Music Director Saint John the Apostle MCC

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Location – Fort Myers, FL 33901


Salary $15k per year

Hours 10-20

Please submit cover letter and resume to: [email protected]

The church music director plays a significant role as the person who chooses and orchestrates the musical portion of every church service. They can set the tone and mood of the service and have power over how the congregation is touched or influenced during worship. This is a large responsibility and involves a mature faith and good discernment to match personal music preferences with the worship style and setting of the church itself.

The Music Director:

  • should demonstrate excellent leadership, communication, organization, fairness, and “people skills”
  • is accountable to the Pastor and is supportive of the Pastor’s decisions and directions
  • has knowledge, proficiency, and experience in organ, piano, and music direction
  • will be given an Annual Performance Evaluation by the Pastor, the choir, and selected members of the congregation
  • is knowledgeable about the congregation’s guiding documents and standard operating procedures

Duties include: 

  • Selection of all music used in worship services, including, but not limited to hymns, special music, and congregational responses. In some instances, these duties may be parsed out to other music leaders who prepare special worship services, e.g. praise parties. The music should reflect a variety of styles, including but not necessarily limited to hymns, gospel music, classical, and contemporary. Lyrics should demonstrate a strong commitment to inclusive language.
  • shall be responsible for staffing the music needs of all worship services and rehearsals, including every Sunday, Easter, and Christmas Eve/Christmas Day service, along with regularly scheduled choir rehearsals
  • Leading the congregational singing with proficiency and skill
  • Responsibility for the choir during season (from approximately Labor Day to Memorial Day weekends)
  • Growth of the choir
  • Working, when possible, with other musicians, including instrumentalists and vocalists
  • Ensuring that music presented is appropriate for the worship service, is in keeping with the church’s mission, and is within the abilities of the choir and congregation.
  • Care of all musical instruments used for worship. Scheduling routine maintenance of the pianos, including tuning and general repairs, as well as periodic maintenance on the organ.
  • Coordinating the Audiovisual Team, regarding sound levels and music selections, the latter of which should be provided in a timely fashion (normally three weeks in advance)
  • Maintenance of a music library and a good knowledge of copyright issues
  • Preparation of a music budget and execution of that spending plan during the fiscal year