MCC Action Alerts

1 November 2021 Ghanian legislation does not deserve church support

28 October 2021 Elders Statement on Cop 26 and Climate Justice: A Call to Action

12 October 2021 Welcoming Refugees – A Call to Action

28 June 2021 First Family Welcome at MCC Churches, Leaders Say

25 June 2021 Louisiana’s Governor Leads With Transgender Discrimination Veto

20 April 2021 Chauvin Verdict A Relief, But What’s Next?

5 April 2021 The World is Watching the Derek Chauvin Trial

19 March 2021 A Statement From Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggelston on Atlanta Attacks

18 March 2021 Pontiff is Wrong on Same-Sex Marriage – Church Leader Says

7 January 2021 A Call To Prayer Regarding Situation in Washington DC USA

2 September 2020 Moderator’s Reflection on Expressing Faith as Activism

17 July 2020 Our Statement Regarding Black Lives Matter

18 June 2020 US Supreme Court Outlaws Employment Discrimination against LGBTQ+ People

18 June 2020 Global Memorial Service

20 April 2020 See Something, Say Something

17 March 2020 U.S. Census 2020 – Be Counted!

15 November 2019 Global Justice Institute Statement on the Santa Clarita School Shooting

30 October 2019 Council of Elders Statement Against Gun Violence

23 August 2019 Participate! National Trans Visibility March

15 August 2019 National Trans Visibility March Faith Declaration of Support, please sign-on!

2 April 2019 Congress Introduces The Equality Act. Join Us in Support!

14 February 2019 NDD United Sign-On Letter To Congress

30 October 2018 Stand Up for Immigrant Families

29 May 2018 Sign letters seeking hearings on citizenship question in Census

14 May 2018 Join the Poor People’s Campaign TODAY

1 February 2018 Signatures Needed Today: African-Americans and Allies for Africa Campaign


26 March 2015 Help promote LGBT rights in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India, Vietnam, and Malaysia


13 March 2013 Lift Your Voice for Marriage Equality

11 March 2011 A Call to Prayer: Earthquakes in Japan

22 February 2011 Rev. Elder Diane Fisher Calls MCC to Prayer for Christchurch

8 January 2011 MCC Calls the Nation to Prayer following Shooting in Arizona

3 September 2010 Tolerance & Faith — Proposed Mosque, New York City and the Globe

17 May 2010 Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches Calls All U.S. Congregations to Immediate Action to Secure the Passage of ENDA

7 May 2010 Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches Calls Us to Prayer on Behalf of Christ Covenant MCC

5 March 2010 Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches Hails Historic Step by Senate Leader To Repeal “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”

1 March 2010 Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches Calls for Vigilant Prayer in the Aftermath of Chilean Earthquake

15 January 2010 MCC Moderator Calls for Continued Focus on Haiti

12 January 2010 Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches Calls US Churches to ACT NOW to Save LGBT lives in Uganda

9 December 2009 Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches Issues Call to Prayer On International Human Rights Day

7 December 2009 Call to Prayer – Upcoming Board of Elders Meeting

31 July 2009 Help Pass Inclusive ENDA in the U.S. House this September!


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