Sep 2018 5 ways to make the workplace LGBTQ friendly (India)

24 Sep 2018 Romanian newspaper compares LGBT+ activists to Nazis

24 Sep 2018 Malaysian leader condemns ‘unfair’ gay sex law used to imprison him

24 Sep 2018 Evangelicals Claim Religious Objections to Serving Transgender Homeless (USA)

24 Sep 2018 We could have used a trans survival guide growing up: By writing one we hope to make today’s teens feel proud of who they are (UK)

24 Sep 2018 HRC Calls On DHS to Address Alarming Rate of Sexual Abuse LGBTQ Detainees Face in ICE Detention (USA)

23 Sep 2018 Bi Visibility Day: It can sometimes be hardest to confront the prejudices we hold ourselves (UK)

23 Sep 2018 The battle against homophobia in Sri Lanka

23 Sep 2018 Colorado makes history as the 1st state issuing intersex birth certificates (USA)

22 Sep 2018 Thousands Turn Out For First Brisbane Pride March Since Marriage Equality (Australia)

21 Sep 2018 Transgender Slur Spray-Painted on Florida Couple’s Garage Door (USA)

21 Sep 2018 Mike Pence to Join Conversion Therapy Advocates & Anti-LGBTQ Extremists at Values Voter Summit (USA)

21 Sep 2018 Affirm transgender kids, says American Academy of Pediatrics (USA)

21 Sep 2018 Minnesota federal judge extends ACA protection to transgender and gender non-conforming people (USA)

21 Sep 2018 New ad against transgender law involves peeping man in women’s bathroom (USA)

21 Sep 2018 What It’s Like to Be Trans and Live With Gender Dysphoria (USA)

21 Sep 2018 Opinion: Breaking down the walls Chinese society has toward the LGBTQIA+ population?

21 Sep 2018 Trans Lifeline Peer Support Helpline for Transgender (USA/Canada)

20 Sep 2018 With More Than 200 L.G.B.T. Candidates, Advocates Hope for a ‘Rainbow Wave’ in the Midterms (USA)

20 Sep 2018 Inspired By Protest Signs, Artist Tuesday Smillie Stitches A Transgender Lineage (USA)

20 Sep 2018 Statewide ballot question proposes repeal of transgender rights (USA)

20 Sep 2018 Nova Scotia to allow ‘X’ as gender option on birth certificates (Canada)

20 Sep 2018 Judge Rules Nonbinary Traveler Can’t Be Denied U.S. Passport for Refusing to Choose a Gender

20 Sep 2018 Various forms of discrimination against LGBTQ individuals reported to support groups (Singapore)

19 Sep 2018 American Academy of Pediatrics calls for “gender-affirming” approach to treating transgender youth

19 Sep 2018 Alba Palacios, the first transgender footballer in Spain

19 Sep 2018 Transgender woman killed by border agent tragically misidentified by police, activists say (USA)

19 Sep 2018 Coca-Cola, IBM, Other US Companies Get Political With ‘#Business4LoveEquality’ Effort in Northern Ireland (UK)

19 Sep 2018 Hong Kong Takes Tiny Step Closer to Equality As Same-sex Couples Get Spouse Visas

18 Sep 2018 Longtime LGBTQ Rights Advocate Guy Kinman Has Died (USA)

18 Sep 2018 Cuban President becomes the first communist leader to back marriage equality

18 Sep 2018 HRC’s Bisexual, Queer, Pansexual & Fluid Staff on Honoring Bi Visibility All Year Long (USA)

18 Sep 2018 Meet the activists fighting for transgender rights in Kenya

18 Sep 2018 Bangladesh appoints first transgender human rights official to ‘change attitudes’

18 Sep 2018 High school in California crowns its first-ever transgender queen (USA)

18 Sep 2018 Barriers for transgender voters ahead of the 2018 midterm elections (USA)

18 Sep 2018 The migration of same-sex couples to the suburbs is shaping the fight for LGBT equality (USA)

17 Sep 2018 Belgrade Gay Pride participants call for law on same-sex marriage (Serbia)

17 Sep 2018 LGBTI domestic abuse: Here’s a global list of where you can go to get help

17 Sep 2018 LGBTQ students saddled with more debt, poll shows (Canada)

17 Sep 2018 Transgender struggles in spotlight at film festival (India)

17 Sep 2018 Drawing on her own experience, Nagoya doctor offers transgender counseling (Japan)

16 Sep 2018 How Islamists stigmatise Indonesia’s transgender waria

16 Sep 2018 Los Angeles schools accelerate support for LGBTQ students as data show more than half have been bullied in high school (USA)

16 Sep 2018 New Yorkers will be able to select third gender on birth certificates under new legislation (USA)

16 Sep 2018 Texas could be about to introduce a set of anti-LGBTQ laws as early as next year (USA)

16 Sep 2018 It took me 23 years to finally realise that I am gender fluid (India)

15 Sep 2018 What High School Is Like for Transgender Students (USA)

15 Sep 2018 Ong Ye Kung says there is no discrimination of the LGBTQ community here (Singapore)

14 Sep 2018 Anti-LGBTQ World Congress of Families kicked off this weekend with Moldova’s president in attendance

14 Sep 2018 Desperate gay couple in deportation battle says judge ‘refused to recognise their legal marriage (USA)

14 Sep 2018 Teaching Tolerance magazine pays tribute to Matthew Shepard, 20 years after his death (USA)

14 Sep 2018 HRC’s Parents for Trans Equality Council On How Schools Can Welcome All Students’ Identities (USA)

14 Sep 2018 It’s Time Indonesia Stopped Considering Homosexuality a Product of Western Culture

13 Sep 2018 Handbook on rights of transgender and gender non-conforming people launched (India)

13 Sep 2018 HRC Mourns Londonn Moore, the Fifth Black Trans Woman Killed in Florida This Year (USA)

13 Sep 2018 Meninos Bons de Bola are the world’s first transgender men’s football team, and live in fear of being attacked (Brazil)

13 Sep 2018 For Trans People Seeking Passports, State Department Abruptly Changes Language (USA)

13 Sep 2018 Working Out Is a Minefield When You’re Non-Binary (Canada/USA)

13 Sep 2018 Chile approves law for transgender citizens to change official details

12 Sep 2018 Romania parliament votes in favor of man/woman marriage only

12 Sep 2018 Gay marriage in Welsh churches? Welsh bishops say it is ‘unjust’ not to provide for same-sex couples (UK)

12 Sep 2018 ‘Without your rights I can’t have my rights’: Dawn Butler on the importance of intersectionality at the UK’s first transgender conference

12 Sep 2018 Trans community demands judicial inquiry into death of transgender in Sahiwal (Pakistan)

12 Sep 2018 Study finds no correlation between transgender laws and bathroom crimes (USA)

11 Sep 2018 New group aims to help gay, lesbian and transgender seniors (Canada)

11 Sep 2018 India’s top 10 LGBTQ friendly destinations

11 Sep 2018 Is the Mormon Church Amping Up Its Homophobia? (USA)

11 Sep 2018 Anti-Trans ‘Bathroom Bills’ Are Based On Lies. Here’s The Research To Show It. (USA)

11 Sep 2018 Among teens, transgender males are most likely to attempt suicide, study says (USA)

10 Sep 2018 The History and Activism of the LGBTQ Community in India

10 Sep 2018 Suicide risk high among transgendered veterans (USA)

10 Sep 2018 #LoveIsLove: India’s top brands go all out with ‘Pride’ campaign

10 Sep 2018 Schools warned over new ‘harmful’ Transgender Trend stickers (UK)

10 Sep 2018 Designer Marco Marco debuts an all-transgender roster on his New York Fashion Week runway (USA)

10 Sep 2018 Man down: how homophobia remains rife within Christian circles (New Zealand)

10 Sep 2018 LGBTQ rights: Asia has a long way to go

10 Sep 2018 Decision due on same-sex marriage appeal (Northern Ireland)

10 Sep 2018 Australian Rules-Transgender footballer withdraws from women’s draft

10 Sep 2018 Odisha’s first transgender civil servant plans marriage after 377 order (India)

9 Sep 2018 The Woodlands, one of Texas’ most conservative areas, hosting pride festival (USA)

9 Sep 2018 Transgender in Pakistan Set on Fire, Killed by Four Men for Resisting Sexual Assault

8 Sep 2018 Chechnya gay purge’s forgotten lesbian and transgender victims

8 Sep 2018 Transgender woman’s bank account frozen because she ‘sounded like a man’ (UK)

8 Sep 2018 India’s government pushes back against calls for same-sex marriage

7 Sep 2018 Lesbian Couple Denied Housing by Senior Living Community Files Suit (USA)

7 Sep 2018 Prime minister, please consider how trans kids’ lives are affected by your words (Australia)

6 Sep 2018 Travis Alabanza discusses how transgender people are received in public (UK)

6 Sep 2018 Dream come true, says transgender community (India)

6 Sep 2018 Shantee Tucker, a 30-year-old black transgender woman, killed in Philadelphia (USA)

6 Sep 2018 Section 377: Rainbow flags come out of closet to celebrate SC verdict

5 Sep 2018 Is ‘The Wedding’ a new beginning for LGBTQ cinema in Egypt?

5 Sep 2018 Research needed on family-based stigma against LGBTQ youth

4 Sep 2018 An Opportunity for LGBT Rights in Ecuador

4 Sep 2018 California passes landmark legislation to help transgender foster youth (USA)

4 Sep 2018 NYU researchers identify tool to help transgender women have a more authentic voice (USA)

4 Sep 2018 New York Fashion Week Is Moving Toward a Genderless Future (USA)

4 Sep 2018 JAIP looking at implementing caning penalty on LGBT offenders (Malaysia) 

4 Sep 2018 Untold truths about the experiences and challenges faced by transgender women in the Pacific- Joey Joleen Mataele (Tonga)

4 Sep 2018 Let’s Talk About Deadnaming, Misgendering, And How To Not Do It

4 Sep 2018 Transgender religious leader talks about transition (USA)

4 Sep 2018 Gender justice activists are organising against online violence – and they need your support (UK)

3 Sep 2018 World’s first festival ‘free from cis men’ held in Sweden

3 Sep 2018 Gender Rebels working for visibility and rights (Ireland)

3 Sep 2018 Lesbian songwriter Grace Petrie’s powerful track smashes people’s ‘narrow view of gender’ (UK)

3 Sep 2018 In first, trans actress is candidate for Israel’s top film prize

3 Sep 2018 PM Wants to Protect Religious Freedoms (Australia)

3 Sep 2018 The rise of genderless fashion in India

2 Sep 2018 LGBTQ youth lead the celebration at 2018 Calgary Pride Parade (Canada)

2 Sep 2018 Back to school shopping with my gender-fluid genderqueer niece was eye-opening (USA)

1 Sep 2018 Bhubaneswar Pride Walk raise issues of LGBTQIA+ community (India)

1 Sep 2018 Legalizing same sex unions (Philippines)

1 Sep 2018 Dorsky Museum Exhibits Portraits of Notable Figures in the Transgender Community (USA)

31 Aug 2018 Transgender Woman Murdered in Chicago (USA)

31 Aug 2018 LGBTQ group says Alabama participating in a ‘deliberate attack’ on transgender people (USA)

31 Aug 2018 HRC Mourns the Loss of Vontashia Bell, a Trans Woman Killed in Louisiana (USA)

31 Aug 2018 Campus focus on LGBTQ rights and issues (India)

30 Aug 2018 Rebel Playhouse & Lawrence Arts Center Present New Musical About Non-Binary Youth (Kansas, USA)

30 Aug 2018 What’s The Difference Between Anxiety & Stress? 9 Women & Nonbinary People Share How They’re Affected Differently

30 Aug 2018 Transgender victims of hate crime ‘silenced’ because Met’s recording system ‘only has man and woman categories’ (UK)

30 Aug 2018 VR film on transgender perspectives headed to Venice Film Festival (Italy)

30 Aug 2018 New paper ignites storm over whether teens experience ‘rapid onset’ of transgender identity (Rhode Island, USA)

30 Aug 2018 Many Transgender Asylum-Seekers Held In Special ICE Unit (USA)

29 Aug 2018 ‘Who Would Do That to a 12-Year-Old?’ Transgender Oklahoma Student Speaks Out About Being Bullied by Parents (USA)

29 Aug 2018 This Ahmedabad University Will Have Compulsory LGBTQ Classes (India)

29 Aug 2018 Following successful pilot project, U.K. will get permanent LGBTQ crisis shelter (UK)

29 Aug 2018 Wisconsin Reinstates Coverage Of Transgender Treatment For State Workers (USA)

28 Aug 2018 Kyrsten Sinema wins Arizona primary, major first as bisexual candidate (USA)

28 Aug 2018 LGBTQ and Allied Candidates Poised to Replace Australia’s Ousted Prime Minister

28 Aug 2018 Lesbian woman declared married to her partner of 50 years, who died in May (USA)

28 Aug 2018 California Prioritizes Services for LGBTQ Seniors With Inclusive New Law (USA)

28 Aug 2018 Gujarat: ‘Gay prince’ designs South Asia’s first LGBTQ academic module (India)

28 Aug 2018 A 9-Year-Old Colorado Boy’s Death by Suicide Highlights the Challenges Facing LGBTQ Kids (USA)

28 Aug 2018 How Do You Make The Classroom LGBTQ-Inclusive? These Teachers Went To Summer School To Find Out (USA)

28 Aug 2018 Students Will Study 58 Distinct Gender Identities at College in India

28 Aug 2018 Five charged in Paris murder of transgender prostitute Vanesa Campos (France)

27 Aug 2018 A Court in Florida Affirms Dignity for Transgender People, Even in Prison (USA)

27 Aug 2018 How to Use Gender-Neutral Words. And why they’re important.

27 Aug 2018 Taiwanese groups call for 70,000 signatures to enact same-sex marriage referendum

27 Aug 2018 LGBT activists criticise minister for women over trans comments (UK)

27 Aug 2018 Massive Pride parade likely the biggest ever in Ottawa (Canada)

26 Aug 2018 Transgender woman brutally killed outside her apartment in Istanbul (Turkey)

26 Aug 2018 John McCain: the senator who went from LGBT opponent to ally dies age 81 (USA)

26 Aug 2018 #UniteForJustice: HRC Joins Day of Action to Stop Kavanaugh (USA)

26 Aug 2018 Tasmanian transgender woman Aleana Robins shares her story (Australia)

25 Aug 2018 The last time a pope visited Ireland, homosexuality was a crime. Now the Irish prime minister is gay. (Ireland)

25 Aug 2018 Several thousand march through Derry for city’s annual Pride parade (Ireland)

25 Aug 2018 Netflix’s LGBTQ Film section is mostly gay men and people aren’t happy (USA)

25 Aug 2018Democrats adopt gender nonbinary language to charter (USA)

25 Aug 2018 Sixteen US states want the Supreme Court to limit transgender workplace rights (USA)

25 Aug 2018 Chanel is launching a makeup line for men (UK)

24 Aug 2018 Woman sues Hong Kong government for not allowing same-sex civil partnerships (China)

24 Aug 2018 Brutal Attack On A Trans Woman Sparks Fear In Malaysia’s LGBTQ Community (Malaysia)

24 Aug 2018 Catholic ‘Family’ Conference Hears Appeal For Church To Welcome LGBTQ People (Ireland)

24 Aug 2018 Lost for Words: Non-Binary Russians Fight the Limits of Their Language

23 Aug 2018 Catholic Charities to phase out adoption to avoid the conflict of serving gay couples (USA)

21 Aug 2018 The alarming levels of anti-LGBTQ hate crime in Britain needs to be tackled once and for all (UK)

21 Aug 2018 Fine-Tuning Gender-Free: The Phluid Project Flagship Hits 6 Months Old

21 Aug 2018 Under threat: Transgender people protest rising violence (Pakistan)

20 Aug 2018 Cabrillo candidate Adam Spickler is state’s first transgender man to win elected office (USA)

20 Aug 2018 Churches fight for same-sex marriage (South Africa)

20 Aug 2018 These Dallas charities are making an impact in the LGBTQ community (USA)

20 Aug 2018 Project uncovering South’s hidden LGBTQ history (USA)

20 Aug 2018 Businesses not complying with gender-neutral bathroom law (USA)

20 Aug 2018 I’m A Little Bi-Furious: Bi+ women and non-binary folk talk biphobia (Australia)

20 Aug 2018 A Visual Record of the Joys, Fears and Hopes of Older Transgender People (USA)

19 Aug 2018 Montreal Pride parade pays tribute to global victims of repression (Canada)

19 Aug 2018 Transgender women take the lead in Montreal’s 34th Pride parade (Canada)

19 Aug 2018 Football’s first out trans referee officiates her first game (UK)

18 Aug 2018 ‘You can’t be out’: Gay Egyptians continue to fear persecution

18 Aug 2018 Is the GOP stripping benefits from straight couples to protest same-sex marriage? (USA)

18 Aug 2018 Trans Students: A Test of Identity for U.S. Girls Schools

17 Aug 2018 New Qantas ad features sweet same-sex wedding and Sydney Mardi Gras (Australia)

17 Aug 2018 Transgender Comedian Chloe Black to Make Her Melbourne Premiere (Australia)

17 Aug 2018 #TransgenderPrivilege Is Showing Us the Reality of What It Means to Be Trans (USA)

17 Aug 2018 Transgender BYU Student Faces Possible Expulsion for Undergoing Top Surgery (USA)

17 Aug 2018 Pakistan Makes Arrests After Killing, Mutilation Of Transgender Person

17 Aug 2018 Strict ID laws could disenfranchise 78,000 transgender voters, report says (USA)

16 Aug 2018 Cuba may legalize marriage equality. That doesn’t mean it’s a gay paradise

16 Aug 2018 LGBTQ Still Have No Place in the Caucasus

16 Aug 2018 This Queer Convention Wants More Lesbian and Bi Visibility In the Media (USA/UK)

16 Aug 2018 Colorado baker who refused to serve gay couple now wants to refuse to serve transgender person (USA)

16 Aug 2018 Gap’s latest ad featuring deaf transgender model and activist Chella Man being lauded

16 Aug 2018 Parent’s explanation to child about non-binary gender goes viral

15 Aug 2018 Transgender woman Christine Hallquist makes history, winning Democrat primary to contest Vermont governor’s race (USA)

15 Aug 2018 Germany has approved plans to legally recognise a third gender

15 Aug 2018 Two women in Malaysia sentenced to caning for having sex

14 Aug 2018 A-levels go gender neutral: Leading exam board allows students to opt out of boys and girls classifications (UK)

14 Aug 2018 Roncalli High School can legally fire counselor over same-sex marriage, expert says (USA)

13 Aug 2018 Can you be both non-binary and lesbian?

13 Aug 2018 They, them, theirs? The push for going gender-neutral in the workplace (USA)

13 Aug 2018 Police aren’t respecting the names of transgender murder victims – and it may prevent justice (USA)

13 Aug 2018 Achille ISD parents threaten to harm transgender student in Facebook posts (USA)

13 Aug 2018 Judge classifies transgender woman shooting in Detroit as ethnic intimidation (USA)

13 Aug 2018 Transgender advocates adopt lobster emoji

13 Aug 2018 Same-sex marriage activists face an uphill climb ahead of gay rights referendums (Taiwan)

12 Aug 2018 LGBTQ In Nigeria: Between Law And Love

12 Aug 2018 Governments around the world impede LGBTQ-rights groups, report finds

12 Aug 2018 ‘How can you be raped?’ Doctor’s words to transgender in India an example of the ‘transphobia’ that stops many getting health care (India)

12 Aug 2018 ‘Being transgender is a beautiful thing and people need to know that’ (UK)

12 Aug 2018 Malaysian minister claims allowing people to be transgender would cause ‘chaos’ in society

12 Aug 2018 HKFP Investigation: As Hong Kong’s private clubs open their doors to gay couples, progress remains slow for some

11 Aug 2018 Illinois Tourism #AmazingForAll sculpture at Northalsted Market Days (USA)

11 Aug 2018 Costa Rica’s Supreme Court Rules Against Same-Sex Marriage Ban

11 Aug 2018 Fighter Pilot, Racing Driver, Prisoner of War, Transgender Pioneer: The Incredible Story of Roberta Cowell (UK)

11 Aug 2018 WestJet passenger says she was ‘in shock’ after gate agent outed her as transgender (Canada)

11 Aug 2018 How Bengaluru’s young and queer are pushing the boundaries of gender and sexuality (India)

10 Aug 2018 Thousands of transgender people may be prevented from voting in US election

10 Aug 2018 Accomplished Trans Student and Activist Casey Hoke Has Died (USA)

10 Aug 2018 7 incredible ways Ruth Bader Ginsburg has fought for us in the last 25 years (USA)

10 Aug 2018 You Should Be Following These 5 LGBTQ Photographers, Activists & Performers

9 Aug 2018 Subversive Artwork That Breaks Free of the ‘Pale, Male, and Stale’ Art World (UK)

9 Aug 2018 Punjab’s education department enforces equal opportunity for transgender children (Pakistan)

8 Aug 2018 Gay Native American wins Democratic primary in deep-red Kansas (USA)

8 Aug 2018 In name change hearing, judge asked trans teen about sexuality, bathrooms, Caitlyn Jenner: Lawsuit (USA)

8 Aug 2018 Won’t Bake a Gay Wedding Cake? Nearly Half of America Supports You

7 Aug 2018 Russian police detain LGBTQ advocates

7 Aug 2018 LGBTQ groups banned from organizing around the world

7 Aug 2018 Democrats poised to pick transgender woman for Vermont governor (USA)

6 Aug 2018 Meet the lesbian Native American woman running for Congress in Kansas (USA)

6 Aug 2018 Gay Ireland leader Leo Varadkar to raise marriage equality with Pope

6 Aug 2018 ‘Traditional marriage’ group wants to boycott Britney Spears over LGBT support (UK)

6 Aug 2018 Those Long Haired Nights: Filipino film highlights struggle for transgender rights

6 Aug 2018 University art museum to host camp for transgender children (USA)

6 Aug 2018 Pantene Challenges Transgender Perceptions in ‘See Beauty Not Gender’ Campaign (Thailand)

6 Aug 2018 Why We Must Train Doctors on Transgender Surgeries (USA)

6 Aug 2018 Transgender men can help the #MeToo movement. Don’t exclude us

5 Aug 2018 Political figures come out in support of same-sex marriage (Costa Rica)

5 Aug 2018 Vancouver Pride Parade 2018 Was A Total Blast (Canada)

5 Aug 2018 This non-binary actor is taking a lesbian ‘Romeo + Juliet’ to Broadway (USA)

4 Aug 2018 A ‘Rainbow Wave’? 2018 Has More L.G.B.T. Candidates Than Ever (USA)

4 Aug 2018 Transgender prison rape claim prompts push for reform in Tasmania

4 Aug 2018 Belfast bursts with rainbow colours as thousands mark Pride (UK)

4 Aug 2018 Why so many LGBTQ employees are still closeted at work (USA)

3 Aug 2018 More People Now Support Allowing Businesses To Refuse LGBTQ Customers: Survey (USA)

3 Aug 2018 Queer youth have higher chance of obesity & diabetes according to new study (USA)

3 Aug 2018 LGBTQ Activists in India Push for Decriminalization

3 Aug 2018 ICE releases 14 transgender detainees after massive advocacy campaign (USA)

2 Aug 2018 Japanese lawmaker says gay marriage will lead to Japan’s ‘decline and ruin’

2 Aug 2018 TISS becomes the first college in India to have a gender-neutral hostel

2 Aug 2018 Vodafone updates its services for transgender and non-binary customers (UK)

1 Aug 2018 Transgender dad’s anger as he’s victim of ‘disgusting’ act in Hull pub (UK)

1 Aug 2018 Christian Institute claims God wants you to call transgender women men (UK)

1 Aug 2018 English Freemasons Open the Door to Transgender Members (UK)

1 Aug 2018 Transgender woman sues Starbucks for harassment, discrimination during Fresno tenure (USA)

1 Aug 2018 One in three youth who break the law identify as LGBTQ (USA)

31 Jul 2018 Researchers Address Bias Against and Unique Needs of Gay/Bi Men Living with Prostate Cancer

31 Jul 2018 Transgender woman told she was ‘in the wrong bathroom’ at LGBT music festival (USA)

31 Jul 2018 Experts push for transgender health priorities in congressional briefing (USA)

30 Jul 2018 Thailand Could Actually Beat Taiwan to Legalizing Same-Sex Unions and Benefits

30 Jul 2018 DOJ Creates Tax-Funded Task Force to Defend Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination (USA)

30 Jul 2018 In ruling against Planet Fitness, Michigan court concludes trans women aren’t women (USA)

30 Jul 2018 Boston businesses rally to protect transgender residents’ rights (USA)

30 Jul 2018 How 4 Next-Gen Makeup Lines Are Serving the Transgender Community (USA)

30 Jul 2018 What it means to be transgender in Hollywood today (USA)

30 Jul 2018 Helping transgender women find their voice (USA)

29 Jul 2018 What Is Genderqueer?

29 Jul 2018 This is what LGBTQI+ people have to go through to gain asylum in the UK

29 Jul 2018 Growing homophobia will fuel the HIV epidemic, experts fear

29 Jul 2018 Headlining Pride was ‘amazing’ but homophobia is still rife in parts of London, says Muslim drag queen Asifa Lahore (United Kingdom)

29 Jul 2018 The State Department Reportedly Not Renewing Passports for Transgender Women (USA)

28 Jul 2018 How the rise of genderless shopping is transforming the fashion industry

28 Jul 2018 Three transgender Puerto Ricans win suit to change gender markers

28 Jul 2018 ‘This Pride will be different’ – the first Irish trans-only pride protest will take place today (Ireland)

27 Jul 2018 Christian Law Firm Asks Supreme Court to Allow Workplace Discrimination Against Transgender People (USA)

27 Jul 2018 Civil rights & child welfare groups gear up to fight attempts to legalize bans on gay adoption (USA)

27 Jul 2018 HRC Foundation Releases Asian American, Pacific Islanders Coming Out Resource (USA)

27 Jul 2018 Same-sex wedding thrives in Philippines amid opposition

27 Jul 2018 Study: Legalizing same-sex marriage improves gay men’s healthcare (USA)

26 Jul 2018 Advocates Will Hike Across Massachusetts For Transgender Rights: #Hike4Rights Dates Announced (USA)

26 Jul 2018 Judge Orders Wisconsin Officials to Stop Discriminating Against Transgender Medicaid Recipients (USA)

26 Jul 2018 European Travel Commission and IGLTA publish Handbook on LGBTQ Travel in Europe

26 Jul 2018 Films by and about transgender people to take centre stage (Canada)

26 Jul 2018 Study Confirms Importance of Safety and Support for Trans & Non-Binary College Students

26 Jul 2018 Transgender man ‘absolutely thrilled’ with €5,000 award after barber refused to give him haircut

25 Jul 2018 Adrienne Smith champions inclusion of transgender people at work, in unions, and beyond

25 Jul 2018 Transgender Hormonal Therapy Might Interfere with PrEP

25 Jul 2018 Revealed: best LGBTQ employers in the world

25 Jul 2018 Gay activists in India push top court to end ban on homosexuality — in part for the economy’s sake

25 Jul 2018 HRC Mourns Diamond Stephens, a Black Transgender Woman Killed in Mississippi

25 Jul 2018 Expanding Our Definitions of Feminism, Gender, and Intersectionality

24 Jul 2018 Sasha Garden, 27-year-old transgender woman, killed in Orlando

23 Jul 2018 Pakistan’s general election features five transgender candidates

22 Jul 2018 Pride Festival showcases value of diversity and unity

22 Jul 2018 Why the Battle for Gay Rights in Israel Passes Through Parenthood, Not Marriage

22 Jul 2018 ‘No Consideration’: Death Of Transgender Woman In Georgia Prompts Health-Care Outcry From Activists

22 Jul 2018 Television’s First Transgender Superhero Will Arrive on ‘Supergirl’

21 Jul 2018 Cuba’s draft constitution opens path to gay marriage

21 Jul 2018 March not just for LGBTQs (Barbados)

21 Jul 2018 Pink Dot: Singapore’s rare gem for LGBT community shines brighter than ever

21 Jul 2018 31 pics celebrating the best of Trans Pride in Brighton

20 Jul 2018 The transgender acid attack survivor running for parliament (Pakistan)

18 Jul 2018 Romania grants residence rights to same-sex married couples

18 Jul 2018 Government pressed on same-sex marriage for Northern Ireland

18 Jul 2018 New York Times under fire for ‘homophobic’ cartoon of Trump and Putin

18 Jul 2018 Restrictions on children changing their gender to be lifted

17 Jul 2018 How a Landmark Ruling Could Pave the Way for Hong Kong to be ‘the Best in Asia’ on LGBTQ Rights

17 Jul 2018 Episcopal Same-Sex Couples Can Now Marry in Their Home Parish

17 Jul 2018 China’s transgender community overcomes daily obstacles to acceptance

17 Jul 2018 Exclusive Portraits of 10 Transgender Stars

17 Jul 2018 Puerto Rico allowing transgender people to fix birth certificates

16 Jul 2018 HRC’s giant projection challenges Trump, Putin on anti-LGBTQ crime in Chechnya

16 Jul 2018 The anti-trans protests at Pride were the latest in a long history of transphobia in the LGBTQ+ community

16 Jul 2018 Seoul LGBT festival sees record numbers

15 Jul 2018 Trans Pride Season kicks off in Brighton

14 Jul 2018 Gay Egyptian Women: Life Under a Conservative Patriarchy

13 Jul 2018 Bill introduced in Congress to ban use of gay and trans panic defenses

13 Jul 2018 After West Bengal and Maharashtra, Assam gets its first transgender judge

12 Jul 2018 Transgender Veterans Deserve Access to Transition-Related Health Care

12 Jul 2018 Stonewall exec Ruth Hunt doubles down on transgender support: ‘They really, really need us’

12 Jul 2018 Gender neutral titles for Lords ruled out

12 Jul 2018 Here’s How To Get Good Healthcare As A Queer Person

11 Jul 2018 Transgender Miss Universe contender speaks up for trans kids

11 Jul 2018 Watch This Inspirational Trailer About a Non-Binary Person’s Fight for Recognition

11 Jul 2018 Out and Sober, beating dual stigma

11 Jul 2018 Hong Kong’s failure to safeguard LGBT rights shames its equal society

11 Jul 2018 Public approval for same-sex marriage and adoption skyrockets in Chile

10 Jul 2018 Inclusive Brisbane Party To Mark International Non-Binary Day

10 Jul 2018 LGBT Indians gear up for possible U-turn on anti-gay laws

10 Jul 2018 Brighton Pride vows to resist anti-transgender protesters after London ‘hijack’

10 Jul 2018 Supporters Of Mass. Transgender Law Geared Up For Fight Over Ballot Question

10 Jul 2018 Parents of transgender teen appealing name change ruling

9 Jul 2018 Why I had a hard time calling my transgender child ‘they’ — and why I’m doing it anyway

9 Jul 2018 General Convention moves one step closer toward sacramental marriage equality

9 Jul 2018 Legal access to same-sex marriage improved gay men’s health

9 Jul 2018 ‘Trans women are women’ – Minister for Women Julie Anne Genter responds to some feminists’ concerns transgender rights will compromise their own

8 Jul 2018 Transgender refugees in Greece reclaim their dignity

8 Jul 2018 This new trans rights group seeks to make Tasmania more accepting

7 Jul 2018 These Five Court Cases Could Change the Future of LGBT Rights

7 Jul 2018 Thousands at Sparkle festival celebrating the transgender community

7 Jul 2018 Mayor of London Sadiq Khan condemns anti-transgender group who ‘hijacked’ Pride march

7 Jul 2018 #NonBinaryIsntWhite is a reminder of the gender diversity among people of color

6 Jul 2018 Britain cannot stay silent as LGBT rights are rolled back across the world

6 Jul 2018 Colombia Fails To Stem Murders Of LGBTQ People Despite Overall Drop

6 Jul 2018 Meet the transgender community resisting anti-trans Colonial-era laws on the remote Tongan islands

6 Jul 2018 Being Transgender Is a Mental Disorder, Israeli Insurance Company Says

6 Jul 2018 This Gender-Fluid Swimwear Line Is Breaking All the Rules

5 Jul 2018 Bermuda Gov’t files appeal against same-sex marriage ruling

5 Jul 2018 Priest banned from speaking at Catholic conference because he supports same-sex marriage

4 Jul 2018 In historic move, court rules Ecuador’s same-sex marriage ban is illegal

4 Jul 2018 Same-Sex Couples Entitled to Equal Visa Rights, Hong Kong Court Says

4 Jul 2018 LGBTQ entertainers push for greater representation

4 Jul 2018 The 30 best countries in the world for LGBT workers

4 Jul 2018 Online help for LGBTQ community launched in Kolkata

3 Jul 2018 Science is debunking the lie that kids of same-sex parents are psychologically worse-off

3 Jul 2018 Why the Supreme Court Opening Could Affect Gay Marriage as Well as Abortion

3 Jul 2018 ‘Gay conversion therapy’ to be banned as part of LGBT equality plan

2 Jul 2018 Banning school skirts is a dangerous trend. Here’s what we should do instead

2 Jul 2018 Fashion Brand Gyspy Sport’s New Collection Combats the Gender Binary

2 Jul 2018 Pride and the LGBTQ: Why representation in advertising isn’t just about “pinkwashing”

1 Jul 2018 In pictures: Annual gay parade held in Spain

1 Jul 2018 Istanbul’s gay, transgender community hold smaller rally, after pride march banned

1 Jul 2018 Why We Need More ‘Gay’ Proms

1 Jul 2018 World’s leading medical journal advocates support for trans people

1 Jul 2018 Thousands of Manila Pride marchers demand equal rights as the Philippines reviews gay marriage ban

30 Jun 2018 Spain to field transgender in 2018 Miss Universe contest

30 Jun 2018 This is why we no longer need gendered magazines

29 Jun 2018 Massachusetts Advances Two Historic LGBTQ Rights Bills Within 24 Hours

29 Jun 2018 Soldotna shows its Pride: Two Spirit march shows love for LGBTQ community

29 Jun 2018 Are Black Transgender Men Invisible?

29 Jun 2018 Groundbreaking HRC and UCONN Survey Finds LGBTQ Student-Athletes Overwhelmingly Remain Closeted

29 Jun 2018 Pro-LGBT rights groups promote gender education

28 Jun 2018 Without Kennedy, the Future of Gay Rights Is Fragile

28 Jun 2018 Ending the ‘closet to poverty pipeline’ for LGBTQ youth

28 Jun 2018 New Stats Suggest Parents of LGBTQ Couples More Supportive Of Marriage Than Ever Before

28 Jun 2018 Think tank calls for transgender-friendly health policies

28 Jun 2018 Kerala literacy mission to provide scholarship and shelter homes to transgender students

27 Jun 2018 Queer people of colour in Calgary want to feel included under the LGBTQ banner

27 Jun 2018 Justice Kennedy Retires, Putting Rights in Jeopardy

27 Jun 2018 Transgender woman is second to be killed in Cleveland in four months

27 Jun 2018 String of transgender murders could be the work of a serial killer, activists fear

26 Jun 2018 Half of LGBTQ Employees in the U.S. Remain Closeted at Work, per HRC

26 Jun 2018 Ivanka Trump Helps Migrant Families by Giving 50K to Anti-LGBT Church

26 Jun 2018 The Supreme Court Recognized Marriage Equality Three Years Ago. Now Same-Sex Adoption Is in Danger

26 Jun 2018 Non-binary person trolled for appearing in lesbian magazine

26 Jun 2018 With California in the lead, LGBTQ history gets boost in school curriculum

26 Jun 2018 UK wrong to deny transgender woman pension at 60, court rules

25 Jun 2018 How to Kill LGBT Marriage Equality, One Wedding Cake and Bouquet of Flowers at a Time

25 Jun 2018 LGBTQ Vets, Uncomfortable With VA, Look To Each Other For Mental Health Care

25 Jun 2018 From ‘She’ To ‘They:’ A Mother’s Plea To Keep Our Transgender Law

25 Jun 2018 Swimsuits, Subcultures, and Subway Ads: Marketing for the Queer Community

25 Jun 2018 How A Suburban Teenager Sparked A Push For A Gender-Neutral State ID Option

25 Jun 2018 What Is It Like To Date When You’re Non-Binary? We Spoke To People Who Would Know

23 Jun 2018 Pride & No Prejudice: Indian LGBTQ+ community in US find acceptance

23 Jun 2018 10 brands giving back to LGBTQ charities for Pride Month

22 Jun 2018 Fronteras: Gay-Related Stigma Among Latino Men & Exhibit Celebrates LGBTQ Community

22 Jun 2018 Cuba to get ready for same sex marriage — Castro’s daughter

22 Jun 2018 Czech Republic Moves A Step Closer To Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

22 Jun 2018 Trans march promotes recognition of overlooked community

22 Jun 2018 Transgender athletes speak out as parents petition to change policy that allows them to compete as girls

22 Jun 2018 How Parents and Doctors Can Support Transgender Children

22 Jun 2018 Non-gendered campaigner loses High Court battle for non-binary passports

22 Jun 2018 Nonbinary People Share Their Advice on Coming Out

22 Jun 2018 Amazon issues guidelines to support UK transgender employees

21 Jun 2018 How Much Do Millennials Really Care About LGBTQ Rights?

21 Jun 2018 Oregon to allow students to identify as neither male nor female

21 Jun 2018 The Shifting Global Terrain of L.G.B.T.Q. Rights

20 Jun 2018 Texas GOP Endorses ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy, Hate-Crimes Law Repeal, Marriage Reversal

20 Jun 2018 The LGBT political glass ceiling is cracking wide open

20 Jun 2018 Kiev LGBTQ Rights Parade draws thousands

19 Jun 2018 Queer Eye’s first transgender hero Skyler has won everybody’s hearts

19 Jun 2018 How Many Kids Actually Change Their Mind About Being Trans?

19 Jun 2018 Why some trans women are hesitant to feminize their voices through therapy.

19 Jun 2018 Lesbian reveal was cut out of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, claims actor

19 Jun 2018 Reaching Out to Younger Hearts and Minds About L.G.B.T.Q. People

19 Jun 2018 Do You Know Where Your Pride T-Shirt Was Made?

19 Jun 2018 Shining a Light on the Path to Recovery

19 Jun 2018 Amandla Stenberg believes she would have realised she was gay earlier if more black LGBTQ women were out

18 Jun 2018 Manila LGBT couples want legal rights, lawyer says

18 Jun 2018 World Cup countries ranked by LGBTQ rights and acceptance

18 Jun 2018 The World Health Organisation announces it finally no longer classifies being transgender as a mental disorder

18 Jun 2018 How the CDC Is Failing Transgender Youth

18 Jun 2018 Third of U.K. employers ‘less likely’ to hire transgender staff

18 Jun 2018 LGBTQ identity is shaped by language. So what words will describe “queer” in the future?

18 Jun 2018 #droptheB is reportedly another 4chan attempt to cause infighting in the LGBTQ community

18 Jun 2018 Sydney teen who fears coming out meets Mardi Gras pioneer, and sees parallels 40 years apart

17 Jun 2018 Not Just Trans Representation, But Trans Celebration

17 Jun 2018 Aurora’s 1st Pride Parade draws thousands

17 Jun 2018 Most US LGBTQ Adults are Religious, Poll Finds. Members of the Community Say They’re Surprised.

17 Jun 2018 Navigating Father’s Day as a transgender dad

17 Jun 2018 Anti-bullying play seeks to give LGBTQ youth hope

17 Jun 2018 Amazing story behind the royal family’s first gay wedding

15 Jun 2018 A matter of pride & sexuality

15 Jun 2018 This World Cup, let’s talk about Russia’s LGBTIQ rights record

15 Jun 2018 Mormon genealogical database to accept same-sex couples

15 Jun 2018 LGBT Pride Month a time to celebrate, bring awareness

15 Jun 2018 CDC Releases Youth Risk Behavior Survey, Shows Harrowing Data for LGB Youth

14 Jun 2018 UK gay rights activist, Peter Tatchell, arrested in Russia as World Cup opens

14 Jun 2018 Netflix’s ‘First Time I Saw Me’ Spotlights Transgender Celebrities for Pride Month

14 Jun 2018 China’s transgender people ‘step forward’ from the shadows

14 Jun 2018 Queensland scraps law forcing married transgender people to divorce

13 Jun 2018 Ethiopia: Sexual Minorities Under Threat

13 Jun 2018 AMA Backs Family Leave for LGBTQ Caregivers

13 Jun 2018 Equality in property taxation

13 Jun 2018 LDS Church’s FamilySearch database to add same-sex families to Family Tree feature

13 Jun 2018 Here’s the Meaning of All Those Flags You’ll See at Pride

13 Jun 2018 Gay survivors helped launch Me Too, but rates of LGBT abuse largely overlooked

13 Jun 2018 Tennis legend trolls Russia with underwear line’s marriage campaign

13 Jun 2018 BBC creates unisex toilets for hundreds of transgender staff

13 Jun 2018 JWT shampoo ad tells emotional true story of transgender beauty queen in Thailand

12 Jun 2018 I Wish I Had Learned LGBTQ History In School

12 Jun 2018 Republicans are essential to winning full LGBT freedom

12 Jun 2018 UK transgender man challenging law that he must be considered the mother of his baby

12 Jun 2018 Jim Obergefell, Marriage Equality Plaintiff: Religion Is Being Weaponized Against Us

11 Jun 2018 For Taiwan, a Year to Go to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

11 Jun 2018 Mandya cops initiate dialogue between trans women and village heads who evicted them

11 Jun 2018 NCTE Calls For Immediate Release of Transgender Asylum Seeker

11 Jun 2018 Celebrating the ‘other’

10 Jun 2018 US Mayors Pledge to Uphold Transgender Protections

10 Jun 2018 Supportive parents of transgender kids are sparking a ‘gender revolution,’ research says

10 Jun 2018 First LGTBed conference goes off with a bang

10 Jun 2018 US transgender veterans honour their own

9 Jun 2018 ‘Unbreakable’ LGBT rainbow installation unveiled in Warsaw after far-Right attacks

8 Jun 2018 A judge has struck down Iowa’s Medicaid ban on transgender transition-related care. Here’s why.

8 Jun 2018 Is the future of fashion gender-free?

7 Jun 2018 How a photo of 2 men ignited a storm at Joshua Tree

7 Jun 2018 Groups Protest Transgender Migrant’s Death In US Custody

7 Jun 2018 To a More Perfect Union: U.S. v. Windsor

7 Jun 2018 Bermuda’s Supreme Court allows same-sex marriage – again

6 Jun 2018 Italian Minister Says LGBT Families ‘Don’t Exist’

6 Jun 2018 The Albert Einstein Academy is opening a location in Lakewood that would be accepting of LGBTQ kids

6 Jun 2018 Meet Marvia Malik — Pakistan’s first transgender newscaster

6 Jun 2018 Lambda Legal sues Alaska for denying health care coverage to transgender state employee

6 Jun 2018 If you’re gay, female or both in America, your rights now come with an asterisk

6 Jun 2018 Latin America has become an unlikely leader in LGBT rights

5 Jun 2018 9 Pride Flags Whose Symbolism Everyone Should Know

5 Jun 2018 Teacher says school’s transgender name policy goes against his religious beliefs

5 Jun 2018 Question of Transgender Protections to Hit Massachusetts Ballot

5 Jun 2018 Transgender librarian files suit over Alaska health policy

5 Jun 2018 Malta leads the way for gay and transgender rights in Europe

5 Jun 2018 Top EU court rules gay couples have equal residency rights regardless of country’s marriage laws

5 Jun 2018 Most Israelis favor same-sex marriage, but half of MKs mum on issue

4 Jun 2018 Blush Fundraising Campaign to Benefit Homeless LGBTQ Youth

4 Jun 2018 This Viral Tweet About “Straight Couples” at Pride Highlights Erasure in the Queer Community

4 Jun 2018 YouTube Is Running ‘Anti-LGBT’ Ads Alongside Videos By LGBT Creators

4 Jun 2018 Trans Woman Murdered in Jacksonville Is 12th This Year

4 Jun 2018 We Can Have Religious Freedom Without The Right To Discriminate

3 Jun 2018 All the things Donald Trump has tweeted about instead of acknowledging Pride Month

3 Jun 2018 Meet Jamey Jesperson, the nonbinary activist who left the Mormon Church

3 Jun 2018 Same sex marriage campaigners parade in Belfast

3 Jun 2018 Japanese firms starting to create accepting environment for transgender individuals

2 Jun 2018 Gay in India, Where Progress Has Come Only With Risk

2 Jun 2018 Athens’ same-sex history evoked ahead of Pride

2 Jun 2018 NBA star Reggie Bullock stands up for his murdered transgender sister

2 Jun 2018 Where Are The Trans Men In Politics?

2 Jun 2018 All Pros, No Cons: A Quick and Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns

1 Jun 2018 President Trump misses LGBTQ Pride Month — again

1 Jun 2018 Trans YouTuber says his videos were demonetized for using the word ‘transgender’

1 Jun 2018 This Gender Creative Kid Is Now The Youngest Pride Grand Marshal In History

1 Jun 2018 6 celebrities who publicly identify as pansexual

1 Jun 2018 37 Beautiful Photos Of LGBTQ Pride Celebrations Around The World

1 Jun 2018 Bermuda’s ban on same-sex weddings comes into effect

1 Jun 2018 The complicated politics of traveling while LGBT

1 Jun 2018 Government has ‘legitimate aim’ to protect traditional marriage, Hong Kong appeal court rules, overturning landmark decision on benefits for same-sex spouses

1 Jun 2018 Queer Eye episode featuring first transgender ‘hero’ will fight ignorance – host

31 May 2018 Transgender student wins battle to hear chosen name said at graduation

31 May 2018 WBUR Poll: Mass. Voters Support Keeping Transgender Public Access Protections

31 May 2018 5 ways radiologists can better understand and respect transgender patients

31 May 2018 Chile transgender: ‘Growing up here is torture’

30 May 2018 Outsports Pride to feature inspiring trans, lesbian, gay, bi and queer athletes

30 May 2018 The LGBT guide to who should win the World Cup

30 May 2018 14 arrested by Hyd police for lynching transgender person over fake rumours

30 May 2018 4 Ways Brands Can Accommodate Shifting Expectations Around Gender Identities

29 May 2018 Nigerians take to the streets to protest LGBTI killings

29 May 2018 Special Issues in LGBTQ Geriatric Psychiatry

29 May 2018 ‘No Big Deal’ Campaign Proves How Simple It Is To Be An Ally To Transgender People

29 May 2018 Dutch court approves recognition of Transgender

29 May 2018 Transgender protections finding a haven under federal law

29 May 2018 Houston Adds Transgender Health Benefits

29 May 2018 Va. Judge Rules in Favor of Teen in Transgender School Bathroom Case

29 May 2018 Connecticut’s Transgender Prisoners First in US To Win Right to Be Housed According to Gender Identity

29 May 2018 Focus: Transgender woman accuses Wellington women-only gym of discrimination

28 May 2018 LGBT+ Irish people three times more likely to contemplate suicide

28 May 2018 Same-sex love ‘is just as legitimate’ as heterosexual love, says Cuban activist Yadiel Cepero

28 May 2018 Netherlands allows person to identify as non-binary for the first time

28 May 2018 Russian football hooligans warn gay and transgender England fans ‘you’ll be rooted out and stabbed at World Cup’

28 May 2018 The 3 transgender cases in courts this last week

27 May 2018 LGBTQ immigrants need better settlement services

27 May 2018 Danish trans man makes history after winning Mr Gay Denmark

27 May 2018 The oppression of ‘tolerance’ in Guyana

27 May 2018 The power of pink: How LGBTQ community could add to our economy

26 May 2018 Egypt’s LGBT Crackdown

26 May 2018 This organization is giving free chest binders to trans people in need

26 May 2018 Republican politician could face criminal probe after filming herself harassing transgender woman

26 MAy 2018 ACLU praises Connecticut for passing ‘most protective transgender policy and law in the country’

26 May 2018 Here’s how N.J. could soon give a big boost to transgender rights

26 May 2018 IGLTA Talk Showcases Queer Wedding Trends

25 May 2018 Transgender Brain Scan Headlines Are Misleading, Eugenic

25 May 2018 Federal appeals court upholds school’s policy allowing transgender students to use locker rooms

25 May 2018 Catholic Bishops accuse BBC of ‘bigotry’ for asking Jacob Rees-Mogg about gay marriage

24 May 2018 Two-Thirds of Americans Support Same-Sex Marriage As Record Number Comes Out as LGBTQ

24 May 2018 Elderly aunt goes viral with wonderful poem about gender-neutral pronouns

23 May 2018 Vancouver proclaims 2018 ‘Year of the Queer,’ raises flags at city hall

23 May 2018 Federal Court Rules in Favor of Transgender Missouri Inmate

23 May 2018 HRC Mourns Gigi Pierce, Transgender Woman Fatally Shot in Oregon

22 May 2018 Federal Court Backs Gavin Grimm, Affirming Federal Law Protects Transgender Students

22 May 2018 LGBTQ Youth Face Persistent Challenges, High Stress

22 May 2018 Connecticut Lawmakers Push Back Against Trump’s Attack on Transgender Inmates

22 May 2018 Transgender People’s Brains Are Wired Like Those of Gender They Identify With, New Study Shows

22 May 2018 Hollywood Studios Are Still Not Representing LGBQT Characters Enough, Report Finds

22 May 2018 Why I Led a Renaming Ceremony for My Young Transgender Congregant

22 May 2018 What’s the Difference Between Pansexuality and Bisexuality?

22 May 2018 Trans and Non-Binary People Continue to Fight for Their Right to Exist in Public Spaces

22 May 2018 Mumbai: LGBTQ Film Festival KASHISH to screen 140 films from 45 countries, begins on May 23

22 May 2018 Police in Moldova use tear gas on anti-LGBT protesters trying to disrupt Pride march

22 May 2018 GLAAD calls for LGBT characters in 20 percent of movies by 2021

22 May 2018 Two fired after LGBT students ‘harassed’ and ‘forced to read the bible’ as punishment

21 May 2018 Church of Scotland Votes to Allow Ministers to Perform Same-Sex Marriages

21 May 2018 Calgary bike shop aims to make cycling more inclusive for all gender identities

21 May 2018 Namibia: First Intersex Health Centre Opens

21 May 2018 Why a Groundbreaking Trans Rights Bill Has Failed in New York State For 11 Straight Years

21 May 2018 Gay man says Pope Francis told him ‘God made you like this’ and ‘it doesn’t matter’

21 May 2018 Transgender people remain unable to change ID papers

21 May 2018 Gay English priest shortlisted to be Scottish bishop

21 May 2018 How To Do Pride the Los Angeles Way

21 May 2018 Despite fatwa, transgender people in Iran face harassment

20 May 2018 Thousands march through Central Park for annual AIDS Walk New York

20 May 2018 Transgender person shot to death on Georgia highway is the 11th trans murder of 2018

19 May 2018 Out of job, transperson pleads for mercy killing

19 May 2018 Jennifer Aniston to star as the first lesbian President in Netflix film ‘First Ladies’

19 May 2018 Nino Fortson is the 10th transgender person murdered in America this year

18 May 2018 French minister comes out as gay in a tweet to combat homophobia

18 May 2018 Meet These 12 Trans Women Who Proved Themselves as Achievers

18 May 2018 Belgian transgender ballet film wins Cannes Queer Palme

18 May 2018 In conservative Haiti, couple fights for transgender tolerance

17 May 2018 GOP candidate films herself confronting transgender woman using bathroom

17 May 2018 IDAHOBIT 2018: Transgender women are still being killed at an alarming rate

17 May 2018 Ottawa advocacy group plans to create Canada’s first LGBTQ museum

17 May 2018 ‘Full equality’: how Netherlands is pointing the way for Australia on LGBT rights

17 May 2018 Britain may be reaching ‘peak acceptance’ of homosexuality

16 May 2018 L.G.B.T. Students in Oregon Were Bullied and Forced to Read Bible, Report Says

16 May 2018 Human Rights Campaign Releases Powerful Video Featuring Survivor of “Conversion Therapy”

16 May 2018 Canada to add third gender option to next census

16 May 2018 HRC Mourns Nino Fortson, Transgender Man Fatally Shot in Atlanta

16 May 2018 2 transgender women have turned up dead in Dallas in the last week

16 May 2018 IDAHOBIT 2018: Europe human rights chief says governments must invest more to tackle homophobia

16 May 2018 Gay rights under threat in divided Europe

15 May 2018 Anti-LGBT researcher who pushes harmful pseudoscience joins anti-LGBT hate group

15 May 2018 Anti-LGBT leader appointed to religious freedom panel

15 May 2018 This anti-gay baker is allowed to decide what customers do with their cakes, judge rules

15 May 2018 Anti-LGBT researcher who pushes harmful pseudoscience joins anti-LGBT hate group

15 May 2018 Unprecedented 7 LGBT candidates for governor

15 May 2018 Among thousands of LGBTQ teens, a survey finds anxiety and fears about safety

14 May 2018 Which European countries have the best and worst LGBT rights?

14 May 2018 Lesbians in technology gather in Washington D.C. to unwind and mentor others

13 May 2018 Trump Administration Gets Rid of Obama-Era Rules That Protected Transgender Inmates

13 May 2018 John Bishop gives sweet speech about gay son at LGBT Awards as he calls for marriage equality in Northern Ireland

12 May 2018 Love songs re-imagined as LGBT standards

12 May 2018 Oklahoma Passes Adoption Law That L.G.B.T. Groups Call Discriminatory

12 May 2018 These transgender asylum seekers are stuck at the Mexican border

11 May 2018 Amnesty Says Attack On Gay Event In Kyiv Shows Police Inaction

11 May 2018 Song, dance and LGBTQ visibility reign supreme at Eurovision Song Contest

11 May 2018 Suicide Continues to Present Real Danger to Trans People

11 May 2018 Meet the Group of LGBTQ Activists Reconnecting Families in China

10 May 2018 Greece allows gay couples to foster children in landmark move

10 May 2018 Surya and Ishaan create history by becoming first transgender couple of Kerala

10 May 2018 Teacher becomes first transgender candidate for Virginia Beach City Council

10 May 2018 College dumps transgender protections after GOP, community pressure

10 May 2018 Transgender woman murdered in North Dallas apartment

9 May 2018 Castro puts Cuba’s LGBTs on constitutional reform agenda

9 May 2018 Transgender Youth: How to be a Good Ally

9 May 2018 Pakistan Passes Historic Transgender Rights Bill

9 May 2018 Meet 16 LGBTQ students, alumni working to change the culture at Christian colleges

9 May 2018 Northern Ireland same-sex marriage bill to come before Commons on Friday

9 May 2018 FA condemns anti-transgender flyers outside Wembley at women’s FA Cup final

8 May 2018 New reality TV show Genderquake highlights the need for LGBTQ solidarity

8 May 2018 The 57th transgender woman has been killed in Pakistan

8 May 2018 Transgender Family Medical Clinic Opens In Georgia

8 May 2018 NT Chief Minister makes emotional apology to LGBTI community for ‘state-sanctioned discrimination’

8 May 2018 Jess Herbst, first openly transgender mayor in Texas, is voted out

7 May 2018 Gay, lesbian & bisexual people get less sleep than straight people

7 May 2018 Every Lesbian, Bi and Queer Woman Running for US Office in 2018

7 May 2018 Ontario issues first non-binary birth certificate after human rights claim

7 May 2018 Government under pressure to reform vital transgender laws

7 May 2018 Transgender media visibility helps reduce transphobia, new study shows

7 May 2018 2018 Tokyo Rainbow Pride: LGBT Supporters March Streets of Japan For ‘Love and Equality’

6 May 2018 Puerto Vallarta, one of the 18 most inclusive international destinations

6 May 2018 Saratoga Hospital wins LGBTQ award

6 May 2018 Ava DuVernay, Samira Wiley, and Jay-Z’s mother were also honored at the NYC gala

6 May 2018 ‘Hateful’ anti-transgender leaflets distributed at women’s FA Cup final

6 May 2018 Methodist Bishops Back Choice on LGBT Clergy, Same-Sex Marriage – Advocate News

6 May 2018 The ‘gay cake’ fight: why the bakers had a right to refuse this order

5 May 2018 LGBTQ people of color are less likely to get paid family and medical leave

5 May 2018 More US Muslims now support same-sex marriage than white evangelicals

5 May 2018 Training pediatricians critical to improving quality of care for transgender youth

4 May 2018 British LGBT Awards CEO: “I fear society hasn’t progressed to be as tolerant as we thought”

4 May 2018 Kim Davis’ lawyer: “We are a few months away” from overturning gay marriage

4 May 2018 How ‘Both Sides’ Journalism Is Failing Transgender People

4 May 2018 Trinidadian LGBT activists reflect on country’s landmark ruling

4 May 2018 Marriage inequality

3 May 2018 Acceptance of LGBT people and rights has increased around the world

3 May 2018 Pence swears in gay appointee Ric Grenell as ambassador to Germany

3 May 2018 How Dallas became the headquarters for the black transgender community

3 May 2018 Transgender inmate raped, beaten in Cañon City prison hours after judge denied motion to keep her in safer quarters

3 May 2018 George Takei’s Story Goes “Where No Story Has Gone Before”

3 MAy 2018 New equalities minister Penny Mordaunt pressed on equal marriage in Northern Ireland

2 May 2018 LGBT Education bill passes Illinois Senate

2 May 2018 The Last Americans Holding Out Against Same-Sex Marriage

2 May 2018 Mormons Really, Really Support Gay Rights—They Just Don’t Want Us To Get Married

2 May 2018 Men identify with fictional characters of both genders

2 May 2018 Transgender couple on Costa del Sol savagely attacked by neighbour in LGBT-friendly hotspot

2 May 2018 Hormone Therapy for Transgender Patients Potentially Safer Than Previously Thought

2 May 2018 NH Senate OKs transgender rights bill

2 May 2018 HISTORIC: New Hampshire Approves Transgender Non-Discrimination Bill

2 May 2018 Villupuram’s Koovagam festival in pictures: A celebration of transgender identity

1 May 2018 San Francisco Set To Create Leather, LGBTQ Cultural District

1 May 2018 Most Americans Don’t Want Businesses To Discriminate Against LGBTQ People: Study

1 May 2018 How Black Trans Women Are Redefining Beauty Standards

1 May 2018 Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival Takes Off This Weekend

1 May 2018 Chiefs of U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps & Air Force say that transgender soldiers aren’t a problem

1 May 2018 Pronouns matter: SDNY judge opts for plurals in case with genderqueer plaintiff

1 May 2018 Drag Ball Culture Gets A Flamboyant Salute In Company One’s ‘Wig Out!’

1 May 2018 Pope Francis to get private meeting with Leo

30 April 2018 Swaziland: Secretive Group Attacks Swazi LGBT

30 April 2018 The Voice just had its first ever same-sex marriage proposal and it was beautiful

30 April 2018 The Gender Recognition Act, transphobia and Scotland

30 April 2018 Department of Education Refuses To Hear Transgender Bathroom Complaints

30 April 2018 Wisconsin high school crowns transgender teen prom queen

30 April 2018 Transgender residents sue over Wisconsin’s Medicaid rule

30 April 2018 ‘Stop the Hate’ helps students understand LGBT struggles

29 April 2018 Following #LesbianVisibilityDay, here’s how you can help queer women in Uganda

29 April 2018 A Transgender Paradox, and Platform, in the Philippines

29 April 2018 A Unique Window on Being Queer in Nigeria

28 April 2018 Why I’m not surprised that so many LGBTQ+ students are scared to come out at university

28 April 2018 Free 10-Week nonbinary support group launches on May 23 in South Loop

28 April 2018 Trans Men Tell Us What Body Positivity Means To Them

27 April 2018 Fresh pleas in SC to decriminalise consensual gay sex

27 April 2018 Gender-Free Store Removes Binary Labels From Shopping Experience

27 April 2018 The rise of gender-neutral beauty

27 April 2018 As countries tighten transgender protections, will Switzerland follow?

27 April 2018 15 Lesbians You Should Know About

27 April 2018 Transgender worker sues Detroit over office harassment

26 April 2018 LGBT Activists Around The World Are Worried About The New US Secretary Of State

26 April 2018 ‘Until We’re All Equal, None of Us Are’ – Why Lesbian Visibility Day Matters

26 April 2018 Massachusetts Introduces LGBTQ-Inclusive Curriculum

26 April 2018 Why “Queer” Is Still An Important Term For The LGBTQI+ Community

26 April 2018 Pakistan’s first old home for ‘transgender persons’ established

26 April 2018 Lahore shelter facility serves as safe haven for transgender persons

26 April 2018 The New York Times Needs To Stop Calling All Transgender People “Gay”

26 April 2018 A Transgender Woman Was Shot In The Face In Her Connecticut Home

26 April 2018 Battle over transgender student rights moves to high school locker rooms

26 April 2018 Over a third of LGBTQ people hide their identity at work out of fear of discrimination

26 April 2018 Thailand set to make a civil partnership law for same-sex couples

25 April 2018 Kinew pushing for government to issue gender neutral ID

25 April 2018 Massachusetts schools to give LGBT history and health lessons

25 April 2018 LGBTQ Youth More Likely to Become Homeless, Latest Chapin Hall Report Finds

25 April 2018 Asian LGBT Community: We’ve Been Here Before With the Muslim Ban

25 April 2018 U.S. Census to Begin Counting Same-Sex Couples in 2020

25 April 2018 Britain apologized for its colonial-era anti-gay laws but it won’t help African LGBT communities

25 April 2018 All 4 service chiefs on record: No harm to units from transgender service

24 April 2018 Goldman, BlackRock Fight for LGBT Rights in Hong Kong

24 April 2018 ‘Gender has many colours, but kasavu has one’: Kerala brand has trans model in sari ad

24 April 2018 Black transgender community carries an extra heavy burden

24 April 2018 Doors Open to L.A. Center Providing Resources for Transgender Community

24 April 2018 13 Women Leading The Fight For Transgender Rights Around The World

24 April 2018 Transgender student flourishes, advocates at UMKC

24 April 2018 Activists step up fight for transgender rights in India

24 April 2018 New Partnership will Create Shelter for LGBTQ Youth

24 April 2018 ‘Gay Is Good’ exhibit opens at Gerber/Hart

24 April 2018 These States Want to Make LGBT Adoption as Hard as Possible

24 April 2018 Akron Photojournalism Project Aims to Shed Light on Transgender, Non-binary Community

24 April 2018 Victim in Las Vegas transgender bar shooting recounts terrifying moments

23 April 2018 Transgender beaten, shot to death in Swabi

23 April 2018 The Olympics Are About To Make It A Lot Harder For Transgender Athletes To Compete

23 April 2018 Vocational training centre for transgender persons starts in Lahore

23 April 2018 Transgender voters double in number

23 April 2018 Proposed LGBT history bill triggers controversy

23 April 2018 LGBT rights are on the line today in the government’s Brexit bill

23 April 2018 Why Big Business Supports Gay and Transgender Rights

22 April 2018 Trump administration health announcement is latest blow to transgender Americans

22 April 2018 Transgender candidate for Nevada Assembly eyes history

22 April 2018 Poll finds that vast majority of people in the Czech Republic are in favour of legalising same-sex marriage

21 April 2018 EDITORIAL: Give school kids the facts about prominent LGBT people in history

20 April 2018 Taiwan May Let Citizens Vote on Marriage Equality, Shocking and Disappointing LGBTQ Activists

20 April 2018 Gay Couples Actually Stay Together Longer Than Lesbians (Or Heterosexuals)

20 April 2018 A Look at the Lives of Trans and Gender Nonconforming Older Adults

20 April 2018 DC launches innovative new PrEP campaign focused on Latin transgender people

20 April 2018 Turkish fashion industry begins to flourish, opens up to transgender community

20 April 2018 Senate confirms anti-gay Jim Bridenstine to be head of NASA

20 April 2018 Poll finds overwhelming support for equal marriage in Czech Republic

20 April 2018 NH Senate Votes to Protect LGBTQ Youth from Abusive Practice of “Conversion Therapy”

20 April 2018 Christian Groups Inch Closer To Getting Anti-Marriage Equality Referendum In Taiwan

20 April 2018 HRC series exposes Pence’s career of attacks on LGBTQ Americans

20 April 2018 CA State Assembly Votes to Strengthen Protections for LGBTQ People Against So-Called “Conversion Therapy”

18 April 2018 Chilling Study Sums Up Link Between Religion And Suicide For Queer Youth

18 April 2018 LGBTQ Advocates Hope Theresa May’s ‘Regret’ Over Anti-Gay Laws Will Prompt Change

18 April 2018 UK refusal to issue gender-neutral passports unlawful, high court told

18 April 2018 Vancouver transgender activist Morgane Oger considers running for mayor

18 April 2018 WATCH: How schools can help transgender pupils

18 April 2018 Transgender People In Tonga Say “We Cannot Be Silent Anymore”

18 April 2018 HRC Observes National Transgender HIV Testing Day

18 April 2018 CEC passes review of same-sex marriage referendum proposals

17 April 2018 Breaking down barriers to healthcare access for transgender people in Argentina

17 April 2018 Ad Council goes ‘Beyond I Do’ to fight LGBT discrimination

17 April 2018 Music Teacher Reprimanded After Telling Students He’s Married To A Man

17 April 2018 Berkeley student leader talks at MU about navigating politics as trans woman of color

17 April 2018 Christian Group Attacks 4-H For Making LGBT Youth Feel Welcome

17 April 2018 Transgender author, activist Janet Mock fills Commonwealth

17 April 2018 China’s Version Of Twitter Reverses Gay Content Ban After Backlash

17 April 2018 Advocates mourn former Lambda Legal attorney

17 April 2018 Pupils take action on chaplain who opposed same-sex marriage

17 April 2018 Supporters rally for gay teacher amid discrimination claim after he told 1st-graders about same-sex marriage

17 April 2018 New York City Announces Plan to House Inmates According to Gender Identity

17 April 2018 The New Law That Puts Transgender Sex Workers in Danger

17 April 2018 Transgender Inmates Will No Longer Be Kept in Isolation, Israel Prison Service Announces

16 April 2018 Pakistan’s first-ever transgender school opens

16 April 2018 Zambian government rejected recommendations to recognise Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex relations

15 April 2018 ‘Dark recesses of the 19th century’: Liberals slam party push for gay conversion therapy

14 April 2018 Maine House Approves ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy Ban

14 April 2018 BBC Presenter Evan Davis headlines night for LGBTI homeless charity

14 April 2018 Transgender YouTuber Turns Her Comments Section Into A Classroom

14 April 2018 Transgender news anchor challenges barriers in conservative Pakistan

13 April 2018 Despite Anti-LGBTQ Efforts, Equality Pushing Forward

13 April 2018 Better mental health among trans people addressed by their preferred name: Study

13 April 2018 Portugal’s parliament approves new legal gender change law

13 April 2018 These parents are pushing against a rollback of transgender rights

13 April 2018 Anglican Church still ‘equality-free zone’ for same-sex couples, says Archdeacon Peter MacLeod-Miller

13 April 2018 Why Asking Who The “Man” Is In My Relationship With Another Woman Is Not Cool

13 April 2018 Lena Waithe Uses GLAAD Acceptance Speech to Call for LGBT Unity

12 April 2018 Joy in Trinidad following sexual offences ruling

12 April 2018 GLAAD Media Awards Champions LGBTQ Unity; Empowers “Together Movement”

12 April 2018 Toronto restaurant opts for gender-neutral greetings to welcome patrons

12 April 2018 ‘Starting the next sentence’: Non-binary students reflect on their campus experiences

12 April 2018 Transgender woman talks brutal attack caught on video on Charlotte bus

12 April 2018 National Science Foundation Grants $1 Million To Study Transgender Children

12 April 2018 Using transgender youth’s chosen name may strengthen mental health

12 April 2018 Website Designed To Help Transgender People In Florida Change Name And Gender Marker

12 April 2018 Indonesian Chat Show Under Fire Just For Mentioning Transgender People On Air

12 April 2018 This Book Shines a Light on Argentina’s Transgender Community

12 April 2018 Anchorage Voters Are Set to Become First in the Nation to Reject Anti-Transgender ‘Bathroom Bill’

11 April 2018 LGBTs to be excluded from 2020 Census

11 April 2018 LGBTQ Teens Start New Tradition With West Virginia’s First ‘Rainbow’ Prom

11 April 2018Houston Police Officers Will Take Training On LGBTQ Terminology

11 April 2018 The Anti-LGBT Pols Who Could Replace Paul Ryan as GOP Leader

11 April 2018 Gender-affirming surgery ‘significantly improves quality of life,’ study says

11 April 2018 Gay, Transgender Teens Begin New Prom Tradition

11 April 2018 HPD will train officers to protect transgender Houstonians

11 April 2018 A week of celebrating transgender students

11 April 2018 Gender-neutral pronouns make their way into English vernacular

11 April 2018 To live openly as a transgender woman, she had to flee. In the migrant caravan, she realized she wasn’t alone

11 April 2018 Vermont’s Christine Hallquist Is Making History As The First Transgender Candidate For Governor

10 April 2018 Nation’s Largest Medical Association Denounces Trump’s Transgender Military Policy

10 April 2018 Shut Out of Malaysia’s Health-Care System, the Transgender Community Seeks Medical Refuge in Thailand

9 April 2018 Transgender Runners Can Compete in the Boston Marathon as Their Self-Identified Gender, Organizers Affirm

9 April 2018 A Resounding Victory for Equality

5 April 2018 Bob Dylan Sings About Gay Love

5 April 2018 Sasha Wall is the 8th Known Transgender Person Murdered This Year

5 April 2018 Confused About Gender Fluidity? It’s More Common Than You Might Realize

5 April 2018 How Being Plus Size Affects Presenting As Non-Binary

5 April 2018 Trailblazing Transgender Orthodox Jew Speaks At Williams College

5 April 2018 Pune all set to host ‘Out and Loud’ international Queer film festival

5 April 2018 Bob Dylan Sings About Gay Love

4 April 2018 US court grants rights to transgender people in Puerto Rico

4 April 2018 French Olympic gold medalist comes out as transgender

4 April 2018 Costa Rica’s Carlos Alvarado Wins Presidency On Pro-Gay Marriage Platform

4 April 2018Transgender raped, tortured in Khanewal

3 April 2018 Malaysian university holds contest to convert gay students

3 April 2018 Gay and Single? Bisexual? Transgender? The 2020 Census Still Erases You

3 April 2018Trans representation is matter of life and death

3 April 2018 HRC Mourns Sasha Wall, A Transgender Woman Murdered in South Carolina

3 April 2018 Trump limits transgender troops from serving in the military

3 April 2018Indonesian man and transgender woman could be caned 100 times for ‘having gay sex’

16 March 2018 Meet Lee Serrano, a Non-Binary Highschool Character Appearing in Today’s Supergirl (Spoilers)

1 January 2018 Today Ruism (Confucianism) Can Unconditionally Support Same-Sex Marriage

1 January 2018 How Young Consumers (And Employees) Are Driving Gender Inclusivity

18 November 2017 Metropolitan Community Church Illiana hosting Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil Nov. 20 (Indiana, USA)

11 October 2017 Bradford City’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) fans’ group joins Queer Football Fans network

4 October 2017 7 suspended in wake of attack on transgender student (VIDEO)

2 October 2017 CPI(M)’s youth wing opens doors for transgenders

6 August 2017 Behind the Headlines: The issues impacting LGBTQ people of African descent (Missouri, USA)

31 July 2017 Troy Perry makes a visit (Texas, USA)

17 July 2017 Past time for Scott to honor vow to act against LGBT discrimination (Florida, USA)

21 June 2017 New York’s L.G.B.T.Q. Story Began Well Before Stonewall (New York, USA)

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