North Carolina HB2/HB142 Threatens Dignity and Privacy

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“The North Carolina Legislature is pretending to repent
of their sin against transgender people.
…State officials have proven they cannot be trusted with our dignity.”

Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown, MCC Interim Global Moderator


“The North Carolina Legislature pretended to repent of their sin against transgender people,” said the Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown, Interim Global Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC). “On the day before Transgender Day of Visibility, state officials put themselves in charge of access to bathrooms. Talk about a threat to privacy! State officials have proven they cannot be trusted with our dignity.”

I call this action Repeal and Erase! Legislators want to erase my human rights until 2020,” said Angel Collie, MCC Governing Board member who lives in North Carolina. “You can’t put a time stamp on my human rights. As a transgender person of faith, you are asking me to wait for years to feel free and safe to use the restroom that matches my gender identity. Fake fears of trans women harming women ignore the fact that transgender people live in fear of being harassed, beaten, or murdered every day.”

The North Carolina Legislature voted the new HB142 bill after NCAA Basketball officials threatened to hold “March Madness” elsewhere for six years if they did not repeal HB2. The AP estimated HB2 would cost North Carolina almost $4 billion dollars over 12 years. Both houses approved the so-called repeal bill HB142 and Governor Roy Cooper signed it on March 30 over the protests of LGBTQ+ and civil liberties groups.

According to NBC News, the bill “effectively maintains a key feature of HB2 by leaving regulation of bathroom access solely in control of the Legislature, [and] it prevents local governments, until December 2020, from passing or amending their own non-discrimination ordinances relating to private employment and public accommodation.”

Church members of MCC and all supportive people are urged to:

  • On March 31, Transgender Day of Visibility, speak about support for trans people.
  • Write a letter and FAX it to NCAA officials to say HB142 did NOT repeal HB2.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, 700 W. Washington Street, P.O. Box 6222
Indianapolis, Indiana 46206-6222, Phone: 317-917-6222, Fax: 317-917-6888