Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches Calls Us to Prayer on Behalf of Christ Covenant MCC

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Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches

 Calls the Community to Prayer
on Behalf of Christ Covenant MCC


Dear Friends:


We are coming close to General Conference, and the Elders are so looking forward to a time of being together in worship, fellowship, and Spirit-led deliberations about our future as a movement. All of us are convinced that we see momentum everywhere in MCC, and know that God is with us as we face the challenges of our times with bold imagination!


It is never easy to communicate this – we have just received notice that Christ Covenant MCC, in Atlanta, Georgia, pastored by Rev. Elder Glenna Shepherd, has decided to hold a congregational meeting to disaffiliate from MCC, on July 1st, during our General Conference.


The notice we received did not offer an explanation, or share any grievances. We have not yet been invited into any kind of conversation. This is a congregation that has received a lot of support and help from the Elders and MCC, over the years, as they have gone through joys and difficulties.


We have communicated to them that we are still open to such a conversation before the meeting, and that, even though no one in leadership could be available to attend July 1, we will send a representative. Please pray for this congregation that has been part of our denomination for decades, and for our churches in Georgia and the surrounding area.


We wanted to alert all of you, and to make sure you know about it in well in advance of General Conference. We want to find ways to support MCC in Atlanta and the surrounding area, pastorally and practically.


Meanwhile, know that we are going to have an amazing General Conference, and a time of renewal and re-commitment to the mission and vision of MCC! 


Grace and Peace


+ Nancy


Rev. Elder Nancy Wilson

Moderator Metropolitan Community Churches



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