Moderator's Circle - Grateful for your support

Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston

Thank you for your continued faithful support of MCC. Through your generosity, we are able to bring hope and transformation to LGBTQIA people all over the world. As many of you witnessed at General Conference recently, we really are a global movement.

It was wonderful to meet so many of you at the Moderator’s Circle reception in Orlando. I have been touched by your messages of support and encouragement. Your prayers are always most welcome.

As I write this letter, I have officially been in post as Moderator for nearly two months. It has been an amazing and blessed time.

Since General Conference, several of you have already increased your regular giving to MCC. This is such a positive display of hope in the future of our Fellowship. I also want to thank the newest members to the Moderator’s Circle, including those who have returned.

Together, we will go forward in faith.

The Governing Board and I mailed letters in August to 121 churches around the world, thanking them for their faithfulness in sending their assessments and pension contributions every month. We know it can be challenging at times for local churches to keep all their financial commitments. We are blessed that so many congregations, pastors, and treasurers are conscientious in honouring their covenant to our shared global ministry.

There are also very many talented, dedicated, faith-filled volunteers in MCC, who give their time, gifts, and finances to support our ministry. The Governing Board and those who serve on working groups and committees are all volunteers. There are Network Facilitators and Leaders who fund their own ministry, churches that work in partnership with emerging churches to help in their development, and individuals who work alongside staff to help congregations in times of difficulty. We are working together to create community, change lives, and bear witness to God’s radical, inclusive love.

I want to build on the strengths we already have – training and equipping MCCers for ministry. To do this, I created an initiative called “Invest in MCC’s Future“, and I invite you to prayerfully consider making an individual donation to support it.

Beginning today until the end of 2019,
50% of every individual donation that you give to MCC,
above your monthly donation to the Moderator’s Circle,
will go directly into a designated fund
to really invest in our future.

The remainder of the donation will support MCC’s general fund.

Your donation to “Invest in MCC’s Future” fund could develop a programme to identify and mentor our young leaders around the world. That really would be investing in our MCC’s future! It could strengthen the work of the Governing Board with specialist support on governance and provide programming at Network gatherings to support the ministry of our local churches.

Many of you are already giving to our different ministries and projects. I also encourage you to consider a one-time gift to the “Invest in MCC’s Future” fund. Our donations, multiplied, will gather momentum and allow us to positively impact MCC churches and leaders across the globe.

A one-time gift to invest in MCC’s future will change lives.
Of course, your prayers are absolutely the best offering that anyone can make, and they are beyond price.

I am so excited by all the opportunities ahead. God has provided more than enough work for us to do around the world; we can achieve that through your prayers, faithful giving, and support.

God bless,

Reverend Elder Cecilia Eggleston
Moderator, Metropolitan Community Churches
INVEST in MCC’s Future

INVEST in MCC's Future

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