Moderator’s Circle April 2017: Renewing Our Sense of Purpose

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When Mary Magdalene met the risen Christ in the garden, it was not until she heard his voice that she knew who it was. “Raboni!” she cried. Jesus told Thomas to feel his wounds and stop doubting. He praised those who would believe without seeing or touching. (John 15)

Friends, we are called to touch people we have never seen. Right now, gay men in Chechnya are being arrested. The Global Justice Institute (GJI) knows of 50 people who need to get out of that country. MCC is working with GJI to touch their lives.

But we do not have to look outside our community, or even outside our churches to know that we need to touch people with healing, with hope, and with love. We need to touch our congregations with a renewed sense of purpose and drive. The Kin-dom has not arrived, and God’s will is not yet being done on earth as it is in Heaven.

MCC continues to announce to the world that new life is possible. Yes, transgender siblings have a home in MCC. Yes, MCC works for racial justice. Yes! We are on our courthouse steps when faith leaders speak out. MCC is there!

MCC is there because people like you continue to believe in the power of inclusive communities that spiritually transform and work for social justice. Not only do we believe in God, but God believes in us and the power of our love to change the world.

Your continued gift as a Moderator’s Circle member makes it possible for us to stay connected and allows our programs to touch the lives of so many people you will never see in person.

You are a believer in something bigger than yourself. You are like Mary and Thomas. You have given your lives to the cause of love in the world. Today, you are already making this embodied love possible. Think about who your love is touching. Whose life is being saved today? Who is experiencing resurrection by walking into an MCC church for the first time?

Because of your generosity and faithfulness, we can are able to be present in communities all over the world. Your donations help elevate lay and clergy voices through the listening tour, and allow me to connect with people who have a deep desire to strengthen the bond between their local church and MCC. It is your ongoing support to the Moderator’s Circle, especially during this time of transition, that has made the difference.

Maybe today is the day that you add $5, $10, or $25 more per month to your Moderator’s Circle gift so that one more person in Brazil, Chechnya, Omaha, or New Orleans can find hope. Will you notice the extra gift coming from your account? Maybe, maybe not, but the person who your gift touches will notice.

Blessings to you and yours,

Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown
Interim Moderator, Metropolitan Community Churches

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Interim Moderator Listening Tour Schedule

Brazil Network Gathering

20-23 April 2017
For details contact
Shannon Young

Mountain and Plains USA Network

28-29 April 2017, Omaha, Nebraska
MCC Omaha Sunday Service
30 April 2017, 9:30 am, 11:15 am

North Central USA Network Gathering

5-6 May 2017, Detroit, Michigan
MCC Detroit Sunday Service
7 May 2017, 11:00 am

Western Network Gathering (USA)

12-15 May 2017
Valley Ministries MCC Sunday Service
14 May 2017, 11 am

Southern Gulf Coast Network Gathering (USA)

1-4 June 2017,
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
MCC New Orleans Sunday Service

PAD Conference

3-5 August 2017
Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

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