National Trans Visibility March Faith Declaration of Support, please sign-on!

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There is a Faith Organizations and Faith Leaders “Declaration of Support” that has been issued for the National Trans Visibility March (NTVM) on DC and organizers are seeking at least 200 signatures by August 23, the date of the NTVM Benefit Concert. There are two sign-on options, one for organizations and one for faith leaders. We ask you and your organization to sign-on and to help us by sharing the declaration of support, encouraging faith organizations and faith leaders in your contacts and networks to sign-on.

Organization sign-on: If you would like to sign-on your organization and you have the authority to do so, please click here.

Faith Leader sign-on: If you would like to sign-on as a Faith Leader, please click here.

Declaration In Support of Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming & Non-Binary People & the National Trans Visibility March on DC from Faith Organizations and Faith Leaders

As religious leaders and faith-based organizations across faith traditions, we want to express our strong support for Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming & Non-Binary people and the National Trans Visibility March on DC. Coming from diverse backgrounds and all corners of this country, we come together and raise our voices to ensure marginalized communities not only survive but can thrive in this country.

With the Equality Act of 2019 being threatened by the Senate, the onslaught of attacks from the current White House Administration including the Trans Military Ban and gutting of critical programs and services, there is a need to mobilize America to recognize and fight for the rights of those who identify as Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming & Non-Binary.

We urge concerned people for peace, freedom and equality to join us on September 28, 2019 on the frontlines for the National Trans Visibility March. We’ll march in solidarity in support of equal rights and inclusion for all communities and demand justice for our siblings whose lives were taken through senseless murders. Just in 2019 alone, 12 Black Trans women have been killed. We cannot ignore this crisis and must act with urgency.

As people of conscience and faith, we understand that an injury to one is an injury to all and the service to the communities we are part of and our quest for social justice are intersectional. We know that the challenges faced by transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary folks are disproportionate to those in the broader Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community and especially during these turbulent political times, this march and support from allies and co-conspirators are critical.

We pray that people from our congregations, communities and this country will see the challenges faced by the marginalized and understand that our liberation is bound to one another. As interfaith leaders and organizations, this is a call to action and call on you to assert our collective power in support of transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary people. This is not only critical, but also aligned with the values and vision for the country and the world we are striving to create.

Please join us in supporting the National Trans Visibility March on DC and pushing for LGBT, gender, health, economic, racial and social justice for all.

Rev. Michael Schuenemeyer  |  Tel. +1-216-736-3217  | Mob. +1-216-570-7767 | [email protected]

Executive, Office for Health and Wholeness Advocacy

Executive Director, UCAN, Inc. (United Church of Christ HIV & AIDS Network)

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